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USS Hunley (AS 31) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Hunley (AS 31). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1198 crew members registered for the USS Hunley (AS 31).

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Stewart, JoeMR-31967 – May 3, 1970R-6
Shelton, RayHM31967 – 1968MedicalJoined ship in Charleston for Overhaul and deployed to Guam. Played drums 4 nights a week in the club called the "OFFICE". Great experience, great shipmates. God bless all who served and serve now.
Smith, Ron profile iconSK21967 – Nov 28, 1969SupplyCame aboard while in dry dock. Enjoyed Charleston, Panama Canal and Guam. Remember all the hours of pinochle and poker. Great times.
Dennis, Gary/billyETN31967 – Aug 4, 1969Repair 4GARY BILLY DENNIS R-4 ANTENNAE SHOP
Moore, Samuel (Sam)Storekeeper 3rd1967 – 1968SupplyForms & Publications
Borkowski, MichaelETR31967 – Sep 4, 1968R-4
Kennedy, CharlesTM 21967 –Mark 45 Torpedo Shop Weapons divisionWent to Guam with the ship in December 1967. Did cave diving over complete island. Walked in & out of mountains over complete island as well. Walked through dead infested jungles ov most of island with pesticides odor.
Nordberg, DonIc 31967 – 1969Repair IC gyro shop
Dennis, Davidsgt1967 – Jun 1, 1969unknownMy father USMC Sgt. David Dennis was the marine who was killed aboard the Hunley on 6/1/1969 by another Marine in an accidental shooting. If anyone has info about this please contact me at
Christman, RonaldRM2Jan 1967 – Apr 17, 1969OperationsI advanced from CYN3 to RM2 after studying electronics and attending morse code school in Charleston SC, I had a Top Secret clearance and preformed work in crypto, should have stayed in the Navy.
Bulloch, JamesL/CplJan 1967 – Apr 1968MarDetBoarded in Charleston, then to Norfolk dry dock, shake down to Gitmo,to Guam to relieve the Proteus, was transferred to commissioning crew of carrier JFK on return to states.
Sims, PaulCplJan 1967 – 1969Marine DetachmentEnjoyed our time in Guam and sailing through the canal. Was the Captians orderly. Great duty
Anderson, BarryCommunications Yoeman, 3rd ClassJan 1, 1967 – Jun 19, 1968CryptoI believe I was exposed to Agent Orange while in Guam. I got early onset parkinson's disease. Anyone else have issues? I played basketball on Andersen as well as biking around Guam.
Eddie Hearne, EddiefnFeb 20, 1967 – Apr 29, 1969R7would like to hear from mike hyatt. ron shoemaker. jesse chmiel. or anyone else that knew me.
Baker, DavidMT3Mar 11, 1967 – Aug 4, 1971Weapons - Polaris Readiness Instr. (PORI)Came aboard the Hunley in Norfolk, endured O/H at Charleston and deployed with her to Guam. Pre-Hunley: Missile systems training at Dam Neck, VA; Temp.Duty: California & the Cape (NOTU); (2008) Retired GE Engr. / Progr. Manager. Live in NM.
Nesbit, TomEN2May 25, 1967 – Nov 4, 1969forward engine roomI worked with Bill Larkin, Ralph Stansberry, William Conley and a whole bunch of great guys.
Eells, JohnET1Jun 1967 – Aug 1971R-4does anyone have drawings of the ship? I want to build a model
Mallory, DennisET-3Jun 1967 – Aug 1968W-5 Weapons Div.Still in touch with Ron "Chris" Christopher. He became a lifer and retired a Lt. Cmdr. Had a great time those last 14 months b4 separating in S.C. Looking for any of the old gang. Drop me a line.
Ashe, MichaelSM3Jul 1967 –OperationsReservist on active duty with college degree that rejected commission to serve as enlisted.No regrets! After service, taught high school in tough high school follow by W&M law school and now trial attorney for over 40yr.
Henderson, RonET 3Aug 15, 1967 – Dec 19, 1969W-5, Navigation RepairCame aboard during yard period at Chasn, SC. On board for 1 deployment to Guam, Dec. 1967 to Aug. 1968. Change-of-command at Polaris Point, Guam, 1968, Capt. Anders relieved Capt. Thomas. Discharged at Naval Weapons Station, Goose Creek, SC.
