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USS Hunley (AS 31) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Hunley (AS 31). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1198 crew members registered for the USS Hunley (AS 31).

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Moran, JosephEN-31971 – 1972Forward engine room We went from Charleston S.C. to Guam. Looking for some of the guys. that I hung out with.
Burrows, MarkSK31971 – 1973SupplyHafa Adai! Hot! Humid! Fights in the EM Club! Great friends! Crazy "Bubbleheads"! Shellback Initiation! King's Cross in Sydney! Stowaways! Bremerton & my first Harley! Home! USN-Never Again! I'd go back now though!
Owskey, ThomasDPSN1971 – 1973ADPI was assigned to the USS Hunley in Charleston SC and made the voyage to Guam and met my wife in Australia. Then I spent 14 months in Guam and got married to the girl that I met in Australia.
Lantz, JohnOM31971 – 1974RepairCharleston to Guam to Bremerton to Charleston.Made the loop.Met some good friends and some good times.Nice party boat.
Hafer, DonBoiler Tech1971 – 1973Forward Engine RoomWonderful ship, great crew - Guam, Australia, Hawaii, Bremerton, Acapulco, S.C. to name a few ports. Golden Shellbacks rule.
Best, GeorgeIC31971 – 1973E-Div - ICWhat ever happened to Bruce Wagstaff? Looking for Bob Cannon, Bob Moss, Dave Blatti, Tim Carlson and George Allen, John Ross, Ed "Cribbage" Troll...Anyone have a copy of the cruise book from Guam to Australia?
Roehn, CliffordE 41971 – 1973DeckWorked in the 1st Lt's storeroom and 6 months on the Torpedo Retriever. Had the Blue with white stripped 61 Corvair. Had lots of fun in that car with Ward W.,Ron H. and Randy M. going surfing at Telefofo bay.
Fahsholtz, ChuckRM21971 – 1972CommunicationAny fellow Radiomen or Hunley crewman that I got to know are welcome to contact me at my email address. Spent 42 years living in Ohio before I moved to Little Elm, Texas in 2014. Thanks to all for a good tour on AS-31.
MacKey, JimMT3Jan 1971 – Jun 1971WeaponsI decided that surface ships were not for me after I was hassled by the Marine Detachment CO.,transfered to the George C. Marshall SSBN654 in June 1971.
Stueve, Frankrm3Jan 1971 – May 1972operations (?)went from charleston to guam and stayed on guam for a year one of the best times of my life and still remember old friendships
Woods, Barry profile iconTM2Jan 1971 – Jun 1971W5Was in the MK45 shop for about 6 months. Had come from being on Guam for 19 months on the Proteus, just to find out Hunley was about to relieve her. Called my detailer and told him that one way or another I wasn't goin
Leard, RonE3Jan 4, 1971 – Jul 7, 1972Electronics, Antenna (Animal) ShopGot on in Charleston rode her to Guam. Great voyage, Charleston, Panama Canal, Acapulco, Hawaii, Sydney and finally Guam. Got off her there.
Kennedy, LarryMT2,MT1Jan 24, 1971 – Aug 7, 1974W-4I still have the POD printed in gold for the Golden Shellback initiation if anyone would like a copy. Was also stationed on the Hunley in Guam when she relieved the Proteus in the late '70s.
Thompson, TedHTFeb 1971 – Apr 1974R-6
Frost, SteveMM-4Feb 15, 1971 – Feb 15, 1974O2N2Andy"S HUT OMG could never empty the beer machine Had a great time in GUAM Still cooking the chicken recipe I learned over there . The GOOKS sure knew how to cook
Clark, BruceET!Feb 16, 1971 – Aug 28, 1972Ops
Walker, RonaldETN-2Mar 1971 – Aug 1973W5Rode Hunley from Charleston to Guam. Was a BRN-3 satellite navigaition system tech, ended up spending many nights aboard boats getting the BRN-3 going.
Smith, Fred A.2nd Class PMMar 1, 1971 – Apr 15, 1972Repair/ W&RWorked in the Wood Shop and the Yacht Club next to Andy's Hut. Until I was released from the US Navy on Gaum and stayed for another 14 months before returning to the Mainland. Life was Great On Guam !!!!!!!!!!
Thomas, RonaldMT2Mar 12, 1971 – Sep 13, 1974W-3 Special WeaponsReported onboard in Mar 71, Charleston, SC, left Aug 71 to relieve AS-19 in Guam, in Oct 71. Left Guam to Puget Sound Naval Shipyard for Poseidon conversion in Feb 73. Returned to Charleston, SC April 74. Transferred to POMFLANT Sep 74.
Pleus, HerbertOM/3Apr 1971 – Aug 1974RepairAdding; Loved the time on the ship and my ship mates. Mess cooking, liberty ports, drunken stupors, Andy's Hut, the beer machine, I am a Golden Shellback, and all the times I should remember but forgot. My son served and I'd do it again!
Tiller, RobertMMFNApr 1971 – Jun 1972R6
Hicks, BruceETN-2Apr 1971 – Apr 1977W-5aboard Hunley from Charleston to Guam to Bremerton and back to Charleston. Off to C school then back again. My only sea duty in 20 years!! Retired as ETCM from a comm sta.
