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USS Holland (AS 32) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Holland (AS 32). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1294 crew members registered for the USS Holland (AS 32).

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Stevenson, DavidDT31970 – 1971Retired USPS after 32 years total time Split time between Westbrook Me and Pompano Beach Fl Be well!
Vaughan, DuaneSTS31970 – 1972R4 Antennae shop
Treloar, EdEN31970 – 1971Aft Engine RoomOur chief once told us we would forget all the bad times and remember only the good,He was right.As evidenced by the fact I dont remember his name, but I do remember Tom H./ R.A.Stokes/Wilke/Kurt D. Good times & friends
Tilley, Edward ( Doug )EN11970 – 1975M&ABoat Shop W/ Chief Sandy and Fwd. Engine Rm.
Rollins, Johnmmfn1970 – 1972R-2 X -38 shopGreat ship with great people, worked in X-38 shop. Hey to May and Gholston, also to Partin from florida its been a long time since the Holland. Would like to heard from you.drop me an E-Mail.
Maslowski, JohnET31970 – 1972R4Lived with a couple of other guys in Chipiona. Also known as ski. Had a Triump motorcycle. Traveled around Spain and other places, had a great time.
Brothers, LeonardICFN1970 – 1972R=3Many fond memories of the Holland and Spain, by both my wife Patti and I.
Hosfeld, KennethET31970 – 1971Electronics Sub Repair R4I worked on the Holland as an ET in R4 repairing ECM systems on the submarines. I lived in Chipiona Spain. I would like to get in Contact with some of the people I served with.
Barlow, CraigTM31970 – Dec 24, 1971WeaponsI loved Rota. I worked in the MK37 shop.
Goodmaster, PaulSK31970 – 1972S3After the first 3 months of breakout duty in the mess hall, I was assigned to S3 division as a receipt control clerk. Many great memories of the Dungaree Bar on base and Tokyo Bar in town.
Hahn, Bernard (Bernie)ENGINEMAN 3RD CLASSJan 1970 – May 1972Engineering-Forward Engine RoomAnd to think; I could never forget Fairbanks-Morse engines. Luckily I never had nightmares about them either.
Thibault, Reginald "Regg"MR2Jan 1970 – Apr 1972R1I would be happy to hear from any of my shipmates particularly HT2 David Ritchie
Cervantes, JohnSN3Jan 1970 – Oct 1973Repair DepartmentI am looking for anybody that lived with me in Chipiona. We had a green 1955 Chevy. Also looking for anybody that is trying to get disability for asbestos.
Moore, DavidBM3Jan 1, 1970 – Aug 16, 19721stI worked with first rate sailors, wish I would have kept better in touch. Working on that now with a few of my old shipmates.
Hilburn, KennethMT1Apr 1970 – Dec 1971W1
Hammond, DexterYN2Apr 1, 1970 – Oct 1, 1972Comm/OPsWhat's up everybody? Where is Aguaman (CWO2 Waters), what a stiff he was. Left Spain in Jul73' after got married there. Go back every year, own a condo in Marbella. Who is out there that remembers Rota rootin? Give me a shout. Hey Rizz
Ward, JeffE4Jun 4, 1970 – Apr 4, 1974engineeringworked in forward engineroom on boilers,evaps,air compressers was duty BT stationed in Rota Spain,Got out Charleston SC would like to hear from fellers on board at that time when the boiler stacks went and have you been tested for asbestosis?
May, Lemar LMRFNJun 12, 1970 – Jun 6, 1972R 2i worked in machine shop my chief was MRcs Chaplin.looking for shipmates George Reed JR WHOI WORKED IN RUBBER AND PLASTIC SHOP.OR DONALD GHOLSTON WHO WORKED IN 38 SHOP, HIS SHOP SUPERVISOR WAS En1 Cregger. ANYONE WITH INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT ME.
Brown, LeonMR2Jun 13, 1970 – Mar 5, 1972RepairServed under Chief Chapin in the inside machine shop 1970 -1972. Would like to hear from shipmates.
Conoley, RolanENCJul 1970 – Nov 1975M&AI was Division Leading Chief and served at times as Division Officer. We had a hell of a bunch of good men come and go in that division. Remember the division parties we threw in Rota?
O'neil, DavidJul 1970 – Jul 1972SupplyI worked in the office of the Head of the Supply Division.
Gibson, David "Gibby"SAJul 1970 – Jun 1971Ship StoreWould like to hear from old friends that servered in this time period abord the Holland. Especially James Flynn and the barber shop, and laundry crew of the same time period.
