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USS Simon Lake (AS 33) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Simon Lake (AS 33). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1330 crew members registered for the USS Simon Lake (AS 33).

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Swartzbaugh (Nee: Thomas), Tangella "Tj"MSSN1994 – 1996GalleyLooking to make right alot of wrongs. Looking For Mike Ball, Taz and a few other of the guys who hung out at the Green Monster!!!!What a long strange trip it was in Gaeta.Looking to make it right. To those I have wronged.. Forgive me...Blessed Be!
Johnson, MichaelE-31994 – 19971st DECKThat was the best time of my life!!!
Boylen, DanielFT1 (SS/SW)1994 – 1996FTItaly was a great place to be at during this tour. Va Bene.
Spaulding, AaronSN1994 – 1997Deck 1sthello everyone! Had a wonderful time there. Marriage, divorce, drunken stupers, Rolling Rock, Kinlaw, Mullins, Toby, Felix, Ficama (crazier than me), Falk's nasty shoes....remember it Hit me up, godbles
MacK, DonaldMMC (SS/SW)1994 – 1998R-9/R-2Last Command and was one of the best. Enjoyed working with all that were there. Especially liked the fly-aways to Bahrain and the 3 months in Abu Dabi.
Ridgeway, Celesteht1994 –ht
Bland, TobyBm31994 – 1997Deck 3rd DivStumbled on to this site by accident. Reading the comments definitely brought a smile to my face. Great people and a great place to be stationed.
Ealy, MichaelSNJan 1994 – Aug 1995Deck/ 2ndI miss all of the good friends I made over there.You guys and gals were the best. You never know what good friends you have until you don't see them anymore.
Barry, RandallFNJan 1994 – Dec 1995r-3 rubber & plastics
MacDougall, ScottHT!Jan 1994 – Feb 1997R-1would like to find some old friends Willie and "T" maybe just drink one more beer together. would also like to find Amy one more time she always makes me smile to this day just thinking about her
Barrus, JeremyE-3Jan 1994 – Apr 1996Engine room
Christie (Garee/mcalpine Then), DaynaSHSAJan 1994 – Jan 1997S-3I was active duty as SHSA Garee, married HT3 McAlpine in 1995. We had some good times in LaMadd. I miss our family from then.
Jackson, Anekae3Jan 1994 – Feb 1996R3La Madd was beautiful. The Med cruise was fun. I am proud to have served with such an honorable crew.
Schultz, BasilYN3Jan 4, 1994 – Dec 1, 1997Deck/Ships OfficeWow, the memories (and lack of memory) are flooding back what a wild, crazy great time of my life.We had a crew, Matt, Ben, Joe, Nate, Taz, Johnny B. Rick, Dennis, larry, Tigger so many hit me up.
Kavas, Pete (Malakas)BM3Feb 1994 – Feb 19971stgababy get ahold of me
Kavas, PeteBM3Feb 1994 – Sep 19971stmet some of the best people in the world on that ship
Doleshal, Lisa JonesFN/E3Feb 1994 – Dec 1994R9
Doleshal, Lisa JonesE3Feb 1994 – Dec 1994R9
Strelecki-stano D.c., Dr. DeborahHM2Feb 1994 – Feb 1996MedicalMy tour the Lake had it's shares of ups and downs, but I had a wonderful time in Italy. Seeing her tied hopelessly to the pier in Norfolk made me cry
Kavas, Pete (Malakas)BM3Feb 9, 1994 – Feb 1, 19971stgabay call me man
Hart, Dewey (Dweezle)SM3Mar 1994 – May 1996Ops/NavHung out with mostly the deck crew and a few supply peeps. Seems to be a trend that everyone misses the comradery. Me too! Anyone heard from Dopey AKA RM3 Carr. And everyone that came to me for ESWS training. LOL Miss all ya'll
Mooney, AlanaSK3Mar 1994 – Nov 1996S-1
Hall, DougE-5Apr 1994 – Jun 19972nd divBest friends and best times of my life and naval career. I cherish the memories of the times we had and the things I learned.
Scott, Julia "Jules"HT2Apr 1994 – Apr 1996NDT LabBest time of my life! I miss my shipmates and I miss the good times serving together over there! I'll never forget you guys!!
Udischas, EricET2Apr 1994 –R4
Ortiz, CheeTM2(SW)Apr 11, 1994 – Apr 26, 1997W-1The Lake broke me into the Navy. Lotsa good times
Montalvo (Taylor/lawrence), LeslyMMFN/MM3Apr 15, 1994 – Apr 1, 1996R-2 / R-9
Bradford, Katherine / KennethDS3May 1994 – Mar 1996Port Services
Long, MaryE-3May 1994 – Aug 1995R-9 Hydraulics
Bullock, Jimmy (Bee)ETC(SS)May 25, 1994 – Oct 20, 1996R3 51 (C/F/G) R7 Electrical/Electronic P & E
Coleman, TiffanySNJun 1994 – Jan 1996Deck/SupplyI made some good friends on this ship.
Defosse, Bobbie JoYN3Jun 1994 – Jun 1997Ship's Office/Supply OfficeI miss all the good times and all the places that we would travel to. I would do it all over again in a minute.
Hay, JoelHT2/SWJun 1994 – Jun 1997R8/NDTItaly and the Med were awesome!
