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USS Dixon (AS 37) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Dixon (AS 37). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1115 crew members registered for the USS Dixon (AS 37).

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Castillo(now Stimer), GaySN1993 – 1995deckI just want to say "hello" to all the friends that I have while I was onboard. you all help made possible to be a great adventure for me. And best of all, I met my husband, now going on 14th yr, while I was on the Dixon.
Nadolny, MichaelMM3 SW1993 – 1995Had some great times on this ship. Looking for alot of shipmates from Eng. Department. Everyone from David Oakley to Nicole Armand.
Clark, ChrisE31993 – 1995D2Great memories on that old boat. Miss all you guys from D1, 2 & 3. Only have been in contact w/ Newland over the years and just recently found Castillo. Hope all of you are well and drop me a line if you get the urge.
Kulman, ChuckHT31993 – 199511A - QualityHad a good time on the ship would like to touch base with some old friends to see what their up to.
Saldana, NolaHT21993 – 1995R-10 Nuclear Repair
Stephens, TashaTM31993 – Jul 12, 1995W-1I had a good time on the Dixon and wouldn't trade those memories for anything (good and bad). I miss my partners in crime Anita Brown and Misty Frost the most. But would like 2 send a shout out 2 all my Weapons peeps!
Cote, LeslieEN31993 – 1995R9It has been so many years! I lost touch with everyone over the years. Darlene Kerstetter are you out there?
Joseph, AngeliaEN21993 – 1995R9/38A
Henderson, ErwinMM1/SS1993 – 1996Repair
Gardner, ShondreckaE3/MM1993 – 1993Engineeringi would love to hear from some of my shipmates...we really were family in that Engine room...Parriot, Cobb, Miles, Tish, Reid....i miss ya'll
Hatcher, MarkET3Jan 1993 – Aug 1994D1Short but sweet, met some good people! Venus, Becky, Hubrins, Sheflin (R.I.P), Lamont, Will, and a number of others.
Dulude, StacyET3Jan 1993 – Feb 1993don't knowLooking for ET "A" school classmates. Years would have been 1991-1993 (Orlando, Great Lakes, San Diego-"C" school).
Family Member, Family MembernoneJan 1, 1993 – Jan 1, 1993noneWas wondering if anyone has an extra copy of the 93' WestPac Cruise book. I would love to get a copy for my Dad. Thanks
Amato, RichLTJan 3, 1993 – Jan 15, 1996Comms
Iadonisi, DominicET2Jan 13, 1993 – Sep 5, 199467ACame from NAS Miramar to here. Hey everyone. Miss San Diego a bunch. It was quite a non ride on the Dixon, but I do miss a lot of people I met there.
Ormond, EugeneETC(SW)Jan 15, 1993 – Dec 15, 1995R-4Met some great people on my last ship! Sad to hear she was sunk. Now that they sank the O'Brien (DD-975) in 2006 all my prior ships are resting peacefully with Davey Jones.
Volock, DeniseDC2Feb 1993 – Nov 1995Damage Control
Straub, MichealHtfnFeb 1, 1993 – Feb 1, 1994R1 57A Lagg shopI was on the Dixon a short time....met awesome people!! I see Richard Pacheco on here!! What's up buddy?? Been try to hit you up on FB. If anyone remembers me!!
Frank, TimE-3Feb 20, 1993 – 1995D-3John Elder, Jason Byrant, Stephen Brown, Haron Hamud, BM1 Brown, BM1 Harris?, I'd love to hear from you guys...
Stephenson, KevinOM3Mar 1993 – Jul 1995Hull
Palko, DonaldRMC/ETCMar 1993 – Dec 1, 1996COMMS/BERTHING REHAB/SUPPLYCame onboard USS Dixon my first Surface ship. She had the well deserved title as the "Can Do" tender. Was aboard for her decomm. Sorry to hear she is not able to come back. But she is still in our hearts.
Simmons, JHT3Mar 1993 – Dec 1995R1HAD GOOD TIMES ON THE DIXON.