Gardner, RandyYN3Jul 4, 1970 – Apr 12, 1972TAD to comsubron16after 6 months mess cook in chiefs quarters then i went to personnel then I went TAD to comsubron16 for rest of my tour. Work with LT Hall,Masterchief Wall, YN1 Joe Dye,YN2 Mike Speck, Yn1 Andy Anderson, Commander Ryan & Commodor Williams
Alster, PeteYN2Aug 1970 – Jun 1974X - Deck YeomanRota was a great place and great duty. Looking for the guys in X Division - Capt's Office.
Deaton, Ernest (Lee)EMCSAug 1, 1970 – Feb 1, 1973R3A great time..Especially when we dropped a missile from the crane!! Really enjoyed the time in Rota and having the chance to tour the country of Spain. You can contact me at 843-200-6999.
Bresina, JamesMR2Aug 2, 1970 – Nov 30, 1972R-2Looking for anyone on the USS Holland from 1970 then on the USS Simon Lake until April 1974 that worked in the X-31-A Machine shop
Preston, Arthur (Buz)TM3Sep 1970 – Dec 1971W-1Hey Hannah no sure you remember me. I remember those cold pier watches and tryin to have one beer in every bar, never made it but half way though town. was my last duty station and loved it.
De Leon, Hector EN3Sep 30, 1970 – May 15, 1974M and A EngineeringCame aboard in Rota as a deck ape and wound up in the aft engine room as an oiler. became a throttle man, oil king, boat engineer and made many friends because I spoke spanish. Tom Hunka ,Ronny Vickers , Jody Bustamante
Hannah, FredTM-3Oct 1970 – Oct 1971MK 16-8I had a great time at Rota,wish I could have stayed longer. Hay Chanler,If you run into this page e-mail me,I would like to hear from you.
Hunka, Tom "Hunk"EN2Oct 12, 1970 – Jun 7, 1974M&AI worked in the After Engine Room the entire time that I was on the ship. I really loved Rota and my fovorite bars were the California bar and Paul's bar. The beach was great! I thought that Charleston was cool too. I made so many good friends!
Smith, BruceOMSNNov 20, 1970 – Apr 16, 1972R-2WORKED IN PERISCOPE SHOP. MADE A CAREER AND RETIRED IN 1990.
Cole, ChetBM3Nov 22, 1970 – Jul 15, 1974Deck department
Jaffe, AlanEM2Dec 1970 – Dec 1973EI worked in Main power, movie locker, lighting shop, and battery locker. Came aboard in Rota, Spain and got out in Charleston, SC
Smith, AustinOMCDec 1, 1970 – Jun 1, 1972r2Looking for any OM's in the Navy
Sattler, RickEN3Dec 18, 1970 – Jul 1972M&AAft engine room, Boat Shop, Plenty of memories, Partying in ROTA, the Hotel La Playa, The American Bar.What a Blast . I remember living upstairs in a spanish house and a guy named "Blackie" doing murals on the walls.
Lukacovic, August / LukeBM3Dec 21, 1970 – Oct 10, 19732nd boat deckMy first ship and my best ship. Ran the boat and missle cranes and remeber many long hours sitting in the crane during a weapons load. Remeber good times out on the 01 level many of time with my co workers. was on her from 1970 to 1973
Skero, AlMM1DV11971 – 1972LockerWent over to the Simon Lake. Would like to contact any of the divers I worked with.
Mullens, Joe "Moon"CS31971 – 1975S-2It was always the Happy Holland for me. Lots of great memories of Rota, Charleston and Bremerton. Looking for my "partner in crime" Mike "Rat" Anquillare.
Dorsey, MelSH21971 – 1975S3Came aboard in Rota and left while at NWS Charleston. Liked the Rota tour a lot. Was on board for the infamous missle drop there. Made 1st class while on board Holland. Hard work but great duty!
Stanowski, Jack profile iconMT21971 – 1973weapons
Rowland, StevenMT31971 – 1973Radcon, Missile deck, Missile Tunnel Don't remember the Division names.
Morley, Lloyd/aka OddballSTS31971 – 1972R4Ski, Moe (John Cervantes). & me @ Chipiona. Dumped the bike on my leg. Ski on the back? Dos cervesa por me a me amigos, por favor. Imagine Charleston w/a wasp. Chicano, pollock, and Bo the African living in the same hous
Dyke, DaveMM 11971 – 1972engWould like the get in touch with some of the guys from the AC&R shop while I was stationed there.