Gruenig, TinaRM3Jun 1994 – Jun 1996CommsWill never forget all of the friends made and beautiful beaches of La Mad, Christmas Eve sitting outside a cafe with close friends will always be a special memory, Marie, Heather, Chandra, Bob, Steve, Sal, miss ya!
Crowell (Baliva), NaomiE-3Jun 1, 1994 – Jun 1, 1996R-1I didn't expect to fall so completely in love with Italy. To those I served and fell with, you are in my thoughts and prayers. May you be eternally blessed.
Coppola, Joseph/ Senior ChiefHMCS(SS)/E8Jun 1, 1994 –Medical/H DIV
Pellegrin, ChrisE1Jun 6, 1994 – Jan 6, 1995Port servicesHad a great time looking to get in touch with old friends
Jernigan, TerryE-5 BMJun 16, 1994 – Jun 16, 1997W-6 Weight TestOne of the most exciting duty stations that I have ever been assigned to.
Jemes, DavinaE2Jun 16, 1994 – Mar 1995CookI'm not positive on the exact dates that I was on the ship but I was also on there with Loretta. lynn Pierson...if anyone knows her and Carnell Oneal at the time...
Parkison, BeckyE3Jul 1994 – Jul 1996Dental
Freiberger, PriscillaMS3Jul 1994 – Sep 1996S-2Where does one begin? Walking the streets of la madd late pm and early am, piccolo slam, big club, angelos, taking a shot at the upside down bar in Greece, lcm rides, working parties, liberty, looking to forward to the smoke deck underway..
Haber, BradTMCS(SW/AW)Jul 1994 – Jul 1997W-1, W-3Loved LaMadd and all the shipmates I had there.
Lendon, JayMR2Jul 1, 1994 – May 1, 1998Rwhat is everyone doin out there smythe denison misty
Ann Mandeville Hurley, AnnE3Jul 1, 1994 – Jul 1, 2006Deck - ThirdI keep in touch with a few people from the Simon Lake, hope to get in touch with a few more. Miss the paninis, capucinos, hanging out with friends, drinking way too much and sleeping in. I do not miss the sound of LCM's at 5am!
McDonald, ShaneEM 2Jul 1, 1994 – Sep 25, 1996E div & special servicesThe beginning of the end of my Naval career.I did surely enjoy Ediv personnel, EM1 Mariano, EM2 Shoct, EMFN Kim Bedel, EMFN Candy Long, EMFN Miranda King, so so many more. My address
Aksztulewicz, Ed (Az)PN1Jul 17, 1994 – Jun 1, 1997PERS
Monteiro (Now Dees), KarieHN/HM3Aug 1994 – Dec 1996MedicalWouldn't trade my time on the Lake for anything. I wanna say hey to my friends in Medical, Dental, Dive Locker,DC Central, etc. GOOD TIMES! Anyone know where Nik Schwartzer is? Shoot me an email
Henderson, Brent "Hendo"HT3 (SW)Sep 1, 1994 – Nov 1, 1998R-1I served 4 years on the lake as an HT in the pipe shop and the shipfitter shop
Clavin, MichaelE-3Sep 8, 1994 – Jun 5, 1997port services
O'Connor, KevilynE-5Oct 1994 – Oct 1996
Anzelde, JohnBMCOct 1994 – Oct 1997Port Services Tugs
Phillips, MikeBMSNOct 1, 1994 – Nov 1, 1996BOATS
Lund (Carter), MarissaIC3Nov 1994 – Nov 1996IC / EM / CCTVMarried to HT2 Spencer Carter from the pipe shop. Had some great times on the Lake and in La Maddelena. Angelo's still comes to mind when I'm hungry as well as the Garden Bar.
Kriss, JasonSNNov 1994 – Feb 1997Deck 1/2/3What a great time! The ones I can remember that is. I loved Italy. Rolling Rock, driving boats, hot dogs in French bread, gellato, cliff jumping. Talk to me...
Way, Dan profile iconBT3Nov 1994 – Nov 1996B
Cervantes, Felix (Ese)BM2 (SW)Nov 4, 1994 – Nov 4, 19971ST 3RD DECKTo all of my pollywad friends of the Lake, GREETINGS. Yes it is I, the immortal BM2(SW) Felix Cervantes. The man who would run the small boats and was the one who would annoy all over the 1MC underway with the bos'n pipe/FDCervantes37@ao
Korbe, GeorgeMRCSNov 16, 1994 – Dec 16, 1997R-2 Inside Machine Shop / R-7 Planning & Estimating
Plunkett, PhilipE3 HTFNDec 1994 – Mar 1997Repair
Hinkle, DonnieE-3Dec 1994 – Dec 19961st/3rd DeckTwo of the greatest years of my life.Miss all of you guys.LJ,Sean,Toby,Decko,Brian,Chris,Tommy,Bubba,Woods,Phil.I know I forgot alot of people and I'm sorry.Best times ever!!!
Alcantar, Alex profile iconFC1Dec 1, 1994 – Dec 1996S-8Loved being stationed in La Maddalena even though it was so very small. Admittedly I didn't like being in Supply Department since I was used to being in Combat Systems (which didn't exist here) but made great friends!
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Barto, JasonGMG3Dec 23, 1994 – Dec 21, 1996W-2

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