Hedrick, RogerEN2Sep 1967 – Sep 1969
Miller, DavidPN3Sep 1967 – Oct 1968WORKED IN SHIPS OFFICE
Wells, BruceEN2Sep 1967 – Feb 11, 1971Engineering Aft Engine RmWent to Guam in 68,Supply PO. Does any one remember the Marine Sgt who was shot and killed on board by another Marine? or Gary Mitchel who was electroded when on lib, Looking for Greg Wert, from Harrisburg Pa.
Warrington, Warren (Skeets)EN-2Sep 1967 – Mar 24, 1969Boat shopHad a great time on the fishing boats in Guam, and the Captains Gig in Charleston. Great friends, boatswain Mates and Enginmen.
Lint, RayseamenOct 10, 1967 – Jul 15, 1968firstGuam cruise. Play drums in group called "Monday's Morning Glories" Every weekend at bar called "Pagos"
Williams, MiltonEN3Oct 15, 1967 – Dec 20, 1968engineeringI served in the boat shop after a short time in mess cooking. I had the opportunity to go with the Hunley to Guam and return about 6 months later
Goodsman, Thomas/docDT3Oct 26, 1967 – Jan 4, 1971DentalTrip to Guam did dental flouride treatments that were ship-wide required. Nasty tasting stuff--remember? 40 ft waves out of Pearl Harbor Helped dentist extract many of your teeth. Hope you still have some! Sail on...
Spidle, AdrianFTG-2Nov 1967 – Dec 1968w-2Had a great time, I loved Charleston, Pearl and Guam
Gutierrez, JamesLTNov 15, 1967 – Jun 3, 1969NavigatorBeing the Navigator was a good job for a young LT. Except for our deployment to Guam in '68 we stayed in port most of the time and serviced Boomers. Went through the Canal at night on New Years Eve.
Glick, LarryDec 1967 – Mar 1969MR TOOLROOM
Wert, CraigEN2Dec 1967 – Feb 1970Aft Engineroom--HPAC
Sobka, BobEN3Dec 1, 1967 – Apr 1, 1970R-2 X38Always looking for old friends I had A great time with aboard Hunley
Benson, SteveTM3Dec 20, 1967 – Oct 31, 1970W-1Looking to get in touch with my friends from w-1 division you can contact me at my e-mail address
Johnson, Walt /gritsEm3Dec 27, 1967 – Apr 13, 1971E division Ships Electricleft Charleston went through Panama Canal circled 25 days to Guam,andys hut,then to Hawaii for 3 days David Feeney [off restriction again] then back to Charleston,weekends to NMyrtle Beach, Logan never left
Plunkett, MauriceEM 31968 – 1971E
Bouchard, GuildasEN31968 – 1972Engineering
Logan, RalphMM31968 – 1970Engineering ( A gang )My job was operating and maintaining the refrigeration compressors and air conditioning throughout the ship. That's right, keeping your chow from spoiling and your rearends cool. HA! HA! Retired living in Conway, SC
Muessig, BillMR21968 – 1971R2Definitely miss Tiny Lambert and the Gang I was fortunate enough to work with. I stayed in until 1977, left an MR1. Still machining at 66 now , will retire in 2014. Mike Bryant , I still have those Level 1 Candlesticks
Sibley, RichardEM21968 – 1971E DivLeft 1971 go to B school Great Lakes
Powell, Francis profile iconETN21968 – 1971OperationsSupervisor of ECM shop
Friend, Jerome (Jerry)sts3Jan 1968 – Oct 30, 1969r-4Came aboard after the ship came back from Scotland. Worked in antenna shop. Many HOT days and nights working in the ballist tanks on Subs. in drydock.
Kurz, RobertCommander, Supply Corps (Ret.)Jan 1968 – Oct 1969Food Service/Ships ServiceMy first tour following Supply Corps School. Met the ship in Guam and rode it back to Charleston, SC. Cdr. Bill Moyer was the Supply Officer, who was instrumental in helping shape my career in the Navy Resale System.
Olivero, AlanSH1Jan 12, 1968 – Sep 11, 1971Ship Servicerode to Guam
McCray, LouisET1Apr 1968 – Oct 1970R4One year night shift in Calibration Shop and remainder in Antenna Shop.
Finecy, Gail DeanE5 HT.Apr 2, 1968 – Jun 17, 1971RepairJoined crew in Guam assigned to Repair Div. and then mess duty. Ship departed Guam 06/16/68 and arrived at Naval Weapons Station Charleston, SC 07/16/68. Assigned to the Carpenters shop until 06/71; Rad Con worker.