Kwarta, AllenEMFNJan 1971 – Jun 1972ERota was great. The work was great. Where are some of the guys like Ray Staurach and the guy from Worcester Mass. Great times in Jerez.
Falcone, SteveMT3/MT2Jan 1971 – May 1973W2/W4Pasa Poco in Rota
Foster, Dale profile iconRm2Jan 1971 – Jan 1973Operations, radio shackGlad i made rm2 or cwo waters wud have sent me to the galley for sure. Quarter backing the flag football team and drinking lots of beer, good times, turned down early out to ride across ocean, BIG MISTAKE.
Doherty, DennisSK 3Jan 5, 1971 – Oct 3, 1972S1Sent to Holland after 2 Vietnam tours with Seabees in NMCB 62. Worked mostly in receiving on the pier in the T-shed operating forklifts and was security cage storekeeper. Also did duty driver duties on the pier as that was also an Sk function.
Boyles, DanMR3Feb 1971 – May 1971R 2Just stayed a short while....traded billets with a shipmate who had orders to a Tin Can. I recall the time the hatch broke off and fell several decks just missing several guys loading stores down below.
Rizzo, ArtETN2Feb 1, 1971 – Jan 8, 1973OPERATIONSFlew to Rota to join ship. Road the Holland back to Charleston, SC and was seperated in Jan. 1973. Remember good times in Rota.
Meyer, Al, "bert"RM3/2Feb 10, 1971 – Dec 27, 1972CommunicationsFirst duty station...then cross-decked to Simon Lake. Retired as RMCS in 1993 and still live in Rota. Only time I was stationed out of Spain was 78-80 while on USS LaSalle.
Bergeron, WayneE4. CPLFeb 15, 1971 – Jun 20, 1973marine detachmentChat with all friends who were station aboard the USS Holland as-32
Fasl, TomMT 2Mar 1971 – Oct 1974WeaponsI flew to Rota and reported to duty on USS Holland. Sailed back to Charleston and then to Bremerton, WA where I was discharged.
Stewart, MichaelEM3Mar 1971 – Sep 1973EGood times, Crazy times Drew, Ray ,Rosy Al, Cristine,char .we had some good neighbors living below us. loved or bikes. worked mostly in the battery locker. gave us kinda a run of the ship.
Easom, Jim profile iconsk3Mar 1971 – Nov 1974supplyserved in Rota/Charleston/Bremerton Worked in T-shed and always in the dock warehouses. How fondly I rembember driving the drunk van as part of night duties.
Rowland, TomMT 3Apr 1971 – Oct 1973W-4 and RADCONBest time of my life. Moved into a commune in Chipiona the third day on board. Liked Chipiona so much I'm still there with my Chipionera wife. Interesting times on board. Remember the missle drop while in W4 and the spill in the bay while in RADCO
Chiswick, GaryEM 3Apr 1971 – Aug 1973R3I enjoyed my tour in Rota spain. I lived with Peter and Clair Bozant, I would like to here from them if they are still around I was Gary Stovall back then.
Muller, RobertBMSNMay 1971 – Jan 31, 19753rd Deck Rigging LockerRota was a blast. I remember the missle drop 1st hand. I was the crane operator at the time. We still had a great time.
Hartman, CharlieRM3May 1971 – Jul 1974Served in Rota and took the slow trip to Charleston, arriving in the freezing rain and sleet. Discharged just before the trip to Bremerton.
Krech, Jessemr2May 1971 – Dec 1973nuk rated....machine shopck in right out of boot champ, (rota spain)was a mr2 when i left for the states. went to the uss new 818 and finished my time....out in feb 1975
Dollison, RogerRM2May 1971 – Aug 8, 1972CommunicationsI was at Navcommsta 4/69-3/71. I returned to Rota 2 months later to the Holland.
Gratke, DennisHT3Jun 1, 1971 – Jun 10, 1974R-1
Ward, JeffreyBT3 E4Jun 8, 1971 – Apr 9, 1974EngineeringHad alot of fun working aboard ship, has any one checked for asbestosis from aboard this ship.
Lowman, MarvinE4Jul 1971 – Mar 1975ENGI worked in the forward engine room as an E4 engineman and a boiler tech. I also worked on the evaporators. I was in the engine room working on top of a diesel engine when the boiler blew up. Trouble finding my way out.
