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USS Holland (AS 32) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Holland (AS 32). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1294 crew members registered for the USS Holland (AS 32).

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Minardi, StevenSHSN1976 – Sep 20, 1976
Spencer, Gary/spiderFTG 31976 – 1978W-2 (Weapons)Looking for any old friends. Lots of memories...both onboard and off. Several of us from Texas hung out together...but any FT or W2 Div folks...would enjoy hearing from you. The faces are all clear but some of the names escape me now.
Ankeny, JeffEN31976 – 19783rdAny one who remembers me. I would like to hear from you so send me an email with your phone # I will call you back! Go Clyde Masters!
Norman, Art profile iconHT31976 – 1977R1 X26ALoved the nuke experience--shift work, zoomies, anti-C's, and Crack-eye in NDT. Met up with CWO Alvarez in San Diego--He wasn't giving haircuts! Art Council, Rich Bolden, Harry-O, Oehrle brothers, George, Jim Story--Send me an E-mail.
Davis, Lennis (Dave)SKSN1976 – 1978S-1 and Stock ControlWow, what great times! I'm on Facebook and would love to hear from my old shipmates... so look me up. I've already connected with a few former storekeepers. We've got some nice pictures up also!
McVay, StevenSK11976 – 1977S-1Was the Supervisor of CAPIC, S-1 Division Electronics Storeroom SK. Shore Patrol Watch Captain.
Murray, T Dirken1976 – 1977aft engine room
Holbrook Sr, CarlPetty officer1976 –Ht2 (E5)
Anderson, BrianE31976 – 1977MRI wasn’t the best sailor by a long shot but eventually got my act together
Penix, MarvinIC3Jan 1976 – Jun 1977R-3 Gyro shopGood time there, took home a good souviner, a wife which led to 3 children. Bert, Botich, willy, Bond and Jones-love you guys will never forget
Ruiz Jr, RobertHT3Jan 1976 – Oct 1978EngeeringIts been many many year I have been gone, I forgot alot of name I hope some one will remember me.alo can any one tell how i can retain a USS holland belt bucket. I mlost mine many ear ago. I would like to replace it
Gutierrez, GeorgeSK2Jan 9, 1976 – May 9, 1979S-1Worked in the T-shed and was moved over to the Middle Storeroom Group as Supervisor, and then moved to Shore Patrol at Cardwell Bay, Gourock.
Gallagher, RobertCpl.Jan 12, 1976 – Jan 1978Marine DetachmentGreat times I had stationed in Scotland. But the weather was something to be desired. Still remember the good times and the friends I met on board.
Dickinson, JamesHTCFeb 1976 – Mar 1977Repair NDT Lab. X93AOne of the best Tenders in the Fleet.
Minardi, StevenshsnFeb 12, 1976 – Sep 20, 1976ships storedid you know my brother steven minardi?
Hodor, JoeDS2Mar 16, 1976 – Apr 1, 1978S7
Horvatic, StephenDP E3Apr 1976 – Feb 1, 1977Data Processing Keypunch/Computer OperatorThe dates may not be exactly right. Scotland was great and I have not been back since. Is there a Rick Crider out there? I think that is the name !!!
Glasscock, BillyE2Apr 7, 1976 – Nov 19772rdStill living in Birmimgham ,Al
Witherow, CharlesOMCApr 13, 1976 – Jan 31, 1982R-2Advanced to Opticalman Chief Petty Officer on board the World's Greatest Tender in 1977. Was by far the best command I served on during my 20 year career. Retired in 1987 and live in Dunoon, Scotland.
McConnell, TomMT2May 1976 – Nov 1977Missile-Handling
Harris, JimTM3 / TM2May 1976 – May 1978W-1 Mk - 14 Mod - 5 torpedo shopThe ship was at Holy Loch Scotland while I was stationed on her, great homeport. We worked hard and we played hard. The ship earned her first Battle E and the title " Worlds Greaest Tender" during this time.
