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USS Guadalcanal (LPH 7) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Guadalcanal (LPH 7). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1041 crew members registered for the USS Guadalcanal (LPH 7).

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Caldwell, SidE-51978 – 1982aimd
Hammond, Michaelmm21978 – Dec 1981m divisionanybody who remembers hanging out & the good times we had - drop me a line
Wintz, Tim WinnieBoats1978 – 1980vh1got nothing
Lamont, Harryabh31978 – 1982hanger deck
Stooks, GeorgeMM11978 – 1981MSee a few of you that bring back memories, Kevin Jacque, Mike Hammond, Ken Tatro from A division, who else is out there?
Van Wagner, DavidAG2Jan 1978 – May 8, 1981OAGreat Times-Always Underway. Retired USNR. Lookng for Walter Cobb or Coda George,send me an e-mail if you whereabouts.
Wynyard, PeterEM3Feb 1978 – Oct 21, 1979Electrician's MatesEnjoyed our cruise in August 1978 to England, Holland and Germany for 10 weeks. My longest cruise during my time in the Navy. Previous to this I was on a Tug Boat in Scotland for 1.5 years.
Stroman, JoeCWO4 (Ship's Clerk)Feb 1978 – Dec 1980XPulled two Med cruises, two North Atlantic cruises, and 8-month ship overhaul at Philadelphia followed by 6-week shakedown at GITMO. Highlight of tour was '80 Alexandria, Egypt port call with trip to Spinx and pyramids.
Sullens, DonaldHTFNFeb 1978 – Dec 18, 1981R
Shaw, RichardGMG2Mar 1978 – Jul 1981FoxHad a buttload of wild times, have thought about the ole weapons gang more than once over the years. Bear, Chermack, Deyo, Beamer, Woods, Ramsey, Young, Eaton, and Bates the poker indian. Wish them all the best where ever they ended up.
Steele, KevinCPL E-4Mar 1, 1978 – Mar 31, 1982FOX 2/6The first ship ever on and the biggest thing was having to bail water off the thing.was on when helo crashed. i have some photo's of the crashed helos did two med. cru. on the nose trip,lybia.would like to here from hm1 Jsonhon
Blackburn, Richard "bb"ABH3/2Mar 1, 1978 – Jan 30, 1986V-1Anyone remember Melvin David Austin and 5 Marine Brothers who perished on MARG 81?
Malashevich, BillMGYSGTMar 15, 1978 – Mar 20, 1980I was the Combat Cargo Gunny. I have a lot of fond memories of the Guad and it's crew. I hung out with the boatsman's and gunner's mates. This tour with the Navy, the times at sea and all the great ports is something I think of quite ofte
Marotta, Vincent - ZiggieBT2Jun 26, 1978 – Jun 26, 1982Engineering
Walsh, Michael (Bear)FTM2Aug 1978 – Jan 1983FoxI have a lot of good memories of the Golden Guad, I wouldn't trade those times for the world,If anyone was on board with me at that time or remembers me, please get in touch. I have great recolections of the 3 North Atlantic and 2 Med. cruises.
Schmitt, SteveET2Aug 1, 1978 – Apr 15, 1981OEHad a great time aboard the old Guad.. Miss the boys from OE.
Braddock, WaydeAC3Sep 15, 1978 – Jun 25, 1982OCGreat adventures. Still have recurring dreams about being back on her. Felt sad when I heard she's at the bottom of the sea now. Seems like a shabby way to be treated after years of service, but I guess thats how it goes
Warren, JohnABFANOct 21, 1978 – Feb 27, 1981V-4Great memories
Van Amburg, RaySNDec 6, 1978 – Jan 31, 1981DECK
(Hellmold) Abroe, Gregory RockyMS21979 – 1982S-2
Brown, ChristopherSNJan 1979 – Aug 1982foxi'm on dialysis 3 days a week and i just got listed on the transplant list 3weeks ago thing are looking great i miss working haven't worked since last July i'm disabled but i'm keeping busy
Dorrell, GeneHM3Jan 1979 – Nov 1980MedicalI have great memories of my old friends in the Medical Department.
Young, Dennis/roosterGMG2Jan 11, 1979 – Mar 7, 1982FOX Lookinf for information of helicopter crash.Which Resulted in Airman Austin death
Mango, GregMS 3Jan 20, 1979 – Oct 10, 1982S 2Great times and made some good friends as well as having some laughs along the way. Anyone ever hear from MS 2 Fout, Rocky or that crazy ass Cookie from the Bronx?
Adkison, DavidAD2Mar 1979 – Jul 1982AIMD- CANDY KANE AIR CREWMANI flew SAR on the Guad. I am still in the Navy(17Dec07). Bill Kilroy was my Sup. I am looking for Mike Fil,"TB" Brown, Mike Riches, Bill Kilroy, Charlie Satenoff, and Dave Schultz I see you have been on this sight. It would be great to he
Drew, David profile iconMS3Mar 1979 – Jun 1982S2Great to see the names of so many long lost friends! Living in Upstate NY, would love to meet up or hear from any of the old crew
Abroe, GregoryMS2Mar 1, 1979 – Aug 7, 1982S-2I am looking for a Company photo from RTC Great lakes. Company 78-192. Also pictures from the Guad!!!
