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USS Holland (AS 32) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Holland (AS 32). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1297 crew members registered for the USS Holland (AS 32).

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Morris, RonDP31981 – 1984ADPThe most craziest bunch of people I've ever worked with. Stayed in trouble with Chief Brown most of the time. LATER!
Eddins, MikeTM11981 – 1983AUWGreat tour of duty. Went through overhaul in Charleston. Then on to GITMO. Went around the World on her. Perth was the best port we visited.
Blosser, Ronnie BENFN1981 – 1982?Awesome time in Holy Loch, went to drydock in Charleston
Woodberry, RcMM21981 – 1984R-8 QA
Statham, Dan profile iconMMC1981 – Jan 1, 1983RadConDiego Garcia. I spent a year there one summer. Competed in the Raft the Lagoon race. We came in last!
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Robins, David, Dave, RobbieEM2, EM11981 – 1983R7 (Planning &Estimating)
Braski, Scott profile iconGMT 2 1981 – 1984w-3 and s-9Would love to hear from shipmates in the W-3 or S-9 division. I had a great time in Holy Loch and the ship yards in Charleston were quite a time. The around the world cruise was great. Drop a line
Johnson, SteveHT31981 – 1983R-1Remembering great times in Scotland and Goose Creek.
Krejci, Lee (Creature)ENJan 1981 – May 1984M-Div WGFERHow did I ever make it to this point? Good times, Good brothers and sisters, wild times, great memories..... anyone that wants to get a hold of me.
Napier, BenHT2Jan 1981 – Jun 1984R-1 56A/C & 11AOccasionally I try to live like the 3 1/2 yrs. spent on Holland. Man, just can't hold up like then.
Sirard, TerryE4Jan 4, 1981 – Jan 5, 1984EN AIF room Crossover to HT Looking for crew mates I served with in the pit
Coleman, Jimmy profile iconTM1 (AW)Jan 5, 1981 – Oct 1, 1984W-1/W-6Outstanding tour of Duty with the best people. My 1st Auxiliary with Sea Time before and After. The Yards in Charleston, Diego Garcia, Perth, then back to NWS Charleston. Finished on carrier Nimitz and NTC Orlando.
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McGrath, MikeMM3Jan 10, 1981 – Oct 26, 1983RepairNothing can beat those times in Holy Loch. Still looking for Shipmates Paul Marchand & Tony Barr. Would love to hear from anyone that served on board 81-83 (Now MMC)
Reardon, Paul ReardonBM2Jan 15, 1981 – Oct 7, 1984
Decambra, RickEN3Feb 1981 – Oct 20, 1984M-DIVCame on board in 1981 started working in the aft eng room then went to the forward eng room, Had a lot of good times, met a lot of good friends,Remeber when the boiler went BOOM ,Rocked the Boat
Klooz, RobertMT3Feb 1981 – May 1983W6/W4I spent 81 in Holy Loch, wow it was fun. Scotland is such a beautiful place.
Boyd, EarlEN2Feb 8, 1981 – Feb 8, 1983Forward EngineroomLooking to say howdy to any of those that work lived in the pit in Holy Loch and later in Charleston.
Cronin, JohnYN2Mar 1981 – Mar 1982Worked in Legal.
Goetz, Peter (Pete)TMCMar 1981 – Oct 1983W-1Spent a year in Scotland, moved to Charleston for shipyard, then around the world cruise prior to retiring
Burgan, SteveHT2Mar 9, 1981 – Jun 14, 1985R-1 nuc weld shopHi all you guy that worked in R1 I have rick goods phone # and call every so often
Pyne, GaryMLFNMar 10, 1981 – Jul 12, 1983FOUNDRY
Graber, KevinHT3-HT1Mar 14, 1981 – Feb 3, 1985R-1 Nuc Weld Shop 26BStayed on her for everyting,Holly Lock thru the entier deployment around the world...awww there was some killer times...(what happened in Perth...stays in Still a pipe welder,503-738-0862.
Carsley, Kerryem-2Mar 15, 1981 – Apr 15, 1982eLooking for members who I served with and /or crossed decked to the Uss Hunley in Scotland. Kerry
Lund, ChrisTM3Apr 1, 1981 – Oct 1, 1984W-1Holy Loch, around the world, back to South Carolina. I was on the ship the day we had a problem in Holy Loch with the crain. I quit riding motorcycles in favor of airplanes. I am an aero space/fire engineer now living in california.
Noorigian, Aram (Ram)ENFNApr 11, 1981 – Jun 20, 1982A Division-Crane Repair ShopSuch great memories on the USS Holland AS-32. Working frozen breakout, tossing cases of food to the bubble heads. Gosh the fights on the liberty boat at 2:00 am. Renting rooms from Mr. Weir in Dunoon. The fish and chips!
Hansen, BartMM3May 1981 – 198338 AKinda miss Scotland but not the work load or the 24 hr turn and burn duty days. Taught me what real work was. Does anybody know what happend to Grapp after the motorcycle crash.
