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USS Holland (AS 32) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Holland (AS 32). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1294 crew members registered for the USS Holland (AS 32).

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Jones, Richard A.DK21966 – Aug 1969SupplyA great ship! A very fun part of my life!
Drennan, WadeHM21966 – 1967MedicalServed aboard in SC. Retired as HMC 1981
Depies, William (Bill)ET-21966 – 1968RTElectronic Calibrations Shop & Radiac Repair Shop. Assigned to Holland at Rota Spain. Sailed with it back to Charleston SC. Loved the liberty in England.
Treiber, CraigTM21966 – 1969W-5 WeaponsShe was a good ship. I went from Rota to Charleston and back to Rota on her. Hated the long pier watches but made many lifelong friends. Had pier watch in 1966 and in 1969 when the USO troop performed on the Holland.
Schnorbus, BobSK31966 – 1969Supply S1Had a great time in Rota. Would like to hear from Wally D. and Ferrara, and Jim Monday.
Walter, DougFTB-21966 – Feb 1970W-2Proud to have served on the Holland with Green, Hunter, Scotty, Snake (Payne), Alfie, Cooter, Potter John, Sully, Ward, Cattlet, Plowman (nice swim off the pier Guy), and so many others...Hunter passed away last year :-(
Marsh, CarlDC-31966 – 1967Damage ControlI made a lot of great friends while on board the Holland, some I'm still in touch with (45 years later)
Payne, JohnBM31966 – 1968GDeck Crew, Sail Locker, Captain's gig
Moore, RonaldPH-31966 – Oct 17, 1967NavigationPhotographers Mate working in the photo lab in Rota and crossed back to Charleston., Larryrm31966 – 1968operationsvung tao was better than monks conner!
Dempster, DavidSK3Feb 1966 – Aug 1967Rota to NWS Charleston, left ship Sept of 67 for Viet Nam.
Treiber, CraigTM-2Feb 1966 – Aug 1969W-5MK 37 torpedo shop. Would like to find contact info on TM-1 then TMC William C. Goss from Goose Creek then Rota era circa 1969.
Tassitano, FrankSFP 2, E-5Mar 15, 1966 – May 15, 1968R-1I came aboard the Holland in Rota in 1966 March, and sailed her back to charleston in Nov. Great ship great friends and great experience working on subs
Westerdale, John BMR2Mar 20, 1966 – Dec 14, 1968Nuclear facilitiesCame aboard the Holland after MR "A" school in San Deigo, flew to Rota to pick up the ship. On the way back to the Charleston, S.C. Naval Yard, we stoppedd in England for a week or so, had a great time! (11-66)
Muir, DonMTC-(SS)May 27, 1966 – Aug 10, 1967
Drennan, WadeHM2Jun 1966 – Feb 1968Medical
Druin, BobSH3Jul 1966 – Nov 10, 1968S3
Cubberly, JamesIM3Nov 1966 – May 1969Instrument Calibration and RepairOn that stormy crossing from Charleston to Rota, I stood deck watches and had to lash myself to a stanchion. It was quite a ride.
Berwanger, Jerry (Ber)SHS3Dec 1966 – Oct 1970Deck,Chaplain's Office,Ship's Store,Soda FountainsCrossing the Atlantic to Spain and taking a 47deg. roll and not turning over. First AS to pass Getmo ship readyness. First ship to visit Holland since ww2.
Yeagley, SamGMT2/1Dec 1966 – Nov 1968W3Good crew and shop.
Jackson, RandyMR2Dec 6, 1966 – May 29, 1970AC/R ShopWould like to hear from old shipmates to talk 'old times'
Muise, Jim (Moose)MR 2Dec 23, 1966 – May 20, 1970RepairServed under Chief Young and Chief Chapin. assigned to the machine shop. Spent my whole enlistment on the Holland had a great time,made a lot of friends. Lew "Lewallen" Jack Moore, Ralph Palmer, Gilcrest, Bynum and so many more.
Snow, George "Snowy"ETC(SS)1967 – Jun 1968W-4 Nav Repair
King, DanaLI 31967 – 1968RSI really enjoyed my time on the Holland. The print shop gang were all great guys, and the LI 1 Phil Baril was a great mentor for me at that time in my life. I'm 60 now, but still think of that time quite often.
Cordaro, John/dagoBM21967 – 1969G divisionLooking for deck apes that served under 1st LT Romero with me.
Clark, Joe ScottMR 21967 – 1970R 2Hey Lew, Remember your trip to PA?
Lewallen, Walt(lew)Feb 1967 – May 1970repair-inside machine shopgreat crew.would to hear from you.
