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USS Milwaukee (AOR 2) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Milwaukee (AOR 2). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 579 crew members registered for the USS Milwaukee (AOR 2).

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Brown, Jerrod W.SR THRU SM21980 – 19841st/OCYou can find me at
Covelli, JohnSN1980 – 19822ndon in nyc gitmo n.atl. med .july4 jamaica wuwee/frank nigro is a tool/lmfao/jus kiddin/sturgis in aug./daytona in march/any riders email and get together/harleysthebestscrewtherest/time warner cable 20 years now/
Worley, GregBM 31980 – 19811st and 2ndHey All! Like yesterday. Crossed decked to CGN-38, Court Martialed in Gitmo. Got out. Went USNR, made my anchors, got out serving the Va ANG 192 fighter wing. Hey Calder! Best of Times, plenty of sea stories.
Rosner, Brianmm31980 – 1981m DIVGot on when ship was drydocked in Brooklyn Navy yards. Went to eng room were we cleaned and painted. does anyone remember having to cut down the mast to get under the bridge .
Winchell, DonOS21980 – 1984OI
Reagan, RonaldE51980 – 1983A
Dickhaus, JoeSAJan 12, 1980 – Jun 10, 1980OperationsAllen. Do you remember a 19 year old fresh from Great lakes? I served aboard Milwalkee while awaiting my "A" school. Great times in NYC, Bermuda and FL. Still can hear the cables snapping as russian "traullers" pass between us and t
Jordan, AlanOS2Mar 1980 – 1985OIWas my 1st ship still was the best I was on. Ret after 20 years
Duque, AntonioE-4Mar 10, 1980 – Mar 10, 1985b
Knepp, WarrenMMApr 1980 – Sep 1983STREAMI still remember parts of it like it just happened yesterday. Still have a couple of the Cruise books, North Atlantic 81 and Med 82.
Bigelow, Ericen2Apr 1980 – Nov 1983a-gangfirst of 4 ships. switched to coast guard after navy.
McKee, Dennisdeck ape to ic2May 12, 1980 – Mar 1, 19841st then e div.started as undesignated in 1st div. then while in brooklyn shipyard finished courses for ic rate.
Alba, LeoSK2May 28, 1980 – Apr 29, 1984S-1Greeting to all I served with.
Moreland, Clayton (Ray)MS2Jun 1980 – Apr 1984supplyhad a hellraising time remember oslo , french alps Hey Don!! 2 meds 2 n.atlantic,s jamaica MAN!! gitmo BEruit was a bummer but seeing the New Jersey back in action was cool!
Forney, James/corndogOS3Jun 1980 – Feb 1984OIRemember the good times in Jamaica up on the Signal Bridge.
Winchell, Don [dewey]OS2Oct 15, 1980 – Jun 15, 1984OIMANY GREAT MEMORIES.MISS ALL THE GUYS FROM OI DIV.
Haile, MikeSM?Nov 26, 1980 – Jun 14, 1985OC/SigsMan,those were some times--couldn,t stand the nav,but where else can you float around and see half the world and get paid.No regrets except I should have done more with my time--oh well.Still have some great memories.
Cousins, Bill (Cuz)PC3Dec 1980 – Apr 19842nd then XSpent many hours painting the pig in 2nd division, was glad to strike out to X div. Remember teasing Mike (meathead) Majeski. Was so glad to get off the "dead coackroach" Had 2 meds, 2 north atlantics, 2 gitmos, and the other cruises.
Wagner, Stephen HumpOS2Dec 1980 – Aug 1984oi
Sago, TomOS2Dec 21, 1980 – Jul 16, 1985OIThat was a while ago! It would be interesting to hear from anyone who was around then.
White, ThomasHT21981 – 1985R Div.R Div. Rocked. Go CRACKER TEAM GO! Without a doubt the best group of guys I have ever been around. We worked hard and played even harder. Nothing but the best!
Keen, Terryrm21981 – 1994operations
Cloutier, Donald JSKSNJan 4, 1981 – Feb 11, 1983SupplyNice memories, would never go back, it was hell!!!!!
Magruder, VinceEMFNFeb 1, 1981 – Feb 17, 1985EI bet no one remembers me...i reported to E division right before ground hog day in '81, but while on liberty broke my collarbone ..I should have been on till Feb of '85, what cruises did I miss?
Covin, DaveOSSNMar 1981 – Aug 1983
Ifkovits, PunkOS3Mar 30, 1981 – Jul 5, 1984Combat Information Center
Branch, Marvinsk2May 1981 – May 1984supplywhats up to all my shipmates?
Leidner, SteveHT2Jun 1981 – Sep 1984R Div Engineering DeptmentA great group of guys. Enjoyed partying with most. There are times I miss it.
Peters, JeffGMG 2Jul 29, 1981 – Jul 18, 19853RD
Covin, DaveOSSNAug 1981 – Oct 1983OperationsStill alive and kicking! I'm at if anybody remembers me.
Olesky, JohnGMG3Sep 1981 – Apr 30, 19853rdGMG1 Spaeth, GMGC Ulmer made me a decent guy. The work built character...Peters, Weipert, Martinez, Ott Slauson Finney, you were the best.
Shanahan, TerryEM2Oct 1981 – Nov 1984EGood ship, good crew. What I learned on Milwaukee from the guys I served with I used throughout my Navy career and still use. I retired in 2001.
