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USS Kansas City (AOR 3) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Kansas City (AOR 3). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 687 crew members registered for the USS Kansas City (AOR 3).

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Hartman, CraigHM21975 – 1976H Div-Sick BayNothin, but fond memories of Hunters Point?
Ring, Jr., JamesE-5 Interior Communications1975 – 1976Engineering
Manci, FrankEnsign1975 – 1976SupplyGreat ship, great crew.
Goforth, RobertE-41975 – 1979S-2My first ship. Rode like a Limo.
Castillo, DavidSN1975 – 1976X
Frazier, Gary "fritz"E-1Jan 1, 1975 – Jul 11, 1977Deck 2 Worked under Chief Malone.Coleman if your still out there I still hate you man! Had a good time on the KC was restricted to the ship a lot but oh well.Where are you Frank Hanaran and Marty Dugan?We tore it up in Olongapo City!
Jedlowski, RonSKCJan 25, 1975 – Sep 1, 1979S-1Now retired Navy living in Chesapeake, Virginia. Working as Administrative Director of Materiels at Bon Secours Maryview Medical Center - Portsmouth, VA. Kansas City was a great ship with a fantasic crew.
Berry, Ronald/boatsBM3Feb 1, 1975 – Jun 10, 19772ndHad a Great time on the Kansas to see a lot of the world....would love to hear from anyone who remembers me....I have kept in contact with then Seaman Mack Mitchell....would love to hear from then BM2 Mike Coleman or Boatswain Skates...
Watson, John (Jack)GMG3Feb 1, 1975 – Dec 1, 1976Weaponswhile on the Kansas city i learned a new side of the gunnersmate row on Navy ships. With the long hours at the unrep station and the great liberty ports of call, AOR3 has left me with a good feelings.
Buth, JoeE-5Feb 2, 1975 – Feb 13, 1976OI
Whitman, AlfredMM2Mar 15, 1975 – Nov 5, 1979POLJust been looking around and see a couple names from the past. Had a great time with a great bunch of people. Was known as Squid Kid.
Conklin, DavidynsnApr 1975 – Aug 1976ship,s officeHad a great time during dry dock time for the 9 months we were at hunters point and some sad timeR.I.P. SN THORPE, , hello goosey, jack, chief woody, john Ireland, Randy Hanks
Hauser, DarylBM-3Apr 1, 1975 – Oct 9, 19772ndWent thru yards and West-Pac to Australia got out BM-3
Wooster, JeffreyBT3Apr 15, 1975 – Sep 1978The kc was my first of five ships and two shore stations. it was a good time.
Hank, RandyFTM2Jun 1975 – Aug 1977WEAPONSIt's been almost 30 years since I sailed on her but the experience still influences me today. I recall a lot of hard work, long hours, great shipmates, and experiences that had to be lived to be appreciated (and believed!).
Burns, TerryJul 1, 1975 – Jul 1979weaponsWhat an adventure, we had a blast.lots of hours and lots of life, loads of good memories....God Bless America.
Walters, Ben profile iconFTM2Jul 3, 1975 – Feb 11, 1980WeaponsIt's great seeing names I remember from my time onboard. I am now a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army Reserve living in the Fort Worth, TX area. Have some great memories from the 2 WESTPACs (76-77 & 78-79). Give me a holler!
Spillane, JimRMSNAug 1975 – May 1977OPSGreat ship to serve on, fun times. Made Shellback on 10-13-76. Did we really have to play that song after every unrep? Its still stuck in my head.
McKinney, DavidAug 1975 – Jun 1977Deck 1stGood Ship with a good crew. Saw a lot of neat places I would not have got to see otherwise
Wicklund, RandySH2Sep 15, 1975 – May 23, 1979Ship ServiceHad a great time while I served aboard the Kansas City. Two west pacs and made shellback first cruise. Australia was great.So was seeing all the other countries the ship visited., love to hear from crew members
Buss, JamesBT1/BTCOct 1975 – Oct 1980BCame aboard as BT1 and was promoted to BTC 1978. KC was a great ship and I helped her thru two overhauls and her first 600# light off exam. Second "BEST" ship I served on and several great "BT's", PO1's and CPO's.