Payne, RobertENFNMay 13, 1976 – Nov 20, 1977Black Hole GangAft Engine Room Looking for Schumacher,Hensley,etc
Hein, LeeMT1Jun 1976 – Feb 1982W-4Missile Handling and Launcher Repair Shop PORI/IDAS Shop
Wynyard, PeterEMFNJun 15, 1976 – Jun 30, 1976Electricians Mate and then to TugboatTruely enjoyed going into Dunoon to the clubs and restaurants. My love of dancing started here at the hotels and bars. Brought my wife back to see the base in 1984.
Ball, John/ CashHTJul 26, 1976 – Aug 2, 19823rdOk this is your captain Johnny Cash speaking,all hand on deck.From the Holland,Hunley,and the alaomos.If you were on the Loch from 72 to 84 then check in.i have found a lot of peeps on facebook.hit me up John Ball
Hanscom, DonE3 BOATSAug 1976 – May 19773 rd - Boats..I wish the sucker had sunk, I got screwed over royally by my division XO.
Tennant, GeorgeTM1(SW)Aug 1, 1976 – Mar 19, 1979W-1
Wadlington, WalterRMSNSep 10, 1976 – Nov 10, 1980COMMOFirst ship, enjoyed this tour very much, had a great division, good leaders.
Wyatt, Ben profile iconBmSnSep 15, 1976 – Aug 18, 19782ndWhat a great tme to have at 17 years old ! I still don"t beleive they let me operate a missile crane . Hell i did't even have a drivers license. Go Navy! Has anyone Heard from Jim case!
MacLeay, DonBM3Oct 14, 1976 – May 1, 1978crane crewHad a great time. It was the best. Wish I could do it again. Saved some leave and toured Europe. The time of my life!
Johnson, Bernard ( Bj )TM#Oct 21, 1976 – May 13, 1978W-1 Torpedo Shop- MK 48
Walter, TimE-2Oct 24, 1976 – Aug 19, 1978S1 SupplyGreat time many years ago but seems like yesterday. Worked all over the ship in Supply. Went to Glasgow and Edenburgh on the weekends and in town in Dunoon during the week. Drop me a line if you remember.
Sorrenti, JohnBM2Nov 1976 – Apr 19803rd.This was one of the best times of my life. It's just too bad that I didn't know it then.
Gilbert Sr., Gary (Bert)IC2Nov 12, 1976 – May 13, 1978R-3 Gyro ShopHoly Loch: PJ's, Gourock: Marvin's Disco, Edinburgh: Granny's! TAKE ME BACK!!
Fredey, MichaelSK3Dec 1, 1976 – Jun 30, 1979mighty s-1unloading taks in the horizontal rain,the boat ride to and from gourock,shore patrol at the enlisted mens club on the weekends and all my friends from s-1 divisions where are motto was 'we kick boxes and we kick asses'
Edge, JoeSKSN/SK3Dec 1, 1976 – Aug 1, 1979S1/S5Loved my time on the WGT and in Scotland
Deems, MaxSK2Dec 26, 1976 – Apr 10, 1979S-6Great Memories
Garcia, Mark1977 – 1979w-1spent most of my time there wanting to come home now i only think of going back..had a great time wotkin the torpshop.. the poker games in the mk14 shop. and all my friends i partied with at the harmony
Blake, Gary / BonesFN 3 HT1977 – 19793rd boat oppswas cold
Tessin, KrissEM1977 – 1978R-3
Thompson, BartPC31977 – 1979Admin
Stacey, LouisBM31977 – 1979Deck/2ndGreat crew we had on Holland, Holy Loch was great times.
Deckert, James Let3/et21977 – 1979R-4The best command of my navy career. They made me work my tail off but I enjoyed it.
Roland, MarkMM31977 – 1979RepairGood times. 17 yo station in Holy Loch. Went back there about 8 yrs ago. Sleepy little town. Retired 96. Only 2 yrs there than transfer to FF in Pearl. What a way to start career
Sewell, Dannie DuffyHTFN1977 – 1978REPAIRWhere is everyone? Send me a message.
