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USS Milwaukee (AOR 2) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Milwaukee (AOR 2). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 579 crew members registered for the USS Milwaukee (AOR 2).

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Kobelja, NickEM21986 – 1990EGot to ride the boat that brought all of our gear to Kuwait a few years ago (Army Guard). It was great to use my sea legs again.
English, Do-wopSK31986 – 1990S1
Bracy, Andy profile iconFC21986 – 1991OPSHey Shipmates! Miss the Ole Mil! Trying to track down GM3 Mike Maddox.
Cooper, DannyMM3Jan 1, 1986 – Jul 7, 1989"A" GangA lot of hard work and long days at sea, but wouldn't trade the experience for nothing.
Albin, Raymond profile iconFC2Jan 2, 1986 – Mar 16, 1991OF operationsUSS Milwaukee AOR-2 The good old days. Never thought I would look back so fondly of those times.Hope all are well and have enjoyed fair winds and following seas. Possible reunion in Nashville 4-6 May 2018.See You there
Redd, JoelMMJan 5, 1986 – Jun 15, 1991A/M/LCHad a great time on the "old Milwaukee". I will always remember the people that make my time on the MIlwaukee. I know I was kinda hard to get along with at times.
Egli, RichMS3Jan 20, 1986 – Aug 25, 1989supplyYou just don't realize how emotionally you are tide to the Ole girl until we go go down memory lane and reconnect with are ole shipmates and photo's. Good times and bad times, it was still our times.
Vera, JuanQM2Feb 1986 – Jun 19891st&NavGreat experience. No regrets. Hello to all my Jersey buddies.
Crouch, DanRP3Mar 1986 – Oct 1989AdminCan't believe there is a website for AOR2. Left an RP3 and swore I'd never go a JAG and active duty LCDR. Recently attended JIM McILMAIL's retirement. Grateful for the fun on AOR 2, even more grateful for stautes of limitation
Sakofske, JoeBT2Apr 1, 1986 – Jul 31, 1989B
Burnett, BillSK2May 1986 – Oct 19, 1989S-1Milwaukee really launched my career. Retired a SKC and am now buying ammunition for the Navy.
Nelson, Gary profile iconDC2May 1986 – Feb 2, 1989R
Rishcoff, RobertBM3May 17, 1986 – Sep 23, 19892nd/Deck Off.Checked on board with an attitude and walked off with a love for the Navy! Many great memories, thank you Bos'n Glenn!! I'm now a BMC serving still in the reserves.
Curtiss, KeithMM2Jun 1986 – Aug 1994STREAM
Ramirez, Guillermo "Will"SMSNJul 1986 – Mar 1987OCGood memories, but not what I was promised. Please visit my web site at
Haman, Leroy "Hounddog"AOR 2Jul 1986 – Jun 1989boat then streamlots of memories of long hrs running boats and countless unreps. miss the boys from stream 1st and boat div. grown up alot since then, maybe i should say out, whatever.
Carman, JohnLT JGJul 15, 1986 – Dec 15, 1989Damage ControlHey Guys, Where are you????
Rashko, JoelBT 3Jul 16, 1986 – Jul 16, 1991B EBO1Hey snipes,wondering where everybody is at.I got out in 98 then I worked on boats in the oil field in the gulf of mexico,now I am a generator mechanic for National Oilwell Varco. Went on 2 more ships after ole mil,not as good as my first.
Rashko, JoelBT 3Jul 16, 1986 – Jul 16, 1991B EBO1Hey mates,enjoyed my first 5 yrs. and sucked after that,got out in 98 and living the life being home everyday and not being away for months
Palmer, Carl(Shorty P)RM3Sep 1, 1986 – Apr 1, 1990COM DEPARTMENTGreat memories and crazy times, hoping all is well.
Jordan, Jr, EdwardDC2 (SW)Sep 29, 1986 – Sep 28, 1990R
Harrison, Benjamin (Harry)MS2Oct 1986 – Jun 1990Supplycooked in the galley, wardroom and for Capt. L.L.Ernst email
"Marty", Bob Martin "Marty"BM 2Oct 1, 1986 – Jun 16, 19892 NDIntresting and entertaining 4 years. Surrounded by the best division anyone could ask for. Hard work and hard play was a great motto for those years.
Alberhasky, Steve (Ski)E-3Nov 10, 1986 – Nov 10, 19902NDHello all try to find all or us on face book, trying to find as many as I can and talk about all the old times good and bad> In my case it was Captain Mass A LOT of all got through the tough times I Salute you.........
