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USS Guadalcanal (LPH 7) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Guadalcanal (LPH 7). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1041 crew members registered for the USS Guadalcanal (LPH 7).

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Quam, GaryYN31966 – 1968AdminWorked in the Captain's Office.
Berdon, LawrenceLTJG1966 – 1968operations (CIC)plank owner
Blatzheim, LawrenceBT21966 – 1969B
Jones, Doc profile iconem31966 – 1968Efind old friends in e division
Sinerco, Silvioem31966 – 1967epdroud to have served under division officer D.L. Hill WO-1 at the time. Sure wish I could contact Him and some of the crew in my division. this was my first ship after EMA school.
Steen, BertE 4Jan 1966 – Sep 1967Flight Deck
Lepard, JohnADJ3Jan 1966 – Jan 1968V-6Supervisor of Ground Support Equipment. On board during Gemini X recovery and Candy Cane crash. Would love to hear from any shipmates.
Willinger, SteveE-3Jan 5, 1966 – Aug 10, 1968Supply and V-4If I could only do it again
Staman, WilliamETN2Jan 18, 1966 – Jan 21, 1967OECarribean cruise - Gemini 10 Recovery, Dry Dock Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. Saw ship's Helo crash on our flight deck Nov 1, '66.
Lynghaug, Richard/doc profile iconHN StrikerJan 25, 1966 – Apr 1, 1967medical
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Howard, JoeRM3Jan 26, 1966 – Jan 16, 1968CRWould like to hear from the guys in the radio shack from Jan. 66 to Jan. 68.
Hughes, JohnIC2Feb 1966 – Oct 1968ECame abord the Guada in dry dock at Portsmouth after the helo crash. Made 2 great caribean cruses with a bunch of crazy guys.Got out in time to see the Gimini pickups on TV. Any of the old IC gang still around send me an Email.
Roberson, Don (Robby)ABH3Feb 1966 – Feb 1969V1:You will remember me by the Candy Cane Crash (hit in the testicles). Gemini 10 recovery. Looking for Frenchie and the rest of the gang. Great memories!! In touch with Steen, Booher, Blanton, Beatty.
Way, RobinABH-3Feb 3, 1966 – Dec 23, 1967V-6(A)Would enjoy being in contact with some of my old Shipmates.
Way, Robin LukeABH-3Feb 5, 1966 – Dec 23, 1967V-1 and V-6ACarib 2-66 and 4-67. Blue Shirt in V-1 and Air Department Yeoman in V-6A. Would enjoy being in touch with former shipmates.
Crabtree, ReginaldSNFeb 7, 1966 – Oct 15, 1967X And V-1Blue shirt on Candy Cane crash with Simpson. Went to Post Office the next month. Good liberty with Steen, Booher, Driskle, Roberson, Way, McCullers, Joslyn, Huffman, Blanton, Peterson, Utalsaco, Bloom and Roberts.
Steinkamp, RichAC2Mar 3, 1966 – Feb 3, 1967ORI was 1 of 4 ACs aboard. My only shipboard assignment. It was great! We rescued a lost acft trying to find fuel to get to Puerto Rico. We also recovered the Gemini X manned space craft. Good ship, good crew, good officers.
Pitts, Glenmm2Apr 16, 1966 – Aug 28, 1967mresponding to Bill Hertline, my email is Would love to hear from you!
Turner, JohnnieDC2Apr 16, 1966 – Apr 6, 1970R DIVISIONJIMMY DROP ME A LINE.
Wilson, Harold "Willie"Petty Officer 3rd class (Storekeeper) E-4May 1966 – Nov 1967StoreJoined ship in San Juan was aboard ship for (and still have picture of) Gemini 10 retrieval , GTMO and too many others to name in a year and half...had some great guys working for me & would like to get back in touch
Raypole, GeraldDPT_SNMay 1966 – Aug 2, 1968Supply Machine AccountantJoined LPH-7 at GITMO by CH-47. On board for Gemini 10 recovery. TTY at San Juan, Washington D.C.(for advanced classes) and Norfolk. Great crew-fine times.
Parker, Ronald (Ron)RDSN - RD2Jun 10, 1966 – Nov 19, 1969OIThis was a GREAT ship with a GREAT crew from top to bottom!!!
