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USS Milwaukee (AOR 2) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Milwaukee (AOR 2). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 579 crew members registered for the USS Milwaukee (AOR 2).

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David, ChamplinOS31983 – 1986OIReading some of the names on this list brings back allot of memories. Hope life has been kind to everyone. Tex you lifer!
Popovich, PopRM31983 – 1986OC
Jodry, GeorgeMM21983 – 1988A/B2 1/2 years in A-Gang (Filter Shop), and 2 years in B-Div (EVAP-Oh-One). 2 Meds, 1 North Atlantic, 1 South Atlantic. Can't ever forget Trondheim, Halifax, RIO!!!! Lots of great times!
Harris, DaleHM11983 – 1986H DivisionLeading Petty Officer of the Medical Department. Using our Helicopters I was transported to Beirut to assist with medical triage after the barracks terrorist attack.
Bower, ChuckFA/FN/BT3Jan 1983 – Dec 1986B2 Meds., 1 North Atlantic, 1 South American trip, 2 GITMO, lots of Va. Capes, Haze Grey and underway. Lots of great stories and memories. Proud to be a Navy veteran and have served on this boat.
Graham, AlanBM2Jan 11, 1983 – Jan 11, 19872nd 2 noneWhat a great time aboard a great ship with a great bunch of sailors. I'll always cherish the memories, the education and the experience of being aboard Ole Milwaukee. Hand Salute!!! Big Al
Bowen, GerrybmsnFeb 12, 1983 – Oct 14, 19861stwhats up rock and Jim Laird
Gray, Don - RedMM3(SW)Feb 18, 1983 – Feb 22, 1987StreamWow, reading these names really gets the memories flowing, almost as easy as the beer flowed! Great times and great people! Clang, clanga, clang, clang! HeeHaw that's right! Meet me at Even Stevens!
McKiss, Gerald ( Mac )OSMar 4, 1983 – Nov 15, 2006operations whats up gang Remson, Halsey , Ny boys, big al, slick rick , keith hall
Oehlke, LennySH2Mar 10, 1983 – Mar 9, 1987Supply Ships Store2 Med cruises...really liked the beaches and countryside of Toulon, North Atlantic, Rio
Law, TroyMM2Apr 19, 1983 – Apr 19, 1987don't knowmmm
James, DonaldBM2May 6, 1983 – Dec 18, 19861st/2ndCant believe I found this place and all those that have entered here. Jimmy Craig and I were just talking about everyone the other day and how much we really missed those days. I made Chief and am now looking to retire after almost 25 years.
Graham, Alan (Big Al)BM2May 11, 1983 – Jan 11, 19872nd to noneOne of the most educating and exciting times of my life. I will always be a Milwaukee true sailor. Steve Alberhasky holler back. Salazar,Durity,Flowers,Klien,Fowler,T-Cruz,Wade,Messick,Woods,Stevenson,Bmcs Cannon,Bmcm Hendrix,Spanky What's up guys
Skellenger, RockE-3Jun 1983 – Jun IN THE HOUSE
Woodard, Melvin (Woody)SN-GMG2(SW)Jun 1983 – Nov 19862nd/3rdLearned a lot that has stuck with me through the years especially taking care of my people. Thanks to GMC Ulmer, BM1 Stephens, BM1 Pleasants, BMC VanHueser and GMG1 Huff. Returned after 21 years active.
Hoffman, CraigRP2Jun 1983 – Jun 1986X-DivisionJust a note to say: "Thank you all for serving in the U.S. Navy and serving our country." Being the first "RP" onboard ship, I had a lot of leeway to get to know many of you.
Fernandez, Oscar YuriMR-2Jun 5, 1983 – Feb 22, 1987RepairServed as MM and MR , joined again in US Army, Serving in Afghanistan, many explotions , and lots of fun, Was Injured , and retired now. Retired Military service 2006 August 1
Moore, DennisSM2Aug 1983 – Jun 1987OC
Thomas, Rogermm3Oct 1983 – Sep 1987m-div
Hamilton, KerryOS3Nov 1983 – Aug 1987OI1st ship
Miller, Donald "dc Don"MS3Nov 1983 – 1987S-2 Galley
Hart, Greg (Boats) profile iconBM3-BM2(sw)Nov 1983 – May 1985Deck/1stHard working ship, some of my best time's in the Navy were here.. BMC(sw) Ret.
Luna, TylerE-31984 – 1986Engineering
Willcox Jr, EricHT31984 – 1989RepairHmmm, Had some great times and awesome memories. Wish I didn't have so much trouble and would have stayed in. I regret being a trouble maker somewhat. Some people out here in the world still don't believe some of the stories that I have to tell
Norman, ScottSN1984 – 1986BMAs I look back on this time in my life, I realize the mistakes I made were all part of a growth process we all must go thru. Some mature quicker...I did not
Burwick, GlennE3/BMJan 1984 – Apr 19881st/2snd/gm
Quarles, JonSNJan 27, 1984 – Jan 10, 1986firstsorry for the tough time i gave to the navy!it took me a few more years to grow a great father,husband & provider for my family.wats up mike jacks & dave sargent?
Carling, LeoLTFeb 1984 – Mar 1987Repair & NavigationHello shipmates! I joined the Milwaukee (best ship in the fleet) as an Ensign (DCA) and left as a Lieutenant (ANAV) with plenty of fond memories and sea stories. I recently retired (20 years) and would enjoy hearing from any of you. All the best!
