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USS Milwaukee (AOR 2) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Milwaukee (AOR 2). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 579 crew members registered for the USS Milwaukee (AOR 2).

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Boyd Jr, Jerrybm11977 – 1980first div
Goad, DonaldEM31977 – 1981EMHey its electrician Goad saying hi to all my friends. Had some good times with many of you. Hope you are all doing good. Look me up on facebook. I live in the Nashville area now.
McBride, JoelSM21977 – May 1979OPSGreat memories of people I served with on this ship. I really enjoyed my time serving with this crew.
Edmonds, FrankW-3Jan 1977 – Dec 1979A Gang-Elect-Stream- LCOOrdered in as MPA. Ended up as Auxuliary, Elect. and LCO
Cornejo, RickBM2/BM1Jan 15, 1977 – Mar 30, 19812nd/MAAGreat ship, excellent crew. Good times!
Rockett, GlennBT2Feb 3, 1977 – Feb 25, 1981B Divison
Rollins Jr., John (Rick)MMFNMar 1977 – Sep 1978M-DIVISION
Steller, Wayne HM2Mar 10, 1977 – Sep 15, 1980MedicalI served on Milwaukee for 3 1/2 years. Did a med cruise, North Atlantic and a number of Caribbean cruises. Went through the Panama Canal as well. Wanted to give a shout out to my ship mates. Doc Steller
Gunlock, Garysk2Apr 1, 1977 – Oct 1, 1980s-1
Mosley, BradleyE5May 1977 – Aug 19803rdAny members during this time that remembers me, let me know. Would like to hear from old buddies, except for the cook that spit in the beans. Where is Clark, Cricket, Boogie, Tully, Frank Huff, and the rest of the gang.
Schmidt, MarkBOATSWAIN\'S MATEMay 1977 – Nov 19801stHope all you guys are doing well.Those were some wild and crazy days.How's it going A-rab,Vic,Rex,Alec,J.B.,Billy,Rick,Bobby Brom and Curt Diez.Bo Gold,Valentine,Doug,Bear,Tony,Tully,Kennerly,Crandall,BM1 Boyd(!),Frankie from Philly.Write.
Bruggeman, PaulEN3May 1977 – Aug 16, 1980A DivisionA lot of great people - proud to have served. What happened to Lynn, Garcia, Carter, others?
Spooner, DanLTJun 2, 1977 – Jun 2, 19811stStarted as 1st DivO, then DCA-R-DivO, then 2nd DivO. My first and most rewarding command of 3. Stay AD for 12 yrs then USNR for 15 finishing as a CAPT. I still look back on the days on Ole Mil as the
Brubaker, RaymondMM1Jun 4, 1977 – May 1980M and AGreat time onboard, between generator blowing up, being hit by the oil frieghter, learned alot
Hitchings, EdSNAug 1977 – Aug 19781ST & OC01
Deleon, OscarSNAug 15, 1977 – Aug 16, 19801stGood times at milwaukee
Amendt, FrankBM3Aug 20, 1977 – Aug 21, 19811ststill alive and kicking here in philly
Wilson, DaleHN (Striker)Sep 1, 1977 – Mar 30, 1980Deck I'm trying to locate Bobby Don Chism. Originally from Forrest City Arkansas. We were best friends and he was my best man at my first wedding!
Wilson, Dale (Wilson D)SNOct 1977 – Mar 19802nd & HI made a West pac, a Carribean cruise, went through the Panama Canal, visited ports up and down the east coast, including New York City. What a great time I had on board Milwaukee.
Overman, MichaelGMSNOct 1977 – Oct 19783rdRemembering the gong show on the fantail while UW. Made a lasting impression. This is where I learned that drugs were abundant and there wasn't really anything you could do about it especially if you werent friends with the fantail watch
Bussell, Darrell profile iconMM2Oct 10, 1977 – Jul 5, 1981A DivisionAnybody that knew me from the Milwaukee and want to get in touch give me a shout out to catch up.
Nevarez, HectorSN3Oct 30, 1977 – Oct 30, 19802ndThree short years in the Navy and lots of memories and lots of growing up. Un-Rep was an adventure and seeing the world was great. I still remember refueling the Nimitz during a storm and getting hit by a wave that wiped out our station. I love it!
Allen, Michael profile iconOS-2Nov 1977 – Aug 16, 1981OIIt was an honor to have served under the command of Captain A.M Page. Mediterranean cruise 1978/1979. Transit through the Panama canal. Great memories.
McGroder, Jim (Spoon) profile iconEM3Nov 20, 1977 – Apr 30, 1979E DivisionBest years of my life... Many more many good times than long days/nights/watches. Run into Don Gold occasionally... Still see/talk W/Bill Link & Mike (skinny) Gibson. Sadly Ron Hippe passed away in Dec 2020
Combs, Waynebm-2Dec 1977 –E-1
Gold, Donald WMM3Dec 17, 1977 – Jun 20, 1980M
Newman, Dean RBM31978 – 19802ndanybody from that time period let me hear from you
Bender, ErichENFN1978 – 1980AHad alot of great times.A-gang was the best!Running the boats and emergency diesel.I went to the FARRAGUT after and really missed some of you guys. Carrico,Burgerman,Lynn and the rest of A-Gang. Still remember the "TWANG" 6/71 detroit diesel!
