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USS Wichita (AOR 1) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Wichita (AOR 1). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 645 crew members registered for the USS Wichita (AOR 1).

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Hull, MarvinMM2-MMC1978 – 1983MI miss the crew and most Bob Wisdorf
Tassin, JimmySK11978 – 1982S1Thanks Capt. Tony Less and Lcdr. Hayward and SkCS Lastrella. Best of the Best
Trathen, Rory (Sean) profile iconFNJan 10, 1978 – Aug 18, 1981Deck 2nd, Rase, Engineering B-Div
Rugenstein, MarkLTFeb 1978 – Dec 1981MPAFirst steam ship... super tour! Great crew and #1 CO (Tony Less)
Browning, LesSN/AN/PH2Apr 1, 1978 – Aug 21, 19793rdTAD Port Services Alameda AAA Ship Yard
Rambolt, SandyRM3May 1978 – Jun 4, 1981OPSman what a time we had.dry dock in hunters schlitz in diego garcia.the girls at jolo's and the brown fox. and who could forget pattaya.not going to mambasa but stayin in the I.O. an xtra 2-3 mths. i hated it then but i love it now. strange
Stevens, GeneSM2May 1978 – Feb 27, 1982OperationsWest-Pac 1980, 109 days Mod-Loc station, (or was it longer?) rough seas, hot weather, lots of Un-Rep and Vert-Rep. I think of it often. I also remeber the guys we lost in the helicopter crash, that was the longest night in my life.
Antley, GarySH3May 14, 1978 – Sep 30, 1980S3
Simmons, WilliamsaJun 18, 1978 – Oct 28, 1978DeckI was involved in an auto accident Oct 27th, 1978 while on liberty. It broke my back. Seaman " Jude" was driving. I spent the next 6 months in a body cast. Am now a 100% disabled Vet. Remember ? e-mail at montzona0402@ao
Gaines, RickeyJul 24, 1978 – Jul 24, 1982
Bailey, RogerSK2Aug 17, 1978 – Jun 10, 1981supplyI was SK2 Bailey when was onboard When we were in P.I I was at the blowheaven bar in Subic anyone rember? My girl was Linda Savadra best time in my life.I hung out with SK1 Tassin and MSSN Sual.
Park, ArthurSNSep 30, 1978 – Dec 30, 1979HThanks to HMC Maplethorpe, HM3 Chris Dowd, HM3 "Tony from Ala.", HM3 Pete Vogel & Dr. Robinson for helping me break into Medical Div.
Maplethorpe, Gary CHMCOct 23, 1978 – Oct 30, 1981Medical
Moseley, Wileyboatwainsmate e3Nov 14, 1978 – Nov 1981first divi served under capt aa less great captain
Wisdorf, RobertMMI/MMC1979 – 1982M and AThe worst and the best ship I ever served on. Highest regard for Capt Less. No regard for Capt Peterson
Thelemaque, LouisQM21979 – 1980OperationsCame from the USS Agerholm after it was decommissioned. Joined the shipp when it was docked at hunters point. Tedd Williams was another QM who was my buddy
Kellen, TodSN1979 – 1980??Would Like to find Darin Patrick. old friend.
Nunez, Rubenrm31979 – Aug 30, 1982operationsSanford Rambolt. Rm3 wazzup bro! been along time. miss u and the sailing days at sea. just looking for the ol sea stories that make us the ol salt we are. IO when it was still an expedition 110 days at sea. we are sailor
McHutchison, JohnEN31979 – 1981A gangI remember the helicopter crash, west pac cruise, and all of the guys that I worked with. I enjoyed working on the small boats, and refueling helicopters.
McIvor, Bob / MacKBM3Jan 1979 – Oct 26, 19822nd div deckShure miss all the friends I made. Chip Williams or anybody who remembers me you can email me at robertm58@LIVE.COM
Alexander, Richard (Alex)MM2Jan 5, 1979 – Jul 1, 1982A GangI really miss those times. I remember you Oatman, have your picture in scrap book. Still looking for JED (Jim E Davis) , Chief Pleacher, Captain Less, Lopez, Gonzalas, any others I served with.
