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USS Guadalcanal (LPH 7) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Guadalcanal (LPH 7). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1041 crew members registered for the USS Guadalcanal (LPH 7).

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Byrd, ScottEW31986 – 1990OW
Barbieri, Joe profile iconBM31986 – 19902nd division deckLots of good memories.
Schroath, AaronIC3Jan 1986 – Jan 1989Excellent ship and crew. I retired with 20 years and was sad to see her go.
McClelland, MichaelET1Jan 2, 1986 – Jun 30, 1989OE DivisionAs the LPO of OE Division I had the distinct pleasure of working alongside of some of the best ET's in the United States Navy.
Chirigos, Tim/ShreegsBM/SKJan 10, 1986 – Aug 4, 1990Deck/SupplyTechnically a Boats, but worked as an SK. Looking for Larry Quinones, Ted Mueller, Cheif Coker, Goldstein, Brian Cissel, Montoya, Steve Chance!!
Ankrom, WilliamABF1Feb 1986 – Sep 1986V4
Radonich, RichardDC2Feb 6, 1986 – Feb 6, 1990R-DivisionTO: Brad Huner I'm a heavy equipment mechanic in northern california From: The origanal "Birahin 7"
Dauer, KenMM3Mar 1986 – Oct 1990M-
Rivera Jr, SammyE1Mar 23, 1986 –hospital corpmen 3/4 battalion 2nd marine divI WAS WITH THE MARINES ON BOARD THE GUADALCANAL DURING THE ATTACK ON GADDAFI GULF OF SIDRA 1986
Elliott, DanielBMSNApr 1986 – Apr 19881st deck
Rahn, DennisSM3May 1986 – Dec 10, 1989Deck 2nd-1st SignalmanShe was a great ship to be on. Went through hurricanes and sandstorms with her.
Smart, SteveAN/E3May 1986 – Jun 1987would love to hear from some people i was in on board with was definately a learning time in my life.
Dickerson, Clarence "dick"ABF3May 15, 1986 – Oct 15, 1989V4Fuelz Rulez. V4 is @ the door, ready for more. Thanx to all for the good times. Lets get together again for sum more drinks. Hope yall all doing well.
Dutton, W.d.aoanMay 29, 1986 – May 29, 1990v-1, g div.just wanted to say hi
Elliott, DanielBM-E3Jun 1986 – Aug 1987
Everett, KevinFC2Jun 9, 1986 – Jan 20, 1991foxCut some hair and played a lot of guitar and harmonica. even worked on a missile system now and then
Cook, RichMS2Jul 12, 1986 – Dec 10, 1989SupplyWas a great experience I will never forget. I learned alot in the service. The knowledge and skills that I was taught, I still use everyday.
Grady, ChrisRM3Jul 15, 1986 – Jul 15, 1990COMMUNICATIONSGreat ship, Good friends, Good memories
Cooper, FrancisBT1Aug 1, 1986 – Aug 1, 1987Bgood ship and crew had funmade lot of friends
Hall, Patrickbm1/bm2/bm1Aug 12, 1986 – May 20, 1991firstthe guad was old but stayed on the go made some great freinds would like to hear from them
Gonzales, GonzoBT3Aug 29, 1986 – Dec 20, 1989bI was sad to hear they sunk her! Many good memories & Great friends Hope to hear from some of the guys
Schneider, Bill profile iconbm3Sep 1986 – Jun 1990deck 86 to 90please contact me if you were in deck 1st or 2nd div. 86 to 90. 352 553 8299
Dooley, RobertHMSep 1986 – Aug 15, 1987Hospital Corpsman 3rd Battalion 4th Marines 2nd Marine DivisionI was on the Guadalcanal with the Marines during the 1986-87 med cruise (Gulf of Sidra) Love to hear from any other corpsmen or Marines from back in the day.
Carper, MarkMS3Sep 15, 1986 – Sep 15, 1990Mess ManagmentStarted in Deck but went on "Mess Crank" duties and never returned. I worked in "break outs" and the main mess and a probably cooked for a lot of you. Most memorable for my "big head":) Some of lifes greatest lessons
Lazzari, RichardET3Sep 15, 1986 – Jan 15, 1991OPS/OEAt the time,I hated being onboard that ship but I have to admit that it was a defining experience. Visiting PR,France,Italy,Spain,Israel,Kenya (and Rio since i did UNITAS) was unforgettable.
Powell, Mark (Bigfoot)EN 3Sep 21, 1986 – Sep 21, 1992A- gangIt was a great time I will not forget my time , On the quad, we made up a flag , dont knowq what happened to it, , an d not forget the person excurstion
Osten, DanE-3Oct 1986 – Jun 1990V-1Had a great time for 3+ years and lots of awesome memories. Sad to hear the Guad was sunk, it would have been neat to show to my kids. Hope everyone I served with is doing well. Robb Gottsch, great family pic, I will never forget you.
Murphy, TimMM2Oct 1986 – Nov 1995Eng
Smith, DonFC2 (SW/AW)Oct 1986 – Sep 24, 1990FoxI departed the Guad and entered the real world at full throttle, but I have often thought of the times and friends.
