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USS L. Y. Spear (AS 36) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS L. Y. Spear (AS 36). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 938 crew members registered for the USS L. Y. Spear (AS 36).

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Lawrence, RaymondIMSN1977 – 1980R2 MIRCS / 96AI was real good at making SN on this ship, must have done it three times. I will always remember Victory Hill in Cuba, and the collision on the Mississippi. To all my friends during this tour, I hope you are all well.
Petrehn, "pete" - MarkIC21977 – 1981 (ships company) then IC Repair ShopAlot of memories on that Diego Garcia trip...riding motorcycles in Athens, diving on the wrong side of the Island, Sharks in the lagoon..payday stakes poker(beer money). Alot of good people - alot of us growing up at the same time.
Williams, Russell (Willie)TM2 Mk 37 Shop1977 – Jan 1979W-1Things/Names I remember, Frank Ross (W-3), Micarelli, TMC Brockett, Bavusso ?, TM1 Foley, Troy Barron, ? Huey (Texas), ? Richards (California), TM2 Alan L VanReese (Minn), Helm watches, Aft Lookout, Gitmo, NWAI, NTPI
Zimmerman, Charleton/zoomEM-31977 – Feb 1980R--3 92A/51How Many of you Shipmates were transfered to the USS John F. Kennedy CV-67 around 1979/1980 to compliment the Big BAD JOHN's 1980-MED Cruise to The Middle East LIBYIA Adventure?
Bentley, Randytm31977 –w3Was on her in new Orleans collision
Meyer, Mallory Aka Touch̩Tm3Jan 1, 1977 РJun 15, 1978Weapons Mk. 37 ShopWe went to Gittimo for the longest 3months. We had Cinderella Liberty. Then we had a collision go up the Mississippi River. Got to stay in new Orleans a few extra days. Love it !! I hung out with a guy name Smitty (BMSN
Thomason, ChuckBM2/DVJan 2, 1977 – Dec 9, 1980Repair lockerAssigned to Dive Locker would love to hear from other diver. Lance Romance
Bentley, RandyTM3Jan 5, 1977 – Mar 8, 1978W-3Looking for anyone remembering our "encounter on the Mississippi"
Bailey, KeithE-4/MM3Feb 1977 – Sep 1979M-Div / R-4 (RaadCon)M-Div to Training to RadCon (R-4). Just before the women came on board/left right after. Left for FF-1084 Only did GITMO and shipyard on the Spear. God Bless!
Bentley, RandyTM3Feb 7, 1977 – Mar 9, 1980W-3I was on her when we were in Portsmouth, went to GITMO and then hit that oil tanker pulling into New Orleans.
Koch, Rollo (Bob)PM 3Feb 21, 1977 – Feb 1981R-6 Pattern ShopGot to the Spear right outta A school. Had some good times. Got out in 81 Renlisted in 82 and Retired in 95. I'm married 27 years and own a small sign shop in NC. Drop me a line
Miller, LarryMR 2Mar 3, 1977 – May 2, 1979mrI made some very good friends during my tour on ship. but remember the collision the most
Palermo, Anthony (Tony)DP2Mar 8, 1977 – Jun 9, 1980S-8 ADPMade cruise to Diego Garcia
Lucie, George/rexLT03Apr 1977 – Jun 1979Mr. Lucie spoke fondly of his time on the Spear. We even visited Norfolk on our honeymoon so he could show us "his" ship. Rex died in October of 1988. Kathleen Lucie (URW)
Roberts, Kevin RobertsIM2Apr 8, 1977 – Jun 20, 1980R-2
Correa, Carlos I.SM3May 1977 – May 1981SigsToo many memories, not enough space! Santiago! Papo! Vega! I'm now a Sr. Investigator, NY State Dpt. of Health, Office of Professional Medical Conduct, can you believe that? One son in the Army, another in the Corps. 9/11, Never Forget It! Go Navy
Weaver, Tim profile iconFTG-2May 1977 – Jan 27, 1979W-6
Day, Jeff (B.c.)SK2May 23, 1977 – Aug 11, 1979Supply Inventory ControlLoved that neutral duty, and always going dead in the water. Enjoyed establishing Contracts for submarines with Xerox, and IBM. Lt. Storm, collision on the Mighty Miss, Ships Locker, Va Beach is for Lovers Twin Boys, Calver,Cape Henry,Sherry&George
Humenic, Anthony/hueyMM3Jun 1977 – Jun 1979R38Had a great time. Shields and Rohrer need pink bellies. McCotter made my old roomate. Hope your not smoking 4 packs a day anymore
Burcar, GregoryTM1 (RET)Jun 15, 1977 – Jul 5, 1980W-1Had a great time with alot of personal in W-1,W-2,W-3 still keep in contact with some personal from the ship. will go to the ships reunion next year in Virgina Beach. Thanks for all the great memorys.
