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USS Simon Lake (AS 33) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Simon Lake (AS 33). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1330 crew members registered for the USS Simon Lake (AS 33).

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McAllister, JimmyHT21995 – 1998R-1/56AOne big party!!! Good times, good people anyway I came back in the Navy after 9/11 and went right back to Palau. I'm a Sardo at heart.
Smith, Montgomery (Monty)OM11995 – 1997R-2Worst ship to retire from. R-2 Division sucked for management, other than Sherman Coleman. La Madd was great, still have friends there, Italians. Wish we wouldn't have broken down in Greece, would've liked to go to Israel and Turkey. Hi shipmat
Penman, Lil PSM E41995 – 1997navigationI never knew how much fun I had at the time and how much everyone meant to me, I really miss everyone.
Blazynski, Lisasignalman1995 – 1997navigationI miss the Simon Lake! "I made some of my best friends there!
Glover, Un DraFN31995 – 1996Boiler Room
Walsh, JosieE-4/BM31995 – 1998R-1Made so many friends/shipmates on board the Lake, miss the camaraderie!
Divins, BrookeE31995 – 19962nd and 3rdDeck department
Rossiter, SeanHt31995 – 1997R8
Glenn, RosieSH31995 – 1996Ship's Serviceman
Anttila, JohnMR2 SWJan 1995 – 1998R-2/31-A Inside Machine ShopI had a blast serving with ya all and I won't forget you... We had a great crew who knew how to keep their Ship and it's crew. Damn, I miss those days!
Beckcom, JasonMRFNJan 1995 – 1998R2 Inside Machine ShopStationed at La Madelena, Italy
Nelson, KrisSK3Jan 1, 1995 – Oct 1, 1997S-1 and S-8La Madd was fun! Met the love of my life - BM2 Smith (Smitty) and happily married!
Blazynski, LisaSm3Jan 1, 1995 – Jan 1, 1997NavigationBest time of my life. Loved my shipmates. Made awesome friends. Think about those days constantly, it feels like yesterday!
Hawes, IrmamssnJan 2, 1995 – Jan 1, 1997supplylooking for larry maiden nme is ponce
Stevens, AdrienneDC2Jan 9, 1995 – Jun 5, 1997DCThe best kept secret in the Navy! I have had the most mermorable memories from La Mad. I have met the best of friends from the Lake, stil 13 years later...NC1 Walker, ISC Burroughs, ENC Perkins!
Kennerly, TraciHT3Jan 17, 1995 – Dec 10, 1997R1I loved Lamadd...I wanted to return, but decomm was too close on the horizon...I really miss mi amici! Ciao!
Wade, QuinaE-3Feb 1995 – Aug 19972nd Division Deck DeptLove the people I served with. I hope I can find some more of my shipmates.
Liam, Josemarie (Joey)E-4/SK3Feb 1, 1995 – Oct 31, 1998S-6 Stock ControlI started my family in La Maddalena, Sardegna, Italy so I can say this place is truly unforgettable for me. I loved the tour as well with the good people of the Supply Department. Get in touch! Take care and God bless you all.
Thonnesen, LeifET1/SSMar 1995 – Feb 1997R-8 and R-6miss La Madd... if it had been possible to EAOS there, i would have
Hernandez, PaulPC3Mar 1995 – Mar 1997S 10A snake pit associate! You all know who you are!
Lamkin, RyanSM2Mar 18, 1995 – Mar 13, 1997NavGod I hated this ship!
Willis, Barbara "BJ"IMSNApr 1995 – Jun 1997R2Had a lot of fun over there.
Cackett, Daniel (Cack-daddy)E4/BM3Apr 1995 – Sep 19971st DivisionPOIC of the port anchor. ..the skippers emergency brake.
Evans, RobertHT1(SW)May 1995 – May 1997R-1Hated the LCM's, the lousy "Exchange" and humping Bombola's! Loved expanding my field of knowledge and meeting those who made an impression on my life...You know who you are, KRL!
Dan, GoltzSNMay 15, 1995 – Sep 15, 1997R-6 Canvas ShopThat was the best duty station you could ask for! Does anyone remember my band LAME that would play the pool hall in Palau?? Good times for sure!
Scales, Robert (Sloan)TM3 - TM2May 15, 1995 – Oct 1999Weapons W2Was onboard for the wind storm in December 1996, as the Duty Gunner's Mate and Duty HAZMAT. Stayed aboard until Decom, and rode the boat to Portsmouth.
Gabay, MarcE-3Jun 1, 1995 – Jun 1, 1998Deck 1Goot times man
Faley, JenniferSNJun 6, 1995 – Jun 6, 1997Deck 3I was more well know with members of the submarines than the people of my own ship. If anyone remembers and out going female that would help submariners while in Italy or France please contact me only during the years of 95-97 though please! Thanks!
