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USS Wichita (AOR 1) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Wichita (AOR 1). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 645 crew members registered for the USS Wichita (AOR 1).

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Divers, Loren C.LT1981 – 19832nd Officer; Asst. Deck Hd.; Safety OfficerServing on Wichita w/its exceptional crew & skipper Capt. Jerry Unruh (later COMTHIRD FLT) was the defining tour of my Navy career. Hats off to fast acting 2nd Div in the Collision with Ranger w/NO injuries!! God Bless you all. L.C. Divers, Honolulu
Winters, Jeffery\ WimpyBM31981 – 1983Deck 2nd dev.
Zuidewind, Kevin Chief ZBM21981 – 19831st/ deckHad a great time onboard her. I see Capt. (vice Admiral ) Unruh often in Pensacola, Fl.. Cant forget the Bay Area. I retired after 20 as BMC
Hursey, JeffE 31981 – 19853rd divisionThe dirty 30 rocks
Mancill, CharlesHMC1981 – 1985HWorked hard on the Wich but it was all good - two WesPacs. One lost HC-46 with crew, one collision at sea with Ranger - very seasick on our way to Portland. Served with some very good Chiefs, HM2 Dan Kohler, Capt Unruh.
Larrea, Gerardo / JerryPN2Jan 8, 1981 – Jul 15, 1985XI would really enjoy to hear from people that served with me. I was one of two spanish guys serving on the Wichita. I really learned a lot from the experience even though there were times when I thought I was not going to make it through.
Williams, Garysk2Jan 10, 1981 – Mar 9, 1984S1 STOREKEEPERGreat times on the witch. Two west pac and alot that went on during my first command. Retired in 2006 as SKCS.
Welch, DannyMMMar 1, 1981 – Aug 1, 1983MHave great memories about them days.
Schaffer, RobertMm3Mar 1, 1981 – Oct 1, 1985A gang
Watson, WayneHT3Apr 1, 1981 – Jan 26, 1985RWatching clips of the 83 US Festival on tv. Were are you at Mississippi, Loza, Eggert? What a time. It brings back some great memories.
Hill, John (Benny)GMG3Apr 16, 1981 – Feb 17, 1985WeaponsBest damn command in the Pacific fleet. Lots of good times. Never got tired of doing UNREPs. Married with 3 kids living in Chicopee, MA. Feel free to contact me at Weber, Pappy, Crow would love to hear from you guys
Hough, JimRP2Jun 1981 – Sep 1984XLiving in upstate New York, got away from San Francisco.
Wingard, Cecil-----------cwSK2Jun 22, 1981 – Jun 22, 1983supply
Cristofalo, JosephET3Jul 1981 – Mar 1983operationsWhere does the time go?
Mcpherson, JamesOS2Jul 8, 1981 – Feb 5, 1983OIWe Pump, You Suck. What a motto and it's still the farthest thing from the Navy I ever served on.
McPherson, JamesOS2Jul 15, 1981 – Apr 1, 1983OII think I have already registered for the Witch.
Caudle, DickeySEAMAN E3Aug 12, 1981 – Sep 16, 19843rd
Paulus, SteveMR2Sep 1981 – Apr 1984R-Div
Kleinfelder, JimNC1Sep 6, 1981 – Jul 9, 1985XServed as the Command Career Counselor. One of my most favorite commands. Hats off to Captain Unruh. Live in Minnesota, my home state, fully retired and loving it. I was married onboard the Witch.
Vandemaat, RandyMM 3Sep 30, 1981 – Jul 15, 1984RASE and A GangLots of beer and freinds
Church, DougMMOct 1, 1981 – Nov 4, 1982
Kelley, MichaelE4 BOSENMATEOct 12, 1981 – Sep 12, 1985Deck
Ryan, StevenRP2Oct 20, 1981 – Feb 20, 1983Chaplain'sWould like to find Darlene Davis and Neff Attwood, Tersinni and David Hanses and Fr. Ron Burke - miss all of you. Would love to hear from you please and all others - from Diego Garcia
Ryan, StevenRP2Oct 21, 1981 – Feb 20, 1983Chaplain'sCurrently working as Navy Civilian - San Diego - HM# 619-501-4168 anyone can call collect. NSF Diego Garcia - I miss those hot beach, drinkin' too much, days-John Hanses, David Tersini, Fr. Ronald Burke - I love you guys - miss you
Floyd, Jeff (Pink)BT 3Nov 1981 – Jun 1985Engineering boiler tech
Brown, JackSNNov 1, 1981 – Aug 1, 19853rdSome great memories of times on the wicked witch of the west. email me so we can talk. Good luck. Too bad the ship was decommissioned
Baumann, SteveGmG3Nov 12, 1981 – Jul 1985Third and WepsSome of the best times of my career onboard the witch. Many memories and friends. Contact me anytime, living in Nebraska
Floyd, JeffE-4Dec 1, 1981 – Jun 1, 1985Operations
Villano, DrunkfnDec 3, 1981 – Jul 7, 1985third rasehersey fish curtis and bergdahl everyone else i served with. imade two wonderful west pacs where i drank whiskey by the gallon and ate baloot. of corse lots of giling gilling. pootanganemo you bunch of baloot eaters
Villano, SteveE 3Dec 4, 1981 – Sep 4, 1985rase thirdthe olongapo jiggalo is on the loose in schenectady
Abel, RichardEN-21982 – 1984Auxilary EngineeringI spent the entire westpac on the wicked witch, including the KAL-007 and the ramming of the USS Danger Ranger. Love the fat lady and her crew. Battle E was our motto and we repaired and pumped the following Sunday to the Ranger.
