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USS Holland (AS 32) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Holland (AS 32). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1294 crew members registered for the USS Holland (AS 32).

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Romero, JeanSK11983 – 1986S-1I remember Capt. Beno, more than any one else :) , I learned a lot on the ship, I liked the world cruise, but sorry I have no Cruise Book, to look at. I was one of the 1st WINS on board, I enjoyed all the camaraderie. I retired happy.
Spalding, DebbieDP31983 – 1984S-7 I had a wonderful time on the Holland, of course that was during peace time. I met so many great people on the Holland. I was there for Panama and Diego. I learned so much on that ship about people that still helps me today.
Mays, BobbyIM1983 – Dec 1984typewriter shop/ Mechanical Cal Lab
Lynch, CatherineAK21983 – 1984SupplyLooking for a boats. Rick Klipege
Doblosky, James profile iconEN31983 – 1984M Aft engine roomGitmo, Palma Majorca Spain, Panama, Suez Canal, Australia, Around the world, Cross the equator, Date line. 12 On - 12 Off Port & Starboard Duty... Ended my career on this ship. I guess some took it better than others.
Hill, MikeET2Jan 1983 – Apr 1986OEI worked in the ET Shop and did a stint on the Mess Decks as a Master at Arms. Would love to hear from any of my old shipmates. I worked w/ J. Graham, P. Lake [sorry bout your finger], L. Jones, TJ Johnson, Kip, Sherm, J. Gilbert, D. Angeli, Trainum.
Hupfer, MikeSH-2Jan 1983 – Dec 1987s-3/xmships barber tad to maa force
Dermott/wheeler, Lee AnneEN3Apr 30, 1983 – May 10, 1985Fond memories, me and Phyllis and Kim were the first females in fwd engineroom, would love to hear from all who were there for the cruise and Diego. Remember #2 Ship service blowing up? Didn't run too well without oil!Remember you all,no roomtona
Barnett, Art / BallnutMT1SS/SWMay 1983 – Nov 1986W-6This was the best command ever. I remember "steel beach", liberty cruises to Bahamas and Spring Break 1985 in Ft. Liquordale. Would love to hear from shipmates.
Lowry, Deborah A. Aka PennyEN1(SW)May 1983 – Dec 1986MStarted out as an Aft Engineroom Oiler and ended up as the the first female Forward Engineroom Supervisor. We did a world cruise followed by fast a cruise. We made a "clean sweep" of OPPE. Hard times, very good times. Miss her.
Pierson, Mark "Teach"GS-12Jun 1983 – Sep 1983High School Studies InstructorI joined the ship in Mallorca and went through the Suez Canal on the way to the vacation wonderland of Diego Garcia. I taught tons of classes and would enjoy hearing from any of my former students. I believe I was able to help them.
Smith, SandyE3Jun 1983 – May 1984EN3First females aboard ships. I remember Phyliis and Debbie. Sea sick off Tasmania. Diego was a party!
Cope, ChuckGMG2Jun 6, 1983 – Jun 6, 1985Was assigned to the Div that included Firecontrol techs that worked on the Subs. I was shipboard small arms instructor (NEC 0812) and ships armorer. I also was mt captian for the ships 20mm and 50 cal mounts. This as my last command before I got out.
Fischer, DonMRCJun 15, 1983 – Jun 15, 1985R-2
Enos, DaveEM1Jul 1983 – Jun 1985E- Div/ Crane Maint Div
Lawler, DebbieTM3Aug 1983 – Apr 1985W-1I really miss all my shipmates, I married HT3 Burke,Joe. We had a daughter and divorced three years later. Selena Wooten was my best friend on the ship, she died in an auto accident in 1984. My e-mail:
McLeod, DanielEM2Sep 30, 1983 – Sep 27, 1985R-4Hi everyone, great to find this sight. Can't say i enjoyed ships management but sure had a good time with the crew. Jumped over the side off Charleston during a man over board drill, that was fun...Hi Phyllis and Bryan!
Crowe, Victor (Vic)EM3Oct 1983 – Sep 1985R3/51AWorked in the Rewind Shop, then as Admin PO in the Division Office. Now a retired EMC(SW) after an extended tour in the Mine Warfare Navy.
