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Naval Air Station Barbers Point Crew List

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There are 35 crew members registered for the Naval Air Station Barbers Point.

Randall, DaveAnFeb 4, 1962 – Jan 1, 1964Air TerminalEnjoyed times with friends,,good memories
Swinford, John SwinfordAG3Dec 15, 1962 – Dec 28, 1963Weather Office
Beers, BruceAO31967 – 1969Ordance
Bowin, KennyE-2Jun 1967 – May 1968Admin Guradmail TruckDoes anyone remember a Doris Conselva, she was the civilian supervisor. Good person to work for, anyone else left that was stationed there? Ron Walker, Barbara Nickerson, One named Randy can't remember the last name.
Campbell, Julian, RonAO3Jan 9, 1969 – Dec 12, 1970Ordinances DivisionI live in Dallas tx work for ups freight
Donaldson, LawrenceAZ2Jan 1, 1970 – Sep 20, 1974OMD
Shaughnessy, Ed (Shag)AK2May 1, 1970 – Jan 11, 1974VC-1, Base Supply, OMDLooking for some old friends like Charlie Reffit, Maggie Brown, and maybe even old Chief Zorn or Chief King. I started at VC-1, then Base Supply, finally at OMD. Called Bingo at the EM Club and worked at Little Egypts
Jarrell, Clarence EdSNJul 1971 – Aug 1972Admin
Chambers, LyleCYN3Jan 1972 –Air OpsTransferred to CINCPAC in 1973.
Jenner, AllenE-4Jul 24, 1972 – Feb 3, 1975Weapons (WarehouseI went to Barbars Point in 1972 and started at the Warehouse furnishing the barracks. I stayed working at the warehouse the whole time until I left in 1975. Chief Merz. 2nd Class Bob Renner I remember.
Smith, Carl/smittyTM2Aug 1972 – Jan 1976W2I worked out at the ASW shop at the end of the Runway. Barbers Point is a huge part of my growing up process.
Bonn, ThomasABH-3Oct 1972 – Oct 1974Flight Line CrewThe care and movement of C-118 and C-130 Air Craft
Gates, RichAZ3Jul 1973 – Jul 1975OMD
Jacklin, Tom ( Jack )fireman1974 – 19761st Lt Div Worked at the furniture wherehouse and I repaired Washers and dryers in all the barracks. Then I worked with the seabees driving a ten ton dump
Smith, PennyPetty Officer 3rd1975 – 1975RMI was the first female Radioman stationed at Barbers Point. Had a Top Secret job! Anyone who was there in 1975 would like to hear from you!
Ingersoll, OuglasE5Oct 28, 1976 – Oct 27, 1980SupplyI am a truck driver in Tampa florida been here since getting out in 1980 here is my number 813 900 4755
Jeffrey, JeffAO3May 1977 – May 1979Station Weapons
Devine, PamAMH21978 – Dec 10, 1981Operations Maintenance Division (OMD)Had a great time here and learned a whole lot. Maintained and learned to fly the station aircraft. Worked with some great people, Stan, Dave, Kayo, Cathy, Annie, Gabe, Bobbie Jo, Maka, among others. Sad day when I left there.
Tatman, BruceEN 3Mar 1979 – Oct 1980Naval Facility Assigned to the NAV FAC at NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii.
Northcutt, BrendaE-5Apr 14, 1979 – Jun 1, 1981AUW - Weapons Dept.What happened to Sue Wolfe?
Gary, LawrenceSM1(SW)1982 – 1983CID SECURITY DEPTInteresting times onboard. Retired CWO2 1995.....
Lape, LindaPH3Apr 15, 1983 – Jun 30, 1987ASWOCI was at CINCPACFLT 6 months and spent the rest of my tour at the Baber's Point ASWOC.
Woodard, Mark (Woody)AZCOct 22, 1986 – Jun 14, 1990AIMD
Zecher, JosephAME-2Jun 18, 1987 – Jan 15, 1991Base PoliceWorked at Base Police, stood gates at first, ended up running the Swing Shift.
Lindquist, BobCDR1988 – 1992AIMD
Cunningham, BrandonAK3May 1988 – Sep 1992AIMD
Sheridan, JohnOS-LE1989 – 1992Law Enforcement-SecurityEnjoyed this tour of shore duty. Law Enforcement duty taught me allot.Flew a couple buddies to other Islands fm Wheeler AFB. Schedule was great; 2on 3off, 3on 2off (Swing Shift).
Hood, MikeAT1Jun 1990 – Jun 1993MMF
Jennifer, MaynardSK31991 – 1994SupplyA.K.A. JACOBS.
Hunziger, JerryMM3Jan 20, 1991 – Apr 10, 1994NAS SECDETSECDET, HASP- 1993/1994 (Honolulu PD Intake)
Dixon, Darrine-5 ak2Apr 8, 1993 – Aug 25, 1997asdhad lots of fun there! miss hawaii!!
Ruffner, Mark profile iconSM2Jul 1993 – Jun 1996base police
McDonald, BobET2Aug 10, 1993 – Sep 11, 1996Radar
McClinton, Keywana profile iconE3/PHANNov 3, 1993 – Apr 3, 1996PHOTO LAB
Greene-hill, JhanelleAk2Feb 1997 – May 1999Supply

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