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USS Holland (AS 32) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Holland (AS 32). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1294 crew members registered for the USS Holland (AS 32).

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Booth, TommyDC31968 – 1970Eng.I really enjoyed my time on the USS Holland. It would have been better if I had not gotten in trouble with some of the Marines onboard. Miller and Bollace, if youre out there contact me at my email.
Williams, AlanSK31968 – 1970SupplyWent aboard in dry dock Charleston,SC. Then went to Rota Spain.
Carey Sr, David AETR21968 – Feb 1969R4I was part of the Electronics Repair Div, but was assigned to the Antenna Repair Shop. We were known as "The Hackers"! We had some good times out at the Folly Beach house. 13 of us. Fond memories of the guys esp. Whaley & Beetle-Bailey.
Deskins, RodgerSK21968 – 1970Supply S1Served on the Holand after my tour of duty in Chu Lai Vietnam and ended my enlistment there. Played Lead Guitar in the band Nurv off base at El Patio and at Division parties, Cheifs Club and Teen Club.
Morocco, JonBM21968 – 1970deckgreat ship good time
Krick, Jr, CecilYN31968 – 1970M&AI was the Log Room Yeoman. I had a fun time while onboard the Holland. I remember waking up the medical staff and saying that they had to check me out now, oh the sins of youth. I am glad to visit with shipmates
Mesarick, Ron [doc ]ETN 21968 – 1970R 4
Woods, DallasMM2Jan 1968 – Oct 1970R-2 Shop x38Had a great time,made alot of friends
Mahon, JamesMr 3Jan 11, 1968 – Aug 15, 1971R2Best Times and Friends of my Life
Myers, JimMR2Jan 15, 1968 – Nov 11, 1971RepairBoarded Holland in Charleston S.C, sailed to Rota Shop 31A, great times with Leon Pittman,Ltjg Paneyko, my now brother in-law Mark Kirschner, Chief Chapin,Ron Rupp best sailors and friends,proud to have served with them
Parnell, MikeETR2Feb 1, 1968 – Aug 31, 1971R4March 68 to August 71 in Tota Spain. Serviced FBM Submarines of the Atlantic Fleet.
Bentz, DavidDC-2Feb 15, 1968 – Mar 15, 1971DCI had a great time on board, And Looking for Robert E. Myers, Bollas, Booth, Shafer, Miller, E-mail me at
Hawkins, JohnFTG1Feb 29, 1968 – Aug 6, 1970W2Reported on board in Charleston, SC. Rode the Holland to Rota, Spain for its second deployment.
Smith, LloydEN2Apr 1968 – Dec 1969ENGINEERINGi worked in the after engine room.
Bliss, GaryETN2Jun 1968 – May 1970R-4
Ratbourn, PhillipET3Jun 1968 – Aug 1971r4i worked in the electronic repair shop with abunch of great guys and had a lot of good freinds,miller,sortaberd,pavich,frizzell,messerick
Ratbourn, PhillipET3Jun 15, 1968 – Aug 15, 1971r4i made a lot of good friends on board would like to talk to them again
Raybourn, PhillipET3Jun 15, 1968 – Aug 15, 1971R-4I worked in R-4 with some of the best people and would love to hear from anyone.
Gifford, William / AlE3/EMJul 1968 – May 1971R3
Woodson, GeorgeHM 2Jul 1968 – Dec 1970MedicalI enjoyed my tour on the Holland and would like to hear from shipmates. I served in the medical department.
Beyer, NoelMM3Jul 16, 1968 – Apr 29, 1970MMet some great people on board.One person talked me into coming to place I live now and worked for GM for 34 years now
Baker, JamesETR2Aug 1968 – Sep 1969operationsI enjoyed my short tour on the Holland. I'm not sure of the time I arrived on the ship. I was an ETR2. I would like to hear from Robert Miller and Richard Duncan who palled around with me for the time we had together.
Simpson, StanleySK2Sep 1968 – Dec 1971S-1I started out in the Supply Support office and after two years transferred to S-1 division where I worked in the Electronics storerooms. Reported aboard in the yards in Charleston, SC and left when the ship was in Rota, Spain.
Cart, Charles WilliamE-4Sep 1968 – Jun 1972Radiological ControllAdmiral Kramer and Admiral Rickober, (Mr. Submarine). In 1969 or 1970, Ship was pulled away from Peer before lines were removed and a Sailor's Legs were severed.
Brown, DanielSM2Sep 20, 1968 – Jul 15, 1970NLoved Spain. Would like to return. The Holland was not good duty for a single, 21 year old SM. Nothing to do. I had just returned from a year in the Riverine Force, VN. And the year before that was on the USS Chicago
Barber, Charles (Chuck)EM2Oct 22, 1968 – Apr 15, 1971great time in Rota, lots of friends.Daughter born in Rota
Karl, Von Der HeydeEN3Nov 3, 1968 – May 15, 1971I was the leading Rota Rooter with my co-rooters: William E. White, Charlie Cart, Tom Karmazine, and Denny Berndt.
