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Naval Air Station Jacksonville Crew List

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There are 69 crew members registered for the Naval Air Station Jacksonville.

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Fedyski, John(Speedy)ARM31943 – 1945VC27I was on VC27 TBM first to make ARM2
Helton, DorseyFNDec 11, 1959 – Oct 31, 1960Boat DivisionServed in the Boat Division and was assigned to the Ground Defence Force while at NAS Jacksonville. Would like to hear from anyone that served in the Boat Division while I was there.
Popwell, MikeABE3Jun 1960 –Air OPS
Moseley, BillymscSep 1964 – Sep 1970supply
Schuermann, JamesSNOct 1966 – Oct 1967Boat HouseLooking for Navy Diver W. Stewart BM2 at the time of recovery on St Johns 1967
Johnston, StacyAANov 21, 1966 – Apr 5, 1967AO"A" School
Schaefer, Al (Albert)ADJ-2Dec 1966 – Jan 1970Naval Air Rework FacilityI was Petty Officer in charge of the flight test department flying back seat in TA4 and RA5c Aircraft. I hope to locate Phil Tomblin who was assigned to our office.
Pettis, JimAOANJun 1969 – Aug 1969AO
Phillips, Gene profile iconANAug 1969 – Feb 1970NATTCAE "A" School
Rulli, Anthony (Tony)AT21970 – 1972TAD to AIMD from VW4Served in the Precesion Measurement Equipment (PME) lab.
Bishop, David profile iconCS2Oct 31, 1970 – Oct 22, 1971SupplyAfter serving in a Destroyer Squadron for nearly 3 years, NAS JAX was extremely refreshing. I was able to make many friends there in Jacksonville, Fl. I would have re-upped except they offered 6 years of destroyers.
Moler Jr, RonE-3Jan 1972 – Dec 1972Pine Castle Electronic Warfare Range
Dinsmore, DennisPN3Feb 9, 1972 – Dec 23, 1972Patrol Squadron 56, PersonnelEnjoyed Jacksonville for about 3 weeks, then deployed off to Iceland for 5 months, then back to Jacksonville. I learned a lot in both places.
Escueta, AlbertSKC1974 – 1977Supply DivisionLast duty station prior to retirement.
Jaraique, MiguelE5Aug 17, 1975 – Aug 17, 1979Jacksonville naval air stationHospital Corosman
Lewis, Joe profile iconHM 31976 – Aug 1978Orthopedic ward
Padgett, DarrellAirmanMar 1976 – Sep 1976BEQI worked in the BEQ office and Barracks 6G during the summer of '76, waiting for the return of my next command (HS-7) from a Med cruise. I had a buddy there in transit named Dave Bullington (AT3), and LPO named BT1 Blow.
Born, Rolf-michaelPR2Jan 1977 – Dec 1977AIMD
Milks, PatRm3Jun 10, 1977 – Dec 13, 1979communicationswould like to have contact with people from Nas Jax base communications from about 76 to 80
Helms, CharlesABH-1Nov 1977 – Jun 1979Air Terminal Passenger Desk
Downs, Timothysksa / sksnNov 1977 – Nov 1979asd
Tumbaga, BienvenidoGSE2Jun 1978 – Oct 1979Ships divisionI reported aboard NAS Jax as a support personnel for Gas Turbine ships (Frigates). Worked with EM shop. Just to say hi for anyone who recognize and knew me.
Wisler, JeffreyABE21979 – 1981Base Security, Legal Hold BarracksGeneral Billet for shore duty. Enjoyed the tour and the people I worked with...
Safran, Mark ( Saf)MS2Mar 14, 1981 – Jul 21, 1984TAD from VP-16 to the E.D.F.Was stationed there at the E.D.F. when the squadron ( VP-16) was not on patrol.
Pace, CharlesA0AA/AO31982 – 1984WeaponsWeapons Dept.
Terceira, DavePR2Apr 18, 1982 – Jun 6, 1987AIR Division
Bruno, DonnaYN3/YN2May 1982 – 1984FASOTRAGRULANT Det Jax Admin OfficeOne of the best commands in my entire career.
Dixon, MartyPN2Sep 1982 – Aug 1984Personnel Support Detachment
Voiles, ChaseE-5 / DP21983 – 1986Navy Regional Data Automation Center - NARDACThis was the best command during my enlistment. Great city and the people and staff and officers I worked with at NARDAC were the greatest.
Brown, RaymondEN2 - EN1Feb 4, 1984 – Feb 4, 1987DWEST
Reed, WilliamNC1Aug 10, 1984 – Dec 5, 1984naval reserveattached to VP-1174. Was lucky lost no time when I went back on active duty, Career Counselor
Pena, Jerry profile iconPN2Oct 1986 – Jan 1989PSD Jacksonville (ESO)I had the pleasure of working for my very first boss when I joined the Navy ... Mr. Small. He was my Div-O on the Forrestal.
Harper, NathanE-3Feb 1987 – Mar 1989HospitalHello to all of you, hope to reunited with some of you
Charles, Jd profile iconPN1Jun 1987 – Jun 1989PSD Jacksonville
Cassidy, ThomasBM2Aug 1987 – Oct 1990Security Detachment
James, KellyDP1Aug 15, 1987 – Mar 15, 1991NARDAC JAX
Colfer (Calderon), Jackie (Jacquelyn)MS31988 – 1990GALLEYCook at the hospital galley. Married HM3 Rodney Poliard also stationed at the hospital in Ortho clinic. We are married with 2 sons living in Philly. Stayed connected to Ski St. Louis for anyone looking for him.
Viegas, Matthew(E-5) BT2nd Class Petty OfficerMar 21, 1988 – May 9, 1988Armed Guard Lakehurst NJLoved this place of Training Nick Named 'Hollywood" because of my Naval Issued Limo Tinted Nerd Black framed Presciption glasses & risk taking attitude of performance. Met the finest woman in my life at that juncture.
Richards, Mark "Parrot" "coon-ass"stg2Aug 1988 – Aug 13, 1992PDRLNow disabled retired from the navy
Tischhauser, Paul (Bald Dude)E6 AMS1990 – 1991P-3 Flight Engineer School
Davis Jr., MelvinBM2 (SW)May 1, 1990 – Jun 16, 1993DWEST
Vaine, Steve (Artery) profile iconQM1Dec 1990 – Nov 1991MSCActually - Military Sealift Command - Jacksonville. Booth, Baxter, Leverette, Myers, Hopper, BB Eyes...McHales Navy if there ever was one. Loaded ships on Blount Island during Desert Storm. Golf, maid service, per diem - tough duty...

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