Royer, SteveGMT3 / WT2May 4, 1981 – Sep 22, 1984W-3 Weapons RV Shop as we called itEnjoyed my stay aboard the good ship Holland.Rode the ship back from Holy lock,yes,I remember the Crane Incident,went through ship yard,around the world,WINS coming aboard 83,Diego Garcia.Long hours,out to sea a lot,but you know,I miss it.
Snyder, RandyEN2Jun 1, 1981 – Aug 8, 1984R9i WAS ON BOARD WHEN SHIP WENTTO THE YARD AND THRU SHACK DOWN. i came aboard in scotland.
Humphrey, JeffGMG3Jun 15, 1981 – Oct 31, 1983W-2Dry dock, Gitmo, Suez, Spain, Australia, Panama and around the world we go! I haven't stopped since.
Wayman, Mitch profile iconMM2Jun 30, 1981 – Mar 15, 1982A DivisionA short but interesting tour of duty. I rode the ship back to Charleston, SC when she was relieved by the USS Huntley.
Towery, TravisCWO3Jul 7, 1981 – Aug 10, 1982Auxiliaries
Barrack, MikeEN3Aug 1981 – Mar 1985fwd/aft eng rm, oil kingarrived in Holy Loch, back to Chas for refit. Spain, Suez Canal, Equator, Diego Garcia, Australia, 180 parralel, Equator (again), Order of Magellan, Pananma Canal, Git-mo, back to Charleston , now my home. plz call
Makielski, BobDP2Aug 1981 – Nov 1983Supply
Mc Andrew, PeteHT3Sep 1981 – Mar 1984R1 and then a lifetime in DCReported aboard in Sept 81, stayed for the whole damn thing till march 84, Scotland, yards (sucked) world cruise, etc... Some fond memories, some rank one's too. Remember most of you fondly as brothers. call if you like 610 217-0854
Gutierrez, Benjamin / PacoYNSNSep 1981 – Feb 1982WeaponsWorked for CDR Book, LCDR Cripps and Chief "Oh what a" Paine. I loved Scotland, especially going over to Greenok (sp) once in awhile. Had great shipmates, like a gunnersmate and an MM who went Christ on us, lol. Got off in Diego Garcia
Bonifant, Dalepn2Sep 11, 1981 – Nov 2, 1984personnel office
Brower, GordyTM3Sep 17, 1981 – Oct 31, 1986W-1I would have to say that I spent more consecutive time on the Holland then anyone else...and loved every day of it. I have many fond memories of the Holland from Scotland to Charleston, Spain to Diego Garcia and Australia...Very Greatful for memory.
Peterson, MarkE4/MT3Oct 1981 – Nov 1982W-4Yay.
Brown, JackRM21982 –
Kelchner, RichardET31982 – 1983OE (Operation Electronics)Would like to get in contact with anyone that served on board during this time. Remember Gitmo?
Thompson, John / JdGMT21982 – 1984W-3I was assigned to REB Division W-3. Crossed decked from the Hunley to the Holland in Scotland. Did the shipyard in Charleston and the around the world cruise. Hard times but good friends.
Cavel, RichardMMFN1982 – 1984Ahhhh Gitmo. And drinking the Ouzo in Spain on that round the world cruise cruise.
Lee, David / DcMR21982 – Sep 1985R2What a blast! Found many fellas here that I recognize. Remember Diego Garcia? Lunch in a box?Shellback initiation? Swore I'd never go back to SC and now I live here In the upstate. I go Charleston often & think of y'all
Ary, SteveE-4 Corporal1982 – 1984Marine DetachmentWas Great Being On The Ship. Cuba.The Triangle Storm. The World Tour. Diego Garcia What A Party. Any One Remember Drop Me A Line.
WIIg, RexFTB2/SSJan 1982 – Feb 1983Weapons
Harney, BryanEMFNJan 1982 – May 1985R-3was in r-3 div electric motor rewind shop i now work as an electrican
Whitehead Jr., Jimmy R.HT3Jan 5, 1982 – Nov 23, 1984DCGITMO/ Cuba ,Round the World Cruise 1982.The best thing that I remember was meeting and later Marrying my soul-mate, now soon to celebrate 29yrs of Marriage...
Crosslin, JoeGMT1Jan 25, 1982 – Jul 6, 1982WeaponsI was onboard for a very short time in Drydock in Charleston
Phillips, SherryDP2Feb 1982 – Jun 10, 1985Supply
Fincher, GarryEM3Feb 1, 1982 – Oct 29, 1983Engineering
Lane, CleophusE5/DK2Feb 16, 1982 – Dec 15, 1984S-4Retired 12/2000. Now living in Memphis teaching Jr High school and coaching.
Hollon, GregoryHTFNFeb 20, 1982 – Sep 1, 1985R1 Worked in R1 sheetmetal shop
O'Meara, Bill (Red)DECKFeb 23, 1982 – Feb 1986Deck craneI was in crane div.I was the crazy redhead that drank too must back then. looking for anybody that was on the ship back then.
Mayberry, James (Jamie)EN 3Mar 1982 – Apr 1984MWas assigned to the FWD Eng Room. Had many great times and friends. Hope to here from some of them. E-mail me
Lee, David /dcMR2Mar 1982 – Oct 1985R-2Machine Shop- Torture Chamber! Great bunch of guys!
