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USS Guadalcanal (LPH 7) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Guadalcanal (LPH 7). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1041 crew members registered for the USS Guadalcanal (LPH 7).

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Maynard, AndreMA11989 – 1991Master-at-armsfeel free to email me, would like to email with old crew members
Jordan, KirkOS31989 – 1992OIProud to have serve with few good people.
Holzapfel, HenryAVCM1989 – 1992AIMDSome good times (riding a goat cart in Turkey), some I'd like to forget(rolling around in the North Atlantic in February).
Hopper, LarryBMSN1989 – Aug 1992Deck and Supply
Robaska, Ron "stosh"ABH3Jan 1, 1989 – Aug 21, 1992v1
King, JeffAT2Jan 19, 1989 – Aug 15, 1993AIMD
Konkiel, RobertMM1Mar 1, 1989 – Jun 1, 1991A
Jordan, Keith"sugarbear"MM3Apr 1989 – Jun 1992Engineering and SecurityTo all the crew of the mighty guad. Just thought i say hello to all. Goodtimes i miss them all.
Mayhew, BoatsBmE5Apr 16, 1989 – Jun 16, 1992lpo second. division boatsBm bad mo fo old school
Graves, George(Billy)ASAR-AS3Apr 25, 1989 – Dec 12, 1992AIMD SE/FLGHT Deck Trouble ShooterWhat's going on folks, visit Together We and catch up on the GUAD CREW. Later.
McPherson, MacOSCApr 28, 1989 – Feb 28, 1994OIMY BEST COMMAND IN THE NAVY.
Martin, DonAD-1May 1989 – Jun 1992AIMD
Montero, IgnacioE-4 / AK3May 1, 1989 – Aug 6, 1992S-6If you remember me drop a line or call me. I am in Fort Lauderdale. 954-608-8646 cellular. The memories, the good times and the best of friends. To sad to here that she was sunk.
Azcuy, EricOS2Jun 4, 1989 – Dec 10, 1992OIWould like to hear from some old shipmates on the Guad. I still remember those smashed sandwiches in Toulon. Could use one now .
Gramlich, WayneMACS(SW)Jun 10, 1989 – Jun 15, 1992SecurityWish to her from shipmates with whom I served with. Some of my best times in the Navy were with you guys.
Oliver, RobertET2Jul 1989 – Jan 27, 1993OEMiss the old boat, got to decomission her as a civilian, and saw it two years ago in Philly, got to go aboard while it was empty, too cool. Email me, I still have the adresses of a few, including my brother, Dave(captain's cook). I'm a GS-12 no
Schmidt, WilliamCDRJul 1989 – Jul 1991Supply OfficerRetired from the Navy in 1999 with 28 years. Living in Kissimmee FL.
Stevenson, BillEM3Jul 26, 1989 – Jun 22, 1993Electrician'sMost of my time on the Guad was a blur but hung out with some great guys.Still maried 3 kids one in college and to in high school.Working for the goverment looking forword to retierment.
Zeligman, StevenDP1Aug 2, 1989 – Jul 2, 1991S7
Turner, Dennis L.MA1Sep 1989 – Sep 1, 1991SecuritySend me back to Palma! Break my Heart!
Briggs, JamesABH3Sep 1989 – Sep 1992
Erdmann, TravisABH-3Sep 1, 1989 – May 29, 1993V-1send me an e-mail
Tisdale, PhilDS2(SW)Sep 10, 1989 – Aug 31, 1994S-7Hello guys, good to see you again. Hope to hear from you guys. I saw the guad getting towed out to be sunk in 2005. All that secured liberty call for cleaning is on the bottom of the ocean. It kinda chokes me up!
White, JeffreyMM3Sep 12, 1989 – Jan 31, 1991ALoved my time in....other than Chief Mills.LOL
Hernandez, Rodrigo (Buddha)MS-3Sep 19, 1989 – Apr 15, 1993s-5anyone who remembers me drop a line
Bice, Roger profile iconYN2Oct 1, 1989 – Sep 9, 1991AdminLoved serving on-board the Guad, many great memories. Made many good friends. Any Old mates want to catch up email me
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Goeken, TimMM3Oct 9, 1989 – Feb 29, 1992MWorked in Main Control, MMOW, Operation Provide Comfort MARG 1-91. Lots of good memories.
