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USS Holland (AS 32) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Holland (AS 32). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1294 crew members registered for the USS Holland (AS 32).

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Benton, BillieCWO2Jan 4, 1902 – Dec 27, 1903R-6R-6 Div-O and coached the ships flag football team to 1st place
Gustafson, EricSep 4, 1962 – May 6, 1965ElectricalLots of memorys.
Dunn, JimE-5 SONARMAN1963 – 1966Electronics RepairI am a plank holder and sailed from Charleston to Rota. Spent a wonderfull tour and was discharged from Rota. Would like to talk with family of Joe Quinn. he was Best Man at my wedding after we were out of the Navy and off of the Holland.
Thies, GlenET21963 – Aug 3, 1966W-4I am a plankowner, having reported to Pascagoula, MS in early 1963. The time spent on the Holland was wonderful. I grew up, had a great time, and found a career to pursue in civilian life.
Harris, Jc (Harry)RM11963 – 1965OperationsPlankowner.Had a great time exploring Rota, Jerez and Cadiz.
Prescott, EdwinE5 Shipfitter Metalsmith1963 – 1964Sheetmetal ShopI'm a plankholder . Remember our shakedown before we went to Rota. Gitmo.Cuba, Kingston Jamaca, port a rico. then back to Charleston Some great times in Rota Spain.
Baboo Jr, FrederickFIREMAN1963 – 1964E DIVISIONIs the USS Holland still in moth balls or cut up for scap? Enjoyed being on the Holland. Visited different countries, and had met alot of nice sailors. Retired now and just taking it easy.
Levine, PerryLTJG1963 – Nov 1965Supply CorpsPlank owner; Joined ship in Pascagoula shipyard as Ship's Store Division Officer; Sailed to Rota and served until discharged in Nov. 1965
McNichol, RonETN3 - ET11963 – 1967Operations then R4Ernst. Doesn't seem to remember me but I remember him borrowing my tape recorder so he could beat me to 1st class! He did ... by 6 months! :) Chet Konopko, Frank Minozi, Was, Archer, LDO LT JG Dudley who greatly helped.
Taylor, FrankMMCJan 6, 1963 – Oct 8, 1967
Hibben, ButchET1Feb 1963 – Jul 1965w4
Young, JerryETN2Feb 1963 – Jan 1965R-4Plank Owner. Had great times with my buddies in Rota, Puerto, San Lucar and the costa del sol. Good friends, Tom Distasio, Jimmy Hitchcock and Jim Popa. And who can forget the "El Gato Loco"? Division officer LTJG Dudly.
Popa, JimETN2Mar 1963 – Mar 1966RTPlankowner, assigned to radiac repair and cal. shop. Great times in Rota, Torremolinos, Seville, etc. Took base flying club's T-34 to the RAF base/Gibraltar for duty-free shopping. $$'s went so far then, an E-1 lived good. Great times
Davis, RichardRM2(SS)Mar 1, 1963 – Apr 1, 1964OperationsPrecommissioning crew(Plankowner). Joined ship at Charleston from Norfolk training contingent.Stayed with her thru shakedown at Gtmo and departed after tying up at Rota.
Kent, RodET1Mar 18, 1963 – Jun 5, 1966W-4Joined nucleus precomm crew in Pascagoula. Designed ships patch and built Holland model. Served in Rota until shipped off for NESEP in 1966. Holland W4 crew was best I ever served with and instrumental in me pursuing a 25-year navy career
Bishop, JimmyET1/ETCApr 1963 – Nov 1965W-4Married and first son born while on Holland. One of my best tours. Now in Pensacola, FL
Lunsford, JerryET3Apr 1963 – Apr 1964W-4Original Plank Owner. Had a 35 year career in Electronic Design, retired and now fly for several people in the DFW area. Have fond memeories of the early days.
Osier, MartinET-2Apr 1, 1963 – Aug 23, 1965W-4Was assigned to the Holland in Engels Shipbuilding Corp., Pascagoula, Mississippi. Served through August, 1965 when I separated from the Navy.
Ingram, Rogershippfitter 2nd classMay 2, 1963 – Jun 1, 1963ship fitterWas aboard the Holland steaming back from Guantanamo , Cuba when we heard about the Kennedy assination.
Natale, Gerard (Jerry)EM 2May 4, 1963 – Apr 7, 1967E DivisionLooking to talk with old friends and shipmates. Great memories of Rota & the Holland.
Streeter, John profile iconTM2May 7, 1963 – Mar 23, 1967Weapons 5The best assignment anyone could ever ask for - 2 yrs 8 months in Rota. Saw a lot of things, did a lot of things, made a lot of friends, even grew up a bit. Would love to hear from anyone I served with.
Wrieden, ArthurENFA to EN3May 15, 1963 – Mar 1965M&AWas at PreCom in Norfolk and rode the ship to Rota. Was assigned to the after engine room under EN1 Smith
Thompson, JohnMA3May 31, 1963 – Jul 1, 1965SupplyI am a plank owner. I came on board in Missippi. Was assign during outfitting, training curise, trip to Rota and did some time in Rota.