Shannon, JoeYN2 LOGROOM YN & ADMIN YNFeb 19, 1979 – Sep 19, 1982POL/ENGINEERING ALSO DECK YN, LOGROOM YNI had a fun time onboard. I remember most of you and I hope that God is continuing to Bless all of you and your families. Hope to hear from you guys, e mail me at
Lastrella, Nicolas "Nick"SKCSMar 5, 1979 – Feb 21, 1980S-1S-1 DivOff under Cdr Hayward SuppO. Would like to hear from shipmates, especially from Supply Dept. Resided in PI involved with FRA 127 Now vacationing in CA.
Hunsucker, DelBm2Mar 10, 1979 – Mar 14, 19833rd div. T he dirty 30Where boys grow up to be man. Some hella great stories, and bad ones, came out of my 4 years in the Navy. Great friends I lost contact with.
Hamburg, MichaelMM3Apr 1979 – Aug 1980A Gang"Gimme Shelter" boys. Thank you Capt. taught me a lot about being a good man. Screwed up but grew up. A shout out to the Stillwells, Camanzine and the rest of A Gang. Still remember watching the helo go down, bless those guys
Smith, TimothyIC3Apr 1, 1979 – Jun 15, 1980E Division
Cahoone, Robert (Shorty)HTFNMay 1979 – Jan 1982R DIVArrived as an HTFN and departed as a HT2. This ship was the best command I was part of during my 23.5 years of service. I was given my nickname there (SHORTY).I retired a DCC in May 2002. Still work for DoD as a civilian
Walton, MarkYN2May 29, 1979 – Mar 15, 1980OXWorked in the Personnel Office with PN2 Mitchell. Had a great time on board and Capt. Less was the best skipper I served under. Ran into him when I was checking out of the Pentagon; after 10 years still knew my name. Drop me an email.
Brown, RobertOS3May 30, 1979 – Feb 10, 1982OIRobert Brown OS3. Still around. Looking for old Buddies. I still ride the Witch in My Dreams. I have changed my name. I am now known as , Ms. Holly Brown. Yes , I am a Transgender Sailor.
Strother, Gayland / Big BirdEM2Jun 1979 – Apr 1981E-DivisionWill never forget the night that Captain Less came over the 1MC and told us go on the weather deck and take a look. The plankton bloom and its green glow lighting up the ocean every direction you looked was incredible.
Brown, RobertOS3Jun 1, 1979 – Feb 10, 1982OPS/CICWelcome to the Hotel Wichita<a href=>Check Out But U Never Leave</a><BR>The Dream Police/Mid Watch. Iran Hostage Crisis/IO.
Felton, BillySeamanJun 10, 1979 – Jul 10, 19812nd divisionRicky,willy,Kerry Tyler captan less
Martinez, ArturoBM3Jun 29, 1979 – Jun 16, 19823rd DivisionHey how is everyone recovering from the VD shots after leaving PI Clap?onces for good or Clap? twice for better.I miss you all God is good God is great God created BoatswainsMates Rios & crew give me a shout Luv Art.
Peraza, LuisPC3Aug 6, 1979 – Jul 3, 1982X -DIV
Hodel, LorenRMCAug 12, 1979 –OCThis was my last duty assignment in the U.S. Navy and I enjoyed every minute of it. One of my fondest memories is the winning of the "Green C". We put in a lot of hard work to get that award.
Shirey, Wolfgang / WolfMM2Sep 1979 – Jun 22, 1987MOlongapo / Maggasisi Blvd / Shit River... Best Rustbucket I was ever on...
Vasey, LeonardLTOct 11, 1979 – Apr 3, 1983OPS
Knutowski, Michael SkiE4Dec 1979 – Jun 19823rdwow, I wonder is Beldso is still doing bread and water. Tony Less what a Captain
Torrez, FrankE-31980 – 1983POL
Yoder, RobertMM21980 – 1985M
Davis, Jim (Jed)mm21980 –A GANGhad a great time on the Wichita. Wish i could do it all over again.
Robinson, Roy (Robby)MMFN1980 – 1983MHello Chief Hull and Chief Wisdorf. I couldn't have done it without you.
Lapp, StevenLTjgJan 15, 1980 – Jul 15, 1982Supply (S1, S2, S3 & S4)Good times. Different era. Ended up retiring after 27 years of active and reserve service as an O-6. Now living on the East Coast but miss Northern California. Shipmates should drop a line!!