Tillery, RobABF3Oct 24, 1989 – Jun 12, 1993V-4A shout out to all the men in "AIR" Department.
Lapaugh, SteveABH 3Oct 28, 1989 – Jul 2, 1992V-3 AirAnyone who served from 89-92 contact me. Enjoyed the $1.50 Rum & cokes in Palma! Good times, bad times but a great experience. Hello to all my old shipmates !
Jackson, JamalMS 3Nov 1989 – Jul 1993S-2
Bogues, DougMM2Nov 1989 – Apr 1993Whats Up!!! I'm glad I found this site. Looking forward to catching up w/ some old friends.
Galpin, SteveLTJGNov 18, 1989 – Feb 26, 1993OI / SignalsMy best (and only) ship, I am now a LCDR in the Reserves
Jackson, JamalMS3Dec 1989 – Jul 1993S-2/S-5Extremely proud to have served on the Guad, especially during MARG 91, and Operation Provide Comfort. Sitting in Turkey after getting our cruise extended. Anyone remember Capt. "Hang em High" Highfill, and the song Rawhide when we got underwa
Jeglum, JeffGMC(SW)Dec 28, 1989 – Aug 28, 1994XHad a great time while serving onboard the Guad and learned alot (like how to do jumping jacks on the flight deck and try and get unstuck). Hope everyone who served on her is doing well.
Picone, JohnGMC1990 – 1994G2Gator Power
Sutton, CharlesASCM1990 –
Di Pietro, ChristopherE-31990 – 1993Flight DeckLots of good memories. Every time i see a pic of the ship the Rawhide theme plays in my head. Good times.
Tabor, EstellBT31990 – 1993BiolersBT brothers shoot me an e-mail
Creel, ShaneMM1 (SW/AW)1990 – 1992M-DivisionOld No. 7 provided a great learning experience with a lot of booze hounds.
Holt, DaleABH3Jan 1990 – Dec 1992V-1
Rouch, MarkSM2Jan 10, 1990 – Mar 15, 1991Comms
Lightfoot, JohnathanOS2Feb 1990 – Feb 1994OPS/OIWow so many old friends here. Proudly served onboard the mighty GUAD for Desert Storm, Provide Comfort and numerous other ops. Had a great time and made loads of friends. Anyone know where OSCM MacPherson went to. Hope all of you are well!!
Allen, PeterSKSNFeb 1990 – Aug 1993s-1where did all the sk's go ?
Laffleur, MichaelDCFeb 1990 – Mar 1994RepairWas a Damage Control. 2 Meds and Atlantic.
Tipton, WilliamHNFeb 2, 1990 – Mar 28, 1992MedicalLots Of good times And some Bad but Served with good Crewmates.
Brace,, AngeloYN3Feb 2, 1990 – Feb 17, 1993XMy first command in my US Navy career. There are still shipmates I consider friends to this day. I grew up a lot there, especially after I went to NJP. I really hate I lost touch with Riceman.
Baker, DanielBT2Feb 4, 1990 – Jul 1, 1992B
Loudermilk, RandyMS1Feb 16, 1990 – Aug 31, 1994S-5/S-2The Guad had some great people. I moved on to Spain and to spend my next 12 Years in Europe. To contact me see
Sepulveda, LouisRM3Feb 27, 1990 – Aug 30, 1994CommAny old Rm's that served with Soup please email me. We where blue nose and shellbackn one year. our motto There when needed.
Surface, EricQM3Mar 1990 – Aug 31, 1994Navigation
Ortiz, MikeQM2Mar 12, 1990 – Jul 20, 1992NAVYo what's up shipmates. I keep in touch with a few of the fellas still. I'm still in VA. I run a car dealership now. Hope everyone's good, happy, and healthy. Peace to all. What's up Surface hope you see this. Peace
Campbell, ChrisE4Mar 14, 1990 – Mar 14, 1994Aviation Support
Koch, GregAT2Apr 1990 – Mar 13, 1992AIMD
Hopkins, DanielABH3Apr 1, 1990 – Jun 15, 1992V-1FLY 1 PO looking for any former shipmates that served on the golden Guad.