Azbill, MarkBM21982 – 19851ST AND 3RD
Olmsted, TimHT2 / E-51982 – 1984R Div
Moorehead, WayneET1/E6Jan 1982 – Jul 1985OEThe Wicked Witch will be missed. Hit by the Ranger,KAL007 ops,missed a typhoon in Hong Kong. Shellback. Mike Lampkin what are you up to?
Lampkin, MichaelETJan 1982 – Sep 1985OPSGetting on this site to connect with old ship mates.
McMahon, Todd/macBMSNJan 1, 1982 – Jul 7, 19843rd/ Dirty ThirtyHey to all I served with...Some of the best times of my life. Too Bad the party barge isn't still active. Later days...........
Lawson, ScottJan 10, 1982 – May 30, 19851stSome of the best times of my life! Miss chatting with my shipmates. Married with 3 children, living in Wasilla,Alaska. Please feel free to contact me at
Edwards, GregsnFeb 24, 1982 – Aug 20, 1983wepsfun times ...
Tiseo, ValentinoMR1Feb 24, 1982 – Nov 8, 1983R Div
Roat, PeteBM3 BM2Mar 1982 – Apr 1984!st and 2 to noneLT Divers what can I say hahaha Hats off to fast acting 2nd Div in the Collision with Ranger w/NO injuries!! Yep and pumping back to her in 48hr. wow the memories and it was a great time to be on her The Wicked Witch of the West on the page they have t
Lloyd, ShawnMSSNMay 1, 1982 – Oct 29, 1984S-2
Welch, DannyMMFNMay 1, 1982 – Jul 13, 1984M
Scanlon, Charles/chuckLCDRJun 1982 – Jun 1984OperationsOperations Officer and acting XO during KAL 007 ops in Sea of Japan. Anyone interested in a reunion in the bay area?
Azevedo, Enacio .azsk2Jun 10, 1982 – Aug 26, 1984Supply
Archuleta, TonyGMG3Aug 1982 – Nov 1984weaponsmy email loved the times
Alvarado, JaimeGMG-SNAug 1, 1982 – Aug 5, 1984WepsWon't forget the good times and friends I made.
Nicotra, Ralph/"nicky'Aug 25, 1982 – Aug 25, 19851STCAPTAIN UNRUH A GREAT MAN,ROLE MODEL AND LEADER.Higgins, Garofalo, Libertini, Kennedy, Donovan, Biggs, Van Veckoven, SPUDS, Magno,All you guys from1ST, and Crolls...Paul Curley, Bovaird made it Awesome! I'm trying to locate CaptainGerald Lee Unru
Higgins, ElliottE-3Aug 26, 1982 – Aug 26, 1985NAS Alameda
Garofalo, VinnySep 16, 1982 – Jun 10, 1985WEPS.It was a great time in my life, made life long friends. The East Coast party crew at Crolls Bar WOW !
Archuleta, Tonygmg3Sep 16, 1982 – Nov 11, 1984weaponsmy e-mail
Schurman, MattMM3Oct 1982 – Jun 23, 1985MBilge wars,P.I., "M" Division camp outs, Dry dock in San Fran, all good memories my friends!!!
Osborn, Bob {ozzy}Oct 10, 1982 – Jul 15, 1985how did we all get so damn old?!!!
Greig, KevinBM2Nov 1982 – Jun 19851 STMade a million memories with u guys
Yost, MarkSNDec 1982 – Jul 1985DeckHey you lunkheads. Email me.
Dobler, Bmcm(Sw)  NEWBMCSDec 6, 1982 – May 19871st Div. An awesome ship to be assigned and the best crew to work with. Loved every minute aboard her
Fosberg, ToddSM3/E-4Dec 18, 1982 – Jul 1, 1985OPSWEST-PAC 83 & search for KAL-007! Currently USNR over 21 years, SMC, soon CWO2. SM2 Jeff Taylor please contact!!!
Crowley, Jamesht3Dec 28, 1982 – Sep 7, 1984pol

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