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USS Wichita (AOR 1) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Wichita (AOR 1). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 650 crew members registered for the USS Wichita (AOR 1).

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Copeland, PaulMM31970 – 1973A-gang,MAnyone remember the Miss Whicita Beauty Pagenant?
Alvarez, Ed/alPN31970 – 1971XWas on Wichita on first WESTPAC tour. Met up with her in Subic and came back with her to L.B. Last 8 months was at Miramar, San Diego.
Letendre, SteveSK31970 – 1973S-1Miss Wichita 1973...Capt. Jack surprised with the kiss. Thanks s-2 cooks for the midnight sneaky steaks, ha ha Ham ops..........echolink or HF good here(KE6FQC) SEE WESTPAC 72/73 ON WWW.YOUTUBE.COM SEARCH BIGBEARSTEVE TO FIND
Davis, BruceSA1970 –looking for pictures or rememberence
Ledwon, LarryE 51970 – Feb 1972OperationsServed aboard as Quartermaster. She was a great ship. Everything worked. As a retired Chief Mate of the Merchant Marine I have been on alot of ships. The crew was the best and I enjoyed my time on her.
Koehler, Davidsn1970 – 19723rd
Novacek, SteveLTjg1970 – 1971supplyGreat times were had by all, especially in Subic Bay/Olongapo! Cheers to all of the old Wichita Linemen!
Nichols, JonBM31970 – 19731stBest of times…lots of friends made. Miss them all.
Matsuura, Harry/pineappleBM3Jan 1970 – Nov 19731st DivisionHey guys, after 3 tours in the Golf of Tonkin and 50 days off the coast of Pakistan in the Indo-Pakistan War and 43 years of marriage, I am alive and well on Maui, Hawaii. I did not know that this site existed.....
Obryan, LarryBM2Mar 10, 1970 – Feb 1, 19711stCame on board with another BM on while on Yankee Station some time in 1970.
Meffert, RayEM3Apr 1970 – 1974EGreat Ship, Great Crew! Joe Cullen, check your mail on this site !
Rodriguez, Anthony(tony)SK3Apr 1970 – Dec 1973Supply (S-1)On the 4th Westpac cruise when I got out of the Navy. Loved all of the port calls, hated the green weenie...LINEMAN forever...Wichita Lineman..looking forward to the next reunion, missed the first one in 2004...
Crane, ClaudeQM2Apr 1970 – Sep 1973NavigationAfter 30 years, 3 West Pacs, & 900+/- Unreps., I can still hear the words of Glen Campbell's Wichita Lineman. Fond memories of the guys I served with during my nearly 3 1/2 years aboard the Wichita.
Cullen, JosephHT3Apr 1970 – Aug 1973RI was shipfitter-damage controllman and was struck by truck in '71. Last and final year made LPO. Where did all those cigars go???? Zonkers???
Crane, ClaudeQM/2Apr 15, 1970 – Sep 8, 1973NavigationAfter 30 years, 3 WestPacs & 900+/- Unreps, I can still hear the words to Glen Campbell's Witchita Lineman. Fond memories of the guys I served with.Favorite Skipper was Capt. William McCracken
Meffert, RayEM-3Apr 15, 1970 – Apr 15, 1974e
Garner, EdETR2May 18, 1970 – Feb 2, 1971OEA short tour of duty aboard the Wicked Witch, but what a ride. Two of the worst typhoons in history in the fall of 1970. A great bunch of guys in my division. I never want to hear “The Wichita Lineman” in my life
Hebert, Arthur (Shaky)BM3Jun 1970 – Feb 19743rd Div
Conley, JohnBM3Jun 1970 – Mar 15, 19732nd DivisionWe had a tight bunch of crew members. We held every unrep record in the Navy. I was in the orginal crew, but did not get to the ship until later in the first cruise. I truely learned the meaning of work !!!!!
Brevig, Harry (Butch) profile iconE4Jul 1970 – Mar 26, 1974P O L
Parmley, HarryQM1Aug 1970 – Aug 1972Nav32 years in the Navy, gotta say Wichita felt really, really good. Miss the ace nav crew, QMC Morin, QM2 Crane, QM2 Wagner, QM3 Bonacker, and our esteemed Navigator, LT(always had our back) Spigai. We were the nuts..
