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USS Simon Lake (AS 33) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Simon Lake (AS 33). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1330 crew members registered for the USS Simon Lake (AS 33).

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Maselli, Joe Mama profile iconB1965 – 1969BLooking for my old buddies ,that knew me Joe (mama) maselli from b division 65 -69
Hawkins, JohnFTG1Mar 9, 1965 – Jan 24, 1968W2Reported on board in Bremerton, WA and brought the Lake to Charleston, SC for outfitting. Took the Lake to Holy Loch for its first deployment.
Bass, DougRM3Jun 6, 1965 – Jan 8, 1968CommunicationsI never knew how much I loved the USS SIMON LAKE until I set foot on my next duty station.....SIDI YAHIA MOROCCO!!
Brackett, DonBM3Dec 1965 – Nov 8, 19682nd Boat DeckBest 3 years of my life
Griffey, PaulEM-2Dec 1965 – Mar 1968E Division After first four years, and not being able to find a job in Richmond, VA, I reenlisted for six years in the Navy and went to EM-B school in Great Lakes in 1968. On board USS Thor, USS Sylvania and shore duty in VA.
Burgess, James profile iconIC31966 – Dec 22, 1969Interior CommunicationsThis wasn't the Navy, it was a floating grocery store for "Bubble-heads". I preferred my "snake-ranch" ashore more. On the other hand, some of the best people on the face of the Earth worked along side me. I love you guys
Jackson, MikeSK21966 – 1968supply
Johnston, GeorgeMT21966 – 1968W-2Worked with the FTB group on the ULCER computer equipment on the subs. Worked for John Alston as part of MOTS section. Chief Stallworth was head of Dept.
Hughes, W JohnSF3Jan 1966 – Oct 1967RServed in the Repair Dept office & NDT Shop office. Many fond memories of Sandbank, Dunoon, EM Club, The Crown & Anchor, and on and on .... A special thanks to Lt. Duncan.
Godwin, RickPN2 (E-5)Jan 1966 – May 1970Admin - Personnel Dept.Scotland was best 4 years ever! Super team: WO Goss, Chief Rainey, PN1 Downs, Brueckl, Carrico, Krause, Balint. Lived in Gourock/Greenock. Rode the BoxL across the Clyde every day. Pls email me if we worked together.
Brasel, Larrymachinery repairmanJan 1966 – Dec 1967R-2Was aboard when the lake left Charlston for her first mission at Holy Loche Scotland. Loved the ship and loved Scotland. Lost track of two special people One Bob Truit from the microfilm lab. The other Catherine Leckie
Crossley, JohnSFP2Jan 1966 – Sep 1967RHoly Loch UCK I !!! Hello to all my shipmates.
Dyckman, JohnOM2Feb 1966 – Jun 1970R-2
Orthmann, PeteE-3Mar 1966 – 1967R5Came aboard in Charleston, spend about a year in Holy Loch. Worked in the photo lab with some really good guys. Good ship, good crew, good duty.
Prins, Richarde 4Apr 1966 – Feb 1968rad con
Shewell, DennisEMCNApr 1966 – Oct 1967EGreat Times! Had a great time in Scotland, or at least that's what they tell me.
Murphy, Ronald profile iconRM2Apr 15, 1966 – Dec 5, 1969CommunicationsGreat place for an 18 yo kid from the sticks to grow up. Holy Loch was a wonderful experience.
Balint, William (Bill)PN2Apr 17, 1966 – Feb 1969AdministrationIf I had my choice I could not have picked better duty. The staff in the office was the best, I still remember to this day the ship pulling into Holy Loch.
Tanner, TheodoreE-3Jul 1966 – Jul 1968
Pyles, DanielSFM-2Jul 1966 – Aug 1968R-1 Sheetmetal ShopHad A Tour of Duty at the Holy Loch, Had alot of good friends there ,some Day hope to return for A visit
York, StephenEM2Jul 6, 1966 – Aug 5, 1968"E"I am not sure of the exact date I reported aboard. It was when the Lake arrived in Holy Loch for the first time. She stilled looked brand new. I miss the good times I had in the Holy Loch.
