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USS Hunley (AS 31) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Hunley (AS 31). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1198 crew members registered for the USS Hunley (AS 31).

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Rivera, JohnE31969 – 1971A GangFt. Lauderdale, Puetro Rico, Long walk back from the strip after missing the bus. Looking to hear from Charles tabor?
Thompson, FrankSK-21969 – 1973S-1Me and my brother both served aboard-Just got courious what happened to her.
Fischer, LynnMM31969 – 1970Boarded Charleston as outside machinest , replaced valves and bearings on scopes went home on leave had motocycle accident. never made it back
Widener, LesEM1Jan 1969 – Nov 1969R-3Sure miss the shop and the guys I worked with
Jolly, GeorgeE3Jan 1969 – Dec 1972R4?Worked as an oil King and in Engine Room. Trip from Charleston to Guam was memorable for many many reasons
Hayes, LarryMM3Jan 1, 1969 – Mar 21, 1971M Division
Hall, JimHT3Feb 1969 – Nov 1972R1
Hall, JimHT3Feb 1, 1969 – Oct 29, 1972R1Worked in sheet metal and pipe shop. Cruised to Guam. Looking for old ship mates. Hey Funderburg... do you remember me? Also looking for Lt. Edward W. Mackey, who could not beat me at table hockey.
Sullinger, Tom SullingerDC -SF - HTMar 1969 – May 1972Mess Cook in 1st class mess, Carpenter Shop, R1 OfficeCaught the Hunley for a short cruise to Guam. It took us a long time but it was a good trip. After a short stay in the Carpenter Shop building boxes frames and plaques for the boat people I was moved into the R1 Division office.
Gwyer, John profile iconEN3Mar 17, 1969 – May 7, 1971M&A DivisionEngineman on small craft, and small cranes. Boat Shop was aft on main deck, next to ship fitters. Looking for Dave Boatright.
Winokur, Marc (Winnie)SK4Apr 1969 – Apr 1970Corpsman
Kimmerling, JackSR0100May 16, 1969 –boatswain
Clarke, Dannie (Indiana)RM3Jun 1969 – Jul 1971Communications/Teletype Repair
Ball, John Wdp3Jul 1969 – Aug 1971data processing
Carrara, Louisdp2Aug 1969 – 1971data processing
Fulks, James (Fritz)EM3Aug 1969 – Jul 1971R3Motor rewind shop ported in Charleston. Most unforgettable character would have been our division officer CWO4 Leroy Gardner. What a great man. Great guys to work with.
Howard, GlennYN2Aug 10, 1969 – May 4, 1971AdminYeoman in the Captains office for three years while the HUNLEY was berthed at the Charleston Navy Weapons Station. Great duty. Really good people to work with.
Bishop, Robert (Bob)ETR2Sep 15, 1969 – Feb 15, 1973W5Worked on Navigation systems on the boats (SINS). Transferred to Proteus, discharged in July 73. Went to College after the Navy. Currently living in Washington state.
Ward, RobertEN3Oct 1969 – Jun 1971MAft Engineroom
Collins, KeithSeaman 1stOct 1969 – Oct 1969X DivisionI was assigned to the Special Services gear locker in X Division. I struck for Corpsman and was accpeted and left the ship after cruise to Ft. Lauderdale and went FMF from there.
Mann, William. BillYN3Oct 5, 1969 – Apr 20, 1971X-adminWorked in captains office from 69-71, great friends and the best duty. Worked with glenn howard and john stewart
Baker, BobbySK2Oct 31, 1969 – Aug 15, 1973SUPPLY
Hurt, RaymondE-4Nov 1969 – Jun 1973S-2
King, PhillipYN-3Nov 22, 1969 – Nov 22, 1971XServed as Ship's Librarian and reported to the Chaplain during this time.
Sullinger, Tom SullingerDec 1969 – May 1972Came aboard in Charleston in 1969 as a E2, took the cruise to Guam as an E3 in the Carpenter shop, then went to the R-1 Division Office for the next year.
Dicomes, JimCS3Dec 1969 – Aug 1971S2Cook in galley. Also worked reefer decks and 4 months on the Crayfish.
