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USS Guadalcanal (LPH 7) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Guadalcanal (LPH 7). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1041 crew members registered for the USS Guadalcanal (LPH 7).

Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1963 | 1964 – 1965 | 1966 – 1967 | 1968 – 1969 | 1970 – 1972 | 1973 – 1974 | 1975 – 1976 | 1977 | 1978 – 1979 | 1980 | 1981 | 1982 – 1983 | 1984 | 1985 | 1986 – 1987 | 1988 | 1989 – 1990 | 1991 – 1992 | 1993 – now

Demming, DonLtjg1970 – 1973OIGreat Ship. Many good times, great crew. Never forget the great OI division we had. Standing watch in CIC during exercises. Two great Med cruises. Wish I had stayed in.
Sweetser, GeneE-3Jan 1970 – May 1970L/3/2I have some very fond memories
Vahle, RonaldBM3Jan 5, 1970 – Dec 22, 19731
Lewis, Albert T.PN 3Jan 15, 1970 – Sep 11, 1971PersonnelGreat Captain (Captain Snow) Great Chow Great Accomodations Captain liked going to the Carribean as soon as it got cold in Norfolk. Ens Lewine was a great Personnel Officer
Gipson, FrancisE-3Feb 1970 – 19731st division
Mears, DennisHm3Mar 20, 1970 – May 23, 1973MedicalI remember George B, when the boiler soft plugs blew and burned him bad. Scott and I took care of him till he healed.I was the U.S. Naval soccer team coach in Med cruise. Made a lot of friends and enjoyed the trips .
Lyons, Dale (Keith)YN3Apr 1970 – Jul 14, 1972OI Division - OperationsServed under Captain Henry S. Barber who was a great Captain, and two other Captains, met and got to know many good men, some of which became friends.
Broussard, GeraldEM 3May 1970 – Dec 1972EHad the best time in England and the Med. on thisa ship
Huff, JohnABH 3May 4, 1970 – Aug 1971V-1Was on flight deck drove rescue foam truck. Enjoy working with everyone. The cruise to the North Sea with midshipment was great.Retired 2010 Still live in Jersey.
King, JamesDP1May 15, 1970 – Jun 15, 1972Supply S7
Hastings, Robert "Bear"CWO2Jun 1, 1970 – May 1, 1973AVIATION STORES S-6 SUPPLYGreat Ship, and Great Crew...LCDR (RADM) Bill Hauenstien, LT Bob Reardon, CWO2 Bill Palmer, AKC Sam Ashcraft, AK1 (AKCM) Fred Pannell, AK1 Bob Hess...some of the very best Sailors in our Navy. I am retired Navy 1983, retired Northrop Grumman 2004.
Wallace, VorriceSIGNALMAN 2ND CLASSJun 12, 1970 – Jun 12, 1971CSCapt. Henry (Hank) Barbour was the best C.O. in the history of the US Navy. He was the senior ship commanding officer in the Atlantic, knew he wasn't going to make admiral so really wrote his own ticket. I loved this ship!!!
Guillory, MartinSNAug 1970 – Feb 1972CS, signalbridgeI finished my Naval Career in the Naval Reserve, retired as a YN1.
Guillroy, MartinSNAug 1, 1970 – Apr 1, 1972CSLooking for SN Thomas, Futch, and Warren
Poysden, Mikeabf 3Aug 20, 1970 – Aug 21, 1972v-4 fuelsworked flight deck and maintance painted ships number red white blue
Price, SteveAMS 3Oct 1970 – Jun 19, 1974AIMD
Bookhoop, GeorgeHT3Oct 21, 1970 – Jul 3, 1974RThe Big 'G" . What a trip. Made 3 Med cruises. Cruise to Med in "73 was ectended for the Yom Kippor War. Looking for Tommy Jordan all these years.Me, Bill Kruger, Kevin Scarponi & Wayne Hudgins got together in Norfolk in 2005.
Treadway, ShermanABH 3Dec 1970 – Dec 1972V 3The Big "G" served with a great bunch of guys.
Flecha, DavidOS31971 – Mar 14, 1975O.I.Many good times many taxing times, thanks to fan rooms,cic,made several med cruises
O'Grady, DarrellSF21971 – 1972RGreat ship, Great Crew, good times in Montego Bay and Med Cruise
Galle, Joelic21971 – 1974e
Ashcraft, Samuel (Sam)AKCMar 19, 1971 – May 1, 1974S6Really enjoyed my tour. Would like to correspond with my old shipmates.
Burkett, RonAK2Apr 21, 1971 – Aug 14, 1974S6 SupplySome of the best times of my life. I am really sorry to hear that the old girl is laying at the bottom, let her rest in peace.
Langlois, TroyETR-3Jun 10, 1971 – Nov 26, 1972OperationsGreat ship, and great crew. Spent a lot of time in the Med, and saw places I'd never have seen otherwise.
Sweet, RalphCWOJul 15, 1971 – Jul 15, 1974CRServed as Radio Officer. Would like to get info on the 2007 reunion. I think it is in Myrtle Beach, SC, at the Sea Mist resort. Need dates, other info. Now live in Wilkinson, IN
Martini, SteveIC2Aug 1971 – Aug 1974Spent 3 years aboard I sure wish she would have been put in a museum instead of being sunk. had a lot of laughs and spent a lot of time in the med. Anyone remember the hurricane on the way back in 1973? sure would like to hear from my shipmates
Murphy, Richard (Murph)CS2Aug 20, 1971 – Mar 4, 1975Supply 2Read some messages from some of the guys on the ship when I was on board and I do remember the Hurricane in 73 on the way back from the Med. Captain said he would get us home before xmas and he did LOL.
