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USS Dixon (AS 37) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Dixon (AS 37). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1107 crew members registered for the USS Dixon (AS 37).

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Johnson, JeffYN21990 – 1995lot's of great times were had onboard and offboard too
Kircher, SteveRM1/SS1990 – 1992
Roberts, SusanEN31990 – 1992Repair 31FoxI miss working on the submarines and Point Loma. Beautiful! Sad to know she's at the bottom of the sea. I miss her!
Houghton, Howie (Evan)BT11990 – 1994EngineeringWhat a great time!!!. Enjoyed West Pac. Alot of great liberty (except day on day off in the gulf). Retired now but miss the cool people I met. Still married to one lovely lady I met onboard. Going on 15 years. Who would have thought.
Emiliozzi, Alex (Ez)1990 – 1991WeaponsI only got to do 1 yr with the Dixon, had a great time. We never went anywhere but we did go toSeattle,Washington and Canada. I was a Gunnersmate and hung out with Scott Graham, Phipps, D'mato I was a trainer @ the shooting range.
Rupert, Gayle RussellDK11990 – 1992S4Back to Kings Bay for the 2nd time, way different than in 1981, had some great times here, miss these days, but not duty lol, love to hear from some shipmates
Barker, GregIC11990 – 1991
Jones, Cliftonmm31990 – 1993r-9
Murphy, Patricia/trishEN31990 – 1994R-9/NROi miss you guys. had lots of fun.
James, Nancye-31990 – 1990CommunicationsI was temp to the admirals staff most of the time, but was on the ship for a short period of time
Oatis, GinaE-31990 – 1991SKWonderful experience. I came to love the Dixon, but at first sight I was terrified.
Parra, Antonio 'Paranoia'ET31990 – 1991R-4/67HThe Dixon!! Memories abound, wishing all those that remember me the best and would love to hear from you!
Nelson, ChrisE-3 MS1990 – 1993S-2 Div.I was sorry to hear about the DIXON being no more!!! SO MANY MEMORIES!!! SO MANY MEMORIES!!! LOVE Y'ALL!!
Henley (Phillips), BorisSK2(SW)1990 – 1993S-1
Carroll-mills, ReneeOS2Jan 1990 – Aug 1991OPSMissy, Mona,Fasold, and Bustamonte...miss those watches? Miss those underway procedures.
Rhodes, DarinHT3/DVJan 1990 – Jul 1992LockerHad a great tour. Lots of good memories. I can't believe they sunk her.
Sparks, ReggieEN2Jan 1990 – Apr 1995R9
Routly, AngieEN3Jan 1990 – Oct 2, 1993A GangHad a great time on the ship....
Simpson, WendiPETTY OFFICER 3RD CLASS - E4Jan 1, 1990 – Aug 30, 1992SupplyWould love to hear from friends I served with.
Scheunemann, AprilSNJan 1, 1990 – Aug 1, 1991MedicalI was the crazy Hippie chick who hung out with all the trouble makers. I had a great time, and would love to hear from anyone who remembers me....
Wilson, KerryBm3Jan 2, 1990 – Mar 31, 1992R6I am hoping to hear from mo man Reggie sparks chief seabolt Jeff bourbon Madonna Robertson bill stern Grover seabolt and anybody from the pump room
Miller, MichelleYN2Jan 2, 1990 – Jan 2, 1992AdministrativeGreat ship and great duty. Great people to serve with
Lahaye, ThomasE-4Jan 4, 1990 – Jan 3, 1994dclooking to find old frends
Williams, FerdETCJan 6, 1990 – Feb 4, 1993CommunicationsThe most diverse crew I ever sailed with.
Sparks, ReggieEN2Jan 12, 1990 – Apr 5, 1995R9This was my first command. I met some really special friends. James Puig and Jason Holden I hope you both are doing well. And to all who serve I hope you are doing well
Allen, MartinPNSNJan 13, 1990 – May 13, 1992Admin / PersonnelServed with PN1 Travis, Senoir Chief Kawalski, PN1 Hammond
Curtis, DonHT1Jan 15, 1990 – Mar 15, 1993Repair
Sparks, ReggieEN2Jan 19, 1990 – Apr 5, 1995R-9My time on the Dixon was great I was young and I learned a great deal. I made some wounderful friends many of which I will never forget.
Ervin, TobyMR3Jan 22, 1990 – Apr 1, 1993Fleet Machine ShopEnjoyed my time on the dixon..all the ports are a drunken blur....miss all the guys in the shop, and hope to see them again all who know me drop a line, and/or call me at 989-348-7293
Kranig, LoraMM3Feb 1990 – Nov 1991EngineeringO2N2 Plant
Lentz, JimBT2Feb 1990 – Aug 1992BBiggest mistake was leaving the ship. Recruiting duty sucked. BTC Wall and CHENG were right.
Price, DeboraSK3Feb 1990 – Jul 1992Supply
Gilmore, Earlwin profile iconE3 MSFeb 10, 1990 – Jul 10, 1993S-2Thinking about them late nights playing spades with my partner Chris, Billy Davis,Otey,G and Taylor we had fun MS Crew
Kerns, TeresaQM E3Mar 1990 –Nav-Ops wonderful memories ~ with shipmates i shall never forget! Brenda, Mona, Renee,Carl,T Chisolm,M Bagby, Chief Sutherland, QM1 Morris, QM1 Simmons...