Hines, TimJO 3Nov 1975 – Jul 1978Ships TVKC was in dry dock when I arrived,westpac 76-77 shell back 10-13-76 cant forget that fat guy and the water box so many great ports great guys where is Bowersock,L Green(barber), Jed (Jedlowski), Turned 21 in Sydney. WE DID HAVE FUN.
Fortune, LeeE-3 BMSN (lol)Dec 10, 1975 – Apr 10, 19782ndI will never forget the days I spent on the K.C. That is the ones I remember. Too much partying in all those really cool places. Aust., Singapore, P.I., Japan, Korea, Pearl Harbor. Hell of a good time. R.I.P. FX Hanrahan.
Liftman, MichaelLT(JG)1976 –Supply
Griffith, Jack1976 –
McKinney, DavidBM E21976 – 1978Deck 1st
Jeske, RandyHT21976 – 1979RI have 4 boys in the Military my daughter ask what ship I was on -I googled it up-glad I did great memories
Williams, EarlE-2Jan 1976 –FirstHad big fun even after we collided with USS Enterprise CVN-65 anyone on the KC that remembers call me at (610)-380-5762
Churik, ByronJan 1, 1976 – Dec 29, 1978BGood time Glad to be there
Harris, VanE5Feb 1976 – Oct 23, 1979SK2I would like to reconnect with my crew mates.
Jarriel, LouieYN2Feb 15, 1976 – Oct 23, 1979XWould like to hear from shipmates from that time period. Have heard from Jim Baker
Walter, Rev. ThomasETR3Mar 1976 – May 1978Operations IntelligenceIt seems so long ago. I just found this site and it brings back such fond memories of the Kansas City and the guys we went through hell with. I would love to hear from anyone who served aboard her.
Richards, RodFTMSNMar 1976 – Jun 1979WEPSCame on board as FTGSN, but no guns on board, changed us to FTM's. Ended up as Weps Yeoman. Made two WesPac's. Became Shellback 1st cruise, took Captain through on 2nd. Living in Portland, OR Website
Powell, Joems3Mar 18, 1976 – Apr 16, 1979supplytim do you remember me?wheres rick king?man did i get stone on that ship.
Thorpe, EdHM3Apr 1976 – May 1977MedicalTreated a lot of you guys on West Pac, hope you're still OK. Am still treating the sick and injured the best I know how. Love to hear from any of you I served with.
Bruneau, Ronald / BrunoBTFNMay 1976 – Jul 1978 B / EngineeringFirst ship & first time to Bay Area in Calif. What a great ship & time that I had. First WesPac & Shellback cruise. BT1 Buss got me good during Shellback Week. Wes Pacs are great;big wide world out there. Thanks everyone.
King, DaveHT=3Jun 1976 – Aug 1976RJUst spent a few months on her prior to her WestPac
Childs, AdelbertE4Jun 1976 – Sep 1979Operations, electronic techWell. Glad to find this site. This ship was a learning experience. Learn about new people got new friends. Never will forget the traveling. Done some things that no one here at home believes.
Michalik, HarryMM3Jun 1, 1976 – Jun 1, 19803 rd STREAMWhats up
Santana, RickBT3Jul 1976 – Feb 15, 1978BThe best learning experience I achieved, and alot of good memories and good friends.... especially West-Pac Cruises.
Adams, RaySNJul 1976 – Jul 19791stWould like to hear from anyone who served with me.
Starling, James (Jamie)IC3Aug 1976 – Oct 1979EHad a great time. If you would like to contact me, I live in Mt. Vernon, Ohio and I'm in the phone book.
Zsedeny, Gene/hossBM3Aug 1976 – 1978streamLots of fun med cruise,gitmo ,virgin isle,etc
McGuire, Patrick "Mo"HM3Aug 16, 1976 – May 19, 1978Hey! was your Corpsman. Saw your entry, Ed Thorpe. After ACDU, stayed in the Reserves. called up for Desert Shield/Storm in the Persian Gulf on th USNS COMFORT, (hospital ship) and the K.C. was with us. now, retired HMC and a Registered Nurse.
