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USS Holland (AS 32) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Holland (AS 32). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1294 crew members registered for the USS Holland (AS 32).

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Warrington, Lisa (Hollywood)EM21987 – Jul 7, 1989R-3I just found this website and I wanted to say, "Hey" to anyone that has also been here. I am glad to be done with the Military, but I miss "most" of the people and all the fun times off hours! I wish you all well. Hope to see you som
Longsworth, LloydEM31987 – Jun 1991R-10 (38N) , then R-3 Motor RewindAnyone remember the "Team 15" comment? (sigh)... more comments to come...
Garcia, AngieTM31987 – 1989WeaponsTalor & Lenguleihu (sp) made the days fly by (they were hilarious)
Rossi, ChristopherHT21987 – 1990Repair (R-1)Hoping to hear from some old shipmates and friends. Thank you all for fun times and good memories.
Fleshman, DianaMSC1987 – 1989Cargo/Provisions/Food ServiceSelected for Chief while onboard USS Holland. Worked with some great Sailors - an honor to serve!
Abrams, KennethMT2(SS/SW)1987 – 1989Missile (W4)MT2 Madler and MT3 Thompson made a lasting impact on my life. In serving with them I found my inner passion and went on to buy a home, invest, pursue college, obtain a commission and continue pushing the envelop. THANKS
Myers, Kenneth L.SK2/SSJan 1987 – Jul 6, 1989R-10, R-7, and R-0I had a great time serving on the Holland and made rate to boot. My favorite division was R-0 because I was responsible for allocating money to all the repair departments and in that division I was doing some real storekeeper work.
Moffit, JeffHT2Jan 1, 1987 –R1
Tate, TaterMR2Jan 2, 1987 – Jul 12, 1990Machine Shop
Nealey, Jackie (Greymouser)EN1 (SW)Feb 19, 1987 – Jul 30, 1992M DIV (AFT ENG RM)Second tour on board. I had brought her from Scotland to Charleston and then from Charleston to Guam. Really hated leaving her. The last time I saw her was in Bremerton, WA in mothball. That was a sad sight to see.
Gilley, RandyApr 1987 – Apr 1989Marine Detachment, COG and Training NCO
Bley, RobertOM2May 1, 1987 – Jun 19, 1990R2I am living in Florida and have been looking for old friends. This was my first ship and looking back it was one of the best experiences of my life.
Herrick, MichaelIT2 SSMay 7, 1987 – 1992R4
Mason, John profile iconETC (SS) - ETCS (SS/SW)May 29, 1987 – Sep 1, 1989W-6 (Weapons QA)643B, 655G, 644G, 625G, AS-32, AS-34; retired as ETCS (SS/SW)
Kosta, John KostaEN1Jun 4, 1987 – Jun 1989EngineeringIt was great to look at the names of the crew in the list. Recognized several names. Miss the people, not the command.
Whitt, JonDP3Aug 1987 – Jan 9, 1990S8
Mitchell, MikeIC3Aug 1, 1987 – Aug 1, 1990EngineeringWhat a time I had in my youth. Alot to talk about.. Email me if you want..
Taylor, Wayneet3Aug 4, 1987 – Jul 1, 1993R5Crazy times on the Holland, from the Bahama Screws to Guam. Great memories!
Birch, ChuckCWOAug 21, 1987 – Nov 1, 1989Repair - R-3 & R-2Great group to work with and real friends. But retirement was good too.
Hawley, MikeMR3Sep 1987 – Oct 1989R2JUST A SHOUT OUT SHIPMATES
Moore, BarneyDC2Sep 1987 – Aug 1991DCThose were some awesome days. The Flying Squad Rocked. Email me even if you don't want to. lol Everyone needs to Join Facebook email me
Kelly, TomLTSep 3, 1987 – Apr 22, 1992R5
Weston, AnthonyMM2Oct 1987 – Dec 1992R-9, 31DValve shop....What a great time. Remember catching fish off the fantail when we broke down off Charleston.