Voliva, Ed profile iconLT(jg)Sep 1971 – Jan 31, 19743MFeel free to send me an email.
Lamm, CharlesHT 2Nov 20, 1971 – Sep 15, 1975Enjoyed my time on the Guad. You can see my R/C model of her at Warship Models Underway.
Randall, JamesOS3Dec 1971 – Apr 1974OEI made 2 Med cruises on the Big "G" ,The Yon Kipper War and the the one before that one.
Stoiber, DennisHT2Dec 1971 – Sep 1975RFirst duty station.Also served at SIMA Norfolk,VA, USS Valdez FF 1096,USS Dale CG 19, NRD Buffalo, NY, FTG GTMO,Cuba, back to NRD Buffalo,NY where I retired as a DCCS in 1995.Good to see other shipmates names like George Bookhoop.
Eutizi, DomenicABH31972 – 1973V1It was a great time in my life. Served with a great bunch of shipmates.
Bergman, RandyMM21972 – 1975MHi
Hooper, Tom profile iconmm21972 – Aug 1974engineroomHave fond memories of standing engineroom top watch on the med cruise. I will never forget the places we went and the sailors I share those memories with! Would be great to attend a reunion.
Grimaldi, John PaulE4 / BM31972 – 19742nd division
Dunn, MichaelHT31972 – 1975R
Bevill, DavidRM31972 – Dec 23, 1973communicationsGood time on the Guadalcanal, made good friends , nice adventure.
Cuthrell, BillyE51972 – Mar 19742nd division
Gragg, EarlSTOREKEEPER THIRD CLASSJan 1, 1972 – Sep 8, 1972S=1I really enjoyed the Med cruise that year and have some very fond memories of the places we visted. My only regret is that I never made sure my cruise book was sent to me after I got out
Skinner, William RudyAO3Jan 1, 1972 – Dec 20, 1973FOXHad a great time, Made moonshine on the ship, he he hee. I still have my year book of the 73 cruise. Good Memories, Wayne Hissen got us locked up in Valencia, Spain. For Taking a hooker's keys.
Ott, Roger OttFTG-3 (SS)Jan 15, 1972 – Nov 15, 1973FOXLeft the Big "G" for the Sub Service in Nov '73. Some good memories from time on board. Still wonder where my baseball glove went to?
Santiago, Josee3Jan 15, 1972 – Jan 15, 1975deck department, 2nd division
Frasard, MikeAIRMANFeb 1972 – Aug 8, 1975v-1hated midwatch,water hours,missed the guys i served with,sandbagging at spades early chow passes,and finding ways to weasel ways into getting a but cant remember how to play tonk.
Schroeder, RogerPN3Feb 1, 1972 – Sep 3, 1973X - Division / PersonnelI remember Med Cruises in '72 & '73, Rota, Spain, Barcelona, Spain, Cannes, France, Naples, Rome, Florence, Pisa, Italy, Athens, Greece, Corfu and all the ports we hit. I remember the beach parties we threw.
Wright, RichardAMS 2Mar 24, 1972 – Apr 15, 1974AIMDOld ship but good memories! Chief Annabelle was like father to me! David reese was like a brother to me.Steve price, Give me a holler!
Clark, ChuckPCSNApr 1972 – Sep 1975ADMINWorked in Post Office. Said to here that the Guadalcanal was sunk as a target. Had some real fun times onboard.
Caves, Dennis (Caveman)RM3Jun 1972 – Jun 1975Radio CommunicationsLooking back on my time on the Guad as an important time of my life. Even though I didn't think so then! Made a lot of great friends and memories! Gil, Spider, Stivers, Pryor, Bullock, Ugalde and so many more!
Hatcher, FredEW2Jun 1, 1972 – Mar 15, 1975ElectronicsI enjoyed my time there, the stops in the Med were great. Miss seeing my fellow friends
Barfield, RoyE3Jul 1972 – Jul 1975MLots of good memories. Enjoyed time with so many.... Campbell, Kara, Taylor, Bergman, Mike Glass (RIP), Hooper, Gradomski, Sedler, Morris, Marquette, etc.
Merritt, JerryCT3Jul 1, 1972 – Dec 1, 1973OIOn board for 18 months --worked OI division -radar specialist and then worked in commanders office doing clerking--great guys to sail with. I think of them often.
Mixa, DaveE3Aug 1972 – Mar 1973M
Greene, ChiefRMC 2319 Willis L GreeneAug 10, 1972 –Radio shackI very much enjoyed my Time on LPH7... I was Chief in Charge of RS for most of my Time 18 Plus months.
Webster, William Aka Willie Or WtETR2Sep 1972 – Jun 1974OEGreat ship, and great crew. Spent a lot of time in the Med, and saw places I'd never have seen otherwise.
McEntyre, Steve profile iconE-2Sep 20, 1972 – Sep 19, 1975Ship ServicemanSpent 3 years on the USS Guadalcanal LPH7 and loved every minute of it.👍
Knight, JamesHT3Oct 12, 1972 – Aug 5, 1974RFirst ship Retired in Jan 1993 as HTC(SW) from USS Savannah AOR 4
Graham, Lionel -priestIC FNNov 18, 1972 – Aug 14, 1975EGreat crew Good times.
Kuczenski, Mark Aka SkiE-3, ETNSNNov 26, 1972 – Jun 25, 1974ElectronicsGreat crew and Marine compliment. For two years she was home. The illuminated number 7 on the island was a great sight at nights end. The 73 Med tour, I won't ever forget.

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