Johnson, KevinBMSN / SH3Oct 12, 1981 – Jul 7, 1985s3I worked in supply dept. and ran the ships store while Jackson was on leave for a death in the family.
Leyden, Connore3 mssnNov 10, 1981 – Nov 23, 1984mess cook rembering when going thru the north atanalice and wakeing up in the middle of the night with a person saying move things prtside. found out we had a body that was being buried at sea later that day. guess his sprit was
Kalandek, Thomas Lpo Of Thee Old Boat ShopEN3Nov 13, 1981 – Jan 3, 1983ADIV/BOATSHOPLPOhello a div en3 bigalow ,en3 heanry and pepy lu peu seal lol it nwas so great to get out when i did but loved the time i was on that ship all
Rose, RogerMM1Dec 1981 – Sep 1985MHard work and great times!
Graham, WilliamHT21982 – 1982TIME OF MY LIFE.
Graham, WilliamHT21982 – 1986M/RONE OF THE BEST TIMES OF MY LIFE
Nesbitt, DonMM31982 –M (in the pit)
James, MillsE-31982 – 1985Deck divwhat an experience, 82 Med cruise. will never forget it.
Derry, KevinBM31982 – 19841ST div.the 1 and only
Cappelli, WilliamOS-21982 – 1983OIHave fond memories of my time spent with the guys of OI Div. Well, except the time I broke into the Galley and stole the Change of Command Ceremony cake the night before the COC. Took it to OPS Berthing 4 us 2 eat :-)
Brett, SlackBt31982 – Dec 1983BOne of the best crews I served with, for crew of bootcamps.
Denison, RobinET2Mar 17, 1982 – Apr 15, 1985OEHell of an experience.
Sanders, Terry ( Slim )SNMar 28, 1982 – Dec 5, 1985DECK B If any of you guys remember me give me a shout. SLIM
Williams, ChrisE 2Apr 1982 – Nov 19852nd
Finney, KenMM2Apr 1, 1982 – Aug 1, 1987A Gang/Liquid CargoI had a great time most of the time. Then there was the tank cleaning (12 on/12off) prior to going into the shipyards. Lots of ports in the Med and don't forget Trondheim, Norway and RIO !!!!!
Munson, GaryYN3May 1982 – Feb 1986I too remember that day in October of 1983. That was my very first cruise on Ole Milwaukee. Being on the bridge and hearing over the radios people requesting hundreds of body bags for the Marines that were killed in Beirut. Was a very sad day.
Giller, GaryYN2May 1982 – May 1984XI split-toured to get the Milwaukee. I remember the smell of fuel in everything, especially in the "bug juice" during heavy seas. It was one hard working ship. Definitely a ship to remember!
Bishop, ChrisSK3May 1, 1982 – May 1, 1986SupplyGreat ship, made great friends...Halifax, Rio, what an entertaining time..
Trauterman, Robin Or Other Wise Known As (Billy).SH3Jun 3, 1982 – Jun 3, 1986SupplyIts sure good to see you guys are still kicking.Good Luck ,and may God bless each of you that had to put up with me for 4 years. Take of yourselves.
Perry, RandySH2Jun 16, 1982 – Nov 16, 1988SHI'm still looking for Clifford Burt, he's an MS, however I've also have been in contact with several people from the Milwaukee and have been for several years. How fast the time has escaped us.
Bemiller, TimothyLTJul 1, 1982 – Sep 1, 1983MedicalI was the ships medical officer. I have very fond memories and remembrances of our time in Norfolk, trips to GTMO and MED deployment 1982-83.
Siddiqui, SidEM3Sep 12, 1982 – Jan 7, 1984STREAMThanks, Knepp, Stringer, Morrison and all.
Davis, ScottMM2Oct 1982 – Jan 1987m&a 2 meds , 1 n atlantic , 1 s america, several hops to guantanamo, would like to hear from shipmates!
Masters, DavidSABMOct 1982 – Jul 1985Deck 1st
McPherson, TobyBM3Oct 13, 1982 – Jun 8, 19862ndI am quite sure that all of you remember puddin' as I owned the "Ole Milwaukee". As our ship motto said: I am sure I'm going to heaven when I die, because I have already been to hell....USS Milwaukee (AOR-2). Send me an E-mail.
Bowen, RaymondBT2Nov 1982 – May 1987BI had alot of fun. I got to see alot of places. E-mail address:
Hendricks, William (Bill) profile iconBMCM/CWO-3Nov 2, 1982 – Sep 7, 19871st & 2nd. Div.Some great times some not so good. Very hard working and loyal Deck Force now a retired CWO-4 in Orlando Fl
Elkins, EdBM3Nov 15, 1982 – May 23, 1986ISTThe hardest working ship in the Navy. What a crew. Lots of good times.
Weller, ToddMM3Dec 25, 1982 – Aug 24, 1985M-DivisionHad a good time and had some good friends, Was a little young and immature and wish I could have done some things differently. Living in Hawaii and I am a safety professional and have talked to Rumsey about 10 years ago.
Renner Jr., Dave Aka Boo-b00BT 3Dec 28, 1982 – Sep 3, 1985BTEngineering departments had the best guys and the best partiers. But what a crew, could party with every one there and someone always had your back! what a time, wish i could redo it god what a life it was!!

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