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USS Dixon (AS 37) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Dixon (AS 37). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1115 crew members registered for the USS Dixon (AS 37).

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Siuzdak, EdBM31979 – 1979D3D3 RULES! Cannon are you out there?
Wasson, Bob profile iconMR31979 – Jun 1981R2Finding this site brought back so many memories, the Fiesta Island keggers and the Westpac! So happy to see names I remember.
Hays, Jim (Purple)BMSN1979 – 1982DeckHad a lot of wild times with a lot of great people, hoping life is treating you all well.
Deyoung, JohnHT21979 – 1981R-1, DCMany great people from all parts of the USA and abroad. San Diego, Hawaii, Diego Garcia, Sydney! I dislocated my kneecap in the Philippines and had a full length leg cast during WestPac. Working on my doctorate now.
Catlett, David "cat"HT2Jan 1979 – Sep 1983I spent my whole enlisted time on the Dixon and even met my ex there. I was in "Rubber and Plastics" shop 57B but had friends all over the ship.
Effan, BillHT1Jan 1979 – Mar 1982RTGreeting to all you NDT folks and others. Hope you all are prospering. Ernie Proo was in a lot of pain when I talked to him last. My Best Man, Hunter Brown, is dead due to alcoholism. He died Oct. 2009.
Strawder, Frederickqm3Jan 15, 1979 –opsI served on the Dixon from 1979 to 1983
McNeill, JohnE3Jan 19, 1979 – Jan 19, 1983S1Hello, hope everyone is well and have had interesting lives since then. Some times after sleeping i actually dream i am back on board Dixon, why is that?
Allensworth, Don (Al)MM3Feb 1979 – Jun 1982A GangOnly ship I served on and I really enjoyed it! Met lots of good people, had a lot of good times, got to see a little bit of the world and grew up a little bit by doing so.
Summers, RandyHT2Feb 1, 1979 – Oct 10, 1983R1 This a shout out to anyone from the nuc weld shop,marty sims , don mapes,farrah,tom settle, rory mcmahan,gibson,jackson,steve chaves,and all the rest.
Klohr, JackEM2Mar 1979 – Jul 1982EECalling all snipes! Like to hear from any of the E Division gang from the Diego Garcia cruise.
Ruby, JohnMRFNMar 1979 – Nov 1979R-2I remember a time,we had to set-up and turn an armature, from one of the subs.That thing was huge,and a bitch to get zeroed in! It was a treat to work on prodjects like this! met lots of friends,Ron Reese,Terry Scoggins!
Carroll, EdwardMM3Mar 1979 – 1981A Div / O2N2My only regret was getting married too young.
Butler, BillBT2Mar 1, 1979 – Mar 15, 1981BI would like to hear from any ne in the boiler room/oil shack
Willoughby, WayneE3Mar 15, 1979 – Aug 15, 1981R-3Hello all!
Piliero, Rick "pizza"TM2Mar 17, 1979 – Jan 24, 1983Weapons W1-W3Remembering that most of the time we were welded to the pier, then on to Diego Garcia and one hell of a storm. Looking for John Duvall from W1. You had a Norton, I had a Triumph 650. Manuel u r a dust. Larry Hanson and Fahrney. Miss yall
Fulford, ErnieHT2Apr 1979 – Mar 17, 1981engineeringi was assigned to the co2 shop signed off a lot of dc pqs at repair 5 does anybody remember me
Reno, RobertHT1Apr 24, 1979 – Apr 23, 1981R1Worked in the shipfitter shop[
Sandy, KathyLTJun 1979 – Jul 1981Supply - S-6, S-1, Assistant SuppoRetired in Jan 1994; have been in Tampa 20 years. Currently working for the Girl Scouts.
Cass, RonaldMM3Jun 15, 1979 – Aug 1981Engine room
Arnold, PeterIC3Jul 1979 – Jul 1981looking for lost friends
Mayden, Warner (Lee)LI3Jul 1979 – Mar 1980Print ShopReported as an LISN, and quickly pinned on LI3, worked in the ships Print Shop, with Bobby Pannel, and LICS Hooper. Reenlisted and went onto shore duty.
Holcomb, Thomas (Butch)E-3Jul 1, 1979 – Nov 3, 1981S-1 Sub-MartLooking to talk with anyone who served during this time.I can close my eyes and see you all, just can't put names to the faces.
Henslee, ScottEM1Jul 20, 1979 – Jul 22, 1981RADCONWorked hard, long shifts, strange leadership, trip to Diego Garcia, great peer group to hang with, pretty much preferred being back on a war ship.
Lynch, MarvinBT2Jul 21, 1979 – Jun 29, 1982BI loved working in the fuel lab, and I do not ever want to see Diego Garcia again. I had the most fun on the Dixon's first westpac thanI had in the twenty years and a world crusie in the Navy.
Melvin, JonathanHT3Aug 1, 1979 – Oct 1, 1981Engineering
Little, CliffHT2 (DV)Sep 1979 – Sep 1982RADCON and R-1 Division 11-A ShopWas in RADCON for a few years and then 11-A Shop, when I got tired of the Asst. Division Officer of RADCON (ENS. Lathers.) A very short time in NDT Lab, was awaiting school. Miss the guys I hung out with.
