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Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 4 (NMCB 4) Crew List

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There are 58 crew members registered for the Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 4 (NMCB 4).

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Schollenberger, Albert, ShortyBu2Mar 1951 – Jan 1953C companyIt would be nice to hear from members of my tours in Bermuda, Port Lyautey, Gitmo and Argentia.
Sorrells, FrankSKG2Jun 1951 – 1953HeadquartersMCB4 organized in Bermuda and based out of Davisville, R.I. I am a plank owner of MCB4 and was born in Canton, N.C. (WWNC)
Reay, CharlesEO3Sep 1955 – 1960A CoGot out after shore duty in Bainbridge MD. Retired in 2000 from a papermill as head electrician.
Hutchinson, DavidBUH31959 – 1961C CompanyPersonnel who were assigned to MCB4 from 1959 through 1961- Remember Gitmo then and Camp Lejune.
Goolsby, HowardEOHCN1960 – 1961DONT REMEMBERWent from Mcb 1 in Davisville to Mcb 4 in Gitmo
Suarez-lugo, OrlandoHM3Mar 9, 1960 – Jan 10, 1961medicalI was with the medical division for one yr during the Gtmo deployment 1960 to 1961. During construction of family housing inside the base.
Glueck, Harold DCMACN/CMA3Sep 1961 – Jul 1963ALPHA CO & Special Services@ Rota SpainPlayed on MCB-4 undefeated football team in 1961@Rota. Deployed to Gitmo in June '62 before Missle Crisis. Deployed to Newfoundland in April '63, rock quarry maint. Seward, Utermohlen, Betz, Gravel, Davis were friends.
Thelen, Richard / Dick profile iconCEW31962 – 1965MCB 4Joined 4 in Gitmo, then to Davisville, Newfoundland, Camp Lejeune, Gitmo, Davisville. Buddies were, Corkins, Schrock, Sprugeon, Heckman, Kuchar, Tripp, Newman, Aman, Mozella, O'Brian, Puchetti, Slocum.
McKnight, Gordon (Mac) profile iconSWF3Feb 2, 1962 – Jul 1965Company BLooking for Daniel Kayser, Bob Blair, Daryl Priebe and other buddies from MCB4.
Wright, BarryCMA3Jun 5, 1963 – Dec 24, 1963A CompanyServed as company clerk in Newfoundland and Davisville under Lt(jg) Crumbley and Chief VanWagner.
MacKey, Andrew F./andyBUH3Aug 1963 – 1966Charlie CompanySTAT team in Rota
S, BillEO-2Sep 5, 1963 – Sep 8, 1963Passenger6 yrs in the Navy,2 1/2 days at sea...all aboard the Aeolus..Fun Time..Gambled alot..Thanks for the ride from Newfoundland to Portsmouth
Linnenkugel, Joseph (Joe)BUR 3Aug 1964 – Aug 1966Delta CompanyWith MCB 4 I served in GITMO, Rota and Chu Lai Vietnam
Jordan, Ray SWE 3Aug 1964 – Jan 3, 1967Delta Co.Retired & live in Inverness FL. On FB, Anyone that was in when I was, want find Dave Penny, last saw him in Richmond Ca. 1968. Ph.503-428-0162 cel, also Lee Underwood.. .
Hogan, CecilCMA3Sep 1964 – Jun 1966ADavisville RI, Rota, Camp Lajune, Port hueneme, Chu Lai Drove wrecker in Chu lai C company while in Rota
Smith, DallasSWE3Mar 8, 1965 – Jan 14, 1967D CompanyRota, Davisville, Camp LeJeune, Port Hueneme and Chu-Lai. Drove a duce and a half to job sites. We had the only hut with a back porch. I remember Rand Glumm, Charlie Towle, John 'Red' Behrens, George, Garlock, Sewack,
Frobe, EarlCMH3Sep 1965 – Aug 1967A co
Williams, DavidEO2Nov 30, 1965 – Nov 30, 1967MCB 4
