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USS Holland (AS 32) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Holland (AS 32). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1297 crew members registered for the USS Holland (AS 32).

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Allee, RandallSK 21985 – 1990supply s-1 s-5howdy and loved it miss every one i am at
Carr, MikeEM41985 – 1988R3Looking for old friends. james H., combs,nick lehman, greg(pro bowler) richelle g and others.
Jordan, Allie (Al)SH1985 – 1988S3 (also TAD to master at arms briefly)First command. Left and came back. Had great friends. I remember SH1 Jordan and Cunningham. Walter Billy, Andrew Steele, Louise Robinson-Clayton, Kim Richardson, Sgt. Majors and more.
Hensley, RonaldMR2(DV)1985 – 1987R-6 Division Dive LockerMy twin brother and I came onboard the Holland as 2nd class divers. We lived in Goose Creek and worked those "Boomers" with a locker full of great guys.
Rodriguez, Raul (Rod)BM3/E-4Jan 1985 – Sep 28, 1989DeckI made lots of friends and have fond memories of my shipmates for the most part,I hope to hear from anyone I served with.
Henry Jr., Thearthur (Theo)WT3Jan 1985 – Jun 1987
Fisher, Rob/fish profile iconIC2Jan 2, 1985 – Jan 7, 1987Repair IC
Brady, TroyML2 /SWJan 4, 1985 – Sep 24, 1989R-6I ran the foundry for the last three years of my tour, and moved onto SIMA Mayport, FL.
Sader, DavidET3Jan 5, 1985 – Aug 10, 1987R4I worked in the Antenna shop most of my time on board. Loved playing spades on the mess decks while underway + standing watch in CIC. Met ALOT of good ppl. Some good memories!
Campbell, Michael [mick]BM3/BMSAFeb 1985 – Nov 1987deckspent time in first second and third division deck most probably remembered as the mad limy on 1MC met great people and had great parties.
Howard, BarbaraRM3Feb 17, 1985 – Feb 18, 1986OperationsThe best time of my life. Abbie Wright, from Maryland; Lori Taylor from New Castle and Charlene from Newark, I am searching for you all.
Watson, TomMM1Mar 1985 – Mar 1987R-5/Radcon
Drennan, DanielHT2Mar 1985 – Oct 1987R1/11A
Cantrell, JohnEM-3Apr 6, 1985 – Sep 2, 1988Was in D2, then D1, and finaly in D3 (BoatGreat people to be with. Fondest memory: when my father died (a retired BM Chief) about 3/4 of the deck dept.came to his funeral, and Lt. Biggs gave me a collection from them as well. friends like that I haven't found much on the outside.
Magee, CraigLCPL AT THE TIMEMay 5, 1985 – May 10, 1987MardetGreat two years. Met nice, friendly people.
White, James R.IMCS(SW)May 24, 1985 – Sep 1, 1989R-2My last of the six Tenders that I served on. And perhaps the most memorable due to the shipmates I served with on board Holland. I salute you all, my treasured ship-mates.
Haag, JimEM21Jun 1985 – Mar 1990R-3Recognized a few names and beleive it or not, Im a still in the reserves and have in over 24 years now. Most of you who knew me would have never beleived I would have made it this long., drop me an email
Barton, RichardHT2Jun 1985 – Apr 1989R1 11AR1served my entire time onboard the Holland in the Shipfitters shop.
Bullock, JohnWT 1/SWJun 15, 1985 – Dec 3, 1988W3Good Times!!!!
Storey, SargeSK2/E-5Sep 1985 – Sep 1988S1SK2 (Sarge) 85 - 88, S1 Div. In charge of GROUP 2 store rooms
Hodge, LindaPetty Officer 3rd ClassSep 1985 – Jun 1989Deck
Shawver, ChanceyE-5Sep 18, 1985 – Apr 28, 1989R-1 then moved toR-8whats up Holland, miss all the the parties. hello to Woodall ,Ron Wright, Jamie Sommmers Chris Sullivan,Pat McGeehan,and all others forgotten, lag shop/ pipe shop R-1 div/R-8. cell phone 330-904-9704 .call and say whats up.
Gmys, RichelleEM3Oct 1985 – Jan 22, 1989R-3Hi everyone, Would love to hear from anyone that I knew.I had such great times on the Holland and with so many of my shipmates. I'll always remember the spades games in the womens lounge with Angie,Louise and so many others.
Sinclair, DanSKCS (SW)Dec 1, 1985 – Jul 31, 1989S1, S7,S5
Ovenshire, Dan (Opie)E-31986 – 1988marine detachmentHad a great time on the holland, lots of fond and not so fond memories but great non the less.Would like to hear from old jarheads who served during this time, Rodney Cook, where are you? Anybody?
Spinella, MichaelDM21986 – 1989Print Shop/Graphics 64DGreat tiimes, great friends, great tour. Drop me a line or two if you want.
Dickson, ReeseIC31986 – 1989Started off in Deck and ended in OpsHey guys.I have some great memories of the time I spent on board and the friends I made.Drop me line if you want.
Boltwood, Gene profile iconmm3/mm2/mm11986 – 1992along ride, charleston to guam.
Clifton, JohnE-5/DC1986 – 1990DCJust looking for old friends.....miss the NAVY!!!
Pulattie, Dan profile iconHT21986 – 1989R1Any body know where Clint Freeman (Bulldog) has wound up? Jail, maybe?