Meyer, LynnOS2Oct 1, 1986 – Sep 1, 1990Operations
Nieves, Gonzalo (Jay)IC3Nov 6, 1986 – Jun 30, 1990EngineeringBest four years of my life...I made some great friends on board
Duffany, Robert E-4/BM3Dec 6, 1986 – Jul 16, 1990DeckMany memories, great times, and lots of buddies! Would love to reconnect!
Evans, TomBM3Dec 31, 1986 – May 1, 1988DeckStill remember the days sitting on mount 51 port side during the Persian Gulf 1987. Sweeping mines and the Iran Ajar. Me, Phay, Volker, McIntyre, and Ericson. Looking back, it was a blast.
Daly, ThomasMACM (SW)1987 – 1990Admin (CMC)
Terlitsky, RonEW31987 – 1988OWGreat times and memories. Served during Operation Earnest Will. I still remember being on watch when an IRAQ fighter made an identical run over us just as when the Stark got hit. A little edgy then in CIC. RIP Guadalcanal.
Dauer, KennethMM31987 – 1990M - Engine RoomHated it then but got to meet alot of good people. The partying in France was great.
Wallace, MarkE-31987 – 1987USMC
Henegar, StevenHT / E-51987 – 1991Engineering
Conroy, JasonSN1987 – Oct 10, 1989DeckI made a lot of friends mess cranking. I was the Deck Yeoman for the majority of my time in Deck Dept. I struck SK and got it as I left the Guad. I hung out a lot with Nygaard and Barthold. Write me, anyone!
Gaudaur, JohnMM2Jan 1987 – Dec 1990M and AI had a great time on board the Guad! Pringle, Haines, Beck and all of the rest of the gang made it fun. Yes we had tough times but the friends made it worth it.
Packard, JasonABH-3Jan 1987 – Oct 1988V-3I met a lot of great people on the Guad and we had a great time in the Med. Then the Stark was hit and we steamed to the Persian Gulf for the rest of the tour.
Girard, RolandBOILER TECH.Jan 2, 1987 – Oct 7, 1990Where did all the hole snipes go to. Windsor,Trayhan,Orta,Brammer, it's Girard, the one who used to raise cain with Brammer. Best of luck to all my crew members/ at the bottom of the Guad.
Hovey, CurtisLNCFeb 1987 – Dec 1987AdminThe cruise of '87 was the single best experience of my 20 years in the Navy. The goat locker was the best! I look forward to hearing from old shipmates.
Stewart, ElmerPNCFeb 1987 – Jul 1990Administration
Kruse, RichFeb 1, 1987 – Jul 20, 1987machinists mate e-2greatest experience of my life made me a better person, that was an experience ill never forget , in april of 1987 we were out there with the battleship iowa when the uss stark got hit, ill never forget battling the pacific ocean.
Keller, CarlEN3Feb 3, 1987 – Oct 10, 1991B/Ahello fellow shipmates havent seen or herd from anyone in a few years EN1 now and living in Agawam MA work for friendly ice cream corp my e-mail is
Garvin, Eric GarvinSMFeb 10, 1987 – Oct 27, 1988Deck I now tell my kids about the time in the Navy. As I hear them laugh I remeber what a great adventure I had.
Daugherty, JosephMS1Mar 1987 – Jul 1992S5 DivWho remember MS1"POPS" Daugherty???
Andrade, DannyABH2Mar 1, 1987 – Feb 1, 1991V1Awesome ship! Miss all my brothers! Never drank so much in my life! Chief Quicks boys
Laforest, BillRM3Mar 15, 1987 – Dec 15, 1987Radioman
Walsh, TomOSApr 1987 – Sep 1990OI
McGuire, "Rich"," Mac"ABH-3Apr 1987 – Mar 1991V-1 Crash
Schnurbusch, JoeRM2/RM1May 1987 – Mar 1991OCGreat ship. Had some good times and met some great people.
Brewer, Paul (Boats)BMMay 3, 1987 – 1990First divI had a great time wish I could do it all over as that was one cool ass comand
Peckham, JeffreyEM2May 15, 1987 – Oct 2, 1990Eenjoy time on-board, feel free to e-mail
Ottey, SeymourE6/DT1May 21, 1987 – Oct 31, 1991DentalThe best years of my Naval career. This ship made me the proud Sailor that I am today. She is forever etched in my memory. I cried at the decomissioning ceremony. God bless LPH-7.
Ottey, SeymourDT2May 21, 1987 – Oct 31, 1991
Young, Emmersonms2Jun 6, 1987 – Apr 2, 1992disbursingMy first experience in the navy after boot camp meet some great shipmate ms2 hart, whitehead, Parker Patterson and chief Dennison, stavis and much more I can remember. At this time
King, RandallABH3Jul 1987 – Apr 1990V-1Looking for old friends that I shared drinks and good times with.
Simmons, RodJO3/JO2Jul 1987 – Oct 1989XGreat time and great people. Oh, CWO Leonard...I got a Joint Unit Achievement Medal at the next command that you didn't want to give me your recomendation for!