Clark, Joe ScottMR-2Feb 1967 – May 1970Repair
Lewallen, Walt(lew)MR-2Feb 10, 1967 – May 24, 1970repairworked with great people.would like to hear from them,cheif chapin,tom fink,joe clark.
Mendenhall, BerlEN3Mar 1967 – Jun 1970M&AWorked in After Engine Rm. Would like to talk to shipmates.
Sinclair, RonaldFTG3Mar 1967 – Jun 1970W2I was assigned to the SPG50 Gunfire Control System. The guns had not even been commissioned when I reportrd for duty! That happened off the coast of Cuba, at Gimo. Some time after I left the ship, it all was removed.
Eubanks, Russell Jr.TM3Mar 21, 1967 – Dec 27, 1969MK 14 TORPEDO
Wilson, Fred (Willy)EM2Apr 1967 – Jun 1970R-3Great crew, great tour,youngest daughter born in Rota
Gibson, DanEM2May 1967 – Mar 10, 1970Rad ConnI enjoyed my time on the Holland while in Charleston and in Roda Spain. Had many good times with John, Don and the rest of the Radiation Control Department.
Goetz, Peter (Pete)TM3May 1967 – Dec 1967W-1
Holm, HarveyHM2Aug 1967 – Nov 1968MedicalDr. Freeman was the Senior Medical Officer, I remember HMC Norman and HMC Adams, and of course HM3 Pickalo, XRay Tech Midgett. Drennan was a bit of a character. Woodson was fairly new when I left.
Ceppi, "Cep"RM2Sep 1967 – Aug 1969OperationsWould like to hear from any of the radio shack folks during that time.
Uhlrich, JeffreylPN3Sep 7, 1967 – 1969XForgot exactly when I left Holland but it was when Hunley replaced her in Charleston. First worked in the Captain's office, then Personnel office, and then they put me in charge of educational services. My how time flies by.
Michael Ritzel, Mickey profile icone4Sep 8, 1967 – Dec 15, 1969Third DivisionWhen arrived it was hot compaired to ny . Was sationed in third division . There was a friend named Danny I had not seen or heard of. We rolled over his MG coming back from having a drink or two,
Robinson, MelvinPC3Sep 16, 1967 – Jan 9, 1969XTransferred from N. A.S. Memphis to Post Office on the Holland in Charleston , SC. Received a early out not enough time on enlistment to deploy with ship.
Newberry, KenE-4Oct 1967 – Jun 1969
Plowman, JohnFTG2Oct 7, 1967 – Dec 10, 1969W-2Good times had on liberty, playing hearts, working.
Guittard, LarryE3Oct 10, 1967 – Oct 10, 1969Computer
Vaneeckhoutte, WilliamEN2Oct 14, 1967 – Jun 4, 1970engineeringworked in aft engine room upper level air compressors and injector repair
Degaglia, TommyYN2Oct 15, 1967 – Dec 13, 1968AdminI came aboard in October of '67 while she was in USNWS Goose Creek SC.. Worked in the Captains Office reproduction room.. I printed the POD (Plan of the Day) ever day. I was discharged while she was in drydock December '68.
Vickers, RobertDT3Oct 18, 1967 – Apr 11, 1969Dental
Degaglia, TommyE5Oct 20, 1967 – Dec 13, 1968I work in the Captains Office reproduction room. I ran the POD for 12 months.
Molesky, JohnTM3Oct 27, 1967 – Nov 1, 1968weaponsGood Ship Good Crew Have many friends that will still talk with me off duty I lived in a 8' x 40' trailer. It was cozy.
Thompson, TommyEM2 WHILE ON HOLLANDNov 1967 – Apr 1971EMy family really enjoyed living in Rota and then moving out to RGH housing. We met a lot of friends there, and are still in contact with them today. I left the Navy in 1973 and worked for DuPont retiring in 2004 as a Power Control Tech.
Prentice, JimEN3Nov 1, 1967 – Jun 1, 1971M&AWorked in forward and after engine rooms as well as Engineering Log Room. Had an apartment in Rota with Tom McGuire and Ronald Quagulia. Had a great two years in Charleston and another two in Rota, Spain. Now live AL.
Clapper, JanEM3Dec 1967 – Mar 1971I served on the Holland as an electricians mate and also served on base police and shore patrol. Lived in Rota in a 16 apartment complex with all Holland personnel.
Robinson, GeorgeE 3Dec 10, 1967 – Dec 10, 19675th fleetGreat experience first stationed in Charleston SC, then to Rota Spain

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