Coan, BrentRM / E-3May 17, 1990 – Mar 24, 1993Radio ManI was on the USS Guadalcanal from 1990 til 1993. I remember my man Sampy, Dedric Camphor, Soup, Flores, Chico, and J. Holmes. Man that was the best time of my life. Hey if yall know me call me at (M)202-642-0107
Lacy, FredFLT.DCKLPOJun 6, 1990 – Jun 6, 1994V1Who stole all the damn cereal, stored in the crash shack?
Jessen, ThomasLTJGJul 1, 1990 – Jul 15, 1993X (Security Officer)Served in Mighty-Guad during Desert Storm. Did the North Atlantic. Had a great time with a great bunch of officers and crew. Post Guad: was on CNSP staff, SECO NAS Pcola, OIC SEC DET Bahrain, OIC NCIS LEPSAT. Retired March 1, 2001.
Schimick, TimothyPN3Jul 1, 1990 – Feb 17, 1994admin/navigationwas in deck, then admin, then deck, then navigation, then GONE.
Jessen, ThomasENS/LTJG LDOJul 1, 1990 – Jul 6, 1993Security
Aanensen, MichaelSNAug 1990 – Jun 19921stI reported as a deck SN I left in 1992 to go to QM A school thanks to a great NCC. Looking foward to hear from any old shipmates.
Buck, JoelFN/MM3/MM2/FN/MM3Aug 1990 – Aug 1994MI'm proud to have served on such a fine warship and with some of the finest shipmates. I only wish I could show my kids where I was molded into a man by the likes of MMCS Swem and MM1 Freeman and I can never forget MM1 (SW/AW).
Martinez, RafaE1Aug 1, 1990 – Aug 30, 1994v3
West, Michael G.AG2Aug 6, 1990 – Aug 5, 1994OA -WeatherServed with the best guys in the world!!!! Great crew!
Henry, SteveAS2Aug 10, 1990 – Sep 1, 1992AIMD/IM-4All I remember is being covered in grease most of the time and having a few good days over in Europe....Use to have a blast fighting the MARG jarheads in the shop...All in all, The Guad was a one of a kind experience I will never forget...
Vanheck, KenDC2Aug 11, 1990 – Aug 11, 1994r
Vanheck, KenDC2Aug 11, 1990 – Aug 7, 1994R
Taylor, DonaldLCDRSep 5, 1990 – Apr 2, 1992DeckI served as the ship's First Lieutenant (Deck Officer). Deployed on her during Desert Storm. Also deployed for Teamwork 92 in the Arctic Ocean.
Dunn, MikeLTOct 1, 1990 – Jan 31, 1994OPS/OCIt was a great experience. Best AC's in HDC (ACC Thornton, AC1 Terrell, AC1 Pankeand, Norton, Cope, etc.) and Professional SAR Crew.
O'neal, Eric (Dola)SN- MY PH# 313728-4318Nov 1990 – Sep 1991deck only dude who was strikin' messcrankin'I mess cranked the whole cruise in the O mess --no watches--ha ha..and liberty every night..Where's my homeboy from Pontiac,MI - Larry Madden - Where the rest of the V-4 crew that was in Turkey marg-91.. I got everything ou of the NAVY.
Acevedo, Luis (Ace) profile iconGMG3Nov 1, 1990 – Apr 15, 1993Deck Department / X DivisionHad a great time. this was the first ship i ever went to meet some great people. Wish i could find some friends that were on this ship, Like FC1 Rodriguez, CGM John Pacone. these were great role models.
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Bejarano, Raymond " Bj"ABF-3Nov 20, 1990 – Nov 17, 1992V-4Worked on the flight,then became the damage control PO for our division.I remember,buenrostro,lonon,benedict,alspach,holmes,spencer,torres,source,d'angelo,hollis,big baby,and many others that i cannot recall at this time,great times!!!!!
Munroe, GeoffANDec 1990 – Aug 1992PCMy short time in Production Control seemed like a lifetime. AIMD ruled! Oz, Jay, Dews, Holmes and ABF1 Hayes were great mentors. Hope Greer, Campbell, Scooter are well. King where'd you go? Holla back. Come check me out if you're in NYC.
Bragg, JerryABH3Dec 18, 1990 – Aug 8, 1994v-1/v-3I have some very fond memories of my time on the Guad -- would look forward to hearing from any of you I served with.

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