Rinehart, Sheila profile iconFNMar 1993 – 1997engine roomHad a lot of fun on this ship..and alot i cant hit me up on facebook!! sheila rinehart-hammon
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Blasius, Mike (Lothos)OS3Mar 1993 – Dec 15, 1995Deck 3 / OpsPutting a shout out to anyone looking to find me :)
Thibault, JoeEN3Mar 23, 1993 – Jan 15, 1996A-Gang EDGWas fun.
Kopel, AshleyE-3Mar 27, 1993 – Oct 2, 1995Deck
Krein (Roach), JudyRM2Apr 1993 – Dec 1995COMMSIt's crazy to think it has been so long since this ship "Decomed" But I was there and helped it happened. I had the best of times on board and wouldn't trade them for anything. I miss everyone!!!
Villarreal, DeborahPN2Apr 1993 – Jul 1995PersonnelHello to Everyone in the Admin/Personnel Dept and anyone I stood duty with on Reaction Force. I really miss it sometimes.
McDonald (Allen), Shelli1E-4Apr 1, 1993 – Sep 1, 1995Supply, Berthing Rehab, MAAThis was my first, and only ship! I will be retiring this year, and am very glad that I got the chance to be stationed onboard a ship (I changed to FTS). Miss everyone! MAA, Berthing Rehab folks, Supply. Reunion 2015! Shelli1970@yahoo
Harper (Bumgarner), ChristineE-3May 1993 – Nov 1994R-6
Bresler-cooper, KristiDP3May 1993 – Sep 1995S-8Bresler/Cooper here! Yes, the one that turned green as soon as the ropes were off the ship! Anyone from S-8 or DS Shop drop a line! Would love to know where you all are at! Pull out my pics of you all freq .. still married and in Virginia Beach!
Parker, StephenHT3May 23, 1993 – Dec 15, 1995R-1I was in the sheetmetal shop. Best shop on the ship. Also part of the crew that went through the Panama Canal, shellback initation, West Palm Beach and Portsmouth, VA.
Joseph, Fritzner / JoeE4 MS3(CS3)May 24, 1993 – Oct 16, 1995S-2I had the best of time on the dixon, shout out to ms3 JOLICO SAMPSON best friend i met while there.. JOSIE(MS3) and of course I met my wife there(MMSN REGINA MONTGOMERY), VENUS(BM3), I'm not good with names...
Johnson, JodiSM3Jun 1993 – May 1995
Ballard, KennethMMC(SS)Jun 1993 – Dec 1995R-5 RadConR-5 LCPO
Bryant, JasonE2Jun 1, 1993 – Aug 8, 1995Boatswains Mate Deck CrewI enjoyed my 2 years at Pt. Loma Sub Base serving aboard the Dixon. I miss my friends, Vo, Roque, Whiskey, Turtle and Bird. I hope to see you guys/girls again one day.
Skalicky, TammyE-3Jun 6, 1993 – Aug 1995Deck 03
Vo, XuanE-3Jun 28, 1993 – Jun 28, 1995Deck AdministrationJason Bryant, John Jenkins, Pye Roque, & Steven Brown... where the hell are you guys at?! Hope to see you guys again.
Lukasiewicz, PaulLTJun 30, 1993 – Jul 6, 1995Dental
Salazar, MikeMM1Jun 30, 1993 – Jul 31, 1994EngineeringWas my first ship in 1982 R-2 Division and was my last Ship in 1994 M-Div Officer. Miss the engineroom crew and all the strange times. Back in the Reserves to finish my time at 32nd Street Firefighting School.
Swinford, RickMR3 (SW) (AW)Jul 1993 – May 1994Master At ArmsEnjoyed the short time I was stationed here. Also enjoyed Trading sexual favors with some of the ladys on restriction. I got caught sleeping with one of the supply ensigns. She was transfered almost right away and I was offered a 90 day early out.
Farmer, RandyLTJGJul 1993 – Aug 1995W-1, W-3, W-6Great tour. Wish it had been longer.