Thomas, JonGMG2Apr 13, 1979 –FOXI am the one who took a 45 cal and 2 clips to XO screening. After XO screening change 45's with XO. XO did not miss a beat but the jaws were dropped by everyone else at screening. Email me and I will tell you the whole story.
Tatro, Kenny TattooMM3May 1979 – Mar 1981A gangWhere to begin! Ricky Price, i still have pics of you somewhere. cases of heiniken at gitmo, french highlands with ships force and seal team, george stooks, wally gochenhaur, bernie traud, and the biggest sluch fund.
Burns, TomOSMay 1979 – May 1981CIC
Cramer, Larry(Lenny)EM3Jun 1979 – Oct 1983E DivisionServed with Rick Price,Tony Prado,Bud the cat,Kenny Hayden Rick Gibson and of course Grape Ape. I know you guys remember the Garden Lounge. Great times in site TV
Court, Michaelic3Jun 7, 1979 – Jul 14, 1982engineerslooking for old ship mates that served on the best helo carrier in the 7th fleet
Gonzales, VinceMIDSHIPMANJun 10, 1979 – Jul 11, 1979SeveralMy introduction to sea life was as a 3rd Class Midshipman onboard. It was a great introduction. Thanks.
Seese, RayHM3/ HM2Aug 1979 – Mar 1982MedicalLots of good memories. Joined her in Philly in dry dock. 2 Med cruises. Got to see alot of the world!!
Witter, DavidMS3Sep 1979 – Jul 1980S2
Millet, BillABF3Sep 15, 1979 – Jun 15, 1981flight deckwe had some of the best times in my live on the med. cant forget gitmo.
Pierson, DavidET1Sep 30, 1979 – Jun 30, 1982eI WOULD LIKE TO HEAR FROM MY SHIPMATES FROM 1979-1982 VIA EMAIL. RETIRED 22 YEARS
Herlihy, John "Jack"E-2Oct 1979 – Jul 1981CommunicationsI didn't realize then, but they were some of the best years of life. Lt. Schumacher was great! where's Mac, Archie, Lyons, Chief Smith, Dobbs, Lester Weathers? any other Shellbacks? My knees still hurt from non-skid, it was great.
Crowl, JerryAO2Oct 1979 – May 1980FOXI was only on her for a short time but it is still some of my fondest memories. Never could figure out why there were 2 billets for Aviation Ordanancemen on a ship with no ordanance on it's one and only helo.
Tatro, Kenny Tattoomm3Oct 1979 – Mar 31, 1981engineeringjust heard from a very old friend and now am looking back
Salter,, Donald A.ABFANOct 3, 1979 – May 1, 1981V-4I'll always remember my dearest of friends, the water as it was churned up by the ships screw, the smell of the ocean and the picturesque views of the setting sun. Rich, crazy biker, damn near killed me. like to hear from you. Had fun Ha
Vermuele, John WayneBTOct 25, 1979 – Jan 7, 1983BYa, I remember all you knuckle heads. The Golden Guad was the first of my many commands. Retired to Iowa working on boilers still.
Knapp, RogerSM2Oct 31, 1979 – Apr 12, 1982CSFirst ship , great crew . I went on to serve onboard USS SAGINAW (LST-1188). Am now a QM1 in the Navy Reserve. My civilian occupation is Dental Lab Tech.
Martin, ChipABNov 1979 – Jul 16, 1982v1Some good times and good friends. Seems they didn't mention the Guad getting hit while tied to the pier in Gitmo, or the 46 crash on spot 2 either I'd like to get in contact with old shipmates.
Johnson, Robert JohnsonAS2Nov 12, 1979 – Apr 15, 1982AIMDLooking for my old pals Festus and Jim Wentler
Lavon, William ( Mike )ENGINEMANNov 15, 1979 – Aug 6, 1982"A" GangMy first and only ship. I think about those days often ! I had my share of fun on the old Guad . hangin out at the garden lounge with Grape, Carlos (Alfie) Alvarez.Tom Jarvis.& all my friends. e.mail me(
Johnson, Robert (Bear)ASM3Nov 15, 1979 – Apr 27, 1982AIMD The best command and friends. Like a few others there were some bad times, but mostly good. A Lot of sea time on this boat.
Jacobs, Joe (Jake)AG3Dec 1979 – Jul 1, 1983OA
Gonzalez, GeraldOSSNDec 1, 1979 – Jan 27, 1982LPH 7Great times. Great friends. Wish I had stayed on a little longer. Reach out to me if you want. Always wondered what happened to my OS buddies: Grizz, T-Bone, Brian Pennington, Moondog (are you still howling?)
Quevedo, Carlos (Mike Or E5 / OSDec 7, 1979 – Dec 5, 1983O.I.I'm looking for OSC Jim Scruggs, I lost contact w/ him about 10 yrs ago. Loved my time on the Guad, we did some great cruises like Med's, Persian Gulf, Beirut,Norway, UK, Puerto Rico,etc. Been living in FL since 5/2001.

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