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USS Simon Lake (AS 33) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Simon Lake (AS 33). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1328 crew members registered for the USS Simon Lake (AS 33).

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Chan Dolan, VickieSEAMAN1992 – 1994Deck/BoatsIt was the best time ever in Italy. I have many great memories and love all the people from all walks of life that touch my heart during my adventure. Would like to hear from anyone. Momo are you out there?
Dodson, PeterLCDR1992 – 1994DENTAL
Knight, Teresa ("Night" Knight)MM31992 – 1995R-9 and M-DivHad a great time. I miss all of my old buddies.
Wright, DavidMM31992 – 1997Engine Room
Rauch, Jeff/roachE5/MR21992 – 1994R2 machine shopBest times that they were,
Williams, TrevorPNSN / PN31992 – 1994ADMINI have nothing but the greatest memories of the Simon Lake, and of La Maddalena. Have some very fond memories of so many people, but mostly my two buds- Katie Fay and Kevin Mc Crery (?). I miss those days...
Stanford, Rede31992 – 1994s2
Wade, JerrySN1992 – 1993DeckLooking for old friends.
Adams, JustinRMSN1992 – 1993RadioBest command I served in. Would be great to catch up with my old shipmates
Rowell, MelanieET11992 – 1993R4 and Planning/estimating
St. John, DaniIC3Jan 2, 1992 – May 20, 1995Engineering IC ShopI was in the IC Shop from 92 - 95. I learned a lot from a lot of great shipmates and friends. I still miss them.
Christian, StephanieTM#Jan 12, 1992 – Apr 6, 1995W-1 and W-3I had a great time in LaMadd and Palau. I really do miss the times that I had over there and I miss all the great friends that I made
Dail, WilliamRM3Feb 1992 – Feb 1994RadioServed on board for the Dunoon homeport closure. Got The Blue Nose during the ships Trondheim, Norway stay. Dealt with Norfolk shipyards. The trash Palma de Mallorca port visit was a blast! Started La Maddalena port tour
Mead, Jean-michelE-5/HT2Feb 1, 1992 – Dec 1, 1996R-1
Pittaway, FranYN1Feb 5, 1992 – Oct 4, 1993Engineering
Hopkins, MarkBM3 ( E-4)Feb 18, 1992 – Apr 22, 19962nd Division/BoatsSome of the best friends and times I have every had! Nice to have those memories. Bubba, Chris, Sean....and all the others made life so much fun!
Pittaway, FranYN1Feb 23, 1992 – Oct 4, 1993ENGWorked in the Log Room. Didn't have a clue about what engineering entailed but I was surrounded my amazing engineers who much to my surprise got us from VA to Italy. They taught me the true meaning to what being a shipmate is all about.
Mallory (Now Richardson), KathyET3Mar 1992 – Apr 1, 1995R-5 67F RADCALFormerly know as ET3 Mallory now ET1 Richardson married with kids tothe now Retired HT1 J.D. Richardson of R-1 Pipe shop
Roserie, PatriciaTM3Mar 1992 – Apr 1995Weapons
Lotz, JuliaSMApr 1992 – Jan 19942nd and Special ServicesOne of the best times of my life. I probably talk about my experience in the Navy more than any other time.
Grenell, RyanIM2Apr 1992 – Jun 1996R2Best times of my life...
Bailey, ChristopherMM3 (MM1 now)Apr 10, 1992 – Nov 1995R-9Miss those days, was the best command I have been at . . . just didn't know it at the time.
Andrews, TerryHT2Apr 15, 1992 – Oct 21, 1995R-1
Karriem, NoveneIM3May 1992 – Jul 1995R-2I was just wondering how many of my fellow shipmates are on fb so I can find out what they are up to now.
Byrd, ShaelaneMRFNMay 1, 1992 – Sep 30, 1995R-2I had a good time on this ship. I wanna get a hold of my friends i made on this ship. get a hold of me
Bixler, OpalSEAMANMay 27, 1992 – Oct 7, 1994DeckI loved being on the Simon Lake. It was a blast. I am blessed to still keep in touch with friends from there and would love to hear from others.