Williams, SteveIC 5Aug 26, 1976 – Oct 22, 1978ENGLast duty station before exiting. Good memories of times onboard with some great guys. Nice to see there is finally an avenue for old service buddies to make contact and stay in touch. I'm still in California and look forward to reconnecting.
Salamon, MarkHT 3Aug 30, 1976 – Aug 30, 1980RTHE KANSAS CITY WAS HOME AWAY FROM HOME
Johnson, Leonard (Len)FTM-1Sep 1976 – Apr 1981WeaponsCame on board a pushbutton E-4 from Missouri, left a Shellback E-6 4 1/2 years later. Still in California, but left the Navy and the ship 25 years ago. Never did get all the salt out of my system. I knew all the other Weapons folks here- hello, all.
McDonald, PeteEM2Sep 1976 – Sep 1978Worked in the Electrical Safety Shop/Tool Issue and E gang with Ken Cook & Rick Patten. Has anyone heard from Mangy ( Rowan) of M-Div?
Wess, JimRM2Sep 1, 1976 – Sep 1978OPSAny One out there, spillane, lucy, izzo, bags, williams stroble,clark,casebeer,mayer ???rupert..
Mayer, JimRMSASep 15, 1976 – Jun 3, 1977OCCame aboard at just 17. Left at 18 but as more mature SAILOR. To the Radio Shack guys of 76-77 westpac, Spilane, Dube, Casebeer, and others-you guys helped me tremendously.Micky-always sorry 4 the Head punch. Anyone no about Capt Moore?
Powell, DavidSK2Oct 1976 – Jun 1978s-1came aboard in subic after ship had come from australia (remember the canned milk), reese was on restriction, jedlowski was the big man, then along came baker and skcm bolton. wiclund was s-3.
Scarborough, EarlSEAMENNov 1976 – Aug 19782nd deckaor-3 was my first ship I love the 2 west pacs i went on i left the KC and went to fitron2 or VF-2 i made E-4
Taylor, HankYN3Nov 3, 1976 – Aug 31, 1978XHad a good time in Westpac. Wouldn't trade it for the world.
Elicker, VictorSKNov 19, 1976 – Feb 14, 1978Supply S-1
Adams, RaySNNov 27, 1976 – Jul 14, 19791STIm interested in contacting paul judge sn 1st div . 76-79
Zemanek, Z-manEM3Dec 1976 – Apr 19803rd STREAMRemember the great times and the great people on the KC. Would like to here from anyone that would like too. I live in Mason City, Iowa. Call 641-494-2401 FTN :o) EM2 COOK where are you?????
Taras, Tom "tiger"SN \"SEAMAN OVER 4\"Dec 1976 – Aug 15, 19802nd 3rdcame aboard in Subic(sigh) just after Austrailia.Hung out with FXH Frank Hanrahan,Rick Ulrich,Gerg Bohy,Steve Sanchez ,Zoom,Johnny Hitch,Mike Oldham... I broke my leg in August,1978, 12 days before West pac!!
Baker, JamesSK2Dec 1, 1976 – Oct 1, 1980S1supply office puke :o)
Scarborough, EarlSEAMENDec 15, 1976 – Aug 15, 19782nd deck
Maik, ChrisSM3Dec 23, 1976 – Aug 28, 1980OCHere go. Pushing to get ex-crewmembers over to the USS KC aor-3 page on facebook, membership #s up.
Baker, JamesSK1(SW)USN(RET)Dec 24, 1976 – May 23, 1980S-12008--still alive and well in Maryland. Yea, i retired in 95. supply consisted of Robinson,fulcher,harris,JED, Powell,reese,skcm bolten,cdr collins,leaptrot,chesson,dp2 maxson,cooley,sk1 geno,I reported day b4 Xmas in P.I.
Kerzner, MarksnDec 24, 1976 – Aug 8, 19792nd divisiongreat times an friends that I made.can never forget the PI and the that word in the morning baloot.,and becoming a shellback
Harrison, Brad (Harry)ET3Dec 30, 1976 – Dec 30, 1976OPPSI served with a great group of guys, they tought me alot about life and helped me grow up. Thanks OE department and Radiomen, you guys knew how to party.. Hey Steve, do you remember that night at Diego Garcia?

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