Farina, Patrickem11986 – 1992e-divWas in sound shop most of the time....r-3
Supe, CharlotteE-3 then PN31986 – Oct 1988PersonnelHolland was my 2nd ship. Was traded to Personnel after almost being killed. Became PN3. Married before leaving Navy in 1988 to support husband's Naval career. Looking for lost old friends.
Portillo, RonLcpl1986 – 1988MardetHad a great time on the ship. Charleston Navel weapons station. I remember our CO loved to go shooting. The only place we went was Bermuda then it got dry docked for repair. I got sent to jump school then went to fleet.
Glasscock, BarryIMC(SW)Jan 1986 – Jan 1991R2 MIRCSIt was a tough 5 years, fond memories of the Crew. The MIRCS had a talented group of Shipmates! A lot of them are registered on this site. Jim White, Keith Turner, Diane Miller, John Savage, Randy Beard, Dave Farner and many more.
Schumacher, Robert(Shoes)LCDRJan 1986 – Mar 1989DentalGreatly enjoyed my time onboard and the shipmates I met. Finally retired in March 2009 after 39 years 11 month 5 days of service, 16 active and the remainder active reserve. The Holland was the most memorable
Nickel, Greg (Nick)HT-3Jan 1, 1986 – Sep 21, 1989R 3My time spent on the Holland was, without a doubt, one of the most memorable times of my young life. I would love to find all my old buds from the R 3 Div. Rubber and Plactics Shop. I hope all are doing well.
Moose, TomMM-3Jan 1, 1986 – Nov 12, 1988R-9 valve shop had a blast on the holland looking back now i should have stayed in. anyone feel free to email me @ hope all my friend's from those day's are doing well.
Campbell, JoseIM1Mar 1986 – Apr 1990R2
Penatzer, LarryDP2Apr 1986 – Dec 1990ADP (S-8)Worked in ADP with a great group of people. Always looking for someone who served with me.
Turner, Keith "The Burner"IM2(SW)Apr 21, 1986 – Dec 6, 1988R2Super Ship thanx to shipmates in MIRCS for the memories Don Scultz,Jim White, Barry Glasscock,Farner, McIlreevy,Booger Savage,Diane M
Brown, JohnHT2May 1986 – Jun 1989R1/R8
Holder, JonLcplMay 18, 1986 – May 20, 1988MardetHad a great time on the Holland. Great bunch of Marine and sailors. Only ship I ever served on with women on board. I remeber liberty call in Canaveral, Florida... Lots of fun that night.
Boudreau, HankSKC/SKCS(SW)Jun 1, 1986 – Nov 1, 1990SupplyRetired from active duty after my 4 year tour.
Tice, MattLCPLJul 1986 – Jul 1988Marine Det.I had a great time while stationed aboard the Holland as one of a handful of Marines. I met alot of great people and wish I could find some of my old shipmates.
Mudry, Joe BacoDC2Aug 15, 1986 – Mar 3, 1990DCFLYING SQUAD BREW CREW
Andrews, Troy (Bama)EN-3Sep 1986 – May 1990EngineeringLove it
Straw, CharlesHT1 (SW)Sep 1986 – Jan 1992 R-8 NDT lab I had a lot of fun and made a few friends.
Potter, DavidHM2Sep 1986 – Jan 1989MedicalI ran sick call on the Holland from 86-89. I sewed alot of cuts, set fractures, removed toenails and splinters. I was on the flying sqad, got ESWS qualified and covered the Marines for training. What a ride!
Lindsley, StevenEN2Oct 1986 –R-9
Taylor, Robert Big TTM3Oct 15, 1986 – May 21, 1991W1Gun-ho row left me with the greatest memories. Miss everyone to this day if that tells anything of how great the shipmates are! Lisa, Keith, Leng, Nabolta, McCall, Scott, Teresa, McDaneils, CPO O'rielly, & rest Best ever
Rogers, JonathanSK3Nov 1986 – Sep 1988
Garcia, Antonio profile iconDK3Nov 1986 – May 1990S4 - DISBURSINGMy first command straight from A school. Had a blast playing softball with the Holland Reapers! Sorry to see that she was sold for scrap. I almost converted to DC rate thanks to Jerry Driskel.
Anna, Bob"roz"HT3Nov 18, 1986 – Jun 16, 1989DCDC1 Kimbrel was the best. Lt Pritchard should have taken me up on my late night visit. I miss Tavares, Rogers, Shawver, Mudry, Hoff, Larson, Stout, Barber, Jordan and Hopwoods sister. e-mail me The booze crew reborn!!
Pruitt, SteveDP2Dec 1986 – Dec 1989S7/S8
Welter, Jeff "Welter Skelter"EN3Dec 31, 1986 – Jun 15, 1990Forward EngineroomI enjoyed my time on the Holland, it was some of the most memorable years of my young life. Would very much enjoy hearing from crewmates.
Greenway, MichaelEN-3 E-4Dec 31, 1986 – Jun 23, 1990 AFT EngineRoomReally enjoyed my time aboard the Holland Met alot of great people and friends i will never forget. Anyone remember the toga party in bermuda ? would enjoy hearing from anyone who remembers me.
Greenway, MikeEN 3Dec 31, 1986 – Jun 23, 1990M
Greenway, MichaelEN 3Dec 31, 1986 – Jun 23, 1990M
Welter, Jeffery (Welter Skelter)EN3Dec 31, 1986 – Jun 15, 1990fwd engineroom then site4 boatshackI realy loved my time on the Holland enjoyed my job and the people I worked with . I think the friendships that are formed then were more a family bond we looked out for each other.

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