Laird, JimBM2Mar 15, 1984 – Nov 7, 19871ST
Oladovich, Eric Olye-1 to e-4 back to e-3 then to e-4May 1984 – Jun 1988M- Div then A- GangThe ship made me realize that every action gets a reaction, good or bad. Wouldn't trade anything for my time aboard her.
Laird, JimBM3May 1, 1984 – Nov 7, 19871STI had some of the best times of my life on that ship.At the time I didn't think that was possible.I would give anything to go on a 6 month Med Cruise again.I sure miss working in the winch towers during unrep.Howard Slinger,Where are you!!
Settlemire, RexEM2Jun 1984 – May 1987STREAMAfter 24 years, this ship and time are still regarded as my best experience.
Pement, MichaelMM2Jun 10, 1984 – Mar 17, 1988M-DIV/PITHAD GREAT TIME
White, GrJO3Sep 1984 – Jul 1987X DIVISION / E DIVISION...really hoped crew members appreciated the EXTRA effort put into "WMLK-TV" , CCTV programming & original Milwaukee MED CRUISE videos you were in from all over the world...priceless Navy Fleet memories of you now on DVD!
Tirrell, Thomas( Terrible T)Deck/SN.Oct 10, 1984 – 19872ndY'all e mail me if any are still alive, (chalk&chainman)ch46
Messick, Jeffreybm2Nov 7, 1984 – Aug 7, 19872nd,1st,boatsjust saying hi to all my friends in deck,al,ross woods,corkilland many others than i had pleasure to serve with get up with me at
Andersen, FredSN / FC3Dec 1984 – Jun 19872ND / CFOX
Duffy, JamesRM31985 – 1988OCHad many great times with many great shipmates. Hope to hear from you...
Rosado, Nemesio / Rosey1985 –
Jedlowski, RonSKCJan 15, 1985 – Apr 20, 1988S-1Great Ship and Crew
Paterson, RonaldE-3Feb 8, 1985 – Apr 5, 1987deck
Tennyson, DougHT2Mar 1, 1985 – Apr 8, 1988R
Remson, Vincent E.DK3(SW)Mar 1, 1985 – Jan 10, 19871ST & S-4the best times in my career!! The best crew and the best cruises (Unitas XXVI & Med '86) Thanx bros for always lookin out for the young sea "pups" back in the day... Hit me back anytime!
Favata, IanEM-3Mar 10, 1985 – May 10, 1988First E Then STREAMEven after almost two decades since I was aboard her,I still have vivid memories of my experiences and the amazing people I was privelaged two live and work with.
House, MikeRM1/RMCMar 10, 1985 – Dec 9, 1988OCRated nr 1 tour of duty. Retired Feb 2004 as a ITCM(RMCM). Fond memories. Wow look at these names. Great liberty!! Great crew.
Hogan, Ken (Ralph)HT1(SW)Apr 1985 – Jan 2, 1986Repair
Stevens, Vernon (Dickeyed Dog)BM2Apr 1, 1985 – Nov 6, 19881st Great times on the Ole Milwaukee and friends that will never be forgotten. I would love to hear from my shipmates.
Feher, James ASM2Apr 10, 1985 – Oct 7, 1987OCRM1 (Dinko) Richards where the hell are you these day? I'm still living in Va Beach.
Hutchinson, HutchMS3Apr 21, 1985 – Apr 21, 1988Supply (S2)Great times. In fact the older I get the fonder the memories. 1/ Rio (out of control) shellback 2/ Toulon ( 3/ Blue Nose 4/ St Thomas 5/ Bermuda 6/ Benidorm (funny) 7/ Ft Lauderdale 8/ Naples, Naples, and Naple
Weddle, RickyHT3May 1985 – Jan 20, 1988RLooking for anyone who can tell me how to find the following people. Eric Wilcox (Willie), Kevin Hale, John Holt, and Kieth Tucker.
Knight, PeterE-4/ SH3Jun 11, 1985 – Nov 17, 1989SUPPLYI Started out in the deck department 2nd div of course, then struck out to supply as a shipserviceman. The best four years of my life. If i dunked on any of you on the b-ball court, and yes there were several, i want to apologize. Not!
Smith, StevenMM 2Jul 1985 – Sep 1987engineeringHaze gray and underway!!
Carr, Marvin PN1Jul 1985 – Feb 1987PersonnelLoved all the ports I got to see.
Alston, MichaelBT3Jul 16, 1985 – Jul 15, 1989B-DIVISIONOnce a BT always a BT, been working for the Government as a BTsince 1990, by way of Utilities Systems Repairer Opeator, Boiler Plant Operator. How I ended up back in Norfolk where it all started!
La Belle, JohnMS3Sep 1985 – Apr 1988SupplyHad some great times. I worked in the galley and in the Wardroom. Looking for Bob Fuller, Paul Wager or any of the
Deforce, MattBM2Oct 1985 – Jun 19892ndShe was a great ship and had a even greater crew to man her. I remember the long days at sea and the great liberty ports.Deck division was the place to be on a oiler!
Coon, PaulBM1Oct 10, 1985 – May 30, 19882ndWould like to say "Hi" to all my fellow First Class Mess members.
Olmeda, Jose F.E4/SH3Dec 1985 – Apr 1988supplyI miss all my bodies:Madera, Espada,Rodriguez, Vera, Mojica. Perry and Gustilo. It was a great time. I still in the Navy reserve backhome in Puerto Rico.
Taylor, DavidSH3Dec 1985 – Jul 1988S-3
Taylor, DavidSN, SH3Dec 27, 1985 – Jul 7, 19892ND, S-3The Ole Milwaukee made me decide to stay for 20 years and retire in June 2005 as a DC1(SW). Had great times on my first MED CRUISE in 1986.

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