Hincher, RandallEM2Oct 1983 – Aug 10, 1987R3 Division (Rubber & Plastics Shop)Glad to see a few of my old shipmates are listed here. Looking back, those were the best years of my life. I remember McLeod jumping overboard during a man overboard drill and LT. Mary Martin swamping a small boat. LOL
Phillips, DavidHM3Oct 1983 – Dec 1984Medical DepartmentFirst ship I served on after leaving 3rd FSSG Okinawa. Had a great time aboard her. Awesome staff in the Medical Department and ships crew
Black, KennethDP2Oct 1983 – Dec 1985SupplyI was the lousiest DP, just not a computer type! But, I decided to become a dentist because I was so impressed by CDR Cook , fine officer and dentist. Great memories of world cruise in 83.
Ross, GeoffSK2(SW)Oct 1, 1983 – Oct 2, 1987S-5Retired an SKCS(SW/AW) Dec 2002.
Hincher, RandallEM2Oct 1, 1983 – Aug 10, 1987R3 Rubber & Plastics20 years after the fact, my time on the Holland and in the Navy was the time of my life, and it made me who I am today. Am practicing defense attorney in NC now, considering run for District Judge. Love to hear from shipmates.
Lesaine, FranklinE-5/DP2Nov 10, 1983 – Jul 20, 1986S-7My first ship in the Navy. Had some great times and some not so great times,but overall one heckuva an experience. It was fun working in the ADP Division on the "Worlds Greatest Tender"
Croom, RickFR-HT2(SW)Nov 11, 1983 – Jul 12, 1987R-1 11AGood times and bad. Shiftwork for weeks. Best place in the world learning the rate.
Cook, DanielET2(SW)Nov 30, 1983 – Sep 15, 1986R4I worked in the electronic calibration lab, electronic repair shop, and the antenna shop. Our average work week was 60 plus hours and even more during the holidays when the subs would always come in for emergency repairs. I was glad to leave but lik
Lynes, CarolSN1984 – 1986Deck 1st (Crane Ops)I can't say any thing bad about my time on the Holland. It was a great experience.
Crawford, PernellSK31984 – 1986S6Had some good times. Still in contact with Pullen. Would love to hear from my boyZ Dwayne J, Mark, and all the fellas from the Supply Dept.
Vogelsang, WilliamTM21984 – May 1986W-1My 2nd duty station. Lots of good memories on board this ship! Lots of people I remember, too many to list all. R McCants,J Wilson,B Harrison,F Schlomer,R Tshappat,T Longworth,LS Bloodworth, The rest will remember me. Oh yeah, AHOY BROWER!!
Gager, JohnHT3/HT21984 – 1989R8 NDT
Hickey, Michaelmm21984 – 1986outside machine shopwhat a drag
Heckathorn, Michaelen21984 – 1987m - div fwd engineroom
Dolinski, Marce 31984 – 1986M division
Pitcher, MargieTMSNJan 1, 1984 – Feb 10, 1985W-1I have fond memories of the people I met and the times I had on the Holland. The Weapons Department had some of the best people on board. Minus meeting my first husband from the MarDet, I had a wonderful time!!
Pitcher, MargieTMSNJan 2, 1984 – Feb 13, 1985Weapons
Avans, GregHt2Jan 5, 1984 – Jul 14, 1987R1I enjoyed the time i served on the holland, i still have friends i have stayed in touch with,, i would like to hear from anyone THAT was on the ship during 84 to 87,,avansgreg@GMAIL.COM I finished up in quality control
Humbert, ChristinaYN3Feb 1984 – Feb 1988AdminWorked for JAG officer and Navigational Officer
York, MarleneSK2 YorkMar 1984 – Mar 1992supply s-1Hi to all my shipmates! I realize that life has taken each of us in separate directions and that we may not remember to keep in touch but I just discovered this site & I would love to hear from each of you. Sincerely MY
McCormick, ThomasENCS(SW)Apr 1, 1984 – May 31, 1986eng
Coleman, Jimmy profile iconTM1Apr 10, 1984 – Jul 1, 1987W1 / W6 DivisionsWorld Cruise/ Site 4 NWS Charleston. Excellent Command and Crew. Diego Garcia, Perth Australia, both Canals. Life time of memories.
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Medrano, MiguelE-4Apr 15, 1984 – Apr 15, 1988R-7JUST WANNA SAY HI YA AND LOVE TO HERE FROM YA!
Vacca, TomMR3May 1984 – Oct 1986r-2 & r-10worked in the machine shop and nuke repair barge. spent a lot of time on the alamagordo.
