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USS Holland (AS 32) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Holland (AS 32). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1294 crew members registered for the USS Holland (AS 32).

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Lang, Michael G. (Mike)MM1(SS)1978 – 1980R-5Did a lot of steam generator repair jobs on the boomers. My whole tour was in Holy Loch. One of the best times of my life.
Gonzalez, MaxSN-DP3 -DPC-RET1978 – 1981S-7My first experience in the Navy. Wow! it was fun! Retired out of the Pentagon.
Denton, JeffEN1978 – 1980MI would love to find and hear from my buddies on the Holland. I hung out at the Dolphin Lounge, too. I even remember some of it. What fun we had.
Dumosch, TonyMM31978 – 1981What a time- what a place- what a crew- to all of you from one of the crane shop crew, thank you.
Winegeart, JessHT21978 – 1979RIntensive work schedules, lots of shift work. Felt like there was a heck of a lot accomplished. Open 24/7 did it all and then some
Anthony, DennisYN31978 – 1979ADMIN/REPAIR
Cook, Jerry profile iconET31978 – 1980ET
Bell, DarrellICFN1978 – 1979EHad a great experience aboard the mighty Holland. Met great friends and made some priceless friendships. Gained so much knowledge working as a IC Electrician
Meeks, MikeET31978 – 1980R4
Underwood, RobertET3Jan 1978 – Jan 1980R4Remembering great times in Holy Loch, sleeping in the SP shack after missing the last boat, and Lord Mountbatten's visit to award us the Battenburg Cup (the first after its reactivation) and his murder a few months later off the coast of Ireland.
Vipond, BillSHSNJan 1978 – Aug 1979S-3Miss all the guy's from the laundry room, all the good times we had playing darts, pressing clothes, etc.. the fire in the exhaust vents in 79' started in the laundry room. rmemeber that!
Harmon, ClellET1/SSJan 1978 – Jul 1982W-5Great memories of the old girl, the time in the Loch, cruises to Portsmouth and Bergen. and then the fun of refit in Charleston.
Schwartz, DuaneGMTCJan 3, 1978 – Dec 13, 1979W-3Enjoyed the assignment. Excellent crew. Hard working and hard playing(lots of fun). Got a picture of me & Lord Mont Batten in CPO mess.
Drew, JonEM1 (SS)Jan 6, 1978 – Jan 15, 1980R5
Vipond, BillSH Jan 25, 1978 – Aug 18, 1979S-1 SupplyBest times in Holy loch, Bert's pub to shoot pool. PJ's for Dunoon Dollies, and Glasgow on the weekends. Ferry to Gourock, train to Glasgow. the YMCA to call home. EM club nickel beers, dime mixed drinks. Miss everything! Viper!
Amos, RickIC2Feb 1978 – Feb 1980R-3
Mason, BarryMM2Feb 1978 – Feb 1979RepairScotland was great. Too many nights that I don't remember so good.
Isgett, IvanEN2Mar 1978 – Sep 19803rdloved it in scotland wish to go back some time hope to hear from some of you?
Smith, TimothySK3Mar 1978 – Aug 1980T Shed
Law, KevinsnMar 1978 – Dec 1979decklooking for crane operators and signalman hung out at the clansman wiht gavin and his old lady trying to find isabell mcall from hamilton my babys mama
Sweeton, ClaudeET2Mar 1, 1978 – Apr 6, 1986R-4Served onboard the Holland from 1979-82 as part of R-4 Division in the Calibration Lab. Loved being stationed in Scotland - the people were GREAT - played on the Cowal Rugby Club - the Beer was the Best.
Smith, MikeYN2Apr 1978 – Oct 1979XWorked with YNCS Yost, YN2 Guerra, and YN2 Rosene in Ship's Office; transferred to VC-10 Gitmo for 18 months, then CNO/Pentagon before leaving active duty in May 1983. Retired USNR as CWO4 in 1999.
Myers, Brian "Peewee"SNApr 1978 – Sep 1979Deck DivisionEnjoyed my time in Scotland. Spent a lot of time in local pubs. Rented room in town from crazy old guy. Trying to connect with Machinist Mate Phil, married local girl - Yvonne. Anyone remember Phil?