Von Der Heyde, KarlEN-3Nov 3, 1968 – May 15, 1971Rad Con (RC)I was on board with my brother Mark von der Heyde, EM-2. Many, many nice men on board as well as their wives. This era was most likely my second best in my Navy carrer. The best was when I was stationed in Nantucket Mass.
Ferrara, RonaldSK2Dec 1968 – Jan 1970Supply - Group 1Came aboard after a tour of Vietnam and remained until my enlistment was up.
MacAuley, BrucePH31969 – 1970Photo LabJust returned from Rota Spain July '07 What a beautiful beach City and what fun showing my wife the places I'd been and where wonderful friends & memories were created. The Base looks great. Worth a revisit to the Playa De La Luz! Wow!
Baas, WeldonDP31969 – 1970XD
Pittman, LeonMM1969 – 1970R2Jim Myers, Ronnie Rupp, Jimmy Newburg, Richie McKevitt, Lt. Peneyko, Misberger
Allen, JerryHM11969 – 1972Medical I was the Laboratory Tech and also worked in the records office. Really enjoyed my years on the Holland. I transfered to Simon Lake when Holland left for US. Loved my tour in Rota Spain. Best time of my life.
Laurie, William (Bill) profile iconEM31969 – 1971Electrical RepairA very good time of my life. Quite a learning experience for me. Now retired after 31 years of hospital work in Medical Lab Technology and Lab Information Systems fields.
Feister, LarryE41969 – 1971S3 Ship ServicemanI was a ships barber in Rota.I worked in the crews shop and in the officer's shop for a while. I have retired from Ingalls Shipyard in Ms. where the ship was built. I am looking for Fuhrman, Cart and Cromley.
Klein, DonTM2Jan 1, 1969 – May 6, 1971weaponsMade many friends while on board , most of it in Rota,Spain. Is anybody out there?
Klein, DonTM2Jan 1, 1969 – Mar 1971weapons
Harsh, DougE4 SK3Feb 1969 – Nov 1970Supply S-1First active duty out of A-school. Lot of good memories and some great guys. Hard work keeping the FBM's re-supplied, though. Rota, Spain was enjoyable and fortunate enough to get to travel thru more of Europe.
Mohr, DennisEN3Feb 1969 – 1971Repair shop 38I most remember leaving Charlston south carolinia and sailing across the North Atlantic and running into a huracane that gean Dickson predicted our ship would sink that's probably something that all shipmates will rememb
Penix, CharlieSNFeb 22, 1969 – Feb 24, 1971G DivisionDeck Department: Crane Operator and Side Cleaner when I left for State Side Transfer. Lived Off Base in the Buena Vista Area.
Fellowes, Terrence/ TerryEN3Mar 1969 – Dec 1970M=AI HAD GREAT TIMES IN ROTA WITH SOME GREAT GUYS.
Fasl, TomE-5/MT2Mar 1969 – Mar 1972Polaris MissileI flew into Rota and sailed out of Rota. It was a great time of my life. I took two 30 day leaves and drove through Europe. I have been married 30 years and I am trying to talk my wife into a trip to Spain.
Haibach, DavidETN-3Mar 1969 – Apr 1971OPSAhoy! Rode her across to Rota, storm and all. First time at sea. What an experience. Great ship, outstanding crew ! The coffee grounds made her ride pretty well once tied up! LOL
Donahue, JimSK2Mar 3, 1969 – May 19, 1972S1 and S6Worked in both offices with Lt Meyers, Chief Verzosa, and WO Ott....
Pierce, EddieSK3Mar 3, 1969 – Feb 15, 1971S-6 SUBSATWorked with some great guys and had many friends and good memories. Transferred to USS Hunley AS-31 SUBSAT S-6 in 1971 before going to NAM and assignment to PBR MOBASE II Tan An.
Pless, Dunbar (Ted)SK3Mar 5, 1969 – Feb 15, 1971S-1Being in Rota, Spain, was like a dream. Really had a great time and made lots of friends. Would like to hear from anyone in any division that was there at that time that remembers me. Married 31 years, one daughter, now in Athens, TN
Gale, PeterMR 2Mar 10, 1969 – Jul 29, 1971RepairJust remember crossing to Rota the machines breaking loose, watching them move from one side of the shop to the other. Spent my time in Lock Shop, like to hear from Ralph Palmer to see how is foot is after dropping that
Such, EdwardEMC (SS)Mar 25, 1969 – Jun 20, 1971Career CounselorSpending time on the Holland and in Rota was one of the best tours I had. Enjoyed trips to Africa, Portugal and Spain. Ended 25 years of my navy career as Chief Recruiter in Vallejo, CA. Worked for the government at Mare Island Shipyard.
Beard, W.d. (Weird Beard)CYN3Apr 1969 – Apr 1971CommunicationsHad a ball in Rota after leaving went to Navcomsta Cam Rahn Bay then to NAF Cam Rahn then back to Navcomsta then erosed San Fran.
Bartholomew, Dave "bart"EM2Apr 1969 – Aug 1972MA & ELighting shop and battery locker. Kramer, Joliff, Pletka, Furhman, Kwarta, "Midnight". Other crazies. Rode Triumphs. Was with Bob Cone & Frances after got out. Bob died of cancer in '75.