Dunn, LindaSN/ET3Sep 1, 1979 – Mar 1, 1982D2/R4
Tucker, Dave\'AS 37\'Sep 6, 1979 – May 8, 1982weps 37 shopcant believe they sank her. anybody recall the P.I.?
Dean, GeorgesrSep 10, 1979 – Jan 5, 1980boatswain mateJust having a lot of fun,sun ,beaches,TJ Mexico,Balboa Park,skating ranks,and most of all the variety of women.Woman from every nation,and my bootcamp partners..From NTC Orlando,Florida and sum of the waves from the "O".
Taylor, StuartMR1Oct 1979 – Dec 1981R-2Can't beleive I found this site! My first I.O. cruise! Went through a hurricane! What a cruise!!
Lacy, Kelly WSeaman ApprenticeNov 15, 1979 – Apr 7, 1980RepairI worked with Command Master Chief Doom. Scary as hell but a nice guy to work for.
Bailey, Dean "beetle"BT3Dec 21, 1979 – Aug 11, 1981"B"The pollywogs remember me!
Roberson, MarkMS31980 – 1982Supply
Sokolich, ChristopherHT31980 – 1982r-5 carpenter shophard to believe shes gone , lots of great memories , around the world , golden shellback , parties down at shelter island , P.I. , too much fun !
Garner, Mark1980 – 1981
Lalli, AlanEN-31980 – 1982A GangLots of great friends and great times. Twas an honour to serve aboard her. Im sorry they sank her she was a good ole gal. The west pack was prob some of the best times of my life. Id gladly do it all again.
Andersen, AlIC21980 – 1983Engineering
McLaughlin, EdE-21980 – 1982R-1 56AJust went over the list of people on board and saw a few more names from the past that stand out & noticed one missing hope everyone has done well over the years. It does bring back some memories,
Ragusa, Eric "Rags" profile iconHT2Jan 1980 – Dec 1982R-1 17A
Besst, MichaelE3Jan 1980 – Jul 1983E div
Marks, DarrellJan 1, 1980 – Sep 10, 1982BI STILL OWE JANNA 20 BUCKS.WHERE IS DAN AND JANA.
Richard, Townsendsk3Jan 1, 1980 – Jul 1, 1984s1-s-6-s-7Just trying to get in touch with old shipmates Sk3 LLoyd, Joe Patrick, Sk3 Walton, Jock ,Dk2 Slim Roberts just to name a few Cowart
Weeks, Anthony DSnJan 2, 1980 – Oct 10, 1983Deck & repair admin
Brantley, JohnPH3Jan 15, 1980 – Jul 17, 1982RASHIPS PHOTOGRAPHER
Bradley, BradEM2Jan 15, 1980 – 1983EngineeringMiss George.Jack,Elwood,Scott,Jim,Chief Vinny.
Saunders, MorganE-2Jan 15, 1980 – Jun 15, 1982D-3
Blakely, Raybm1Jan 22, 1980 – Feb 28, 19831st
Cheek, Daniel profile iconFNFeb 1980 – Aug 1981B and ATransferred from B division to A division just before the 1981 I.O. cruise to Diego Garcia. EN3 Jana Henkel & I have been married since 1981
View 'back then' Photo
McManus, RoryHT1Feb 1980 – Dec 1984RI
Settle, Tom Or Tommy profile iconHTCFeb 1980 – Feb 1980R1 and NSROHowdy to all my old shipmates. I hope you are all in good health. I was in Norfolk when the Dixon was towed out to its final resting grounds. So sad but so many memories aboard this ship.
Hart, Bluesmm3Feb 14, 1980 – Jul 7, 1986R2 DIVWHERE ARE ALL MY OLD H0MEBOY AND HOMEGIRLS?
Gonzalez, Antonio/tonyBT3Feb 19, 1980 – Feb 19, 1982BYo, to all you tender sailors, I didn't know it then but I do now. "WOW" what a great time on the never sail and i the Navy. What ever happen to Vicky the hull tech (butterflys on the inside of her forearms) and Joyce D
Simpson, Michaele-3Feb 21, 1980 – Aug 16, 1982deck
Joseph, EvansHT1Feb 24, 1980 – Mar 19, 1983RAD CONJust tring to get in touch with old friends
Sorensen, EricHM1/HMCMar 1980 – Feb 1983Medicalserved as Med Dept LPO. Made Chief after WESTPAC (Diego Garcia/Australia/San (the real) Diego)) run. Dixon was my 4th & last ship then transferred to NDT School for instructor duty and twilight cruise. Dixon was a good ship after a few months at sea.
McMahon, Tom TinyHT3Mar 1980 – May 1984R5
Nixon, GregMR2Mar 9, 1980 – Jan 8, 1984R-2Hope this finds all my shipmates fine and doing well! Life is good here in NC, Planning on a trip back to Point Loma next year.