Robinson, ReidSK3Dec 1969 – Jan 1973S-1Worked in all the storerooms, T shed in Guam, drove stake truck to pick up supplies at Anderson AFB. Used GI bill to go to college then officer candidate school. Served on seven ships in all. Retired in 1999 as a CDR.
Abbott, BobHM2Dec 1, 1969 – Dec 1, 1970MEDICAL
Bigge, SteveE-3Dec 2, 1969 – Aug 17, 1972R-7 DiversSail locker supervisor. Singing act with 2 other sailors, Bob Vicari, Jim Tyree (Three Dog Night thing), then changed home ports to Guam in 1971. Canvass garbage schute for Golden Shellback ceremony my creation.
Ewing, HaroldET21970 – Nov 1974Weapons
Funderburg, WayneSFM21970 – Nov 1971R-1Made cruise from Charleston to Guam in 71
Cruse, LeeFT31970 – 1974WeaponsGot on the Hunley at Charleston and stayed on even after it was cut in half at Bremerton Washington. And then back to Charleston. Kissing the Fat Man's Belly on Golden Shellback day is something I still have nightmares over. (kidding :
Babcock, Wil (Bill)E-41970 – 1972Engine Room Aux boilersWorked in the forward engine room on Aux boilers and fresh water evaporators. Sailed to Guam from Charleston. Had friends on the deck, communications and weapons. Anybody remember David Sanders (Sandy) from Salem Oregon, a surfer on Guam?
Hopkins, JoeFA/FN1970 – 1971ENGINEERINGWorked down in the Engine Room,tending to the Big Ass Fairbanks/Morse engines. On board in mid 70 Ft. Lauderdale for a shake down run then did the Charleston to Guam Golden Shellback run. 2 wks later trans to SS boat485
Demuth, Joseph (Joe)BM31970 – 1972DeckCame on board in Charleston. Panama Canal, Acapulco, Pearl Harbor, Sydney, Guam. Golden Shellback. Took a black 1962 Plymouth to Guam on the boat deck. Someone from NAS brought from Japan a 1972 Honda CB 750 for me.
Doucette, BobE31970 – 19732nd
Kline, RandySK21970 – 1972s5looking for Bryan Strang to help him re-connect with steve spradley
Feary, CarlIC2Jan 1970 – Feb 1972R3
Golding, BillOM-2Jan 1970 – May 7, 1971R-4Repaired and calibrated precision optical and mechanical equipment on nuc subs.
Bailey, DonaldETN2Jan 4, 1970 – Aug 31, 1971OPSMaint. Com Equip and Antennas
Wright, DennisFTB-2Feb 1970 – Jul 1973W-2
Steiner, JeffreyIC 3Apr 10, 1970 – Nov 14, 1971R3Took the cruse from Charleston to Guam. Transfered to the Proteus to go to the yards. Golden Shellback. Tranfered to the Proteus before cruse book came out can anyone help??
Lubas, FrankHT3Apr 15, 1970 – Dec 15, 1971DCGreat Ship . Cruise to Guam was fantastic,would do it all over again. Div. officefr was CWO Vanaman and Htc Trivit. Cook-out on the flightdecks were something else.
Polewacyk, SteveE3Apr 23, 1970 – Nov 2, 1970Ships ServiceSailed to Puerto Rico in summer of '70. Looking for Rick Caswell or Kenny Hazlett
Jones, Dennisml/3,2May 1970 – Jan 1973R-1onboard in chas,rode to guam.good times,lots of buds in hull div.worked in foundry with Dave Witchey ,Coleman,king,brock,Ruiz,Gorman.Also Blue and aiken in ht shop.ran the foundry after slag left.Discharged before brem.
Sullinger, Carl / TomHT-3Jun 1970 – May 1972R-1I worked in the R-1 Div Office and in the Carpenter Shop. All I remember is the great people and the Home Port Change from Charleston to Guam via the Panama Canal, Pearl, & Mexico & Sidney. Golden Shellback day & FUN.