Faddis, JoeIMCSApr 1969 – Mar 1970STANDARDA LABA Great Ship. Wish I could have served on her longer but was on an unaccompanied tour.
Dayton, GaryDP3Apr 1969 – May 1971XDRota Sp great! 1st year lived abrd ship 2nd year in town. Great time. Parties, cookouts. 2 Swedish & 1 Canadian girl living in same apt bldg. transferred to NAS Willow Grove Pa for 6 Mths then to BUPERS for 1/12 yrs
Bergmann, Robert JTM2Apr 3, 1969 – May 22, 1971Mk 14 and explodersRota was a great place to be at. I enjoyed my time there and met many interesting people. If anyone remembers a Swedish girl named Annica please let me know what happen to her.
Fellowes, Terrence TerryEN3Apr 4, 1969 – Jan 6, 1972M +AI was in the boat shop and the aft engine rm.
Harvey, RonnieSK2Apr 30, 1969 – Jul 1, 1972S6
Miskell, MikeTMSNMay 1, 1969 – Aug 16, 1971weaponsbergman. i remember you and annica fondly. i don't know where she is. i lost track of everyone. i wish you well.
Miskell, MikeTMSNJun 1969 – Aug 1971
Wiant, JimDP3Jul 1969 – Jul 1971XDThis was great first duty right out of Boot Camp. Be cool to hear from some of the friends I made while stationed in Rota.
Pakalns, John ZRM3/2Aug 1969 – Sep 1971CommunicationsAnyone remember the "Pak". Partied hearty at the Paris bar just outside the gate, and the Old Hong Kong at the end of the striip. Rota, what a place, great place to grow up.
Heyworth, RobertDT2Aug 10, 1969 – Mar 5, 1971DentalI remember the good times on the Holland in Rota Spain. Some of the crew were Cdr Harris, Dr. McIntyer, DT1 Board, DT3 Greenwood, I Still can't beleive that we could rent a complete Villa for $120.00 a month on the economy. I miss her.
Shoemaker, JoeSep 1969 – May 1971
Pakalns, John ZRM2Sep 1969 – Sep 1971CommunicationsAnyone remember "the Pak", who partied up and down the strip with the rest of you. What a great place to grow up!
Fuhrman, Mark FurEM3Sep 1969 – Mar 1972R3 and EGreat times, great crew, great friends. Fee, Strawser, Midnight, Lump, Gifford, Bunch, Shorty, Davey. Hope everyone is well and have had a good life so far. Miss you all!
Norman, RonaldEM4Sep 1, 1969 – Sep 1, 1971Engineering
Foro, SalSK3Oct 1969 – Aug 1971S-1 And S-6Worked in the transit shed on pier at Rota,Spain.Then went aboard to the subsat office. Email
Mannia, KennethPM3Oct 1969 – Jan 6, 1973R-1Had a great time in Rota and met some good guys.
Russo, JamesSF 3Oct 1969 – Oct 1971Served on the USS Holland from 1969 to 1971. First duty ,flew to Rota Spain ,love it,where ship was hey John Ward ,Cokley,Hunter,you out there ?
Miller, JohnTM3Oct 1969 – Apr 1971WeaponsWorked in the torpedo dept office. Remember the all night card games in the 14 shop and the 37 shop.
Russo, JamesSF3Oct 1969 – Oct 1971looking for COKLEY
Jackson, RonaldGMG3Oct 5, 1969 – Mar 10, 1970subsat supplyrota spain, ShipmateSF3Oct 26, 1969 – Oct 19, 1971RepairServed on the Holland from 69 to 71 in Rota Spain Looking for anyone who served durning that time Great duty and ship
Partin, BruceE-3Nov 1969 – Jul 1971R-2Like to hear from anyone in R-2 Division from 1969 to 1971
Nelson, ArtMMCS/MASTER DIVERNov 1, 1969 – Dec 1, 1972Transfered over to Simon Lake when she relieved in Rota.Retired in 1975. My 5yr. stay in Spain was the greatest. Now living in Deadwood S.D.
Godfrey, BobbySK 3Dec 6, 1969 – Dec 10, 1971Served in Subsat Office (S-6 Division) for about 2 years. Had some great times in there and had a lot of friends. Would like to get in touch with some of these guys. e-mail me at gsss72@aol,com
Algeria, Paul (Algae)EN3Dec 10, 1969 – May 14, 1973R-2worked out of X38a Outside machine shop. I was the R-2 Division Supply PO
Cromley, Loushb2Dec 16, 1969 – Jun 10, 1971s2
Godfrey, Robert ( Bobby )SK3Dec 20, 1969 – Dec 22, 1971S6 Subsat OfficeThis duty was one of the best experiences in my life. I made a lot of friends and I am looking for some of them on here. Does anyone know where Buck Haddock---our department head---is located now? Thank you for letting me know at
Jabusch, Mark profile iconFN-3Dec 31, 1969 – Jul 24, 1970RepairI worked in the Repair Technical Library with great supervisors and work mates. I kept contact with and saw additional friends after my discharge in 1970. Thank you USS Holland for the great experience.

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