Case (Maiden) Humbert (married), ChristinaYN3May 1984 – Feb 1988JAG (Legal Office)/OperationsI worked in the JAG office my first tour on board until May 86 and was returned to the Holland in May 87 and worked for the Operations Officer as a Yeoman. The friends I made on board the Holland will be in my heart for a lifetime.
Roth, RickHT2May 1984 – Nov 1987R-1Anybody remember the parties we had at 121 Plainfield Goose Creek SC. Rick Good, Tim Woodall, The Bug(Jamie) Steve(Joe) Friday. Where in the F are you guys? Get back with me.( Rick Good, Blake,Lonnie house)
Bearden, RandyIM2May 11, 1984 – Sep 5, 1986R2
Woodall, TimHT2Jun 1984 – Jan 1988R-1
Schultz, JohnEn3Jun 3, 1984 – Mar 14, 1988M-Division
Flynn, PaulMR2, THEN MR3 AGAINJun 16, 1984 – Aug 1, 1987R2 / Machine ShopThis was a very memorable part of my life and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Met a lot of characters. I had a great time in S.C./ Great Beaches!
Friday, JoeHT3Jun 20, 1984 – Dec 20, 1986R-1/R-6I want to say hello to my old friends. Tim Woodall Rick Roth Pat Mcgheean & Tom Vacca. Do you remember me?
Schultz, JohnEN3Jul 3, 1984 – Mar 13, 1988M-Worked Forward Engineroom. Will always consider my time on the best 4 years of my life.
Schultz, JohnEN3Jul 3, 1984 – Mar 13, 1988M
Lieb, MarkEM2Aug 1984 – Feb 1989Ei got out of the navy because of that ship, but, met a lot of great people & still keep in touch w/several.
Eaton, TimIC1Aug 1984 – Sep 1989R-3had a great time , gyro shop, cal lab, rewind , sound shop, and rubber and plastic shop.
Barrios, VictorEM2-EM1Aug 1, 1984 – Jul 1, 1990Aux Power/ Main PowerGreat time, made good friends, I saw the ship after decom sitting in Bremerton. The Red "E" on the stack still looks good.
Cooper, TomEN3 (LATER MADE EN1)Sep 1984 – May 1987M-Forward Engine RoomMan I just found this site! Loved my time on the Holland and I sure miss the camraderie! Would love to hear from anybody I served with!
McGeehan, Pate3Sep 1984 – 1988H.T.
Dinkins, ChapsLT, CHCSep 5, 1984 – Oct 15, 1986Chaplain DepartmentExceptional Staff + Crew on HOLLAND's PACFLEET missions- Singapore, 3d US Ship back to Philippines. Japan 5x, Chinhae 2x, Hong Kong -2 visits. In Darwin, - 5 sailors married Aussies! PH and Vancouver. DECOM @ PSNS.
Ramon, Frank ChicoE6/ IT1Sep 14, 1984 – Jun 14, 1986R7 AND S1I remember Beno, I had some great times on this ship, not to mention that I met great shipmates.
Smith, Morris/smittysaSep 15, 1984 – Apr 15, 1988deck 1st divisionstarted in deck crane division went to weapons a couple of months before I got out. Would love to hear from some of the guys that played on A-B basketball teams. Miss everyone .
Billy, WalterSH3Sep 19, 1984 – Sep 19, 1989S -3Had a great time serving on the Holland some of the best times in my life
Milton, RayLtOct 1984 – Oct 1986Radcon
Blevins, DouglasMR3Oct 1, 1984 – Apr 15, 1987R2
Criswell, LynneEN2/EN1Nov 1984 – Jan 1988Aft EngineroomI worked aft all of my time onboard the Holland. I would love to hear from any of you.
Darby, FloydEM2Nov 1984 – Nov 1987Repair 3
Ramon, FrankE5 SK2Nov 1984 – Jun 1986S1i had a great time on the Holland, i remeber Capt. Beno, and Iceland etc. GREAT TIMES. Would love to get in contact with some of the shipmates.
Davis, LizabethYN1(SW)Nov 1984 – Nov 1987Admin/Mess Decks/RepairSo many women who enlisted as WAVES were never assigned to a ship. I count myself fortunate to have done so. People with whom I served will remember my red hair and rotten jokes. Lot of good memories.
Odle, Rogeren-2/en-1Dec 1984 – Dec 1989r-9worked in engine shop and shop 38 welcome email back or call me @ (770) 503-5551
Blaker, LindaHTC(SW/AW)Dec 7, 1984 – Nov 1988R-7

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