Lowman, MarvinEN-3Jul 29, 1971 – Mar 28, 1975engineering
Robertson, TerryRm3Aug 1971 – Oct 1973CommunicationsLooking forward to hearing from friends
Bauer, JohnHM2Aug 1, 1971 – Aug 7, 1973sick bayBest time of our lives!
McDonnell, TerryE4Aug 13, 1971 – Dec 1, 1974XWorked in Personnel Office and Chaplain's Office. Reentered Air Force and Army after discharge from Navy. Retired as a commissioned officer in paygrade of Captain (0-3).
Caravello, MikeSK3Aug 15, 1971 – Jan 1973storekeeperFlew into Rota from Virginia Beach - Worked for the Commodore of the Med fleet ordering supplies for the Subs. Rode the ship back to Charleston. Discharged July 1973.
Lewellen, JimmyRM2Aug 17, 1971 – Jul 2, 1973CommunicationsI had a great time in Rota and in Charleston. I would like to hear from a few of my shipmates if anyone knows where they are. Dickey Duhane, Ted Culbertson and Ron Blanco
Thorin, GaryDP3Sep 1971 – Sep 1974XD Data processingLoved the time in Rota. Rode with the ship from Charleston to Bremerton August 1974. Worked as Data Processing Tech (keypunch machines) Looking for shipmates from XD-Robert Leake, Steve Haddox, Bill Warnock, Jerry Bean.
McCollum, Daniel (Ruggie)Daniel M. McCollum EM3/PO4Sep 1971 – Mar 1973E-Div First ship after EM-A School & "C" school in Norfolk, Va. Worked Main Power, Battery Locker with EM-2 Jenks? I may have worked in the Lighting Shop too. I was onboard until I swapped to Simon Lake in 1973.
Benningfield, Arland (Bulldog)BM 3Sep 1, 1971 – Jul 3, 1975DeckI remember the brillant officers and ncos. The friends made during that period had lasting effect. I regret I didn't give the Navy the my best. I did finish college and taught school for 27 years. God bless today's sailors & familie
Benningfield, Arland (Bulldog)BM 3Oct 1, 1971 – Jul 3, 1975DeckI wish to honor those who presently serve their country and thank them for their dedication.
Reavey, BrianOct 21, 1971 – Jun 9, 1973EngineeringServed in Forward Engine room
Lambert, JosephfaOct 22, 1971 – Feb 2, 1973r 3 rubber and plastics shopI loved my experience off ship hated the dirty rubber and plastics shop. Hey Lee I am now teaching in Hongkong turns out i was alrgic to may ofthe compounds we movingto live in philipines i am relativeusa on ya
Reavey, BrianEN3Oct 27, 1971 – Jun 10, 1973EngineeringEN3 in the Forward Engine Room
Reavey, BrianEN3Oct 27, 1971 – Jun 10, 1973EngineeringWorked in Forward Engineroom. Stood Boiler, Evaporator and Engine watches
Woods, Barry profile iconTM2Nov 1971 – Jul 1972W4Was in the MK45 torpedo shop. Loved being in Rota. Got out of the Navy off the Holland after being there for only about 8 months. Lived in town with my now wife. Went back to school at VA Tech ... go Hokies
Crawford Jr., William (Bill)FNDec 7, 1971 – May 23, 1975Repair 2 DivisionI worked in X38A Shop on the fantail, we worked on the propulsion, Screw changes, valves etc. I worked with Bobby Jack Thompson, Terry Hayes, Mack, Billie Jack Gauge. I haven’t heard from them since I’ve been out.
Mullins, StephenHM3Dec 15, 1971 – Jun 20, 1973Sick BayGreat time. Great sick bay crew. Hello to all the other docs. Rota was a very special place and time.
Canfield, TimothyEMFNDec 15, 1971 – Mar 3, 1973E DivisionWorked in the Movie locker and the lighting shop. Was on board for the Missile drop in Rota. Sailed her back to Charleston and left the Navy in 1973. Have many good memories of the Navy the Holland and Spain.
Scott, Ron ("Doc")AS 32Dec 27, 1971 – Dec 28, 1972Sick BayI truly enjoyed being a corpsman on the Holland, and especially interacting with the people of nearby Puerto de Santa Maria. My wife (who is from Puerto) and I visit every year to relive great memories.
Easton, RaySK3Dec 29, 1971 – Jun 21, 1975S-1Reported on board in Rota, Spain. Worked in forward storerooms and acid locker. Transfered to S-1 Division office and work there till i was discharged just prior to ship leaving for Holy Loch. retired from the navy in 1994

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