Hughes, AlanET3Apr 1, 1978 – Nov 13, 1980R-4 Antenna Shop, BRA-8 TeamIf anybody remembers me feel free to email me. I am trying to contact members of the BRA-8 team that worked with me. I got radiated on a submarine while turning on the starboard side hydraulics supply stop valve.
Brown, GaryGMG2Apr 2, 1978 –XSpent some great Years in the Holy Loch
Watson, GeraldENCSMay 1978 – May 1980A-DIV Ships Diesel Inspector USS Holland was truely the worlds greatest tender with the greatest crew and Captain L.S. Wigley. Our mission was to support Subs and we did. Scotland also was my most liked duty station. 1962-1964 AS-19 1978-1980.
Kenney, CharlesSK2/SK1May 1978 – Oct 1979S-1,Repair Office,S-6I came aboard as a SK2 and left as SK1. Worked in Storerooms briefly, then Repair(ROV Money Repair Optar) S-6 Site one Monitor. Retired from the Navy in 1993 LT,SC,USN. I went up through the ranks CPO/LDO. Loved SCotland
Picillo, JimMR2May 1, 1978 – Jul 1, 1981R2
Howes, BryanDN/DTMay 26, 1978 – Feb 18, 1980Dentalgood times/great place w/ some very memorable folks....mike renfrew HM3........ Vince Decker and of course the crazy "F" 's in Dental
Traylor, ThomasMM1Jun 1, 1978 – Jun 1, 1980R5Spent all my time on Holland in Scotland.
Pendergast, TimMR3Jun 1, 1978 – Oct 1, 1980R-2 Shop 31A
White, BennettPN1Jun 17, 1978 – Nov 15, 1987ADMIN
Anderjack, StephenFTB 3Jun 22, 1978 – Dec 6, 1979W-2Learned to shoot darts during lunch and worked BST bouys and MOTS
Thomas, FrankHT-3Jun 25, 1978 – Jul 10, 19813rd division YFNBBest time of my life,great sailors i worked with and partyed with
Wakefield, Clay "Weasel"ICFN & IC3Aug 1978 – Jan 1980R-3Was the best place in the world to serve. Holy loch was the poo. Had more fun in Pucks gleen than i can tell ya. Will never forget turning 19 with Danny L. rock climbing and drinkin stout. Gyro compass repairman.
Heilemann, WalterHM3Aug 1978 – Dec 1978MedicalWas the time of my life!
Ritter, MarkTM2Aug 5, 1978 – Aug 1980Weapons Repair
McDonald, MichaelMR2Aug 16, 1978 – Sep 1, 1980R-2Worked in the Machine Shop, had a great time in Holy Loch, Scotland, was the best time of my life. Still remember all the the great shipmate's that I met and served with. I am pround of what we accomplished there, it was hard work.
Brown, Richard A.MMFNOct 1978 – Apr 1980A-Gang
Thompson, David M.ET1/SSOct 31, 1978 – Oct 27, 1980R-7
Adamson, Doug (Doogie)HT2Nov 21, 1978 – May 22, 1981W-3, and DCLoved being on Holland. Got to meet so many good guys from all parts of the country. I'll never forget the DC funny book. Lived in town at the Farliee Cottage 73 Arglye St. Dunoon Some of the best times on Holland.
Johnson, RichardDS1Dec 1978 – Dec 1980S-7
Bice, BruceHT3Dec 1, 1978 – Jun 1, 1980Sheet Metal ShopThis was my First ship to serve on .Had a great time in Scotland .Have a lot of good memories of my time there . Have always wanted to go back for a visit just never made it yet.
White, BenPN3Dec 20, 1978 – Jun 3, 1980Admini had a great time on the holland. great crew and lasting memories of Leroy Barrows, Rob Franics,& Dan Whipple. Great Ship & Great Crew!
Billings, Ronnie / "Big Bill"BOILER TECHNICIAN THIRD CLASSDec 22, 1978 – Apr 10, 1982EngineeringI reported to the Holland @ Holy Loch, Scotland. And I saw all 4 seasons in one day.

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