Stout (Machacek), KristineYN2Oct 1987 – Oct 1991Engineering Department Yeoman
Bradley, JackHT2Nov 1987 – Aug 1992R3Started out in R1, Sheetmetal, but found a home in R3, Rubber and Plastics shop for the remainder of my tour. Lots of great memories from back then, but looking for a good friend, Ira Gibbs, he was in the print shop. Shoot me an email!
Adolph, GlenMRFNNov 18, 1987 – Aug 18, 1989R2I remember all the great times. Feel free to send an E-mail, my repair shipmates!
Bradley, JackHT2Dec 1987 – Jul 1992R3Spent most of my time in the R-3 Div, Rubber and Plastics shop. Really miss the friendships I had there. If anyone wants to email me, please do so. Life's been good, but it would be nice to hear from old friends!
Eye, DebbyENFNDec 1987 – Feb 1990EngineeringHey!! hope everyone is doing great. Holla at me
Hodson, TraeHT/DC2Dec 5, 1987 – Aug 9, 1989R2 Lagshop and Sheetmetal with Dip Shit PorterLooking For Rossi, Chris Ht2 I forgive and thank you get a hold of me. Im still in Charleston (Mt. Pleasant) I still have beers with Brian Lamar (Lamuch). Hey out to baco, Barbar,kambach,Big Ugly Bob Anna, and to all the Brew Crew.
Hamilton, RobertEM11988 – Jul 1992EngHad a good time for the most part. Hope everyone got to where they wanted to be.
Thurman, JackieFN/SN1988 – 1990EngineeringI wished that I could say that I miss that front engine room but I would be lying-BIG time. I do miss you folks that I met aboard and would love to hear form you. Email so that we can catch up. I still can't believe I worked in that engine room
McCullough, MarkSKC1988 – 1991S-1
Dreisbach, StephanieYN31988 – 1989DeckWow - brings back lots of memories. I really remember our little trip the the Bahamas......
Harris, CharlesSKC1988 – 1995s1 s6 s8Love the times I was on the holland. Have anyone heard from sk2 haggadorn, Marie
Bressem, CaseyMR2Jan 1988 – Mar 1989R-2Had a great time. Met some wonderful friends: John Nierengarten, Jay McCarthy, Glenn Adolph, Dan Sipple, and many more. Would love to make contact with anyone from that time period.
Clark, JayE6Jan 1988 – Nov 1992Deck/DCI have served with so many onboard, and have ran into a few of you. I would like to hear from ALL of you. Drop me a line at if you remember me. Thanks.
Clark, JayE-4/DC3Jan 1988 – Feb 1992DC
Ranee, Barbarsm2Jan 1988 – 1991operationslove to hear from my crew....
Laicer, AlYN2Jan 1, 1988 – Jan 1, 1990XHad a great time in Captain's Admin.
Wilson, ChuckHT3Jan 25, 1988 – Sep 29, 1990R-1, sheetmetal shopServed most of my time in the sheetmetal shop. I am always looking for old shipmates to talk about the good times.
Wilson, Charles (Willy)HT3Jan 25, 1988 – Sep 17, 1990R-1(Chuck) Worked most of my time in Sheetmetal shop. Email
Muscia (Nickell), RoxanneSH2Feb 1988 – Aug 1990Supply (SH) and Admin (legal)
Krasinski, Krashmm3Feb 1988 – Aug 13, 1991a div
Porter, MikeE 6Feb 1, 1988 – Feb 28, 1990R 1
Ward, ChrisE-3Feb 26, 1988 – Jul 26, 1991R-6 Carpenter Shop 64A/Cback in the charleston area working for the north charleston fire dept.
Chodorov, PaulSK1Mar 1988 –
Reyna, AraceliSH3Mar 9, 1988 – Dec 11, 1991SupplyGreat times on the Holland. LOL.
Kelsey, Greg profile iconE5/ET2Apr 1988 – May 1992R4Had a great time on the USS Holland. Met so many people.
