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USS Kansas City (AOR 3) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Kansas City (AOR 3). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 687 crew members registered for the USS Kansas City (AOR 3).

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Hartington, William (bill)ENSIGN1981 – 1983Ship'sBos'n
Morgan, William EBM1/BMC1981 – 19852ndBest ship I served on in my 30 years, taught me how to be a Boats again. Came on board as a new BM1 who had not worked in the BM rate for 4 years and left selected for Warrant Boatswain, all because of the great people in Deck Department.
Magner Lll, Henry J. {joe}BM31981 – 1983deckThe end of my short, but memorable Naval career
Clayton, MichaelE-31981 – 1983B- divisionMan so long ago, I was a real screw up back then, the navy did a good job setting me straight. Looking back it was not a bad time at all. I ended up in the paint business. Imagine that.
Beebe, DaleDP2Jan 1981 – Jan 1982S-1
Casler, EdMMCJan 1, 1981 – Jan 27, 1984M-Division
Alford, RobertBT3Jan 10, 1981 – Oct 1984Retired in 2000 and through out my career,up to present, I think of the K.C., the guys I served with and the times we had. The most memorable was becoming a shellback!
Johnson, BenE4Feb 1981 – Jun 1983SUPPLYGunkel remember you, we took a little trip up north. K.C. was a good ship, lots of underway time.
Fleming, MikleIC2Feb 14, 1981 – Oct 27, 1984E Division
Houff, BillET3Mar 15, 1981 – Dec 15, 1983OEI grew up a lot on that ship. Thanks to great people like Steve Pelham, Jim Droesch, Pete Nisen, Jim Cornutte, and my best friend Dan Clough. We had the best stereo. I went back onboard in 1989 and the shelving we installed was still there.
Jordan, AnthonyE-4/RM3Apr 1981 – Aug 1, 1983OperationsEnjoyed visiting different countries.
Johnson, MikeBM3May 1981 – Oct 19862nd / XSome crazy fun and a lot of hard work, especially during UNREPs and tons of time on the flight deck. Hated REFTRA. RIMPAC 84 and the "Roll & Toke" grounding in HI was and experience. Portland was fun. Miss "Gizmo" n "RAC
Templeton, BillEMFNMay 1, 1981 – Aug 23, 1983ElectricalIt was a life of extremes. Either a fantastic time or a terrible time at sea. Had some great crew members.
De Saro, Gregorio De SaroBT2May 20, 1981 – Nov 30, 1982bserved while ship visited portland,oregon (rose festival),pineapple cruise, victoria british columbia and west pac , was on board during unfortunate boiler explotion incident but had a great time while serving.
Watt, SamPN3Jun 21, 1981 – Mar 21, 1985XHey "X" Div friends are you out there?
Ferguson, JeffSHSNJul 1981 – May 1983S3I see a lot of names of great people I use to know while I was on the kc. If anyone wants to contact me call 601--454-1045. I hope that everyone is doing well.
Broudy, JonGMG2Sep 1981 – Mar 1983Weapons
Gilliland, DonaldMMFNSep 8, 1981 – May 13, 1984M DivisionI spent most of my time on the evap flats. Tore them down more than once. Of the two ships, KC and the USS California, KC tops every one of them
Gilliland, Jr., DonaldMMFNSep 9, 1981 – May 31, 1984I found William Walck, and Captain Caveman, but am really looking for a good friend, Rafeal "Ralph" Martinez. I had a good time and still have fond dreams of my time with these guys. Anyone wanting to talk, feel free to email me.
Myers, DavidOS2/OS3/OS2Sep 14, 1981 – Aug 15, 1985OIEnjoyed the hell out of the Westpac's! Maybe too much? Anyone who remembers, feel free to email.
Gwin, BruceSEAMANOct 14, 1981 – May 1, 1985Admin OfficeHong Kong, Perth, Singapore, Maui, Victoria Island, The Phillipines, and a lot of ocean. I think of the crew and hope everyone is doing well and I wonder what we would be doing if we were still on active duty. Good luck to you all.
Zaat, Jeff, ZapperQM2Nov 13, 1981 – Apr 7, 1985NavigationHard work, Long Hours while at sea. Great memories
Poulton, ScottSHSNDec 1981 – Oct 1983SupplyWorked in the ship's store, 2 West Pacs, became a Shellback and met some great people. Sad to see her go. I see some Deck and Supply Dept. names I recognize - hope all are doing well. Looking for ship's patches/hats, can anyone help me out?