Carlos, JosephSKSNMay 1971 – Sep 1971S-1 SupplyJoined Ship in Charleston,SC to Panama Canal, Acapulco,Hawaii and Sydney, Aust. to GUAM. Changed ships to the USS Proteus on Guam. Buddy was Phil Townsend. Broke propeller shaft at sea and new one was made at sea.
Ulery, Robert (Bob)E6 HT1May 10, 1971 – Aug 13, 1976R 1 DIVISIONwow some years of good memories..looking to talk with>Tommy Patterson.Ben cammit.mike Truax. J D rogers.Lee alward some great guys...
Guerrette, Ronnie L.EN4Jun 1971 – Feb 1975Forward Engine RoomHad a great time, miss a lot of my friends.
Moran, JoeE-3Jun 1971 – Aug 1972Forward engine room My self and John Stanjeski Played a big part in rebuilding the fairbanks diesel in the forward engine room. Im looking for all the guys that servered and remember the camp out on tallafo bay .
Russell, JimMT3Jun 7, 1971 – May 17, 1974W-3Came on board after sub school in 1971. Served in Guam and Bremerton and charleston. Transfered in 1974 to NAS Pensecola for brig chaser duty. It was a great ship and a great time.
Sanders, Tom/sandy/leftyE4Jun 16, 1971 – May 22, 1973s2remember the night the fountain in kings cross turned red,i may know a little about that.
Hindman, MikeHT3Jul 1971 – Dec 1974R-1Worked in sheetmetal shop 17A
Lafever, JerryE4Jul 15, 1971 – Dec 3, 1972Optical CalibrationI was on the USS Hunley stationed on Guam in the early 70's. I worked in the Optical and Standards Calibration Lab which was actually under the Electrical Division. I had a part-time job working at the Club McCambo.
Andrews, "Andy"HM2Aug 1971 – May 1972MedicalIt was my last ship. Rode her from Charleston NWS to Guam in 71. Skippers name was R.A. Frost and Jeff Perrapatto was ships Doctor.Had some good liberty in Acapulco, Honolulu,Sydney and became a Golden Shellback 0 long 0 lat enroute.
Stathopoulos, George (The Greek) profile iconIM 3Aug 1971 – Nov 1972R 2
Rost, HowardSK2Aug 1971 – May 1972SupplyCame aboard in Charleston. Panama Canal, Acapulco, Pearl, Sydney then to Guam. Golden Shellback ceremony. Many hours at Andy's Hut. Got my first motorcycle there.
Stone, Sammie profile iconENFNAug 15, 1971 – Aug 14, 1973Engineering
Colavolpe, FrankSF3/HT3Aug 19, 1971 – Feb 12, 1972DC Division
Horton, William (Bill)TM3Aug 26, 1971 – Aug 25, 1975Weapons-1
Myrick, Red DawgHT2Oct 1971 – Apr 1975Repair (Sheetmetal & Weld)Guam/Washington State/cuba/Charleston/ and many stops in between.
Foyt, DavidOct 1, 1971 – Oct 1, 1973
Hanna, TimE-2Oct 1, 1971 – Jul 15, 1976Repair
Edmison, Stephen G.IC2Oct 21, 1971 – Aug 9, 1972R-3Had a great Gang in The Gyro Shop
Koppel, BudHT 3Oct 22, 1971 – Apr 16, 1973DC The ;Dirty Thirty'CWO-2 J.J.(Jumpin' Joe) Caldwell was the Division Officer and DCCM(HTCM)Elmer Hester was the Division Chief. HT 1 Jack Mustard was Fire Marshall
Hagerman, Harry B HagermanasAS 31Oct 23, 1971 – Jan 2, 1974Repair
Finney, DavidETN/2Nov 1971 – Apr 1976R-4ESM, COMM & test equipment repair on Guam, then cruise to Sydney, Pearl & Bremerton PSNS for Posiedon conversion then thru the Panama Canal to Gitmo, Ft Lauderdale & Charleston.
Bisceglie, Guy / MugzyEMNov 1971 – Sep 1974Engineeringboarded in Guam as a raw kid. Left her in Charleston, SC as a man. Was a 2nd basemen & outfielder on 1 of the best fastpitch softball teams. memories include, becoming a Shellback, met my wife in Bremerton WA, gitmo
Hodge, RodHTFNNov 1971 – Jun 1973DCReport on board Nov 1971, did my time as a mess cook, working in the ships bakery. Then assigned to the DC Division. Work with alot good people. Remember going across the equator on my20th birthday.
Kolb, Johne3Dec 1971 – Dec 1973o 2 n 2BEST TIME OF MY LIFE WILL NEVER FORGET ITC
Dalgaard, JamesTM3Dec 23, 1971 – May 1973W1Life guard at yacht club first 6 mon. what an experience. Anyone remember the old 77 bus.Then to weopons. The scuba diving was the best as well as the motor cycle excusions.Never forget the card games at the house or the music at the barge.
Wright, LarryYN3Dec 29, 1971 – Jul 27, 1973W-2 and W-6
Wright, LarryYN3Dec 30, 1971 – Aug 1, 1973W-2/W-6 My first and one of my favorite duty stations.

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