Weakland, ChuckHT2Jul 1993 – Jul 1995R-1 PipeshopHad a lot of fun there
Moore, Randy profile iconLT - LCDRJul 1993 – Dec 1995Supply (ASUPPO, Supply OPS, ADP & S6, & Supply QA)The best crew and memories in the World's Greatest Navy! LinkedIn Profile:
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Peters, William/ PeteMR2Jul 15, 1993 – Dec 15, 1995R-2I was stationed there and enjoyed my time there.
Bowers, JerryHT2 (SW)Aug 1993 – Aug 15, 1994Repair shop 17a (Sheet Metal Shop)Nailed to the pier. I just came off of shore duty for 3 years and scored a spot in the sheet metal shop for my final year of service. It was a great time until I went to the berthing rehab division. I am out now and am working as a commercial diver
Bresler-cooper, KristiDP3Aug 1993 – Sep 1995Supply S-8Helllllooooo! Anyone from S-8!! Or the Post Office (Jill!!!!)!! Or from the female bunk area beneath the mess area!! Best way to check in with me is on FaceBook: Look for Kristin Bresler Cooper in Palestine, IL!!!
Rich, WilliamE#Aug 15, 1993 – Oct 15, 1995S-2Enjoyed being the command. Meet my wife Michelle on board. We are still happly married. Sad to find out they sunk her. Looking for friends who servered on board.
Bugg, JuneE3Aug 27, 1993 – 1995Engine roomJune Bugg says enough. Find Me on FB Lol!
Hale, JeffreySeamanAug 30, 1993 – Dec 15, 1995DeckMet some really great people while serving on board this ship and made some friends I will never forget.
Bullock, WesUSS DIXONSep 1993 – Sep 1995rubber and plastice shop / radcon resue swimmer. hey Carl where are you?? happy civilian now
Morales, RobertSeamanSep 1993 – Mar 1995DeckThis is pretty cool, i've seen many names i recognize. Wat up to all my Deck people! Where is my HT boy Dominick Martinez, and my Deck peeps, Jeffrey,Luis, Mario, Olivares, Quincy? I visit SD all the time, still in LA!
Jones, ShannaE3Oct 8, 1993 – May 1995SupplyThink of the times I spent late at mid rats playing bones in the galley and the first 6months of cranking! Sk2 Collins and the gang was a blast. Good times never to be forgotten.
Cobb, June BuggE3Oct 29, 1993 – Nov 29, 1995engineering Yeah main, you know I miss all my dawgs from the Dixon. Stevon Moore, Anthony Williams, Miles J, Big Redd, Atlanta Slim, Brody and Fat Cat, MM3 Parriot?
Edward, OliE-2Nov 1993 –D-2
Love, MichaelMssnNov 15, 1993 – Dec 15, 1995S-2Had a great time onboard
Frank, TimE-3Nov 28, 1993 – Mar 14, 1995DeckStarting to forget some of my friends would really love to hear from my shipmates... didn't think I'd feel this way back then now I know how lucky I was to serve with such great friends & soldiers, God bless.
Stoeckley, ShawnHTFNDec 5, 1993 – Dec 5, 1995R-3 57-B Rubber & PlasticsGreat times at the base club, fuzzy memories. Decom had its ups & downs. Last person to be on restriction onboard Dixon in Norfolk. Wish all the best to all.
Pitts, BoliviaE3/ FNDec 10, 1993 – Dec 15, 1995Rubber and PlasticI still remember Hawaii, Panama canal, San Fran and many others. I miss and I love the Crew. Special shot out to MM3 Parriot.
Greene, DaveWTSNDec 10, 1993 – Jul 24, 1994w3I hated ltjg whatever his name was tryin to keep me from gettin my early out, showed him what was what.
Brown, AnitaE-3Dec 12, 1993 – Dec 16, 1994D-2Former Shipmates are poppin up all over the place! It's been so great reconnecting with people I have missed:) Message me!
Barto, BobHTFNDec 19, 1993 – Dec 15, 1995R-1 11-AMaui rocked but on a sad note R.I.P. Ryan Smith he was an HT in 11-A .with us.
Wright, MichaelE-3Dec 26, 1993 – Jun 25, 1995Pump & Valve shopI had lots of fun. Good times and good people.

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