Mallory, DarrenEN3Jun 10, 1995 – Jun 18, 1997Auxiliary and Shore PatrolEnjoyed beautiful LaMadd and all the shipmates onboard AS-33!
Shazier, MerleE-3Jun 26, 1995 – Jun 10, 1998deck 1stHad a great time and made alot of friends that I still keep in touch with.
Ortega, AlexE-4/SH3Jun 30, 1995 – Jul 22, 1998S-3Had the best and the worst of times!! Like to get in contact with some of the old (snake pit)crew. You know who you are.
Glenn, RosieSH3Aug 1995 – Nov 1996S-3It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. I do not miss the ship but I miss the people. So what has everybody been up to lately? I miss Italy a lot, especially LaMadd.
De Guzman- Rudolph, Emma "Guz"E3Aug 1995 – May 19972nd Div. DeckHave a Great time. I love Lamadd, very beatiful place, I wish I can go back there and show my kids that what a great place it is
Duong, WillDKSNAug 20, 1995 – Oct 1, 1997S-4Wow, where do I start? Did a lot of stupid things in LaMad that I regret. Made a lot of friends (and enemies). Just goes to show that theres a lot to learn tween the ages of 19 and 21. I really enjoyed my time, and hope to hear from soon.
Dawson, SamDK3(SW)Sep 21, 1995 – Aug 15, 1998S4Loved my time there, LAMADD, Palua, Italy. It was the best. Learned a lot from her crew and the ship itself
Montoya, MichaelPM2 / PM1Sep 21, 1995 – Oct 1, 1997R-5 / AdminI never thought the Navy could be so different (West coast/East Coast) till I got to "The Lake". Made PM1 onboard and then they dis-established the rate... Go figure! Became Command DAPA and resisted the ESWS program till the last week then m
Adside-williams, MariaRPC (SW)Oct 1995 – 1999Chaplain
Rodriguez, AliciaEM3Oct 5, 1995 – Oct 10, 1998R5 and CMD Master Chief Assistant
Richardson, DevonMSSNOct 14, 1995 – Nov 7, 1997s-2Hello everyone I just wanted to say hi. I dont know if anyone remember me I was pretty quiet. But everyone I run into from the ship they talk about the great times they had. I look back and think that I really had a great time.
Ortega, AdrianE-1/E-3Oct 31, 1995 – Oct 31, 1996Engineering/ R-4
Eno, MichaelHT3Nov 1995 –DC
Miller, ShayneSN Nov 1995 – Feb 19982nd DeckI loved being stationed on The Simon Lake. Best times ever! We had it good being stationed there. The people were great and the location was beautiful. Hey if anyone wants to chat. .look me up on Facebook. There are other shipmates there.
Abrams, AaronEM3Nov 1995 – Nov 1997E Division
Gillespie, ScottHT2Nov 1995 – Nov 1998R-8
Fahrenholz, CrystalMssnNov 8, 1995 – Sep 18, 1996Supply
McDonald, Jon / "mac"E-5/HT2 SWNov 22, 1995 – Jun 22, 1999R-1Had some good times.
Plunkett, PhilipHTDec 1995 – Mar 1998Loved Lamadd and all the good times there.
Story, EricMR2(SW)Dec 15, 1995 – Mar 12, 1998R2Awesome tour and great friends made here. Miss this command everyday.
Rivenburg, LynnDM1Dec 23, 1995 – Jan 3, 1998R-0 Draft ShopHad a great time in LaMadd
Whittington, AndyPN3Dec 24, 1995 – Jul 2, 1999Personnel/Career CounselorsI started my Navy Career here. I miss the people and the atmosphere so much. These days in the Navy you dont have the comraderie you had back then. If you want to get in touch just send a email. You all are the reason I am still in.
Whittington, AndyPN3/E4Dec 24, 1995 – Jul 14, 1999Career Counselors/ PersonnelHey All if you remember me drop me a line.
Whittington, AndyPNSN/PN3Dec 24, 1995 – Jul 11, 1999Personnel/ Command Career Counselors OfficeThese were my first and best times in the Navy. Never have I seen such a close knit crew. I have made alot of friends, and would love to hear from you all if you remember me.
Shazier, AllenSKSNDec 31, 1995 – Feb 17, 1999S-1/S-11Rich,Jose,Holloway,Khalil,Noodles,Ghost,Biz,Chaca,Miles,Daphne,Shalon,Ebony,MeMe,Judy and of course Merle and Twinkie people who helped shape me

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