Duffy, JimE3Jan 1977 – Jun 1978R3 Rubber & Plastics
Slaubaugh, PaulSHSNJan 1, 1977 – Jul 10, 1978DECK and S-3Hello everyone. It's been a long time. Believe it or not, I'm still in. I left in 1980 to return to the USNR in 1997. Spent all of 2006 in Tikrit, Iraq doing supply and assisting the 101st. Currently SK1 with 6 years to go.
Fletcher, WesJan 15, 1977 – May 15, 1980Repair 4I was and MR in the Machine shop
Welch, Jim/jamieAS 32Feb 1977 – Jul 1980/ Aft EngrmLoved Scotland, married Ann Larkin from Greenock. A shout out to Danny, Joe, Jeff "Turk", Bob and anyone who remembers me. Arrived a FR and left a EN2, 6 complete overhauls later!
Eckardt, RickQM2Feb 1977 – Sep 1979Operations
Witcher, MarkCorporalFeb 1, 1977 – Apr 15, 1979Marine DetachmentTime on the Holland at Holy Loch was some of the best times ever!...Planning on heading back for a visit this summer!
Gould, FredET1Feb 2, 1977 – May 30, 1981R-6The best tour I had. The first year was the hardest due to the rain, but after that, I felt completely home. Great crew, great port. What more can you say.
Fletcher, WesMR 2Feb 15, 1977 – May 10, 1980Enginerring 1Was in Holy Loch. Loved it so much I finished my duty there.
Smothers, Curt profile iconLTFeb 15, 1977 – Jul 30, 1979XAdmin officer under Captain Larry Wigley while homeported in the Holy Loch, Scotland. Arduous, yet satisfying tour.
Huff, HuffsterIC2Feb 22, 1977 – May 1, 1980R3I arrived as ICFA in 1977. I left the Worlds Greatest Tender as IC2. This was the only ship I was stationed aboard. My first son was born in Scotland. I had some great times, would not trade it for the world.
Boggess1, GaryET1Mar 1977 – Mar 1980
McCown, Earl Aka ReddMMMar 1977 – Oct 1978a gangwas on the holland twice then crossdecked to he hunly to the outside machine shop
Berger, BruceE5Mar 1977 – Oct 197993A
McGuire, Anthony profile iconIC2Mar 1977 – Nov 1978E
Tracy, EdwardHTFA TO DC1(SW)Apr 1977 – Nov 1980RepairTwo tours, drummer of Wildwood USA. Great times, great friends and thank you Captains Wigley and Bump for letting us bring american country music to Scotland. Please e-mail me you Harmonyites!
Steiner, TimHT3Apr 1977 – Dec 1978R1 Pipe Shop 56ALoved the area and Command. Anyone from the pipe shop, Nuc Welder, shipfitters or lag shop remember me? Would love to hear from Mike Duffy, Paul Michaud, John Freeman, EJ Marceau, Tom Binner, Jamie Zelno Barney etc.
Rude, Robert (Bob)MTC(SS)Apr 1, 1977 – Apr 30, 1979W4
Parada, JohnHT2Apr 7, 1977 – Nov 10, 1978R1Anyone still out there that I was on the ship with. Mainly the Ship fitter shop?
Huff, TomICFA TO IC2Apr 30, 1977 – May 8, 1980R-3 Gyro ShopI have great memories of the time I spent in Scotland and the great people I worked with and partied with while there. I hope to connect to some of my former shipmates.
Toland, KeithIC3May 1977 – Aug 1981R-3 IC Gyro RepairGreat times in Scotland with Tuba, Huff, Amos, Roger Thomas, Mike, ICC Bill Marosek...
Niehl, DonaldDP3/2May 1977 – Dec 1979S7 / ADPThis was one of the Best tours I had during my 22 year career. Would love to go back someday. Made a lot of friends just having hard time locating.
O'Keefe, Michael profile iconem3May 8, 1977 – Dec 8, 1978e-division
Brooks, AlET1Jun 1977 – Mar 1981W5 W6
Kern, ThomasMM1Jul 1977 – Jul 1979R - 5Trips to Bremerton, WA. for S/G repair school - twice. Getting appendicitis on a trip to sea and going to the Dunoon, Scotland hospital.