Bailey, DuaneHT2Mar 18, 1980 – Mar 10, 1982R1 Shipfitters ShopHad great time aboard the Dixon .Best friends John Crim ,Cary Viegal lots of good time .West Pac Diego Garcia loved working on the subs
Anson, LisaSHApr 1980 – Dec 1983SHHey and I went on board the same day if I recall correctly!! Anyone else out there as far as the women go?
Goodman (Giammarco), TammySHSAApr 10, 1980 – Apr 15, 1981S-3Would like to speak to anybody during the time period I was on the ship. I married SK3 Dale Goodman, we were the first married shipmates.
Clayton, JohnET2Apr 12, 1980 – Sep 16, 1982R-4I was a QA in repair department. Sucked going into the sonar dome of those subs. Really good times. Loved the WESTPAC. Still have my cruise book. Great times. What did Capt Wolfe do to get replaced? Why no officers here?
Covington, DianneUSS DIXONMay 1, 1980 – Nov 17, 1984Repair
Connary, DavidHT2Jun 1, 1980 – Nov 15, 1984R-1, Shipfitter shopLike a piece of your life is torn away from. Sunk! I miss the boys of R-1, great softball team, First HT2 in HBO rehab. I miss Randy Campbell, Dave Henning, drank lots of beer.
Vanzile, DonHT3Jun 1, 1980 – Aug 20, 1981R1 (shop 56A)
Valdez, LennyHM3Jun 4, 1980 – May 6, 1982Medicalworked hard played hard ran in first annual equitorial 5k and half marathon good memories all is well in bell gardens ca
Harmon, Tom FTG1 (SS)Jun 20, 1980 – Apr 16, 1981Weapons RepairStop-loss on historic Diego Garcia 7th Fleet deployment during Iran Hostage Crisis. Dixon's mixed male and female crew were selected to serve both submarines and surface warships. One of the senior shellbacks at the line!
Garner, MarkE4Jul 1980 – Oct 1981
Facey, TedMMJul 1980 – Jul 1984M
Bourassa, DanielML2Jul 17, 1980 – Jul 16, 1982R5PARTIES AT SHELTER ISLAND AND GOOD FRIENDS
Bourassa, DanielMOLDER 2ND CLASSJul 18, 1980 – Jul 15, 1982R5MEMORABLE TIMES THE INDIAN OCEAN CRUISE OF 1981
Gregory, LeslieHTFNAug 1980 – Sep 1981Damage Control/EngineeringWe were among the first women aboard ship and saw the best and worst of the human condition and emotion. Shellback initiation, "button watch", coed fire drills that run like clockwork, commendations all come to mind. Truly,the best and worst o
Hadacek, KevinHM2Aug 1980 – May 1983medicalWhat a shock, my first and only ship!! Reading what the nex-gen posted the ship did not change much, I had the best time of my life onboard, great people. Miss them all.
Briggs, SteveEM-3Aug 1980 – Sep 1982engeneeringlooking for my old buds from e -div Diego Garcia cruise
Lenoir, ErnestYN3Aug 1980 – Jun 1984ADMIN
Fahrney, JeffTM 2Aug 7, 1980 – Apr 29, 1983weapons
Hanson, Larry profile iconFTG2Aug 16, 1980 – Jul 24, 1982Weapons 2ndHad some great times on her. and met a lot of great friends. Give us our cases of "Budweiser" and our allotment of food for the day, we're going to the beach in Diego Garcia. Keggers out on Fiesta Island & Dog Beach.
Woodson, DonaldEN3Sep 15, 1980 – Jun 30, 1983Engineer/Boat ShopI had a lot of good memories on the Dixon and alot of good friends. Enjoyed the training. I am looking for my friend Bryan Evans from Idaho.
Woodson, Don/woodyEN3Sep 20, 1980 – Jun 29, 1983Engineering/A Division Boat ShopHad some good times in San Deigo...
Doud, PatrickMM2Sep 26, 1980 – Jul 29, 1983MBest times of my life, What a great bunch guys & friends...hoping to here from you guys, lets try to find all our old friends, we were a close net bunch of guys back then.
Lalli, AlanENOct 1980 – Jul 9, 1982EAO4deffinitly some of the best times of my life...lots of great friends...and the west pac trip was full of adventure, with great liberty and excellent storms. hello A to hear from any old ship mates.
Elizondo Zulu, Raymond SteveYN2Oct 1, 1980 – Sep 1, 1983Admin XThe time I spent aboard the USS Dixon and X Division was great. I'll never forget the WESTPAC, including Diego Garcia. We became Golden Shellbacks. I always crack up thinking of the crazy people in X Division.
Richardson, DonaldBMSNOct 11, 1980 – Sep 18, 1982deck first divHey ya"ll to my fellow deck apes deck 1st div was a trip and west pac was a blast and deck div was full of the greatest sailors and the best friends in the world it was great knowing and serving with you all god bless and keep you all
Hall, JustinMMFNNov 1980 – May 28, 1984R 2, 38aGood Times Man!, Hi to all my old Buddies, you too Diana. San Diego was a blast.
Grove, RayEN1 RET.Nov 1980 – Jun 1984R2 38A
Cullen, Christopher profile icone4Dec 15, 1980 – Jun 30, 1983r

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