Andrews (Aka - Larson), Ann-marieYN3Jun 1, 1992 – May 1, 1993Weapons Department
Petreszyn, BillHT1(SW)Jun 15, 1992 – Mar 13, 1995R-8I learned a lot on the ship! Made lots of good friendships, would love to see and talk to those people again. Living in Italy will always be one of the most exciting parts of my life! hit me up!
Sherman, DavidMR3Jul 1992 – Aug 1994Had great time. Went to uss yellowstone after, Anyone who wants to contact me please do!
Bucher (Now Lindauer), MaryLTJul 1992 – Jun 1994Dental
Weese, Dan profile iconHT3 Dan WeeseJul 10, 1992 – May 8, 1996R1 ShipfitterI'm looking for Tiffany Coleman from Deck Division.
Nikolaus, MikeMR 3Jul 12, 1992 – Aug 20, 1994 i was stationed on the uss simon lake in Italy. We did an awesome med cruise which i really did enjoy.I am saddened that the ship is decomissioned.
Tucker, CynthiaSNJul 20, 1992 – Mar 3, 1994DeckMany good times. Sailed to LaMadd. one of the 3 Angels. Brown and Crews are the other of Gladney's Angels.
Hall, NatashaE-3Jul 21, 1992 – May 7, 1996Food ServiceI miss all of my old friends and would like to touch bases with yall.
Rose, ShaneE-2Aug 1992 – May 1993Engineering/ IC ShopI had a lot of fun on the Ship and Palma was the best
Martin, ChristopherE4Aug 1992 – Nov 21, 1993R
Wells, AnthonyBT3Aug 1, 1992 – Jan 25, 1995BLooking for my shipmates and other friends that partied with Dodgion and myself.
Reynolds, PaulETCSep 15, 1992 – Nov 1, 1994Personnel and R4Came on board TAD during the 1992 trip to Halifax. Was Personnel Officer during the Yard period at Norfolk Naval. PCS onboard in Mar 1993 for the trip to LaMaddelena. R4 Division Officer.
Key, WilliamMM1Oct 1992 – Oct 5, 1994
Bastante, PaulE-4Oct 1992 – Mar 1995S-1Also played in the rock band that performed out in LaMadd, the end of the pier and practiced in the Missle Magazine of the ship while underway and out in what was referred to as the "Fish-Bowl" while in port.
Hall, JoshuaSNNov 1992 – 19941st I loved being on the lake in La mad. I still think back to the great friends and fun that I had back then. I actually miss it!! Please e-mail me if you want.
Salyer, EricTM3Nov 1992 – Apr 1995W-1 and W-3 Crane Shop
Ferrick, KerryMS-3Nov 1992 – Mar 1994Supply
Lacy, PaulTM1Nov 1992 – Apr 1995W-1,2,3,4 and Palau Community Center
Wheeler, StephanieE4/RADIOMANNov 5, 1992 – Nov 8, 1994RADIOI had so much fun on this ship. it was definitely an experiance i will never forget.
Keith, Nathan (Nate)MR 3Nov 10, 1992 – Apr 1, 1996R-10 Nuclear repairLots of fun in Palua, Partying with Ben Dodd, Edris, Taz, and all the other great people from that era. Seems like along time ago.
Ferdin, AngieE3Dec 1992 – Aug 1994R-3 ADMIN OFFICEI had the time of my life in Italy. Lots of drunk memories with "The Alkoholics" on our med cruise (OX, Worm, Gainey, Tyson...) Married HT3 Cross from R-1
Sala, MikeHT2Dec 1992 – Feb 1995R-1Spent most of my time repairing, making things out of metal for the ships/subs in the 6th fleet. Oh, almost forgot, the other half of my time was usually spent at Bar Fabri, Capt. Billy's before it became the Rolling Rock.
Walker, JanetET3Dec 1992 – Apr 1996R-5
Curl, MiguelSNDec 1992 – Dec 19941st DIV, 3rd DIVBecause of the relationships, the SIMON LAKE was definitely my best and most memorable commands! I miss those days! It's hard to believe that was 19 years ago...WOW!!!
Kendall, BrianSK3Dec 1, 1992 – May 1, 1995S-1
Binion, CarlsnDec 22, 1992 – Dec 18, 19941st divbar fabries and paradisio come on people try to refresh my memories!!!

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