Tanner, KennethMR11966 – 1968Co AMade two deployments (Chu Lai & Da Nang) with MCB-4. I was regular Navy serving with MCB-4. I was a Machinery Repairman 1st class (machinist) working in the machine shop trailers. Many fond memories of a MCB-4.
Williams, Mark profile iconEAS2Jun 1966 – Mar 15, 1969EngineeringI went to Vietnam (Da Nang) in early '67....assigned to Supply under Lt Jg Everett....worked with a guy named Marquez, who was in the yard...I mostly worked in the warehouse. 2nd trip in '68 Field surveyor
Holton Jr., BenEAS2Jun 25, 1966 – Feb 9, 1968USNAVYAttempting to make contact with any Battalion members
Dunham, JerryEN 3Aug 1966 – Jul 1967A Company Time in MCB 4 was an eye opener
Miller, RichardEA2Sep 1966 – Dec 10, 1969Headquarters EngineeringServed in Danang 67 and 69. Spent 68 in Port Hueneme. Enjoyed my time in the battalion. Wouldn't want to do it again.
Sewack, JoeSW3Mar 1967 – Aug 1967MCB4Deployed to An Hoa & Khe Sanh in D Company
Scruggs, RogerEA21968 – 1972HeadquartersWas the photographer for MCB4 on Okinawa and Rota Spain, Now doing photo & Video
Evans, Harlen BruceCE21968 – 1969BServed with MCB4 in RVN in '69 at Da Nang & Hoi An, 36 years later I was serving with the US Army in Iraq (05-06) at Al Taquaddum and saw MCB 4 there.
Mayo, RichardBuilder Third Class (BU3)Sep 17, 1968 – Dec 17, 1969Port Hueneme CA Danang/Hill 65 Vietnam 1969Good training, good tour, good friends. Found out a lot about myself and my fellow man. Served 32 years (22 years in Air Force Civil Engineers - Prime Beef Homestead FL ARB.
Senn, RobertCM31970 – 1970A Company
Northrup, RayPN3Feb 1970 – Jun 1973HeadquartersUSN MCB FOUR was an outstanding unit. I have carried many fond memories over the years of my years of service of FOUR.
Glazier, DaveBU-2May 1970 – 1974Charlie CompanyRota Spain, Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico, Diego Garcia- If I had to do it over again, I'd do it the same way.
Pallotto, DonaldE5Apr 1971 – Nov 1972B company
Kruger, RoyBU2Jul 4, 1972 – Dec 3, 1976delta companyit was the best thing I ever did!
Drury, CharlesSKSNJan 1, 1974 – Sep 1, 1974S4Deployed to Diego Garcia
Walther, StevenSW2Mar 1974 – Mar 1978Don't rememberJapan, Guam, Guantanamo Bay, Sicily Learned to scuba dive
Brassart, Jim (Brass)BM3Nov 1975 – Oct 1977headquarters
Palmer, AlexEO21978 – 1982A Co.1977 NAVSUPPFAC DIEGO GARCIA; MCB 4 Diego Garcia, Guam, Rota, Roosevelt Roads
Smith, Wayne/wdEOCR/EO2Jan 25, 1978 – Sep 1, 1981A-coDiego Garcia/Guam/Diego Garcia
Perle, DaveSW2May 1978 – Jan 1983Bravo, Charlie, delta companiesMain body Diego Garcia 78-79, Det Diego 79-80, Det Bahrain 80-81, Det Bermuda 82
Spiller, RobLieutenantApr 1979 – Sep 10, 1981OperationsHad a great experience in Guam and Sigonella under Capt Robinson and LCDR John Doyle
Martin, KenBUMay 1980 – Dec 1984B, C, D-CompaniesDeployments to Sigonella Sicily, Rosevelt Roads Puerto Rico, Okinawa Japan, Pohang S.Korea and Rota Spain.
Martin, KenBUMay 1980 – Dec 1984B, C, D-CompaniesDeployments to Sigonella Sicily, Rosevelt Roads Puerto Rico, Okinawa Japan, Pohang S.Korea and Rota Spain.

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