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USS Holland (AS 32) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Holland (AS 32). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1294 crew members registered for the USS Holland (AS 32).

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Mullens, Joe "Moon"CS31972 – 1975S-2I have some great memories from the "Happy Holland". Looking for my pal Mike Anquillare.You might remember us from all that great chow we served!
Treese, RobertE-31972 – 1974deck deptif anyone knows of a James Austin. i would appreciate finding out how to get in touch with him served the same time period. last known address was washington indiana
Morley, Lloyd/aka OddballSTS31972 – 1972R4odball, lived in Chipiona & Chsrlrston with Ski & Moe. Had a new Triumph 650.
Uhl, RichardCS4Jan 1972 – Aug 24, 1973S - 2worked as cook / baker in Rota & after rotation to Goose Creek, SC. great memories of fernando & "moon" mullins & our apartment near the beach in chipiona
Joynt, DennisABF2/DV1Jan 1972 – Oct 1973LockerI was the only airdale diver on board ship
Morris, DavidTM2Jan 1972 – Aug 1974W-1Came on in Rota, left in Charleston just before she left for Bremerton. Contact me if you remember me. Lots of work on all torpedoes, rode the tug out to sea to retrieve them. Drove the ship underway.
Horner, JackSK3Jan 3, 1972 – Sep 4, 1973S-6Spent 3 months in San Diego storekeeper school in late 1971 and then a few weeks in Norfork, VA. Flew to Rota in Jan 1972. Then 1973 in Charleston, SC. Worked in S-6. Southern Spain was beautiful. Trips to Sevilla were great.
Allgaier, MikeHT2Feb 1972 – Jul 1974RepairGreat life long memories of friends and hard work for our country. Still in contact with AS-32 shipmates 30 years later. Rota, Spain sure has changed since I was there in Navy in 1970's.
Kelly, PatEN3Mar 1972 – Jun 1973M & AWorked in the After Engine Room. Loved every minute in Rota especially Pauls Bar. I remember the missle drop and being told it was secret only to have every barmaid in Rota know more about it than me. Loved Charleston and being "welded" to the
Bustamante, JoseEN3Apr 1, 1972 – Jun 10, 1975M&AInitially worked in Aft Engine room, was an oilier then qualified as throttle man. I then became an oil king. I remember a "missile drop" in Rota, Spain.
Valley, CarlSH3Apr 25, 1972 –Ship ServicemanThis was a experience I'll always remember the good and the bad times.
Hand, MarcMR3May 9, 1972 – Mar 15, 1974R-2Absolutely LOVED Rota!! Charleston was great too. Had lots of good friends, and good times. Missle drops in Spain, running aground in the Cooper River while heading to sea, and the FUN in San Juan! Best of times!
Brydon, Larry BrydonFNJun 1972 – Mar 1976repairI spent 4 years on the Holland, from Rota,Charleston,Bremerton and finally Holy Loch. Had a great time. Especially the missle drop on deck in Spain and running aground in Charleston. The American Bar in Rota. Looking for Ernie Hult and Brad Cheshire
Leake, RobertHn 3Jun 15, 1972 – Aug 1976HNTHE FONDEST MEMORYS OF OUR SHIP
Anastasio, PatrickETN2Jun 20, 1972 – Jan 11, 1974
Pilgrim, BobbyBM2Jun 20, 1972 – Oct 17, 19751Looking for Bm1 Crowder and Bmsc Lyons
Baxter, SteveEN3/EN2Sep 1972 – Jun 1975M&Acame onboard from the Simon lake in Rota. started in FER moved to Oil King. left after overhaul in Bremerton. Boilers blowing up, running aground and missile drops, those were the days
Sayetta, LawrenceEMC (SS)Sep 1972 – Jul 1974RTthis was an OUTSTANDING tour of duty. The repair department did excellant work and gave endless surport to the various submarines . I am proud to have been a part of this type of operation.
Ord, KevinRM-3Sep 18, 1972 – Jun 23, 1975OperationsLook forward to hear from a lot of guys I worked with, Randy Smith, Joe Banks, Ron Blanco, Jim Lewellen, and many more
Ord, KevinRM3Sep 19, 1972 – Jun 23, 1975OperationsI would like to hear from any of the guys I worked with in the radio shack or mess cooked with.
Clark, RichardET1Nov 22, 1972 – Mar 14, 1975RepairLooking for information on the Missile drop in Rota, December, 1972. I am currently writing an espionage novel set in 1960s San Francisco, T.I. (I taught in the ETA3 branch)
Feary, CarlIC2Dec 1972 – May 1974R3
Kirchner, MarkEM3Dec 1972 – Nov 1973E Division Movie LockerWorked with PO1 Teope & Chris Wahlstrom in the movie locker.
Scott, Ron ("Doc")HM3Dec 29, 1972 – Nov 16, 1973Sick bayHi to all my Navy buddies and significant others! I am proud to report that my debut novel, Privileges & Immunities: Tale of a Military Trial, ISBN 978-1-7369123-0-0, was published as an Amazon Kindle e-book. Synopsis: Two Army couples stationed
Fox, JimmyEN-31973 – Feb 25, 1975M&AWorked in Forward Engine Room and Boat Shop. I came aboard the Holland in Charleston and left her in Bremerton. I remember being in the engineroom when the Boiler stacks blew apart in Charleston Would like to hear from some of my old friends.
