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USS Wichita (AOR 1) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Wichita (AOR 1). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 645 crew members registered for the USS Wichita (AOR 1).

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Edick, Gary profile iconOS31972 – Jan 1974OperationsI remember some parts of the time spent here. Two most memorable: Making OS2 on a Friday, and busted on a Sunday back to OS3. And drinking beer and partying at the Queen bar in Subic. Everything else was a blur.....
Garibay, DonaldBM21972 – 19741st and 2ndGood time’s
Black, JohnMM3Jan 10, 1972 – Oct 4, 1974MIt was a good ship. Anyone know where MMCS Sellers is. Would like to know where Ed Jaczynski or Rich Censlewski is. Was the typhoon we were in in 1972 or 1973. Long live the ol' Witchita.Fair winds and following seas.
Sample, DanOS 2Mar 1972 – Aug 1975OperationsQuite an experience....some of the wildest times of my life. I loved working as a radarman. Going across the equator was a lot of fun. Bangkok & Hong Kong were the best ports.
Stallkamp, Ray (Rocky)CS 3Mar 1972 – Mar 1973SupplySome of my best memories, should have stayed for 2nd tour. I was your cook, food records keeper and site TV operator WICH TV 2. Miss you guys..., Now in Denver 2013
Till, DanielSAMar 28, 1972 – May 28, 1975firstThe wicked witch of the west will live forever. My second ship after destroyers was like riding on a cruise ship hardly any motion.
James D Cary, JimE-1Apr 1972 – Nov 19721st Division,Came on board in Long Beach after boot camp and went on a Westpac tour starting in July (as I recall) Ended up going to class A school and was transfered off in Subic November 1972. Learned allot from my shipmates.
Day, MikeRM2Apr 8, 1972 – Sep 23, 1975OCLooking back not such a bad time.. We had many long cruises and a lot of ships came along side.. Loved being on that old floating bomb..
Helland, Stevesm3May 1, 1972 – May 1, 1975oc
Kent, Leo MSHSNJul 1972 – Apr 1975s2Served 2 tours in Viet Nam aboard the Wichita. She is a lady that will never be forgotten.
Davis, Craig (Dave)EM3Jul 1972 – Apr 1976ELong hours sitting in atfstreeing during unreps.But great ports of call to ease the stress.CAN DO!
Takacs, Lawrence J.FTG3Jul 1, 1972 – Mar 21, 1974WeaponsAs we would pull away from an un-rep...Glen Campbell's song "Wichita Lineman" would be of the best memories I have..Mike Comstock, if you read this, look me up you old Texan..I miss ya!
Myers, MartySH2Aug 1972 – Sep 1975S2Got in trouble for smuggling the Spider Monkey on board. Got in a big brawl with the French Sailors in Hong Kong. Drank the Absynthe in Sasebo.
Stubbs, FloydHT3Sep 1972 – Sep 1975RA good time.
Hoven (mute), RandyBM3/BMSNNov 1972 – Aug 19751st & 3rdI still hate ship's bosn, McLaughlin.
Drake, GregHT-3Nov 1972 – Nov 1975Rremember the good times on the old witch! to bad she is decommissioned.
Waugh, KurtSMSNNov 1972 – Jul 1975OC Div.Miss my P.I. Honey-Co and San Miguel!!
Baker, Alvin LYN3Nov 1972 – Aug 1975X
Hamrick, RonBM3Nov 17, 1972 – Aug 19, 19752ndBest time of my life. I met some great people.
Richardson, Melvin (Skinny Pimp)SH3Nov 27, 1972 – Dec 15, 19751st and supplyThose days were the most fun days of my life....
Neske, RonQM 3Nov 30, 1972 – May 20, 1975XHNGreat times,great shipmates,great memories.I got to see the world and make some life long friends.Chief "Bubba"Armentor where are you now?
Lance, TerryMR/E2Dec 1972 – Dec 1973POLWish I could do it again, the right way. Awesome experience. Can still hear the "Wichita Lineman", in my head anytime I think of the "Green Weenie"
Batsell, GordonYN3Dec 7, 1972 – Aug 12, 1975AdminMy one and only Naval Ship. Most memories are good, like Subic Bay, Bangkok, Singapore,Thiland, Japan, Kenya, Hawaii,Long Beach, met my wife there. The best memories are the friends I made. Thank's guy's for the good times and the San Miguel.
Fitch, Patrick profile iconRM31973 – 1975OperationsAfter a year at Naval Communications Station Adak Alaska. I was happy to be transferred to the USS Wichita that heading for a Westpac cruise. We ended going much farther than I could have imagined, all the way to Mombasa
Buchanan, BuckHT3Jan 1, 1973 – Jan 1975rto hud and stormon normon, we had some good times .