Alberhasky, Steve ( Ski)SNNov 15, 1986 – Nov 21, 19902ndMy god i neaver thought i would see people on here that i have known or went on liberty with lol Benidorm spain
Cooper, DanielMM3Nov 27, 1986 – Jul 7, 1989A Gang
MacK, ChuckBM2Dec 1, 1986 – Jul 27, 19891stWho could ever forget the friends we made on the Ol Mil. I remember scrubbing steel cables with my old shipmates. I'd love to hear from you old friends
Wilson, Dan profile iconET2Dec 6, 1986 – Jun 3, 1990OE
Mobley, BrianOSSN1987 – Oct 10, 19882ND; OIOh My God! Memory Lane! I don't know how many times I've thought about you guys and wondered how you were doing. Hey, does anybody know how to get in touch with Billy Doherty? How about Sr Chief Cannon or VanHouten?
Ray, KentBMSNJan 1987 – Jul 19901stGreat Memories with Great Shipmates, and of coarse some Great Liberties......!!! It would be great to hear from any of you that may remember me.
Long, LarryBM3Jan 11, 1987 – Oct 15, 19902ndMy first ship. Never forget my first Med Cruise. Stayed underway without seeing a port from Apr 25 - Aug 10 1988. I think your first ship is like your first love, you neve quite get that feeling again.
Pritchard, WallySNFeb 1987 – Oct 19881stEnjoyed everything about it. Good times, good friends and great memories. We were "First" for a reason.
Hale, William profile iconOS2Feb 10, 1987 – Aug 1990OperationsLoved Serving on the Milwaukee. Small crew and big ship. Never felt constrained. Port options were not all that great tho
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Wood, RaymondMM3Feb 26, 1987 – Aug 3, 1990A & Liquid Cargoits a part of my life that i will never forget the good times and the long day at sea i wouldnt change a thing it was a great experience
Pritchard, WallyBMSNMar 15, 1987 – Oct 27, 19881stGreat ship and great times. I am now a BMC in the Reserves and I want to thank everyone who helped along the way. Sean Pond where you at?
Gregg, Richard (Hoger)bm3Mar 17, 1987 – Mar 17, 19911sthow the hell is every body doing good and bad times but miss the good friends most of all
Cannon, MatthewRetiredApr 20, 1987 – Sep 25, 1989OIThat was a very long time ago, but it made me appreciate the good times, of life.....
Dundee, ScottMay 1987 – Dec 1989Looking for someone that might have been on the ship around 87 thru 89
Holt, JohnHTFNMay 1, 1987 – Feb 20, 1990R
Deal, HalBM3May 10, 1987 – Feb 17, 19902ND
Wood, Kevin "Woody'BM3May 10, 1987 – Mar 2, 19892
Uva, SteveEM2Jun 1987 – Aug 1990E/MHey shipmates! After leaving the US Navy and multiple college degrees later, I currently work for the Combat Systems Engineering Office under PEO IWS ( CVN / AMPHIB Class ships ). Keep the screws turnin' and the lights burnin' ! Peace Out !
Caulkins, ChuckLtJun 1987 – Nov 1990O & R DivI had a great time on the "Ole Milwaukee! I'll never forget 108 straight days at sea in the North Arabian Sea supporting Tanker Escort Operations
Basnight, BrianMS2Jun 4, 1987 – Apr 21, 1991S-2 We were out to sea alot but it shaped the rest of my career in the Navy.
Rossiter, MattFNJul 1987 – Jul 1989E
Curtis, DonaldENS/LTJGJul 6, 1987 – Jul 6, 1990Electrical, CICTo a great bunch of guys: Thanks for probably the best years of my life. That first command, that first experience with the Navy, it was wonderful!
Cole, AnthonydIC3Aug 1987 – Jul 1991E-DIVYall know you know me. Cause you owe me!!! LOL
Jones, CharlessnAug 15, 1987 – Apr 13, 1989Secondthe tour was cut short but it was a good time
Acosta, HermanMM3Sep 1987 – Sep 1990B/M
Kennedy, KenRM3Sep 10, 1987 – Apr 10, 1990OCDid 2.5 Meds. Was definatly an experience.
Flynn, KennethMS3Nov 1, 1987 – Sep 2, 1989serviceI had a great time on the ship. I still see and work with MSC COYLE.
Wyatt, DonaldEM1(SW)Dec 1987 – Sep 1989E / STREAMOle Mil was the workhorse of the fleet. Numerous times we had to take the Detroit's committments. During the '88 deployment, we hadn't much liberty, but the "Happy Boat" rides were great! I left Mil to become an officer.

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