Flory, WadeHT3Mar 19, 1990 – Sep 10, 1995
Amos, YolandaE-3Apr 1990 – Oct 1993RepairMMFN3 Repair.... had fun with that crew. Looking for Dana Barfield and Dashawn..Holla at me!
Malone, ChrissyBM2May 1990 – May 1993
Zandt, MattMR3May 1, 1990 – Aug 19, 1993R2
Walsworth, DavidRPSNMay 5, 1990 – Oct 19, 1991CHAP/NAV ADMINI can't beleive they actually sunk the Dixon. I met my wife SK3 Price onboard here. We shared some great memories and not very much underway time.
Melgoza, MonaE-4 QMMay 9, 1990 – Dec 11, 1993nav/, 6197291686
Juliano, RobertfnMay 15, 1990 – Nov 10, 1991R9
Whitler, Mary JaneE6/MSMay 15, 1990 – Aug 15, 1992S2
Claar, MichelleTM3May 19, 1990 –W3
Wheelock, JeffET2Jun 1, 1990 – Jun 1, 1994R4 67H'Hotel Shop' sucked - Mast and Antenna repair.Made WestPac, trips to Hawaii and beyond. Pretty cool. Kevin, Kendall, Junker, Gene, John - Pretty funny.
Durkin-houghton, OctaviaEM3/Jun 1, 1990 – Dec 1995E
Walsworth, DavidRPSNJun 8, 1990 – Oct 13, 1991ChaplainHello Fellow Shipmates!
Bowcutt, MikeMaster ChiefJun 10, 1990 – Oct 1, 1992AdminJust get reacquainted with some of the crew, Check on reunions and or start one.
Balash, TedMM2Jul 1990 – Jan 1992EA02The only ship I ever served on, and they sink her. What a kick in the junk.
Dain, JimIM2Jul 1990 – Jun 1995R-4Love to hear from my old shipmates.
Moseley, MarkIMJul 1990 – Jun 1991R 4My time on The Dixon was very enjoyable. It is sad that she is resting on the bottom of the ocean.
Coffin, Ernie profile iconE3Jul 1990 – Apr 1994W-2If you know or remember me say something. Even find me on FB if you can.
Camacho, Mary profile iconJO2/JO1Aug 1990 – Oct 1993Admin/KDIXGreat memories working in KDIX and on SITE TV. I had fun on the '92 WestPac taking pictures and sightseeing and editing the Cruisebook.
Adams, GaryHT3Aug 1, 1990 – Aug 1, 1992RepairA lot of friends from this command I lost touch with.
Moseley, MarkE-3/IMSep 1990 – Jul 199196 ASad to know that she is at the bottom of the Atlantic.I am hoping to get in contact with some fellow Instument men. Calibration what a great job. Greatest memory-the condom water baloon sling shot bombing the tug in San Fransisco. What a blast.
Warf, AlanSTS1/DVSep 1990 – Oct 1993Great ship, Great Dive Locker, Great Gulf Tour. Proud to part of the crew.
Mikami, DidiQM3Sep 1990 – Jul 1991BridgeChecked on board right before you all went on your last west pac, 91 I didn't get to join you all but I had a great time when I was stationed on her. I did the timechecks in the morning, that was my best memory. along with the hump party
Webster, Jackie (Doc)HM2Sep 2, 1990 – Apr 11, 1993CAAC/Naval Hospital
Hamilton, Paul/ HamboneE5Sep 10, 1990 – Oct 10, 1995R-1/56A
Mikami, DidiQM3Oct 1990 – Jul 1992OperationsGot out just before West Pac.. Wish I could have been there..
Thomas, EricTM3Oct 1990 – 1993W1Met a lot of great people on board, would like to hear from some of my old shipmates,on facebook.
Gallardo, VirginiaEM3/E4Oct 1, 1990 – Nov 19, 1993Engineering Log RoomI miss USS Dixon, my home for 3 years. I certainly miss all the people I worked with like Cheng, Chief Wall, WO Taylor and all the Engineerig people.
Harvell, ScottMR2Oct 31, 1990 – Dec 29, 1993R-2
Cleary, TimHT3Nov 11, 1990 – Jul 16, 1993R1-11ABest yrs ofmy life! Pivarnik,Maychek,Sanchez... Roni, miss ya all! Jess always.
Smith, TrevorMR2Nov 19, 1990 – Sep 1, 1995R-2can't believe it has been almost 18 years since I was on that ship. Great memories.
Cleary, TimHT3Nov 29, 1990 – Jul 16, 1993R -1 / 11 AlphaAbsolutely the best days of my life!! I miss it & my shipmates!If u served with me , email me!! Yudkevitych, Pivarnik,Machek,Domingo Kelly Etc! I miss all of you!
Claar, MichelleTM3Dec 1990 – Dec 1991WeaponsI only spent one year on the Dixon, but I met alot of great people on the ship... I wish I could of gone on the west pac with you. Jason and Marvin are just a couple people I miss from the USS Dixon... I miss ya...
Lafountaine, KeithYN3Dec 10, 1990 – Aug 10, 1994Engineering DeptI need a USS Dixon challenge coin. Can anyone help?
Robin, HarrisBT-3Dec 15, 1990 – Apr 29, 1992ENGINEERINGThe Dixon was one of my greatest Navy memories. I can't believe they sank it. I chipped and painted those walls and pipes so many times.

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