Stewart, JohnYN-3Jun 1970 – Jul 1972Legal Office- Admin.Best cruise ever: Charleston thru Panama Canal, Acapulco, Hawaii, Sydney Australia the Guam. ten days at each stop.
Theis, RobertETN3Jun 1970 – Jan 1976W-5 Navigation RepairAligned and repaired FBM navigation equipment on Polaris, Poseidon Submarines. After expiration of enlistment, employed at IBM, Loral, and retired from Lockheed Martin Federal Systems. Currently living in Apalachin, NY.
MacE, DwayneAS31Jun 1, 1970 – Jun 1, 1972mardetwould like to hear from old marines from navel weapones stations to guam
Vandenberg, Steve/burm The BeastEN3Jul 10, 1970 – Dec 10, 1972
Wadkins, MarkHT3Jul 26, 1970 – May 27, 1974R1
Kennedy, JimETN 3Aug 1970 – May 1971R4Worked in reapir shop on comm equipment off the boats. Listened to Boston Bruins games on WBZ radio with Jim Hall from the sheet metal shop.
Witchey, David profile iconML3Aug 1970 – Nov 1973R-1
Sherwin, Jim Sk2Aug 1970 – Jun 1972S1Joined the ship in Charleston (Cooper River), port visit to Ft Lauderdale, on to Guam via Panama Canal, Acapulco Honolulu and Sydney. Worked in Storeroom 44, conducted an inventory enroute, moved to T-Shed in Guam.
Mansell, CharleyE-5Aug 19, 1970 – Oct 10, 1972SupplyLiving and practicing law in New Wilmington/New Castle, Pa. Would like to know that my friends from the Hunley are doing well, too.
Goodwin, GeorgeCWO2Sep 1970 – Sep 1973R-5, R-3, R-1QA Officer, Electrical Repair, Hull Repair. Charleston to Guam to Bremerville. Thrown in the brig in Hawaii for event on Hotel Street. I had a great time on Hunley. Feel free to contact me. I was also the drug officer.
Caseley, David (Casey) profile iconEN2Sep 1970 – Aug 1972M&A Div (Fwd Eng Rm)Came aboard in Charleston following a tour on River Patrol Boats in Vietnam. Took the Hunley out on sea trials a few times just to stir up the coffee grounds beneath the ship at NWS. Rode To Guam, departed USN Aug. 1972
Guiffredo, BillE3Sep 15, 1970 – Aug 1, 1971AC&RAnyone in contact with Jerry Hintergardt? Just retired. Forty years of doing what I learned in the service. Loved Isle of Palms beach. Too short to make the trip to Guam.
Colon, AngelFTG3Sep 21, 1970 – Sep 20, 1974Fire ControlBoarding in Charleston, going to Guam, then to Washington and finally back to Charleston with many stops along the way. Playing football in Guam and going to the Rice Bowl in Japan along with driving on the slick roads on Guam during a rain
Duprey, DavidMR.FN.3Oct 20, 1970 – Oct 20, 1972Eng.-Aft.engine room and machine shop I was the guy who did the machine work for eng.div. Remember Mr.Shuck? I made a bushing for your air conditioner when we were on Guam.You gave me 20 bucks and said it probably saved your marrage.To Kenny Morris,I 'me sorry.
Tripp, PaulGMG-3Oct 21, 1970 – Jul 19, 19741st Division
Chandler, BobMR 3Nov 1970 – 1972Machine Shop and NucleonicsJoined the Navy to use my trade. This Tool Maker washed dishes forever. Finally went to the machine shop, repaired valves and set up the turret lathe. Spent Guam time in the Nucleonics division. What a time.
Repac, MichaelE3 SEAMANNov 1970 – Nov 19721ST CranesAll friends in first and second division, deck crew, crane operaters, boat operaters. Looking for old friends. Email me
Primrose, RonaldYN3Nov 19, 1970 – Nov 8, 19731st Division/CSS-15Looking for Ronald King YN2 Steve Mccammon YN3 Warren Bresette SK3
Primrose, RonaldYN3Dec 12, 1970 – Nov 8, 1973

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