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USS Simon Lake (AS 33) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Simon Lake (AS 33). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1330 crew members registered for the USS Simon Lake (AS 33).

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Crowley, SteveFTB21970 – 1972FTBMy first sea command. finished the shipyard in Puegot sound and took her around to the East coast;Acapulco, Panama Canal, New London, Gitmo, Charleston. Quite a tour for a tender
Weber, GaryThird Class torpedoman1970 – 1971QA
Kennedy, Robert (Bob)HM31970 – 1971Medical I was On board a very short time & was transfered to GTMO. Was the ships x-ray tech.
Akers, BobHM31970 – 1971MedicalWork mainly Medical Records
Dube, JimET21970 – 1974R4
Bunch, DavidE-31970 – 1973MechLooking for any friends/acquaintances of my father who served aboard the Lake from 1970-1973. Unfortunately, he passed in 2016 . I have a few photos of him from “The Keel” And some polaroids with a cpl of guys on ship.
Baumann, Paul  NEWSF3Jan 1, 1970 – Oct 7, 1971DCI'm looking for shipmates from DC Division 1970-1971
Beyer, CarlEN 2Jan 3, 1970 – Feb 24, 1973A DivisionAfter doing poorly in college, the navy gave me the opportunity to rethink and refocus. While in Charleston, I took onboard college courses to improve weaknesses. After the navy, I successfully completed my BS in Ed.
Worley, BruceMT1May 1970 – May 1975W-4 MissileCame onboard in Holy Loch worked in missile magazine, went to Poseidon conversion, worked in Guidance and MTRE, went to PORI training and placed in charge of PORI shop when I made MT1. Left the lake for schooling in Corpus Christi, TX.
Vickers, RobertDT3May 22, 1970 – Dec 16, 1970Dental
McGrath, BillETN 2May 23, 1970 – Jun 21, 1972OperationsCame on Board in Brmerton Washington for her first rebuild and rode her to Charleston, SC
Cutler, Jeffreye 3Jun 15, 1970 – Jun 15, 1973em
Kingsolver, DavidEM2Jul 1970 – Jan 1971EThe Bremerton Days
Beyer, MichaelE3Jul 1970 – Dec 1971A
Cavalucci, Jamessf3Jul 20, 1970 – Nov 15, 1971R1I enjoyed my time on the Lake and met some very interesting guys. Sad to say I lost touch with my best friends, Bill Schimmel Don Miller, Ron Buller. I have kept in touch with Pat Humphreys Daron Pew. call 512 6272608
Vosburgh, JohnDP2Aug 1970 – Feb 1972Data Processing XD
Travis, JohnDP2Aug 13, 1970 – Sep 1972xdLooking for Lynn Rawlings, Richard Rice, Charles Whittler, Dennis Hagie, Sam Nelson,Terry Lodge
Allen, LynnTM3Sep 17, 1970 – Sep 11, 1972W1I got on in drydock in Bremerton. Got off while in Charleston
Brinson, DanETN2Oct 1970 – Sep 1974OperationsPicked up the ship in Bremerton, then to Charleston, and on to Rota, SP
Balash, RonRM2Oct 1, 1970 – Jul 11, 1972OperattionsNot sure why just decided to look on line for AS-33, found this page and saw a couple of guys I remember serving with. I came to the Simon Lake from NAVCOMSTA Greece and enjoyed my time on the ship.
Loftus, JamesEN3Nov 7, 1970 – Apr 20, 1972A GangI ''grew'' up on the ''Lake'' , and learned a trade that I still use today . I remember Chief Ritzhammer , my mentor , who took me under his wing and made me a man !
Reese, EdwardNCCM/LI1Nov 13, 1970 – Oct 20, 1971Print Shop Supervisor now
Smith, Morris "smitty"YN2Dec 1970 – Jan 1974X - AdminI worked in the Simon Lake's Captains Office for one year in Charleston and 2 years in Rota, Spain. I handled officers service records, Plan of the Day and incoming and outgoing correspondence for all Divisions. Spain was great.