Taylor, AlanMM3Feb 14, 1973 – Jun 26, 1973A
Reed, BillOS2Mar 1973 – Sep 1976OIBoy I really miss those days. I haven"t seen anyone from the Bitch in all these years except Chris Shaeffer and that was way back in the 70's. I'd like to hear from Dan, Mel, Gongo, Neske or anyone else who remembers.
Weed, Rickbt3Mar 1973 – Oct 1975boiler techwouldn't trade the time on on board for anything. Met some great people that i still think of but have never gotten ahold of or tried to contact since i got out. would like to here from any of you.
Harris, RogerEM3Apr 10, 1973 – May 27, 1976E/STREAM/RASENot one of you could outdrink me. Even the deck apes said I was the only snipe worthy of being called a "steamer". I miss you guys, sometimes.
Hall, SteveHT2Apr 15, 1973 – Jun 28, 1976R and POL
Lindholm, GaryMM3Apr 15, 1973 – Feb 15, 1976
Frost, MikeMM2Apr 26, 1973 – Aug 10, 1975AWho remembers the Friction Band, San Miguel and Mojo? I got off the Witch the day we ran aground going into San Diego. What an end to a great tour.
James, EdwardMM3May 7, 1973 – Aug 4, 1974M then A Div.Great time aboard the Wichita. Was in M Div. for a few months then transferred to A-gang.Remember MM1 Spires,and MM 2 Ben ? from Guam. Can see the faces of others but can't remember their names!
Emmons, John (Leprechaun) Ships BarberSH2May 13, 1973 – Apr 6, 1977Marty Myers,Sammy Garcia,Boy Babino,Taco,Tomar all from S2, Write if you can.I cut every crew members hair on the witch from 75to77. I remember running aground off San Diego and chewing up the motor whale boat.Loved it,miss it.I'll miss he
Lindholm, GaryMM3May 22, 1973 – Feb 15, 1976M & A
Torres, Daniel "Pinapple Kid" , "rez" profile iconBTFNMay 30, 1973 – Aug 23, 1975BI remember Subic Bay, Long Beach, and Oh my, let us never forget "Wichita Lineman Is Still On The LIne". Bowers, DiBene, Jake, Shellman, Sizian, Voeller, BT1 Brown, Hanna, and all the crew . Served again 5/83-5/88
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Mitchell, ThomasEM3Jun 1973 – Aug 1974"E"Many fond memories, and some not so fond. Nice to see recognizable names. Hope to be able to get in touch!!
Ponty, MikeHT3Jun 1973 – Sep 1975R
Schroeder, KerryE-3Jun 26, 1973 – Feb 20, 19773rd divisionFor the most part we we`re a bunch of miss-fits,-but we did earn the E on the stack in 75.
Cossey, StevenETR3Jul 1973 – May 1974OEI came aboard between ET"A" school and Nuc Power School. When I arrived she was in the yards. We made a WestPac cruise that year. I was the team leader for the firemain valve maintenace tiger team.
Harwood, JimLTJul 1, 1973 – May 1, 1975XNavGreat tour with fantastic Nav and Admin gangs. I retired as O-6 in 1999.
McCleery, TonyseamanJul 15, 1973 – Jan 19, 19751 stWent AWOL with Mike Krivanec. Went to canada for a while. Ended up in Seattle at a discharge center. I grew up in the Navy, met some nice guys,saw the world,made some memories.I miss Benny Joe Hagen!
Chapman, DennisBT2Aug 1973 – May 5, 1977B, (BEST)Where are "Weed", "Oldie", DiBene, Stan, Zach, Arnie, Pineapple, Frenchie, Voller, Wetzel? I have Chief Hughes and Bryson's emails! Remember sinking our own Whale-boat? I have pics of CPO baggage when the tug rammed us on t
Mason, MelOSSNAug 1, 1973 – Jun 18, 1975operationsIt has been a long time, over 30 years, but something bout that the ship , the experience, the people stays with ya. She will never be forgotten, at least not in my lifetime
Altringer, Michael The FlyBT2Sep 1973 – Sep 1974THE ONE AND ONLY "B"Best berthing of any ship I was on in 26 years.
Long, KevinSR TO BM3Oct 15, 1973 – Jul 25, 19771ST AND RASEgreat ship to be a deck ape
Carter, The Foot (Bigfoot)Nov 1973 – Apr 1975Hey All some great times were had by all We had a great crew especially we deck apes
Long, KevinBM3Nov 23, 1973 – Jul 22, 1977RASEWas My first ship had some great ship mates

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