Thompson, JohnMA2May 31, 1963 – Jul 1, 1965S-5 DivisionI am a plank owner. I came on board in Mississippi. I was assign during outfitting, training cruise, trip to Rota and did some time in Rota.
Wolner, Charles (Whitey)ENCJun 1963 – Mar 1967M & AI worked in the Forward Engine Room. I Came back aboard in 1970-1974. At that time I worked with Pat Smith in the 3M office. Had a great tour of Duty on the Holland. My Wife and I had Three Children Born in Rota Spain.
Vance, JimDT 3Jun 1963 – Sep 1966DentalA plank owner. I had good friends from all over the ship who I would enjoy hearing from. A good ship with a great crew!
Howell, JamesTM3Jun 11, 1963 – Dec 8, 1964w3worked in torpedo shop
Gardisky, RichardMR2Jul 1963 – Oct 1964Plank-Owner, Sailed Ship to Rota Spain.
Ross, DanSFC--WO1Jul 1963 – Feb 1966 pipe shopgood young wife loved spain and hated to leave
Ridings, BobbyRMSNJul 1963 – Jun 1965CommunicationsWas onboard before commission and served on board until June 1965. They were some of the best times while I was in the Navy.
Lynett, MichaelRM1Jul 1963 – Mar 1966OperationsRetired in 1978 as RMCS
Godfrey, TimothySNJul 10, 1963 – Jan 5, 1965Deck
Dambrauskas, Tom "Alphonse"EM2Aug 1963 – Aug 1964Outside Elect. RepairI am a Plank Owner,I left Her in Rota Aug.64.I would love to here from Bob Dunn EM2.
Stannard, LarryEN 3Aug 1963 – Jan 1966M&AI am a plank owner and worked in the after engine room.I often look a my cruise book and have many great memories of the ship and crew. I went to the second ships reunion and hope to make it to one in the future.
Merendino Jr, Anthony (Dino)E3Aug 1963 – Nov 1964DECKJoined ship in Charleston SC - plank owner - sailed to Roda - never forget - Lt. Andersen - Ltjg Long - Chief Daniels - Bm1 Barney Poole - Bm 3 McKenzie - Bm3 Constantine - Artie Lavoie
Ernst, Robert (Bob)ET2>ET1Aug 1963 – May 1966R4i remember Joe Quinn, "IGOR" Ken Propson, "Peewee" Harris, "Ernie"Ernst Burrus, CWO Dudley, and many others. loved the antenna shop. many stories to tell, (and some NOT to tell) Would like to hear from anyone in R4 then.
Witthoeft, SteveSFP-3 E-4Aug 20, 1963 – Aug 15, 1965R-1Plankowner, Lot's of great times,the shakedown with backer-down chalie, the welding the crane down in the storm on the way to Rota, the duty in Rota. Working for " snuffy Smith " in the pipe shop. The small out of the way Bodegas, in San Lu
Pyles, RogerE-4Aug 23, 1963 – Aug 10, 1964m&aoperated boat and missile crane and maintained the crane along with other duties had our work room in the rear steering gear room had some good times. I am a plank owner of the Holland after leaving the Gilmore as 16
Lyons, Harold (Gene)MMCM (SW)Sep 1963 – Apr 1971R-2 X38I really enjoyed both tours in Rota. In fact I liked it so much I did the last tour on Canopus and closed the site. Married a girl from Lisbon.
Burnham, Dustin (Dusty)SNSep 1963 – Apr 1965Ship Service/BarberI'am a plank owner started out in deck crew transfered to ship service cut hair tell I left the ship. Would like to share memories with anyone from the ship.
Owens, FloydThird Class Petty Officer ShipfitterSep 1963 – Nov 1964Machine ShopI was aboard the USS Holland when it was promoted.
Kirkbride, RobertMM3Sep 2, 1963 – Sep 1964Outside Machine ShopI am a plank owner. Sailed with ship from Charlston to Rota Spain.
Bartik, Michae;EN 1Sep 7, 1963 – Dec 20, 1967MOrigional Plankowner, was a great ship.
Smith, GeorgeE3Sep 10, 1963 – Sep 17, 1966US Marine CorpCommisioning crew. Came aboard in Charleston, SC. Tour in Rota until 1966. Great ship and great navy.
Drake, William T.EM2Sep 15, 1963 – Sep 15, 1964ElectricalAn original plank owner. It was a pleasure to serve on this new ship. The years pass by as I realize she no longer serves her country.
Verhage, CarrollETN2Dec 10, 1963 – Nov 15, 1964Shop 67Rota was nice. Going out on sub shake down cruises was really interesting. Those were great adventures of our youth.
Verhage, Carroll "C.l."ETC2Dec 23, 1963 – Apr 16, 1965R4Left the Holland for the Saratoga CVA60. Navy was not for me. Decided to become a Family Physician. Living in Geneva, NE and still practicing medicine. Married to one and only with 4 children. Enjoy flying my Cessna 206.

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