Hollender, VirgilDP2Dec 1970 – May 1972XDShe was still in dry dock in Bremerton when I reported. I left the ship in Charleston when I was released from active duty several months before she went to Rota. Many fun times (not always) and a great experience.
Hay, JamesLieutenantDec 26, 1970 – Feb 1973SupplyReported Dec. 1970 Bremerton, WA. April sailed to Acapulco then Panama. Transited Canal to Charleston. Cruises to Gitmo, Cape Canaveral, Groton. Homeport Naval Weapons Sta. Goose Creek and Rota, Spain
Edwards, RogerFTB31971 – 1973W-2Charleston SC and Rota, Spain.
Pieratt, GaryEM21971 – 1973Repair- Motor Rewind, Sound and vibration analysisCame aboard during refit in Bremerton. Left from Rota Spain when leaving the service. Great ship.
Miskell, MichaelE31971 – Dec 16, 1972WeaponsI plead the 5th
Davis, HaroldCPLFeb 1971 – Feb 1973MARINE DETACHMENTPick up ship at Brement yard, went to Panama Canal, Charleston, Cuba, New London, CoCo Beach, Rota, Spain. She was a great ship.
Anderson, LeePN1Jul 1971 – Aug 1975ADMINTaking her across the pond to Rota and the great time my family and I had living in down town, right on the beach.
Russell, DonaldRM2Jul 1971 – Nov 22, 1972Radio Shack
Brown, LawrenceETCJul 7, 1971 – Mar 2, 1973QA SPALT Control
Williams, LexieSH-2Aug 1971 – Nov 15, 1972S3Worked in the Barber Shop. Came on in Goose Creek and was discharged in Goose Creek a year and 3 months later.
Hansel, Williamthird class petty officerAug 1971 – Apr 1973om3My name is Denise Evansh and my father was on the uss hunley and the uss simon lake. The Hunley from1969 to1971 and the simon lake from1971 to 1973 and we were looking for anyone that might have known him.
Williams, LexieSH2Aug 1971 – Nov 1972S2Worked in the ship's barbershop. The Simon Lake was located at the Naval Weapon Station, Goose Creek, South Carolina.
Homan, JamesRM2Aug 1, 1971 – May 13, 1973COMMUNICATIONSI served in Charleston, S.C. and Rota, Spain in 1971-73. I worked as a teletype repairman/radioman aboard the ship. I wouldn't mind making contact with a few of the guys serving in Charleston or Rota in 1971-73.
Bennett, Warren J. "Ben"STS2Sep 1971 – Dec 1974R3Worked in the Repair Dept Office in ARRS first, then to R3 doing Sound Analysis. What a great time I had both at Charleston, and at Rota. A great bunch to work with & good friends to remember. Wouldn't trade that experience for anything.
Yoder, JimETCSep 1971 – Jul 1975OperationsFirst in Charleston then on to Rota.
Boles, StevenIM2Sep 1, 1971 – Sep 1, 1972Mech. CalibrationGreat times were had the last year of my time in the military. Great friends made but have lost contact. Would like to hear from any of the IM's or OM's I spent time with. Pls e-mail so we can talk old times.
Blyler, LonnieEM2Sep 9, 1971 – Sep 15, 1973E-Division
Gregg, Carl (Mickey)DM3Sep 27, 1971 – Sep 18, 1973RTI would like to contact and maybe correspond with some of the guys I served with aboard the Simon Lake while she was stationed in Charleston, SC and Navsta Rota, Spain.
Boyd, JonRM3Oct 1971 – Jan 1974Radio ShackPicked ship up in Bremerton shipyards. Got off in Rota, Spain. Good times, Good friends.
Wood, GlynnFNOct 1971 – Apr 1973M and EFirst command. Learned a lot about different people within this GREAT COUNTRY.
Bentley, Bobby3 Rd. Class Petty OfficerOct 1971 – Jun 1973Ships Service SupplyBoarded ship in Charleston in 1971 and sailed to Rota Spain and left in 1973.
Christofferson, Gordon Aka FlashSK2Nov 1971 – Jun 1975S5Had a great deployment on the Lake
Rogers, DonaldE3/HULL TECHDec 15, 1971 – Dec 3, 1973R1

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