Porter, Gordon profile iconIM2Jun 15, 1977 – Feb 16, 1980MIRCS LabHad a great time! Looking for David Dunlap. Give me a call if you ever see this!! I am livining in Kathmandu, Nepal 520-812-0498 This is a local US call no international charges.
Duncan, Andrew / E_tiET1Jul 1977 – Sep 1981R4Shipyard, Cuba, Mississippi, Yorktown, CocoBeach, all the boats, women sailors, Cairo, Diego Garcia, Athens. Standing watch, working and standing watch. A lot of Great people.
Kerslake, DougEM3/EM2Aug 1977 – 1981R-5 Radcon
Strickland, LarryHT3Aug 27, 1977 – Aug 27, 1979R7-R1
Tiefel, RonDP2Sep 1977 – Dec 1980S-8 ADPHad some fun times and made great friends while on the ship. As I look back on the Indian Ocean cruise I remember the fun we had at our liberty ports.
Britten, KevinEM3Sep 1977 – Nov 1978ElectricalOnly ship I served on. Came onboard during the overhaul in 1977. Went on shakedown cruise, with liberty in New Orleans. The collision with the tanker was a most memorable moment of my career, as was the nights on Bourbon Street.
Barnard, BillDTSep 9, 1977 – Oct 1, 1980DentalEnjoyed my tour aboard the Spear immensely. Great crew and had some life-time memory making experiences (NNSY, GTMO, New Orleans and the incident with the other ship on the Mississippi, the major deployment to Diego Garcia. I miss those days!
Burrell, GilbertYN2Nov 1977 – Nov 1979X and Supply Admin
Fortner, KentE-4Nov 1, 1977 – Jul 1, 1981DCOld shipmates should email me.
Scherer, DennisPM2Nov 8, 1977 – Sep 16, 1979R-6 Pattern ShopCame to the Spear for the Proteus in Guam. Loved every minute being there
Martin, MartyRM2Dec 3, 1977 – Dec 15, 1980CRISeems like a very long time ago - still have pretty vivid recollections (perhaps somewhat suspect) - trip to Gitmo, collision in the Mississippi, Diego Garcia - and who can forget Egypt, Athens & Spain?
Gunkel, DaveBM3Dec 12, 1977 – Oct 8, 19811ST/DECK"Join the Navy,see the World!" Yeah,right.In four years I saw Guantanimo Bay Cuba,New Orleans La.,Ft.Lauderdale Fl.and Hallifax Nova Scotia,once each.Of course we did make a few trips up the River to Yorktown N.W.S.Wouldn't have missed for
Wooten, MichaelIC21978 – 1981R-3I never realized those days would remain as much a part of me as they have. Some of the best friends I've ever had were on that ship. I heard she was scheduled to be sank. What a shame. I guess there really is something about sailers and their s
Ragsdale, Marvin profile iconEN21978 – Jun 29, 1979REPAIR
Hall, BobbieEM 21978 – 1980Looking back, not a bad time. Some fond memories and good friends. Came onboard when she was docked in Norfork having repairs to a big hole in the back side of her, anyone else remember that? Also was onboard when woman came onboard, '79 (?).
Bonifer, AlanMM31978 – 1980R-2B (R-10)First ship. Outside machine shop. Would love to hear from old shipmates. If anyone knows where James Ringwood (HT) might be, email me. I O cruise was the bomb! Retired in 2005 as a Sonar Technician and reside in Tennessee.
Gee, GregMM 31978 – 1980R-38-A Outside Machine shopWhew! Supposed to go to the Carribean and we ended up in Diego Garcia! What a trip. Lots of friends, foosball, bad beer. Alexandria was fun, Athens was good and Malaga was great! Don't want to do it again, but man it was fun.
Rosko, WalterHM1978 – 1981Medical
Wooten, Mikeic21978 – 1981R3May people I miss. I wish everyone well
Moses, JesseE-6/ HT-11978 – 198226 aJess Moses HT3 Hi, I am the wife of Jesse, he was stationed on the , Spear from 1978-1982 he was a nuc. comp. welder. In 2004 Jess passed from mesothelioma. I am looking to find anyone that was stationed with him.
Wolske, Terry profile iconEM21978 – Jul 1979R3We took a lot of pride in tending to the subs. Great experience.
Smith, WadeFTG 21978 – Feb 1981w-1Enjoyed my time on this ship. Had some challenges overhauling the weapons elevators. Good crew members, Lt. Knutson was great to work for and had good people working with me like TM3 Dufrene and others. Good times!!!!!
Larocco, Joseph profile iconPO31978 – 1981R4
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Begley, Dennis "buzz"ENFNJan 1978 – Aug 15, 1980Still alive and doing well. Looking for old shipmates.
