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USS Savannah (AOR 4) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Savannah (AOR 4). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 308 crew members registered for the USS Savannah (AOR 4).

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Hall, JimOS11977 – 1979OII thought it sucked back then, but I'd pay a million to go back. I only remember the good times now. "Fuck it, Feed,em hot dogs."
Louk, Bm3Bm31977 – 19821st. DivRemember collision with forestall. Remember BM1 Anderson best LPO ever. Does anyone know his where abouts?
Decker, JohnMM3Feb 1977 – Jun 1979Mbest times aboard the old girl. would like to hear from the the crew who knew me.God bless and thank you for your service. 5 26 2014
Collins, TerryETMar 1977 – Jan 1978
Ranaldi, StevenOS 3Mar 1977 – Jun 1980OIAwesome ship great crew.had the time of my life.just didn't know it at the time.hi to rick,Jeff,Bob,Jim,Jim,duck,Smitty,murrey,curley,brewer ,Wilkerso n,Geek,Jake and the rest of operations....RIP PHIL BENEDICT
Cochran, SteveSM2Jun 1977 – May 1978OCRe-enlisted on board dec 1977 loved the savannah
Jacoby, GreggMM2Sep 1977 – Jul 29, 1981IT was a great group of guys to trust my life with. I was Top watch in the engine room for the collision with the Forrestal and for the Boiler explosion that left us stranded in Chesapeake Bay.
Torres, Jesus TacosaSep 23, 1977 – Aug 16, 19811st divhi shipmates some might remember my nick name Taco best time when I was young is the Savannah AOR 4 and 1st div and becoming a Shellback
Dougherty, John / DocHT3Oct 1977 – Jun 1980repairBest of times ! Berle-milo-D.Cook-D.johns -p.pervis ! Remember waples mill pond trip ? Glad we were in b4 they cracked down-would have had to get new crew @ some ports of call. Thnx 4 the memories
Sutehall, JohnSK2Nov 1977 – Jan 1980S-1
Wimberly, MiloHT3Nov 9, 1977 – Aug 28, 1981Repair
Sutehall, JohnSK2Nov 10, 1977 – Jan 16, 1980S-1Came on board three days before deployment to the Med. The only good news was getting out of Norfolk...
Rigney, DaveBM11978 – 1982DeckWhat a fantastic four years....highlights were playing in the ship's band and the collision with Forrestal, watching the control tower on stations 8 and 10 get turned into scrap metal! Still into music and always will be.....
Rapoff, JimQM11978 – 1981Nav/AdminI learned alot on the Savy Sue. Made 3 Meds, 2 North Atlantic and 1 South Atlantic cruise + many duty oiler ops in VACAPES. Always Out Replenishing & Anchored Out Repeatedly. "Nobody Does It Better"
Vance, Grege-3 enginemanJun 1978 – Jan 1979fuel pump rooms and bilgesi was a total screw up on this ship and wasted my time and everyone that served with me. missed ships movement when we were in savannah georgia...didnt get back to the ship by midnight when in st. thomas.miss the ocean.
Rivers, StevenE7/BTC (SW)Sep 17, 1978 – Sep 5, 1980ENGINEERING/BOILERS
Taylor, DonaldGMG3Nov 1978 – Aug 1979Wepshad a great time was my first sea command after the Phillipines for 2 yrs. was there for the trip to Savannah, have been back a few times since. st thomas was nice and gitmo wasnt but all in all a great ship and a great shipmates
Varney, John R "J.r."MM3Dec 1978 – Jan 1981M Main controlI lft savannah when i broke my leg it was the best there was and the best that ever will be. I consider it my honor to have served with the crew that i did...
Bloem, DanFRDec 4, 1978 – May 18, 1979A-DIVISON
Sumner, DennisE21979 – 1981loved the ship and crew and good old J.C Breast made shell back on that boat and ill never forget ray gould he was a very good friend
Goodwin, DanMM2Jan 1, 1979 – Jun 25, 1982mI am trying to find some old Navy buddies from the USS Savannah 1979-1982
Mundy, Chester(Chet)SK3Apr 1, 1979 – Sep 29, 1981SupplyHad a great time. Enjoyed all the places I went to. Also I met alot of great people.
Gardner, Robert "Bob"ET2Jul 26, 1979 – Dec 3, 1982OEMy first and only sea duty - high points: Drydock in NYC, playing rock'n'roll with BM1 Rigney, Med tour, St. Thomas - Low points: Gitmo, getting smashed by the Forrestfire, leaving New York. Unforgettable! BTW, I have lots of photos....