Cox, StevenSk3Jan 30, 1980 – Nov 14, 1982S-1I was browsing and seen this site, would enjoy making contact with some of the fellas.
Sternick, ChrisYN2Feb 1, 1980 – Apr 1, 1983X"Happiness is being inport Alameda"
Lohrmann, MartinEN3Apr 1980 – Sep 1982A-gangThink back on 2 great west pacs,becoming a shellback,capt Less(the best)vertreps,juicy,buck,mack,camenzen,chief york,alexander ,losing a helo lota great memories and and a true friend lester
Knudsen, ChrisBT2Apr 5, 1980 – Aug 25, 1983BVery intense period of life. Many great experiences. If I could do it over I would be quicker to listen and slower to speak. The crew had its act together. Very talented group of guys.
Ryan, StevenRP2May 5, 1980 – Oct 21, 1981XHII loved the Wichita. YN2 Vaughn Bass and I had more fun then anyone on board. BM3 Darren Patrick and I were very good friends. WESTPAC 1980 arriving in Subic Bay, PI I remember getting NAUI SCUBA certified and diving off of Grande Island. Hi to all.
Torres, GregorioSNMay 24, 1980 – Oct 16, 19803rd divisionCame aboard ship looking to go back to HM school, met some good people there, In short, learned about ".ship life" quickly before HUMS Trans. Went to HM school, left for Corpus Christi, Tx, and ended with VP-40 in Ca.
Reynolds, VincentGMG3May 30, 1980 – Jun 30, 1984weaponsBest command in the navy miss all the fun time we had on west pac what a day when we glided with the ranger look forward to hooking up with lost shipmate. eMail me at
Lind, Edward/scruffyBM3Jun 24, 1980 – Aug 15, 19842nd & 3rdHard to realize that the first ship you serve on happens to be the best. Miss the old days and the PI. Feel free to contact me at
McNew, JamesBT3Jul 1980 – Mar 1984kicked back in the oil shack
Grant, RichardPNSNJul 15, 1980 – Oct 10, 1983
McDermott, MikeET1Jul 19, 1980 – Jul 23, 1982OEWorked and played hard back and forth across the Pacific and Indian oceans. Brown, Campbell, Cristofallo, DeHos, Fraser, Holden, Kim, Lampkin, Moorehead, Radcliff, Repine, Schroeder, Spic & Williams great shipmates & ETs
James, WilliamEN2Sep 1980 – Sep 1985A-GANGDECK TO SNIPE, HAD ALOT OF FUN, SAW SOME COOL STUFF AND HAD SOME GREAT C.O's. Danger Ranger Along side !!!! we pump yousux...Unrep...6 pack for a white hat....HAVE -A- SLAMMIN DAY !!!!!!
Yniguez, Salvadorqm3Sep 1980 – Jun 1983opsbest times on the witch lots of memories to much fun the bay rocked in the early 80's the A's alameda annie west pac the Russians 3rd flight deck great but ops is tops, alpha alpha
Moffat, ChuckYN3Sep 1, 1980 – Sep 1, 1983XFrom 1st division to x division. I had a blast. live in Memphis, TN now.. Would love to hear from shipmates.
Davis, Tontoe3Sep 14, 1980 – Sep 14, 1984POLLOVED THE WICKED WITCH AND OUR SHIPMATES
Rios, RichardBM3Oct 1980 – May 26, 19843RD(Dirty Thirty)What can I say PI---PI---PI sin city baby and right on the money. Doing the bump with the Ranger and losing two Helo's and some good friends during flight ops in the IO. Anyone out there who served with me is more than welcome to write.
Gilmore, Lloyd AlexET-3Oct 1, 1980 – May 1, 1982ETI remember Mike McDermott and Joe Cristafalo but not many others. Contact at I reenlisted only to be disabled discharge in March of 84 at 100% disabled. I currently live in New Braunfels Texas
Davis, Jim ( Jed )MM2Oct 5, 1980 – Jun 5, 1984a gangsure miss west pac's
Gielbeda, Jamese-3Nov 5, 1980 – Nov 5, 19822nd divisionspent some of the best times of my life on board the Niagara falls.nothing I have ever done gives me as much pride as serving on board this ship.It wasn't easy but there are great memories of the men and times .god bless
Taylor, JeffSM2Dec 1980 – Sep 1984OPERATIONS

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