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Naval Air Station Guantanamo Bay Crew List

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There are 49 crew members registered for the Naval Air Station Guantanamo Bay.

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Linton, NoelCPCOct 1, 1949 – Jan 1, 1955Crash and Structural FirefighterI am posting this for my father. He served as a civilian fire fighter at the Naval Air Station at Guantanamo Bay and would like to re-connect with his fellow firefighters or their families.
Curry, Jim profile iconAK3May 1959 – Nov 1961Aviation SupplyAvation Supply - Mainside
Paul Krukonis, Greek profile iconAO2Jun 1961 – Mar 1963NAS Ordinance MainsideLooking to see if any of my mates are still around
Enman, JohnRM3Sep 28, 1962 – Jan 21, 1964NASI was stationed at the naval air station during the Cuban Missile crisis
Neel, SkipABH3/2Mar 11, 1965 – Mar 11, 1967Crash CrewServed 15 months at McCalla and 9 months at Leeward Pt. Crash Crews. It was an interesting 2 years.
Thomas, H LBM3/BM2Dec 1966 – Dec 1968BOATSAdvanced to BM2. Ran the 86 Ferry boat.
Fitkin, JimDC FA/FN/3Jun 1967 – May 1968Special ServicesI spent 9 months on Leeward Point NAS providing and maintaining recreational activities. I bunked at the fishing gear locker. I spent 3 months on main side working at the enlisted men's corral and bunked in the barracks.
Eldridge, WayneHT2 - HT11968 – 1970Aviation Rescue Boats
Gordon, JohnEN5Jan 15, 1968 – Dec 30, 1969Naval Air Station Gitmo Cuba
Davis, RonniefiremanJan 20, 1968 – Jan 10, 1969lox plantI spent the first 6 weeks at GTMO mess cooking at the mess hall on McCaulla Field and the rest of the time working at the lox plant.
Meyers, HenryMMFNMay 1, 1968 – May 10, 1969O2 Plant
Short, Billpn3Jun 1, 1968 – Sep 30, 1969adminadmin office was on the hill above mcculla field. spent a lot of time at the yacht club
Beaman, Robert (Bob)MM31969 – 1971port servicesremember Barrel Club, Copacabana, Dennis Marks & I had a '57 Chevy. Snorkling, refueling ships in harbor. A lot of time playing cards on back of Tugs.
Renaud, JosephE3 Machinest Mate1969 – 1970GallyWhen I first arrived I went to the gally I was the assistant manager of the SPO Club Leward Side. I did a little of everything there. My boss was Chief Ed Gold. When I left there I was assigned to the USS Voge DE1047
Cassidy, JimFNFeb 1969 – Feb 1970Liquid Oxygen PlantWorked for Chief Sullivan at the LOX Plant that was located at the end of the runway overlooking the entrance to the bay. Will always remember those damn crabs,iguanas, outdoor movies.DEFEX,and some good loads at the E.M. club. Best duty!!!
Leroy,jr, Joseph / JackAirmanJun 20, 1969 – Jun 11, 1970SupplyRetired US Postal Service - Looking for Phil Koziack Koz for short
James, Brent profile iconMM3Dec 9, 1969 – Dec 10, 1970LOXRon Hulett died around 1982. Looking for Sellers, Sullivan, Crosson, Owens, others at GTMO LOX in 1970. I finished college and retired from my accounting and tax practice in Raleigh NC, Currently live in Elizabeth City
Conte, RichE3/ ABDec 1970 – Dec 1971Crash and RescueLiving NE Pa. Will never forget my time in Gitmo. The Crash Crew was a great experience. Missed the Kids when I rotated out (Sacker, Suzie, and Boscoe) . They were the best dogs ever. Norman Spires was our 1st class.
Moler Jr, RonE-3Jan 1971 – Dec 1971Crash Crew
Miller, Thomas TjE3Jan 1971 –Aviation SuppplyJoe Hood from LOX, Jimmy Boyd, John Edwards, just interested in others from NEGDEF.
Fry, Glenn profile iconADJ3Sep 10, 1971 – Dec 11, 1972Jet ShopJet engine mechanic in the main hanger on Leeward, (N.A.S), side of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Drove a light blue 1962 Studebaker Lark while stationed there and went SCUBA diving nearly every weekend!
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Roberts, James/ RobbieETR2Oct 1, 1971 – Oct 1973Ground ElectronicsEnjoyed my time in Gitmo. Had my family there and my youngest was born there.
Terry, GlenPhotographerDec 1971 – Dec 1972PHOTO LABEnjoyed a year of Photography and Flying. When not on duty I was a Life Guard for Special Services, Scuba diving and taught water skiing.
Woodman, James K.E-3Dec 27, 1972 – Nov 30, 1973Special Services/NASReassigned after TAD at Brooklyn Naval Base to Quitmo. Served as crew/staff with Special Services. Extended training in small arms, hand to hand combat techniques, premeter patrol, TAD with 2/8 division of Marine Corp.
Joyner, HerbertBMCMay 1973 – Oct 1974Leeward point, base policeServed my entire tour as chief of police at leeward point. Would like to hear from my ol buddies that served with me, especially my ol buddy Rip Van Winkle
Ruta, VincentSN1974 – 1976Port ServicesPusher Boat Coxwain, Port Control messenger,
Hadaway, ErnieJOSAMay 1974 – Jun 1975AFRTSWas on the base radio station until an event happened which revoked my extension for another year and I was sent to the USS Albany. Loved it there, though. I don't remember the difference between Leeward and Windward.
(Richey) Blackburn, Pat, PatriciaE-2Aug 1974 – Sep 1975Crash Boat Crew
Noel, LynnE2Sep 1974 – Sep 1976Naval Air Station Guantanamo Bay, CubaLooking for David Bussell. SH3
Guest, NoelPH2/ACNov 30, 1975 – Nov 15, 1981NAS Specical Services and NavSta Photo Lab
Taylor, TomABH31976 – 1977CRASH RESCUELearning curve, good times thanks to Chief Joao and fellow mates.
Slivers, JimABH-5Feb 3, 1976 – Feb 3, 1979NAS Crash crewHad a great time!! Crash and fire department were my homes. Now a retired firefighter ,living in Virginia.Worked for 5 Fire Chiefs,Joao was the best!!
Chevalier, Michael profile iconAZAN1978 – 1979Aircraft Organizational Department (OMD)Worked as administrative assistant in OMD
Ormond, Joe,mikeET 31979 – 1980GEMDworked GEMD, good duty station, good people and fellow techs.
Ruta, VincentLi11980 – 1982Trainingworked with the all the admin support types
Santiago, FrankET1Feb 5, 1980 – Feb 1986GEMD
Vandrell , Jr., FrankMMFNMar 1980 – Aug 1981Supply
Baez, Jaime JrBM2Mar 1980 – Jun 1982SECURITYPATROLMAN DUTY COP
Clyde, Robert (Bob)ABHANJan 1982 – Nov 1983Crash Crew/Fire Dept. Leeward PointWorked in the Crash Crew and Fire Department on the Airfield on Leeward Point.
Sheridan, William "Kirby"EN2Apr 1, 1982 – Dec 15, 1983Port Services
Dears, Raymond profile iconAMEC(AW)Oct 1982 – Oct 1985NAVAL STATION BRIGWorked at the brig as a 9548 guard and also as a 9516 Counselor. Was a first class at the time.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1982 | 1984 – now

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