Huffstetler, DeanDENTAL TECH1973 – 1975DentalWould like to hear from med/dental guys that were on the Holland when it went from Chas to Bremerton and back.Especially Ollie Borden and Tom Puckett. After the Holland, I went to Subic Bay. Have I got some stories to tell!
Drake, BillMR11973 –R-2 Machine ShopCame on board in ROTA from the Simon Lake rodde it back to the states
Thornhill, KylePNSN1973 – 1975Executive Reported aboard in Charleston and got off in Bremerton. I'm still telling sea stories about shore leave in Acapulco in 1974. I'd like to hear from some of my old Happy Holland shipmates. I live in Denver now and work as a tennis pro.
Hoffman, JerryHT31973 – 1976NDT LabI was stationed at Bremerton, Charleston, and Holy Loch. Worked in a shipyard in Cape Girardeau, Mo for 25 years and now work on my own as an electrician. Married and have 3 grown children. Still live in Cape Girardeau, Mo.
Crawford, Timem31973 –Ecame aboard in charleston, rode around to bremerton..was only on board about 6 months before going to uss enterprise. remember the night we were towed out to get new missle box dropped in. used to run movie projector,
McGinn, RobR41973 – 1974R4 Antenna shopArrived in Charleston in 1973 after almost 3 years at NavCommSta Adak..remained with Holland until Hunley arrived and was stationed there until discharge in 1975
Shannon, John PatrickE 31973 – 1977USS HollandHello- I am trying to reach any shipmates that were on the USS Holland in December 1976. My brotherinlaw, John Patrick Shannon worked in the engine room on the ship. I am searching for Roger Pearson who worked with him.
Schuldheisz, Robert (Bob)ET1Jan 1973 – Nov 1976W4Tour started in Charleston SC, then Bremerton, through the canal and crossing to Scotland. The arrival starting with reveille on the bagpipes. Retired in 1979 at Dam Neck VA. Retired again from Lawrence Livermore Nat. Labs. 1999 in California.
Clark, RichardET1Feb 1973 – Mar 1975RepairFleet Electronics Calibration Laboratory
Johnson, CarlMS-1Mar 1973 – Aug 1977S-1I reported to the USS Holland in Charleston SC went to Bremerton and on to Holy Loch Scotland. Reenlisted while there and was transferred to Sub Base Bangor WA
Owen, Dan profile iconHT2Mar 13, 1973 – Mar 1, 1976Engineering/DC Div/ SF ShopWas DC Centeral Day watch and worked in the DC Shipfitters shop. Cross decked to Canopus in the Lock.
Wright, JohnEMCMMay 5, 1973 – Apr 5, 1980E & Eng. Admin & command Master ChiefThe Holland was the best command that ever served on.
Van Nice, ThomasMR3May 21, 1973 – May 21, 1974R2 Shop 31ARan the run from weapon station to the main base every day for supplies.
Flint, DavidE4Jun 1973 – May 1975S2Had some great times aboard the Happy Holland. Would like to hear from anyone who Remembers me. I was a cook so I meet a lot of messcooks I don't remember their names.
Bordner, DanielSNAug 1973 – Jun 1975deck
Bouchez, JackEN2Aug 1973 – Mar 1977ENG/FERGreat ship. Charleston, Bremerton and Holy Loch. Am in touch with a lot of the guys. Ted Saraf, Pete Clark, Tony Gragg. Retired in Dec 2004 as GSCM. Come to the 2010 Reunion in Jacksonville, FL. Work at the Kennedy Space Center.
Winkles, Mike (Bubba)EN3Aug 2, 1973 – Sep 2, 1975M&AWorked in forward engine room. Was also an oil king. Worked with some great people. Made some life time friends.
Denico, MatthewDP3Sep 1973 – Jun 1978XLoved the tour, would not trade it for anything..
Wellman, James OakieIC1Sep 1973 – 1974Nuc QA / IC repair
Kuntz, DaveHNSep 1973 – Jun 1974MedicalQuite the experience. On board while at the NWS Charleston
Hendricks, JimSKSNOct 1973 – Sep 1975S1Worked in Metal Hold in Charleston, with time off for Mess-Cooking. Was advance party in Bremerton; fire watch duty there. Cross-decked to the Camden (across the pier), just prior to the Holland's departure to Holy Loch. Retired in 1992
Harry, BillMR 2Oct 1, 1973 – May 9, 1977R-2 shop 31A - Nuc Fac Steam Generator Inspection and RepairCharleston to Bremerton and back then on to Holy Loch. Good ride and great times on the old tub. Harry and Dale's in Goose Creek, The Drift Inn in Bremerton and PJ's in Dunoon,,,,,,the road to greatness.
Smith, DavidPH2 (NC)Oct 1, 1973 – Mar 19, 1977Admin Photo LabThis ship was TWGT and I was proud to be a member of this great ship Holland.
Fultz, LeonHTFNOct 16, 1973 – Dec 1974Repair- R-1
Dowd, Claude "Cp"mm2Nov 1973 – May 15, 1975r2went back to college, graduated 1984 University of North Carolina School of Dentistry, Been practicing general dentistry for 27 years . Would love to here from the guys in the ships a/c and r shop Go Tarheels!.

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