Nielsen, Steve (Father Harry)DS3Jul 1977 – Jan 1979S7What a great time I had. Europe and the UK were all explored! I sure do miss the lassies, Inverness and for sure Dunoon.
Grubbs, DutchSH1Aug 7, 1977 – Sep 9, 1980S-3 and MAAsure do miss the Union pub and all the great times.
Nofsinger, Thomas (Tom)ET2Sep 1977 – Nov 1979W-5The best people I ever met were at Site One, Holy Loch
Sugermeyer, BobLtSep 1977 – Oct 1979Supply
Folland, BobMMFN-MM3Sep 2, 1977 – Oct 16, 1979A-Gang HPAC's Ships ForceDan Turk, Tim Mahoney and the boys, Fast Freddie Hebeler,Frankie DeBlaise, and R-Division, WOW, Half of New York was on that Ship!!!!! CW04 Vehey! Stealing the dingy from the pier and forgetting to untie it, (didnt get to far)
Tate, Francis (Tater)SH2Sep 15, 1977 – Mar 25, 1981supply (barber shop)Scotland was beautiful, and I hope to go back there someday. And the guys were great!!!!!!!
Moore, TinaPNSep 21, 1977 – Aug 10, 1980i am the ex wife widow of kenneth williams and am looking to find any i can remember from scotland
Fitzpatrick, TimothyHT2Sep 28, 1977 – Aug 25, 1981R-1First ,I'll never forget the great time I had and and the best learning expeiance I gained working with the people during my time on the Holand AS32. I'm now top in my field as a master plumber/gasfitter and pipewelder
Mewbuorn, ScotDP2Oct 15, 1977 – Feb 10, 1979ADP S-7I would love to hear from old shipmates that used to listen to Frank Peoples Country Band at the EM club...
Miller, JimDP2Oct 15, 1977 – Jun 5, 1980S-7Would love to hear from old ship mates. Last Navy tour was London in 98 and made a few trips back to Holylock wow talk about changes.
Buchan, JimYN2Oct 17, 1977 – Mar 21, 1981adminIts said that when looking back you only remember the good. Well if that's the case there was much good to remember about being a crew member on the Holland, and living in Scotland for four years. Great Memories. Great People!
Buchan, JimYN2Oct 19, 1977 – Mar 19, 1981adminWell they say when looking back you only remember the good. If that's the case then Holy Loch, Scotland is filled with memories. Like to put a shout out to Ben White since I see he is listed on this site.
Valle, Mick DellaSN/CORPSMAN STRIKERNov 1977 – Jun 19793rd ( boats) / medicaldid a sub battery change then mess decked went to third division . Oualified all plastic hull boats - and the ships 26' motorwhaleboats it was lots of fun Drove LCM 6's and LCM 8' and the Box "L" but never qual'
McDonald, Charles "Gunner Mac"GMG1Nov 1977 – Nov 1980W-2Best "sea duty" I ever had.
Long, StevenHTFA-HT3Nov 1977 – May 1979DCGreat Times. 17-1/2 when arrived and worked in DC-Div after 90 days in S-1. Flyin squad was great as well as all of the guys. Travelled all over Scotland and slept many nites in SP shack cardwell bay when missed boat. sflong2002 @
Brown, Michael (Rob)SKSNNov 15, 1977 – Jun 15, 1979Worked in the T-Shed, shipping and receiving. Checked on board as an SKSR Nov 1977 departed Jun 1979. Hard work but good shipmates and great liberty. Retired Feb 2005 as an SKCM.
Ernest J Longhi Sr, ErnieMSPO3RD CLASSNov 15, 1977 – Apr 15, 1980MESS SPEALISTGREAT TIME THERE LOVE IT.
McGinty, StanleyHT3Dec 1977 – Dec 1981I like to give a salute to all of 3rd division and R-1division, yeah, we got her done!
Dorans, RichardEM-3Dec 26, 1977 – Mar 15, 1979R-3 Ruber & Plastics ShopDid my Mess cooking as driver for Master of Arms. Had a great time in R-3. To Capt'n Bump:Thanks for the rides to the ship on those rainy days. Had a bad experience with Ens Peterson But other than that The tour was excellent.

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