Conley, JohnBM3Aug 1970 – Mar 19731 and 2 DivisionThe best ship and crew in the Navy. Worked long hours and days but played hard in port. Miss all you guys and wish everyone good luck and smooth sailing !!
Spigai, Joseph (Joe)LIEUTENANT, USNSep 1970 – Aug 1972NavigatorFond memories, especially of the QM Gang, and of all my shipmates.
Risley, CharlesE-3Sep 1970 – Apr 1972SupplyGood chow! Great skipper, he was a mustang, treated us good and if you did your job, he gave us plenty of R&R. Great memories.
Stevens, JackCAPTSep 1970 – Dec 1971Commanding OfficerGreat bunch of men on board. Wichita was always there when needed in the Tonkin Gulf - - remember Screaming Yellow Zonkers? Very proud to have been a "Lineman".
Campbell, DwightGMG/3Sep 30, 1970 – Dec 5, 1972Would like to hear from guys i served with .
Warner, DickSK3Oct 1970 – Sep 1973SupplyLots of fun at Yankee station, Market Time, Indian Ocean, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Japan. Sick of the Wichita Lineman at every unrep. Overheated the engine on the ships vehicle going thru the jungle to the ammo pier at PI :) had to make fun to have fun.
McCommon, GuySNOct 16, 1970 – Dec 6, 1971 Deck 1stWish to talk with anyone who was on board the same time as I was.
Russell, StevenBM3Nov 1, 1970 – Jul 9, 19743rdWould love to talk to some of my old shipmates.
Zimmerman, JimMM2Nov 11, 1970 – Oct 15, 1973M
Brown, TomYN3Dec 1970 – Dec 1972XHNA San Miguel you buy in the store today tastes just like the ones we bought in Po-Town! Amazing. Hey Pete Statuto! Did you ever get your clothes from Hong Kong?
Bridgeman, MichaelOS 2Dec 1970 – Apr 24, 1973OIOutstanding friends and experience in ports and cruising the seas/ocean. Laid a sound foundation for a future in getting an education and acquiring an adventurous job. Have nothing but great memories.
Marsh, PaulBMSNDec 7, 1970 – Jul 16, 19723rd3rd Div. was the best! A great bunch of guys.
McMillan, Raymond (Big Mac)YN2Dec 29, 1970 – Aug 24, 19743rd, Weps, Eng, X H & NMy first duty station after Boot Camp; really challenging; educational, physically demanding. All in all a love/hate experience.
Quiroz, SamuelEM31971 – 1975M
Cencelewski, Richard ( Cecil )BT31971 – 1973Fireroom
Mollenhauer, Robert (Bob)ET3Jan 1971 – Jul 1971OEFirst ship after A & C schools - flew to PI to catch it on the way back from Westpac. Stayed long enough for my first Reftra. Due to there being too many ET3's with my C school trasining, was sent elsewhere after only 6 months.
Metcalf, StephenRM3Jan 1971 – May 1971Radio crewi was only on the ship for a short time while it was in Long Beach...i would like to get in touch with Bob Clark who was my best friend while on the Wichita
Paulus, BobRM2Jan 1971 – Feb 1973operations
Clark, RobertWICHITAJan 1, 1971 – Feb 10, 1973S-1I was the Storekeeper who was named Sailor of the Month. I served during Vietnam. Had a wonderful time and hope to hear from some of my buddies like Ed Tindle, Mike Casey, Steve Letendre just to name a few
Clark, RobertSK2Jan 1, 1971 – Feb 17, 1973
Quilter, JohnLTjgJan 15, 1971 – Nov 15, 1973Deck, EngineeringMany memories of the three Westpac cruises made and the thousands of hours of bridge watches stood, rendezvous made and unreps completed. Never experienced that much responsibility in my civilian career.
Anderson, DavidETN2Feb 1971 – Jun 1972OperationsMy time aboard the Wichita was my most memorable time in the Navy. Lots of fun!!!
Potter, RichardSK2Feb 1971 – Dec 1972S1Great friends-lots of work.
Bondurant, Frank (King Sickie)MR-3Feb 24, 1971 – Jul 22, 1974R Div. In the 20 years, 6 ships, and two shore facilitys of Navy life I experianced, none had a more self motivated and crazy crew.