Gunkel, DaveBM2Dec 28, 1981 – Oct 31, 19831stI joined the Navy "To see the world" and got stationed aboard a sub tender(the L.Y.Spear AS-36) in Norfolk Va. for 4 years,didn't really go anywhere.Then I extended for 2 more years,drew the K.C. and ended up going around the world twice in
Gates, DavidDAVID GATES1982 – 1986DECK APE / StorekeeperWhat a great experience I had. I did a lot of growing up aboard the USS Kansas City. Thank you BM1/ Chief / (I think) LCDR Morgan for all your guidance. After all these years I'm still grateful that you were there for me when I needed
Robertson, KenBMSNJan 1982 – Jul 1985FirstWas in First Division , Did lots of replenishments and re fueling . Haze gray and underway.
Thornton, JoelSA/BM2Jan 1982 – Feb 19863rd/StreamWhen I got out of bootcamp I knew I would not be sent to a cruise ship.I had no idea I would be sent to a gray cruise ship on steroids.Always underway,always working, yet all the while soaking in an experience I would not have had without all of you.
Armstrong, AndyEN2Jan 12, 1982 – Jul 9, 1984A GANGTo many memories and they where All Great, thanks to all who served with me always a class act
Cosio, AnselmoSeaman E3Feb 1982 – Nov 1985Deck Department 1st & 2nd divAttention!All hands on deck,now station the unrep detail, USS Coral Sea approaching on portside!BM1Morgan&especiallyBMCBERARD thankyou so much for saving mylife the night myfootgot caught in runaway phoneline786-234-9076
Beanblossom, JeffreyGM3Feb 1982 – Feb 1984WepsMy first command and in many ways the most challenging. Many very good friends. Lots of new experiences. Lifelong memories and a few nearly unbelievable stories
Sallis, MichaelSNFeb 28, 1982 – Aug 15, 1983First and Weapons
Marker, Steven "Magic"BMSNMar 17, 1982 – Mar 14, 19841stHad a blast in 1st Division. Met some very cool people. Would love to get back in touch with a few and talk old times.
Russell, Ericsm2Apr 5, 1982 – Apr 5, 1982oc
Lisa, MarkHM2/E-5May 1982 – Jun 1983HWestPac 83, Under Captain Ralph Brown, great ship, great crew, had a great time. I miss those days. Please email me if anyone recognizes me.
Johnstone, ScottOS3May 1982 – May 1986OI
Febbo, VincentE-5/BOATSWAINMATEMay 1982 – Sep 19852nd
Zamzow, BrianBM2May 1982 – Dec 19851sthad a great time on the KC.
Ruhnau, DanAD2Jun 1, 1982 –hc11 det 3Was flight crewchief for HC-11 HH46 helicopters!
Sakaida, NormanPC1Jun 10, 1982 – Jul 16, 1984AdminDid 1 Pac on the KC then assigned to FPO San Fran. After 6 years in the Bay Area., got the USS Okinawa out of S.D. and retired in 91 as a PC1. Worked 26 yrs. as Letter Carrier, retired in 2016 & we moved to Philippines!
McNew, William ( Bill )QM3Aug 13, 1982 – Aug 6, 19851st and NavHad a great 3 years
Russell, EricSM2Aug 15, 1982 – Jan 15, 1986OCI noticed a lot of names on the list remember these people - good times!!!! - can be found back home in Phoenix, Az
Eric, RussellSm2Aug 15, 1982 – Jan 15, 1986OCIt's good to see a lot of familiar names on this list - I hope everyone is doing well - I hope to hear from some of you!! This is my second time on here - new e-mail address...
Powderly, TerencePN3Sep 1982 – Jun 1985Admin
Hordeski, JamesOS3Sep 1982 – Oct 1984OI
Lute, ChrisE-3Sep 1982 – Mar 1984supply s-3shout out to scott poulton i worked barbershop and laundry. still have your buick GS ?
Lute, ChrisE-3Sep 1982 – May 1984supply/S-3looking for scott poulton,jeff onifer,jeff fergason,'fergy' and benny vasquez
Komenda, Tom/greedye-3Sep 9, 1982 – Mar 7, 19851st div.whats up? , shit heads.
Bretz, DouglasYN3Oct 1982 – May 1986AdminI would like to say hi to Teri Powderly from the Personnel group. How is going Terri. Have you heard from Bruce or Sam or Ron Carver. GO Orioles.
Seibert, Daveos3Nov 9, 1982 – Aug 25, 1984oi divisoni was on board about 2 years i messed up my knee in the indian ocean while on west pac went to pi for 7 knee operation!!! she was a great ship served with rac,dewar,vato jose,art ,kribs. great bunch of guys!!!!!!!
Coca, MartyMM3Dec 1982 – Aug 4, 1986M DivisionHas a great time and learned so much. I would not have what I have today if I did not learn the operations of M division. I have gone so far Kansas City Light may you alway shine.
Pfaff, JamesSM3Dec 20, 1982 – Oct 26, 19851st and operations

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