Flynn, GaryET2/ET1 (SS)Aug 1966 – Jun 1968R-4
Gilbert, Charles BuddySK3Sep 15, 1966 – Sep 16, 1968S1Holyloch Scotland Storekeeper in DTO 1966-1968
Sweet, DaleETR3Oct 1966 – Jan 1970OperationsReally enjoyed my tour in Scotland, married wife there 53 years ago, have returned several times
Hayden, RichardYN3Nov 1966 – Nov 1969Squadron StaffGosh that was a long time ago.
Rayburn Lee Glenn, LeeE 51967 – 19693rd (Boats)
Jacques, Walter1967 – 1969Had a great time in scotland lost touch with every one
Martin, JimE-41967 – 1969R-5 Radcon
Griffin, Carl (Griff)BM31967 – 19693rd div boat crew-bargecoxswaingood duty station. met a lot of good guys. was assigned to 3rd div.boat crew. also comsubron 14 as the barge coxswain. cap.maxwell&com.sherman were a good command.
Ames, Johnmm21967 –r5
Wenger, GaryEM31967 – 1970E
Francavage, BobTM21967 – 1969Weapons
Pratt, DaveSTS21967 – 1971R3Made E6 before leaving in 71 for NESEP at Purdue. Got commission in 74 . Retired LCdr in 88. Married a lassie in 69 and just celebrated our 50th. I ran the Sound Shop, then Sonar bench R4, then worked in Repair Office.
McClenin, JimBM31967 – 19702nd DivisionFun times; great duty.
Meehan, JamesDC2Jan 1967 – Dec 1968damage controlSpent 2 years on the uss simon lake AS-33 from jan. 67 thru dec. 68 in the damage control division. Had a great time
Cooper, RolandE-3Jan 1967 – Jun 1968Boat Barge Aft of the shipHad a great time on Simon Lake and scotland
Thew, Jeff profile iconSFM2Jan 1967 – Mar 1970R6Worked in Repair Office. Was Scoutmaster of Transatlantic Council Troop 431. Married Scottish Lassie. Return regularly to visit relatives. Good times and many memories.
Conners, IrvanEM2Jan 1967 – Jul 1970E DivisionGreat time... Great duty... Hard work at times... Loved all of Scotland didn't really want to leave... Some of the best years of my life...
Chiarchiaro, JamesDPSNJan 4, 1967 – Aug 15, 1969XDThe Best 2 years of my life, got to see Europe paid for by the USNR.Would like to visit Holy Loch again
Carson, Gary DonEm2Jan 4, 1967 –As33Living in tool Texas, have a son in Scotland who I see lots of now after years of not knowing him.
Gainer, Al The Big GDC2Feb 5, 1967 – Feb 15, 1969DC SHOPGood duty,great bunch of guys. Unfortuately lost touch with most of them!!
Welsh, Richard "Rick"EN2Mar 1967 – Jul 20, 1970Outside Machine Shop X-28Enjoyed Holylock and the surrounding area alot. The people in Scotland and the countryside were great. Can't remember a time in my life that I worked more hours than I did there. Good frineds Randy Thompson, Jack Yeager
Lutz, BarryETN2Mar 1, 1967 – Mar 1, 1969R-4Great 2 years spent in Holy Lock, Argyllshire, Scotland.
Lutz, BarryETN2Mar 7, 1967 – Mar 9, 1969R-4 Electronic Cal Lab.Homeported in Holy Loch, Scotland - great place, wonderful people!
Eddlemon, Richard Ed profile iconE4Mar 10, 1967 – Oct 17, 19693rd. Boat CrewServing on the lake and being there in Holy Loch Scotland Was great duty.
Munson, DavidSK2Apr 1967 – May 1970S-1 and S-5
Wientjes, Robert (Bob)SK3Apr 1967 – Jun 1968Supply sub refitI do not remember the exact date without my paper work. I went back to Texas. I am now an electrician and I am also self employed. Please email me if you think you remember who I am.
Brueckl, JohnPN2Apr 2, 1967 – Sep 22, 1969AdminWonderful duty, wonderful people. Couldn't have been in a better place at a better time. Have been back many times since, always will have a soft spot for my memories of Holy Loch, Scotland
Russell, WilliamSFM2Apr 11, 1967 – Apr 2, 1969R-1
Cummings, DanApr 15, 1967 – May 19, 1969B than AI worked in the boiler room till I made 3rd class engineman and went to A division worked on the ships Cranes.