Lorenz, TerryETN2Mar 20, 1971 – Aug 30, 1972OperationsMost of my time on the Wichita was exciting. The endless un-reps, the swim calls that were always followed by bad news. Steaming in the Indian Ocean with a hundred other ships, ours and the Russians, with everyone taking pictures.
Ewing, RonaldTHIRD CLASS PETTY OFFICERMay 15, 1971 – Aug 15, 1973OPWhat a great ship to have served on. Many great memories as disappointments thanks to ComServRon7 and the canceling of various Port of Calls. I made the Green Weenie flag to celebrate that fact. Visit FB page USS Wichita
Westberg, DanBMSNJun 1971 – Jun 19742nd
Foster, TomDC3Jun 20, 1971 – Dec 21, 1972RThink of R-Division gang often, great bunch to work and sail with. Had Great leaders in DCSC Timco and LTJG Garica.
Bonacker, GreggQM3Jun 25, 1971 – Dec 7, 1972NavigationShe was a good ship and she had a fine crew. Fortunately the Wichita lineman is rarely played any more, that song drove me nuts. I saw Rolf in ’97; he had mustanged his way to Capt.
Weiler, LarryPERSONNELMAN 2ND CLASSJul 13, 1971 – Aug 28, 1973ExecutiveJust found the site. I had some very good memories spent on the Wichita. Will always remember Olongopo, Hong Kong. (Hey guys...(Statuto, Sandvik, Jefko, Dickensheets, Lt. Koch, Claude Crane, Jean Murtey) Please let me know about reunions.
Weiler, LarryPN2Jul 15, 1971 – Aug 3, 1973Admin
Pree, Andrew " Cool Joe"FN to HT-1Jul 20, 1971 – Sep 26, 1976R4 wes pacs - met a lot of people - learned some good skills - had a lot of fun - Daimen "Poody Kay" Johnson wwhere are you?..... still married to Gloria 35 years
Aanderud, Craig/andyFTGSep 7, 1971 – Sep 11, 1973WeaponsAll things considered, a positive experience. NEVER GOT SEASICK! Any of my old friends, send me an E-mail. I have some 8mm moviesof the ship underway replenishing. Wonder about all those bombs sometime!
Davis, MarkGMG3Oct 1971 – May 1975WeaponsMiss the Witch! Lots of fond memories of PI, Hong Kong, Thailand, Mumbassa. The 0200 unreps, the time the "Connie" crashed into us on our port side during unrep. Wish, I could see old friends...Joined reserves, now a MACM in Detroit.
Somers, James P. / JimE-4 Boatswain mateOct 1971 – Oct 19731st
Limpert, Delbert Skipe3Oct 1971 – Mar 1973boiler tech
Baker, LloydSNOct 1971 – May 1972DECK
Siano, MikeOS3Oct 10, 1971 – Jun 15, 1975ops-oiI loved that Ship and I can still see all of your Faces, Even after my 9yrs in the Nav. Being a Lineman Was My lifes proudest time. Capts.Jack & Mac were the greatest
Limpert, Skipe3Oct 17, 1971 – Feb 23, 1973boilermanjust want to say hey
Cary, DuaneRM3Oct 19, 1971 – Aug 15, 1973CommunicationsI had a great time on the Witch, at least until RM1 Stone came on board. Had some great friends on board and shared a lot of good times in Bangkok, Hong Kong, Sasebo with Heyd, Paulus and the rest of the gang.
Till, KennethDCFA/SFFA TO HT3Nov 1971 – Dec 1974RepairOut of the 10 Navy commands I was assigned to, the wicked Witch was the best. We had a very tight knit crew when I was aboard. Still married after to that lovely lady I married in 1974. Contact me at
Livingston, Russell (Doc)MM-3Nov 20, 1971 – Dec 30, 1974M DivisionFirst time to hit the breakwater and we ran into that typhoon and then went to the Indian Ocean. Everyone was sick but I was sicker. Seeing the names of shipmates bring back memories of Subic and Hong Kong.
Chimienti, RickFTG3Nov 23, 1971 – Sep 8, 1973Weapons

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