Goldbach, GordonEM1May 1988 – Jun 1991R3
Vadakin, GaryPN3May 1988 – Jan 1992AdminThoroughly enjoyed my tour and homeport Charleston, SC.
Cook, JanuarySK2May 1988 – Aug 1991S-1 & S-5Many memorable times with good friends on the Holland.
Werner, MikeBM2/DV/SWMay 10, 1988 – May 27, 1991R2Hoo Yah Deep Sea. Nice place to work but I wouldn't want to dive there (Cooper River)
Goldbach, GordonEM1May 25, 1988 – Jun 15, 1991R-3/57BGreat time, great ship...Even had my hurricane qual card signed off thanks to Hugo!!! Loved 57B, couldn't have been successful down there without Jack Bradley and the rest!!!! And thanks to Al Taylor for turning over a great shop to me! Email me!!
Hughes, LeeE 3May 28, 1988 – Sep 9, 19901 st deck HI to all the deck department its been along time . hi Cherel W. and hi to the rest of you .
Wallace, WadeMM1 (SS), retired LCDRAug 1988 – 1990R - 5I worked with some great people in R-5. Although we were in shift work for long periods of time it was a good tour with a lot of learning experiences.
Wheeler, DennisEM3Aug 20, 1988 – Dec 15, 1991R3I worked in the rewind shop. i just wanted to let everyone know what a great time i had with the all of you and i wished we could have stayed in touch. by the way i`m still married to my special shipmate Sheila Albee at the time we met. good luck
Washburn, Cheryl (Boston)BMSNSep 1988 – Aug 1992DeckI had alot of fun on the Holland and met alot of nice people,made many friends. Those were the fun times for sure.I miss everyone. My email address is drop me a line. (:
White, TracyE-4/TMESep 1988 – 1990W-1I had a great time.I loved the liberty ports and fleet week! I see a few of my old shipmates here in Charleston around town.
Hicks, TanyaE6/YN1Sep 1988 – Jun 1992Career CounselorHello all.. I was stationed onboard the Holland from 88-92 and worked mostly for the CMC and the Command Career Counselor as a YN. I must say that the Holland was my most memorable duty station!!! So many fond memories...
(Mcwilliams) Clark, KimberlyE3Oct 1988 – Jul 1989Deck
Peck, Eric "Doc"PM3Oct 1988 – Apr 20, 1992R-6 Carpenter ShopAs I look back I realize that it was some of the greatest times I have ever had. I served proud. I don't miss the politics, but I miss My shipmates a lot.
Harper, SelenaE3Oct 12, 1988 – Nov 14, 1989AgangI loved the a-gang good crew altogether. Mess cranking was the best lots of fun..
Gamble, CrystalE2Nov 1988 – 1990VariousI remember a lot of good times and good people. My memory isn't always so good with names because I knew so many of you. If you remember me drop me a line @
Selena, ProvanceE-3Nov 19, 1988 – Nov 4, 1991AC&RHey if anyone gets this that was in a-gang with me drop me a line. I had such a blast on this ship., Loved fleet week and Bahamas
Spears, Floyd Aka L.y.RM2Dec 1988 – Sep 1992R4/S1/XMLots of Great Memories, hotel load of the decade, worked everywhere onboard and went to Bahrain two me at
Gulley, MonicaE-3Dec 1988 – Jun 1989Operations
Coan-legan (Allen), Rheasn 3Dec 1988 – Aug 1990deckEnjoyed being onboard , Really miss all the fun times, Meet the love of my love Rodney on board (Allen), Its been 21 years. Shoot us a email
Almen, MonicaE3Dec 1988 – Jun 1989Operations
McGowan, LisaE3Dec 8, 1988 – Jul 3, 1990Navigation
Crepsac (Now Monroe), KareenE-3Dec 28, 1988 – Aug 15, 1989Deck/GalleyLooking for Christopher Collins who was stationed at the Charleston Naval Base during this time. We were Dance partners from the E-Club.

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