Harding, Jerry (Robert G.)MM 3Apr 2, 1968 – Dec 15, 1969Eng A GangBoarded in Gaum in 68 went to Charleston and was on board when they did the first sub battery change. I was on the boat crew that went to the dry dock and back.
Eppic, JohnOM2Apr 15, 1968 – Dec 23, 1971RepairCharleston, SC to Guam cruise..great time...LOTS OF WATER out there! Remember purging periscopes long hours...collamating binoculars...great work shop and shipmates. Any of you guys still around??
Anthony K Sessions, TonySH2May 1968 – Jun 1972S-3Was the office man in the ships stores office
Fisher, HowardOM3May 26, 1968 – Jan 15, 1970RepairMet some very fine shipmates and friends.
Danko, LawrenceETCJun 1968 –OLast ship that I was on before retiring
Green, Jesseom3Jun 13, 1968 – Aug 3, 1971OM3Great time in my life.
Hauer, James JimEN-2Jun 29, 1968 – Jun 29, 1969M forward engine room
Hough, DanielGMG2Jul 14, 1968 – Jul 13, 19701STNONE AT THIS TIME
Bryant, MichaelMACHINERY REPAIRMAN 2ND CLASS.Jul 15, 1968 – Jan 7, 1972R-2Rembering MR1 Tiny Lambert,G. Frame at the new EM club weps. station station and his older brother H. Spencer and the rest of the gang.
Fitkin, JimDC 3/2Jul 16, 1968 – Oct 16, 1970Damage ControlBoarded Hunley in Charleston, SC. Worked out of the CO2 shop and with the shipfitters in the tender maint. shop.
Anderson, Jerry [andy]en3Jul 28, 1968 – Nov 20, 1969eng oil gangi was the oil king iworked for dale moore and chief hanley people i remember are hendricks en2 jim woolsey rodney delong i would like to here from anybody
Travis, "Barry"YN2Aug 1968 – Jan 1970Captain's OfficeClasified Documents Yeoman.
Frame, Gary (Wingnut)EN-4Aug 1968 – May 1972forward eng. rm. & outside machine shopLauderdale,Rico,&71Guam tour.dedicated to my bro James Frame1st class galley rat,now gone.Charleston was such great duty. I really miss that time in my life,&would love to hear from anyone of that period or just anyone of the Hunley Family.
Powell, FrancisETN2Sep 1968 – Jun 1971Worked in the ECM shop
Kloska, James "J.j."FTG2Oct 1968 – Dec 1971W-2 (Fire Control)A couple Ft. Lauderdale trips, A Puerto Rico trip, and the big trip to Acapulco, then through Panama to Hawaii and onward to Sydney AU and Guam, where I exchanged ships and rode the Proteus back to Mare Island.
Wert, GaryEN2Oct 1968 – May 1972M
Wylie, James (Jim)PN3Nov 1968 – Oct 1970XI served in the Personnel Office under E-9 Chief Brown
McCutcheon, FrankE-3 Boatswain's MateNov 12, 1968 – Aug 29, 1970boatswainIt was a good assignment, I met many very nice people aboard ship. We were a good group and we had good times together.
Scott, MikeYN3Nov 20, 1968 – Nov 18, 1970XWorked in the Captain's Office under Capt S.Anders and Capt R. Frost. Would Like to hear from any of the guys I served with. Barry, Glenn, Smitty, Bill etc.
Bobin, MikeTM3Nov 23, 1968 – Dec 4, 1969weapons 5Hello
Hartlove, WilliamE2Dec 1968 – Aug 1970R2My dad was chief IC, Hartlove Sr. came on board, he retired 3 mos later. I work for E5 Smith in Drafting/Printing. Still trying to locate him. Miss all the guys in the print shop. I was transfered off just before Guam.
Swary, Michael profile iconEM1Dec 1968 – Dec 1973R-3Got to the ship in 1968 in Charleston , SC and was assigned to R-3 Sound Shop .Also worked in the rewind shop. Left the ship in 73.
Vontungeln, JimBM3Dec 9, 1968 – Nov 11, 19703 BoatsDrove all the boats at one time or another. Spent the best part of my last year as Coxswain of the Admiral's Barge. Enjoyed cruises to Fort Lauderdale and Puerto Rico. Would love to see my old shipmates or at least hear from them.

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