Lindsay, KennethET1Apr 15, 1967 – Aug 15, 1971R4
Jones, AlaETR-3Apr 15, 1967 – Aug 19, 1969Ops/nav
Carlson, SteveSk4May 1967 – Jul 1968StoreEnjoyed Scotland
Haight, Gerry "Charlie"OM3/OM2Jun 1967 – Sep 1969R2
Dalton, Tommm3Jun 1967 – Dec 1969A DivionI 1st worked steam heat then went to O2n2 plant simon lake reunon meets ncr a year join us txt me for more info hope to see you
Lally, Douglas (Doug)EN-2Jun 28, 1967 – Jan 31, 1969B&MBest years I had in the military.Luckey I came out with my liver.Great times.I hope men of B&M Div.respond.EN-2 Doug Lally.
Keyser, RichardDT3Jun 30, 1967 – Feb 1969Dentali never knew where Scotland was until I got there. On my dream sheet in A school I selected a carrier or sub tender as those were the ships my dad served on. I selected Scotland as a foreign country.
Hodkin, Joseph3RD CLASS ENGINEMANJul 1967 – Jul 1971
Jolley, JimEM2Jul 1, 1967 – Oct 7, 1970E
Rough, JosephYN3Aug 23, 1967 – Aug 22, 19691STAlways wondered what happed to my two running mates, Frank Huff (married Anne Barr) from Colorado; and Steve Bean, PN3. Still miss the wonderful times we had and the trips we made to Edinbourough and Glascow.
Grillo, MichaelEM3Sep 1967 – Jun 1969
Glenn, Rayburn Lee, (Lee)BM2Sep 1967 – Sep 19693rdIt was COLD...and I do not stand in any lines to eat anymore unless I am starving.
Berger, HansPM 2Sep 1967 – May 1970R-1Would love to hear from other shipmates
Pike, Jeffbm3Sep 1, 1967 – Sep 25, 1969crane deck 2nd divisionship was stationed in Holy Lock Scotland
Guth, DennisEN3Sep 10, 1967 – Sep 11, 1969ENG - AServed in Holy Loch, Scotland. Work Station: YFNB,Small Boats, Engine repair shop. Hope to revisit sometime. Hope to hook up with Blumrick YN3, Murphy EN3,Bowden FN,Mormando EN1,<would like info on 05 reunion>Would like to hear from other Eng.crew.
Schooley, TimSFP3Sep 25, 1967 – Dec 21, 1969RHoly Loch, Scotland
Hayes, LarryFTG3Oct 1967 – May 1970W-2worked in the w-2 division for FTB1 O'Leary. Had great times in Scotland during my tour there
Clark, Norman (Norm)IM3Oct 3, 1967 – Oct 3, 1969R-2 96-A MIRCS
Reddecliff, Mel (Slim Bud)sk3Oct 15, 1967 – Aug 12, 1968supplyloved it there...good friends, and beautiful scenery..
Malchiodi, Robert profile iconsnOct 23, 1967 – Dec 8, 1969supplyworked in refit support subassembly
Malchiodi, RobertSNOct 24, 1967 – Dec 8, 1969refit support (supply)Probably, the best years of my life. Wasn't a rate grabber, just 4 and out. Who would have known I would do 16 years in the reserves and love that too. Then another 10 in the guard. Now at age 58, thinking on joining the naval militia.
Wresch, RichardSNOct 31, 1967 – Mar 19, 19701st Division Deck DepartmentEnjoyed my entire tour in Holyloch Scotland. Retired as a BMC.
Bonnough, ClaytonIC3Nov 1967 – Jun 1969R-3
Emma, SteveSN/FNNov 1, 1967 – Sep 1969EngineeringWorked in the O2N2 Plant with a bunch of great guys. Unfortunately, lost contact with all of them and some other great shipmates as well. Should have registered on here years ago.
Palmer, ErnestSF2Nov 4, 1967 – Nov 15, 1969R-1I loved my time aboard the Simon Lake and the work experience. Looking for a friend, we had the race car with. Jim Holley where are you?
Flanagan, Laughline3Nov 18, 1967 – Sep 3, 1969Adminalso coxswain 50' liberty boats
Dowling, DanielTM-3Dec 1967 – Jun 1969W-5
Martin, JoeCS2Dec 2, 1967 – Apr 4, 1970Stew BunnerHello Out There!
Yewchuck, DannySNDec 18, 1967 – Apr 14, 19712nd division deck force

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