Leftwich, Lewis "Lefty"YN3 AND THEN ENS/LTJG1978 – 1988ADMIN / ENGINEERINGHELLO TO ALL! Enjoyed it so much, did it twice. 1st ship after bootcamp (1978-79) and 1st ship after OCS/EOOW School (1988-1990). Will always remember S/C Crump and Chief "Rambo" for making me an Officer that enlisted personnel will respec
Thorpe, HowardSM 11978 – 1980OPsMilwaukee was some of the best duty in the 22yrs I put in the Navy. We all had great times in port (except Augusta Bay, Gitmo). Filled in for the MAA force for awhile changing to the MA rate.
McKenzie, MacQM11978 – 1980NAV/MAA Force
Williams, Calvinrm31978 – 1981operationscame to this ship on the delayed entry program, started in deck department went to California and attended radioman school and they sent me back to the same ship. great crew, i became a man on that ship. great memories.
Hardin, WilliamSN1978 – 1979DeckJust reaching out
Wittrock, Mike "Witt"YNSN - YN2Mar 1978 – Apr 1981X/Admin/Nav1st assignment in the Navy; went on to complete 20 years and reitred as YNC(AW). Any one remember the Dubrovnic and Greece port calls?? Stay away from the Ooozo. Thanks for the memories shipmates.
Strickland, TimGMG3Mar 1978 – Dec 19813rd divisionhad some wild and crazy times don't miss the watches in after steering and taking temps in the ammo magazines hope every one I served with is doing fine jesus saves and satan sucks
Paterson, RossBM2Mar 1, 1978 – Jul 9, 19801st
Williams, Robert S. "Willie"QMSN/QM3/QMSNApr 21, 1978 – Sep 28, 1980NavigationTransferred from Neosha. Served under Hawkins and then Page. Best Chrstmas in 1978 in Valencia Spain. Langlands, Tabb, Chief Baker, great times. Panama Canal July 1979.
Kirk, Mikemm2Nov 20, 1978 – Jan 5, 1983M & Agrew up alot, still remember many of the great people.
Dziadura, Frank DizzyE31979 – 1981Boatswain
Blazon, Bill1979 – 1982Engineerjust lookin for old ship mates
Nigro, FrankBM21979 – 19822ndcan you still smell the JP5?
Holmes Jr, James WHM31979 – 1981Medical hi from doc holmes
Calder, AnthonyBM31979 – 19822nd
Jackson, Melvin ( Pat )ICC1979 – Nov 30, 1980E
Lowery, LewisGMG31979 – 19803rdLooking for old ship mates.
Mull, EddieDMSN1979 – 1981SecondHello shipmates, I enjoyed my time on the Milwaukee and working with some highly proficient and hard working sailors. Under the leadership of two captains and LT Dan Spooner. I went on to become a Chief Draftsman.
Page, ArtCAPTJan 15, 1979 – May 30, 1980CO
Donetz, JohnBM2Jan 15, 1979 – Oct 7, 1982First
Shafer, GearyHM2Apr 1979 – Mar 1981MedicalGood times and Great Memories
Labossiere, Dan, Sealmm3Jun 1, 1979 – Jul 3, 1982A Gang"Want Steam"? Dial 290...........A Gang all the way....Great time in spite of talking to the o'l man a few times. Some things are goin to the grave with me...ha ha. Hope all is well with my shipmates and Godspeed.
Fitzgerald, KenLCDRJul 1979 – Jun 1981Supply OfficerGreat skipper and crew on Ole Mil! Sad to see so many former support force ships stricken from the rolls and earmarked for disposal. The ships may be gone but the memories last.
Blake, HarrySNAug 1979 – May 1981MedicalHM Striker, worked for Doc's Shafer, Homles, MacNaughton, Steller, Matsinger. All were the best *%%&^#@ in the fleet. The Ol' Mil is greatly missed, but full of memories.
Pecan, ImDt3Aug 1979 – Nov 1980DentalGreat ship enjoy my time on the ship
Schilling, JimMM3Aug 28, 1979 – Aug 27, 1983StreamIt was an experince I will nevr forget, a lot of good people. Lots of good Ports wild women and good Liquor.
Haley, WillieB MAug 29, 1979 – Nov 19, 19811st
Harpole, JohnMMOct 1979 – Feb 1981MGetting struck by the tanker in 5 degree weather at night was no picnic. Lots of confusion. NYC for the overhaul was interesting to say the least. Does anyone remember what floated up in front of the ship while waiting on the East River ?
Anderson, J. D.BM3Nov 1979 – Jun 19812ndHell of alot of hours. Alot of good times
Calder, TonyBM3Nov 1979 – Jul 31, 19822nd
Calder, TonyBM3Nov 10, 1979 – Jul 31, 19822ndCO's Capt. Page, Capt. Baker, Capt. Magner.

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