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USS Guadalcanal (LPH 7) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Guadalcanal (LPH 7). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1041 crew members registered for the USS Guadalcanal (LPH 7).

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Garrison, TonyDS3 (SW)1985 – 1986S7
Marrero, RafaelBT3 - E41985 – 1989EngineeringRust Bucket, steam leaks all over the damn place, but could not have as much fun anywhere else. Nothing like doing a Med Cruice with a bunch of crazy jackasses. Made great friends, hope to hear from any of them. Boiler Tech. 3rd. Class Marrero.
Stinnett, JimHM31985 – 1988MedicalI still some times dream I'm back on the Guad. Those were the days! Hello to all.
Houghtlen, KevinMSSN1985 – 1989S-2Looking for the following shipmates: Troy Kline, Russ Sant, Denne Davis, Jim Rigoni, Doug Marsh, Gary Leafty, Ed Mitchell. Would like to get in touch with you guys
Turner, TitusABH31985 – 1988V-1 V-3BIG TEE, The original painter of the V-3 hangar doors "GATOR POWER.Get it right HOLMAN DIDN"T PAINT IT! I DID! Hit me on facebook search TEE TURN. Helloto all my shipmates. "Go Hard, Go Guad!!!!"
Wensel, RobertHM21985 – 1988MedicalBest time of my Naval Service.To bad to hear she is gone.Good times and good memories
Allen, Terryen31985 – 1988a-ganglooking for freinds in enginering.
Blide, DavidMM21985 – 1987M
Allen, JeffASE 21985 – 1987AIMD
Pavlina, AndrewSNFeb 1985 – Oct 1988Admin
Roberson, FranklinBT3Feb 12, 1985 – Aug 3, 1987BHello Everyone!
Stevens, JohnABH3Mar 1985 – Nov 1989V3Ilove every minute of it. Especially the three Med deployment.
Shields, Uluster/lester "sheik"DP3Mar 1985 – May 1988S-7 Nothing beats shining bright work with bug juice. Buffing floors that leaked from the head down to the birthing area. And Mr. Cervantes is still the tallest filipino I know. It is great to have become a shellback on this ship. Go Guad!!
Chang, Bong profile iconAD 3Apr 1, 1985 – Sep 5, 1988AIMDMichael Carton ~ what's buddy ?
Gustafson, Michael S.SM 3May 1985 – Oct 1989CommWork with some good people, would like t see how many people are still in the Navy
Rodriguez, BubbaRM3May 1985 – May 1989Comm
Holmes, BruceAE2May 1985 – Jan 1988AIMDWouldn't trade my time on the Guad for anything. Great shipmates, good times. After active duty, joined reserves and retired as a CE1.
Hilzer, MartinASM3May 15, 1985 – Apr 4, 1988aimdThis ship taught me a lot of lessons-I'll miss her.
Hansel, DwainMMC(SW)Jun 1985 – Aug 1990A and BLooking back on it. It was the high light of my navy career. But also the toughest. The guys in "A" gang made me look good. But "B" division LCPO was the hardest job I ever had and I am most proud of my time on the USS Guadalcanal.
Campbell, JohnHT2Jun 13, 1985 – Oct 18, 1988R DivSome of the best time that i had with friends
Gehl, RichardBM3/E-4Jun 14, 1985 – Mar 20, 19881stStarted and ended as Boats, never had an A school. SAR Swimmer and Stinger Missile Tech. Two Med's and crossing line of death, Shellback, Mombasa, Diego Garcia,. Still talk about those days, lots more memories.
Rose, RickeySM3Jun 19, 1985 – Mar 23, 1988NS01If anyone was on that ship during those dates, contact me.
Smith, SmittyABF3Jul 1985 – Oct 31, 1988v4
Colwell, RonMM2Jul 1985 – Nov 1988EngineeringLPH-7 helped me become who I am. I have fond memories of all my friends and wish them all well!
Windsor, Jimboiler techJul 1985 – Jan 1990bhey guys
Kochinsky, JeromeLCDRJul 1, 1985 – Jun 30, 1986MedicalWelcome responses from any old shipmates.
Caldwell, KennethET3 AND ET2Jul 15, 1985 – Jul 1, 1988OE
MacKel, EdE5/ET2Jul 21, 1985 – Jul 21, 1987OEwill always be a squid. did not know it then its better to have it sunk than in some scrap yard.
Dominico, ShawnE2Jul 25, 1985 – Jan 15, 1991FOXI never looked back when I left the ship...but for some reason I always think about the friendships made during those times, the companionship and the bad hair cuts.
Caldwell, KenET2Aug 1, 1985 – Aug 1, 1989OEI must give credit to OE division for making me one of the best ETs in the Fleet. The LPO ET1 Grondin laid a foundation for the younger ETs to follow. His foundation allowed us to grow and achive great things. The Guad was the best ship in the Fleet!
Bledsoe, TimothyRADIOMAN THIRD CLASS (RM3Sep 10, 1985 – May 17, 1986TACRON 21To those which I worked beside and to those which gave their lives and lost to sea off of South Carolina. I miss you all.
Cress, RonHT2Oct 1985 – Apr 1989RHad a great time, great memories, and a lot of good friends. What's wrong with you guys, are you guys at a Pink Floyd concert?
Otto, MikeDC2Oct 1985 – Apr 7, 1988RBeen a long time guys. Never thought I would say this but I do miss the good times we had overseas. Times I will never forget and glad I was there. Still think about it all the time.
Paccapaniccia Lll, LouisGMG 2Oct 12, 1985 – Mar 3, 1989deck weaponsnot sure of the exact date I boarded the ship, but pretty sure of the date I left. I'm am so glad I joined the Navy and served on the Guad. Thanks C.Flack Logan for keeping us all together. anyone have batteries for snd pwered headset. ha
Dotson, Chales (Chuck)EN3Oct 27, 1985 – Oct 29, 1989Engjust looking to see if i can find some o'l shipmates
Dotson, Charles- ChuckEN3Oct 27, 1985 – Oct 29, 1989AWHAT A RIDE THAT WAS....
Morgan, MarkBT3Oct 28, 1985 – Oct 27, 1988B
McCord, Steven " Big Money Grip"MSSN/MS3Oct 28, 1985 – Apr 29, 1989S-2Probably the best cook in S-2. My Peoples E. Hart, G. Rhodes, G. Stavis, S. Whitehead, W. Pettaway,L. Perry D. Hunt, D. Davis, M. Guest, G. Leafty, T. Kline, D. Cooks(lil Bro), L. Rodrigez :Thanks. Gitme@ stebocord@yahoo
Tessler, JonGMG2Nov 1985 – Dec 1988GThe Guad was my first ship, Nice to see alot of my old shipmates here. from steaming off of lybia in 86, to persian gulf ops in 87, I have many fond memories of the guad. Mt 31 manned and ready for action SIR!!!
Bentley, DarylCPL USMCNov 1985 – Jun 1986AIMDGood cruise. Made friends and memories I wouldn't trade for a mountain of gold. Gained a healthy respect for squids. Wouldn't do it again if they paid me.
Cole, GaryAE3Dec 10, 1985 – Mar 31, 1989AIMDThis is the time when i became a man.I will never forget the men and faces.1987 was a proud time for me and my family(IRAN).My son gary jr,got his name as a result of that deployement.Also as a result of that deployement, i will not eat rice again.

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