Dumas, ThomasIC 3Jan 1978 – 1980R 3good times good friends
Garcia, ChrisOM2Jan 5, 1978 – May 1, 1981R2ACame aboard while in Portsmouth Messcooked while we were @ Gitmo. Remember the collision well. Got tatooed in New Orleans. Pulled and installed alot of periscopes. Remember Hector in Diego Garcia. Had a great time.
Sande, Marie 'Ree'EN-2Feb 1978 – May 5, 1981Repair - 31-FWhat a great crew we had!! No one could do what we did - Norfolk to Diego & back! Miss those times and all of you.Anyone know where MamaBoats,Treetop or Cookie are now?
Neal, Thom "tj"HTFNMar 1978 – Mar 1980R156a Hey Bob, you forgot to add some of the best halloween party's ever!!!!!!
Howard, CurtIC3Apr 1, 1978 – Apr 15, 1980Now have a 20 year old son who just went off to Marine Corp Boot Camp. Brought back memories of the LY. Does anyone know if Richard (Frenchie) Frachette is alive? Went to a Niel Young concert a few years back and he was a big fan.
Gonzalez, RobertE1May 1978 – Sep 8, 1981Deck
Speagle, KellyHT1May 1978 – Dec 1981R-1 Shop 26A Nuc Weld Shopvery good memories under the command of Capt. J. Kinert . And one of the best R-1 Div Off. LTJG Williams. Quite a memorable trip to Diego Gacia with the female crewmembers and the rough waters. Wish all of my crewmembers the best .
Medina, MarkSH3May 10, 1978 – Jun 16, 1980SupplyShip serviceman: ran the barber shop for enlisted and officers then ran the ships electronic and clothing store
Benbrook, MikeHT3May 17, 1978 – Sep 26, 1980R-1My first ship right out of "A" school. Learned a lot and worked hard. Good memories and lots of good people. Made the Navy a career retired in 1996.
Dufrene, DickTM2Jun 25, 1978 – Sep 21, 1980W1Looking for TM1 Kirk. Please call me 651-769-3660
Rutter, AndrewHT3Jul 25, 1978 – Jul 1, 1980R-1My tour of duty onboard the LY Spear will be one I will remember the rest of my life.The trip thru the Suez canal and crossing the equator and shellback initation day will never be forgotten.those were the best years of my life.
Baker, BobHT2Aug 1978 – Oct 1981R-1ALifetime memories (events and good people). Kick Booty Softball Teams !!! Mayport/Charleston/Halifax/Torrmelinas/Alexandria/ Athens/Diego Garcia. Shellback Initiations. Working all night on the subs and then having the 4-8 watch !
Riley, JamesSK3Aug 10, 1978 – Oct 22, 1982s-1
Jackson, JohnYN1Aug 15, 1978 – Jun 15, 1980XOne of best cruises ever made to Diego Garcia. It certainly was a short one. The first ladies aboard really proved themselves.
Westcott, GregoryHT2Aug 15, 1978 – Aug 15, 1984Repair R1I was on L Y Spear for my whole enlistment but for the first year at C1 Weld school. Met a bunch of great guys I stay in touch with a handful of now. It was one of the best experiences I ever had. Nuclear Weld shop
Stewart, Guy (Stu) profile iconTMC (SS)Sep 1978 – Dec 1979Weapons W-3SUBROC Shop
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Crayton, BobET2/E-5Oct 1978 – Nov 1983R-4 and Comm/CEHere is to the best things in life... FRIENDS! THANK YOU!
Liberto, BillIC2Oct 1978 – Feb 20, 1981R3 / 51CDischarged E5 in 1981 / 27 yrs with at&t as Cable Splicer / Lineman / Construction Engineer / Manager-Retired/remarried 22 yrs - one lovely daughter(RN) and one son (medic-firefighter)/two grandkids. Still loving life.
Connolly, RickE3Oct 24, 1978 – Oct 24, 1981DC
Mellinger, JeffSK / E-5Nov 1978 – Jun 17, 1982S-1I was a storekeeper. We were the first crew to go overseas. We left March 31, 1980 and returned August 1980. (Iran hostages) Alexandria, Egypt. Diego Garcia. Athens, Greece. Malaga, Spain. Great times !
Fortner, KentE-4Nov 1978 – Jul 1980DC
Clifton, CharlesTMCNov 14, 1978 – Jun 30, 1981W-1Fine ship,good CO's and one of the finest male and female crews to serve with. After all these years, I still miss it.
Crayton, BobET2Dec 1978 – Nov 1983Communications/CE
Schoeman, Lance "Romance"HT2/DVDec 7, 1978 – Jul 14, 1980RepairWhat a great time and what a dive crew on this ship. Does anyone remember the diver salute? Diego Garcia was cool. Sharks everywhere, fun to play with! Any old dive buddies send me a line. Loved the winters in Norfolk diving under the ice.
Riley, JamesSK-3Dec 14, 1978 – Oct 22, 1982S-1 S-6

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