Whaley, JamesBM3Sep 25, 1979 – Mar 25, 1982DeckAny of you guys that I hung out with and got to know that I haven't heard from in Forever send me an email so we can get caught up
Sim, MitchLTJGNov 1979 – May 1980CIC,EMOHad a great time on Savannah. Very eventful 79-80 Med deployment. Best time was Christmas in Barcelona with my then fiancee.
John, MoscarielloE 31980 – 1983ENGINEERING
Gould, MonroeBM31980 – 19832ND DIVWe had a blast!! Brooklyn, Thailand, Amsterdam!!! Hell if it was'nt for all that unrep, turn-two, midwatch stuff..I may have stayed longer!! Great Friends, Good times...
Greene, GarySK3Jan 1980 – Aug 1983S1
Hoffman, AllenEM1May 1980 – Jun 1982ESecond times a charm.
Rochester, FredOS3May 11, 1980 – Dec 15, 1983OIServed with some of the greatest sailors in the Navy. Never will forget Chief Bennett; put me up for the Navy Achievement Award, gave it to me on my last day aboard ship. BM1 Rigney helped get me from deck to ops. Thanks
Patrick, DennisMM3May 12, 1980 – Jun 18, 1984Machinest mate
Huot, Eric "Crashhuotski"SH3Jul 15, 1980 – Aug 1984SupplyStarted my shipboard duties in 1st division, then to the supply department as a SH3. Most memorable moment February 28, 1983, I crashed in the Indian Ocean on a CH-46 Seaknight.
Hipp, RobertSHSNJul 20, 1980 – Jul 20, 1984S3I served aboard savannah from 80 to 84 first in 1st div. for a short time then in supply as an SH for the rest of my enlistment. she was great ship with a great crew and my home for 4 years
Walter, Burge snOct 1, 1980 – Mar 1, 1983RAS
Denson, Tim profile iconET3/ET2Nov 1980 – Apr 1984OEFirst ship. Remember Capt. Breast and the Silver Fox? Great memories! Loved maintaining the Radar/IFF equipment. Now retired from the Navy, and working for a contract manufacturer of military electronic equipment.
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Fugate, HermanE3Nov 1, 1980 – Mar 1, 1983
C, Guy1981 – 1984
George, KeithE31981 – 1985firstServed on board savvy sue was the hilite of my career served in first division almost got married and awol while in phuket tland those were the days i miss them
Oppel, Steve (Oppy)MM31981 – 1984MWhat a great time, i just didnt know it at the time.
Mangus, JohnBM31981 – 1984deck 2nd div.
Butler, ChrisMMFNMar 20, 1981 – Oct 10, 1985M-Turn two and hit the pit you Squids.
Wannamaker, JamesMCPOApr 1981 – Mar 1983Command Master Chief
Mague, AlexBM2Apr 9, 1981 – Sep 20, 19841stAlways remember Brooklyn Navy Yard(nothing like New York liberty) and Phuket, Thailand with the people who were crying when we left.
Crossland, SteveQM3Jun 1, 1981 – Aug 5, 1983NAVGreat times onboard the Savy Sue! Brooklyn Navy Yard, GTMO, Amsterdam, Haifa, and Phuket. Would've stayed longer but I got into a car accident in England and got sent to the Caloose upon healing.
Siddons, MarkMM3Jul 1981 – May 1984RASEGood memories
Seaman, KentAug 13, 1981 – May 6, 1986RASE/WINCHBest ship I was ever on. Did two tours. 81-86 and 89-91. Served as a unrep electrician. divo's were LT Arthur, Lt Mc Kenzie, Lt Dixon. Great people to serve with. Crew was small and everyone knew each other. Memories include Savannah, GA, Thail
Mendez, BartoloBM1Aug 20, 1981 – Jun 21, 19832ndHello, Anyone remember the Helo crash,feb 28 1983.THis is BM1 MENDEZ retired 1995.
Stroman, StroOS2Sep 10, 1981 – Jul 19, 1986OPS
Bushon, JamesHT3Oct 1981 – Jun 1985RThis was my first command and my most memerable one.
Robbins, MarkBM2 (SW)Oct 29, 1981 – Mar 20, 19851ST Div
Bagley, Lesliemm3Nov 30, 1981 – Aug 15, 1986winchhad fun and grew up with the men on this ship
Losito, NicholasSKSNDec 26, 1981 – Aug 25, 1985Supply 1I was not given full potential of my abilities to achieve to PO 3. I totally Grateful to Rear Admiral E.D.Conner, USN who totally Believed in me. I blame the sodomite Clinton for the Command being destroyed.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1973 | 1974 – 1976 | 1977 – 1981 | 1982 – 1984 | 1985 – 1987 | 1988 – 1991 | 1992 – now

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