Copeland, JackCPLJul 1987 – Dec 1987AIMDVery hot ship, great crew, lots of fun in Mombassa, and Bahrain. Remember Fernandez, and Snodgrass and the pogy bait we got for rescuing a downed Iraqui Pilot in the gulf. Love to find a Cruise Book, never received mine. Semper Fi !
Smith, WilliamSNJul 1987 – Aug 1991NAV
Antczak, Mikesh3Jul 1987 – Dec 7, 1990shi got onboard when the Guad was heading to the iran iraq war in 1987.what an experience i had on that ship..i miss it very much..good times we had..i walked off the ship for the last time on dec 7th 1990.
Huckstep, StuartCPLJul 1987 – Dec 1987PR / Flight EquipmentI have fond memories of Mad Cruise 87! Going through the Suez canal, Crossing the equator, pulling into Mombassa, Kenya and going on safari and then getting dumped off in Diego Garcia for a few weeks!!
Nelson, JimBOILER TECHJul 1, 1987 – Sep 1, 1989BoilerLooked at a picture of the GUAD today and thought about all the hole snipes back then. Trahan, Gutch, Gonzo, Orta, old man Williams in the oil lab. and hey to Donnie Hansford he was an MM but still a good guy! Hope you all are doing well.
Kelley, RobertE-4Jul 15, 1987 – Mar 15, 1991V-1HAD GREAT TIME LOOKING FOR OLD SHIPMATES I SERVED WITH.
MacK, MacK,BM3Jul 15, 1987 – 1990DeckFinally catching up with some old shipmates, been a long time. All deck personnel and kool ass SC Covington, BMCS Coker, BM1 Hall, or Lt. CDR Moore, there was a AA SC from Air dept, whose name I could not remember.
Dismore, JamesSK3Jul 21, 1987 – Apr 7, 1989Deck & SupplyWas proud to have served during the Persian Gulf conflict. Hated every minute of the 1.5 years of Hell in Deck Division. Enjoyed that Chief Coker lost position for misuse of machine and man. Then spent remainder of sentence in Supply to escape Deck.
Williams, Jim (Willy)E-4 SKAug 1987 – Feb 1989S-1I would love to hear from anyone I served with
Livers, BudLCDRAug 1987 – Dec 1989NavigationNavigator
Jacobs, Marshall (Jake)AK2Aug 1987 – Aug 1991AIMDMeet some great guys did 3 deployment
Sams, JohnSM3Aug 17, 1987 – Apr 19, 1990communicationsI am looking to talk to any of the signalman or anyone who I spent some of my best days with. Kevin Fabrizio, David solomon, Trevis Von Etheridge, and Brian Costell, Stacey Williams.
Etheridge, Trevis Aka E DoubleSM2Aug 21, 1987 – Jun 30, 1992CS/COMMPeace&Blessings to all my shipmates. Best of memories onboard the Big Dog. Back in Norfolk. Get in touch. would love to catch up.
Schenher, JimSNSep 1987 – May 1989supply/deckA great time in my life. Would like to hear from anyone who was in the Gulf in '87 or Med Cruise '89.
Commander, PeteHM2(AW)Sep 1987 – Oct 1987MED/Surgical Team OneThis was the proudest of my naval career. Although I was only aboard a short time, I feel that I made the greatest impact during this time of conflict. Happy memories.
Brumagin, MartyabhanSep 1, 1987 – Jan 23, 1991a1 HEY bowser I want my keys back!!!! You can find me on facebook, myspace . ALL welcome to reach me
Rupinski, JimMM/HT-FNSep 15, 1987 – Oct 15, 1990M-ENGINE ROOM HThow is everyone? had some great times in the med and state side
Driggers, BillyABH3Oct 16, 1987 – Jan 8, 1989V3
Bowser, ChrisAN/AS3Oct 21, 1987 – Feb 15, 1990aimd/v-1its sad to see our lady guad get sunk. we put alot of miles on her. she got us through some tough seas. i miss the friends. and good times. fair winds and following seas lady guad. hey marty brumagin i have the keys to your yugo!!
Armstead, RichardSK3Nov 1987 – Jul 1990adim
Shepherd, Marcus ShepRm3Nov 10, 1987 – Jun 1, 1991CommHad the best time of my life on the guad. Made best friends of my life while serving on board. Lots of good memories
Jordan, Benjamin/ed profile iconSA/E2Nov 12, 1987 – Dec 1987gunsI was a stinger gunner and y'all were my ride back to the states after 10 months overseas. I worked with the gunners mates while on board and had a great time, Pacman and Bob are the two I can remember. Good times thanks
Polk, RandyRM 2Dec 1987 – Feb 1991COMMUNICATIONSGreat ship. Great friends. Unforgettable memories.
Williams, SeanMM2Dec 1987 – May 1989MSpent my first REAL years in the navy aboard the Guad down in the pit. Spent most of it trying to keep you dumb ass water buffalos supplied with water. Hope you are all still alive and kicking.
Ritenburg, DanMA2(SW)Dec 27, 1987 – Jul 1, 1991XMy first ship. Enjoyed everyone on board and wish you all the best. I'm now a LT, LDO Security Officer.

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