Bruce, DanHM2Mar 1982 – Mar 1983MedicalLeft the Navy after my tour, finished graduate school, was Commissioned in the Medical Service Corps, retired as LCDR. I work at SBRF where the HOLLAND sits at anchorage. She has never looked worse in my opinion.
Stafford, HarryB T3Mar 8, 1982 – Nov 8, 1985FERThe time on the Holland was the most memorable time of my life. Passing the first OPPEE the FIRST time was I milestone Ill never forget. My email is .
Brown, Josephht3Mar 27, 1982 – Mar 5, 1985r-3completed the retro in the shipyards took the world cruise turn the boy into a man made a lot of friends
Wininger, BobbyMR2Apr 3, 1982 – Oct 12, 1985R-2i remember the 3 p's, palma,perth,and pergatory(diego garcia). oh yeah and captain beano!
Chapman, MikeSK3May 1982 – Jun 1985S5
Kubinski, Tony (Nmn)E-3/HOSPITAL CORPSMANMay 1982 – Sep 1982MedicalI made a terrible mistake on 9/1982-I went UA from the ship. I am truly sorry. I wish I had it to do over again. I really loved the medical staff and other crew members I became aquainted with.
Swink, Jefftm3May 1982 – Jun 1983W-1
Massey, SusanSNMay 1982 – May 1984Personnel
Harrington, JamesLIsnJun 1982 – Feb 1985d5some. of the best time of my life
Lemanski, AnthonybmJun 6, 1982 – Oct 15, 1988deck 1st div craneslong time onboard no complaints, remember her well, still in touch with a few others that were stationed there, remember gitmo, world cruise, my dad went on the bahamas dependant cruise with us
Denton, GaryEN3Jun 30, 1982 – Jun 30, 1984MI made the World Cruise! It was a lot of work, but many memories! (M Division)
Wade, CharlesENCJul 16, 1982 – Jan 1, 1984A DivisionMade around the world cruise, crossed the equator, transited both Suez and Panama canals. really enjoyed Australia port of call. Anchored in Deago Garcia for 90 days.
Jordan, JerryHTCJul 21, 1982 – Jun 17, 1986R-3Supervisor of Rubber & Plastic shop and assistant Division Officer
Boyd, DennisMM1Aug 1982 – Feb 1985EngineeringServed on board with great pride. Met a female sailor; and we were extremely close, my fault for leaving her. Her name was Virginia (Ginny) K Eckles(Eckls, Echles) and I am trying to locate her. I owe her
Mills, MarkEM3Aug 1, 1982 – Aug 1, 1984R-3 Electrical RepairI was an electrician in R3. I am a certified Range Officer, NRA certified rifle, pistol, and protection instructor in Pensacola FL, I am also a Massad Ayoob Range Instructor. I was a DoD contractor during Operation OIF.
Santiago, JoseCORPORAL/E-4Aug 21, 1982 – Aug 20, 1984Marine DetachmentRemember, GTMO training sea trial March 1983 & then Around the Globe deployment Apr-Oct 83. All those good old Security Drills when no one but Marines & designated Nuclear Security personnel needed to react to such ops. Regards to all.
Lee, Curt (General)SK3Sep 1982 – Jun 1985S1/S5i recognize a lot of names here! SK1 Romero was our "Mama" in the middle group storerooms; Geoff Ross i worked with in S5! Kip Meinhardt trained me to replace him there. i do not miss "Fast Cruise" however... Mother's Day 198
Anderson, Anderson [the Spud]HTFNSep 1982 – Mar 17, 1985DC division Engineering DeptHey y'all good to know there's still some old salts out there, still talk about the world cruise. Australia was cool. Still plan to go back some day.
Ary, SteveCpl.Oct 1982 – Oct 1984Marine DetachmentIt Was Great Being There. The World Tour, Diego. The Drills, And of Course All The lovely Ladies on Board. Hi To You All!!
Clawson, SamuelL/CPLOct 15, 1982 – Mar 1, 1985MARDETLooking for MARDET Marines 83-84 contact me at Ther are a few of us looking for the gang.
Dupuy, BillTMSNNov 1982 – Apr 1984Weight TestWho can forget Diego Garcia and Austrailia?
Denton, ThomasET1 (SS)Nov 15, 1982 – Apr 15, 1985W5 and W6Made WORLD CRUISE via Palma-DIEGO GARCIA-Fremantle - WOW! Visit my website: - e-mail direct for discount or to say Hi!
Milton, ChristopherE3Nov 16, 1982 – Feb 28, 1984DeckI would like any of my shipmates to call me at my home# 215-887-0186.
Cooke, PaulaEN3Dec 1982 – Oct 1985M
Thompson, RichardET1/SWDec 1982 – Mar 28, 1988W5, XA, WOW5 is the Navigation Repair Shop. I was working for the Senior Watch Officer in the Weapons Office when I transfered, and was one of a dozen Master-At-Arms for my first 6 months on board.. Was also a duty section leader.

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