Shortslef, Gary W.RMSNJun 14, 1966 – Jan 3, 1968CRWas a great and a great buch guy to serve with
Pitchford, JamesYN3Jun 15, 1966 – Jul 30, 1966Assigned to Staff COMPHIBGRU2 for Gemini 10 Recovery Mission. USS Guadalcanal was Prime Recovery Ship with RADM W.P. Mack as Recovery Commander. Purchased Zippo Lighter with info and still n good shape
Kuch, WilliamIC3Jun 15, 1966 – Jun 15, 1968E
Gary, ShortslefRMSNJJun 21, 1966 – Jan 2, 1968CRHad a great time and a great bunch of guys to work with
Lee, LarryBM3Jul 1966 – Nov 1968DECK DIVMade 2 Carribbean trips, the Mardi Gras, the Gemini-10 pick em up. Stood the helm, lookout, and lifeboat watch. Had the Sea/Anchor detail. I was in charge of SIDECLEANERS. Best song: "Sittin on the Dock of the Bay"!
Tanzer, SteveETN3Aug 1966 – Jun 1968OEServed when we lost the helicopter during night flight ops, lost ships helicopter in Portsmith Shipyard and when the ship lost power off NC. Great memories,good times and great fellow sailors. Let's hear from the guys in the ET shop.
Dabravalskie, Ronald J (Ski)YN3Aug 1966 – 1968XStarted out in the Personal Office,,,went to The Captain's Office,worked with Quam,,Rat,,Mayfield,,Corvin,,then to the Navigation office,,,and then to the Master at Arms office,,became Master at Arms when I got my crow,,
Anderson, Chuck Aka AndyFNAug 10, 1966 – Jun 10, 1968EHave wanted to contact all the guys in E Div. for a long time . Bill,Joe,Doc and so on. Hope this e-mail finds every one in good health ? So let me know how your doing and E-mail me
Ratigliano, GeneYN2Aug 30, 1966 – Nov 8, 1968XAdmin YN in the CO's office. First assignment at sea. Left Navy in 1968 and recalled in 1973 for special recruiting duty. Retired in 1991 as Master Chief Petty Officer. Acquired Bachelors Degree& Master's Degree in Military Science (Naval
Ratigliano, GeneYN2Aug 30, 1966 – Nov 11, 1968XAssigned to the Captain's Office as one of the admin Yeoman for the CO. Worked with Gary Quam, CWO3 JP Corvin, YNC J. Strohmeyer,
Flanders, MackCHIEF WARRANT OFFICERSep 1966 – Sep 1968CR (Radio Officer)Best ship I served in during 23 years Naval service. Not one bad memory of my two years aboard.
Angel, BillE4 Electrician mateOct 1966 – 1967EngineeringWould like to contact Bert Steen, Walt Novak, Chuck Anderson, Joe Drayer, Ken Canfield.
Muldoon, ThomasLTJGNov 1, 1966 – Jun 1, 1968CommunicationsFond memories of shipmates. Met my wife while we were in San Juan. AJ Carnegie was the best; Willie Wood the worst.
Grochowski, LarrySK3Dec 1966 – Aug 1968SupplyRemember the crane falling off the flight deck and crashing on pier 12 in Norfolk and bouncing against the ship's hull and sinking between the pier and the ship. I was beneath it as it started falling and ran to get away.
McQuown, MacRD21967 – 1970OIIt was an interesting time in my life.
Cosnett, MaynardBM31967 – Nov 19681st Deck
Brown, John C. (Jack) profile iconLT1967 – Feb 1969A, M, BFine ship, great shipmates. Mstr Chief MM James Welker had my back as a young LTJG A Div officer, before I became MPA & M/B Div officer. Still tight with mates Winstead, Northcutt & Muldoon. CO’s, Sudduth & Lovington
Gentry, PaulETN21967 – 1970OE
Moore, NeilAG3Jan 1967 – May 1969Operation
Barkel, DanielEM3Jan 7, 1967 – Dec 11, 1968EngineeringSo many fantastic memories. I worked in the lighting shop and the boats, as well as a 3 month TAD assignment to the barge in the Carib. My Chiefs and Division officer Mr. Hill, were awesome, as well as the entire crew
Groseclose, Dean (Connie)AC3Jan 26, 1967 – Nov 7, 1968OIHelicopter Direction Center (HDC) Great ship, great friends, and many wonderful memories.
Brnilovich, GeorgePCSNFeb 1967 – Dec 1968XA great experience
O,neal, Gary Big OABF-3Feb 1967 – Oct 1969Aviation fuelsWas a great tour with a good crew . So many memories , does.'t seem like it was over 40 years ago
Finnegan Jr, VinnyFTG3Mar 5, 1967 – May 15, 1969gunnery
Ostrander, CraigSNMar 8, 1967 – Nov 3, 1968AdminMade 2 cruises to the Carribean and Mardi Gras on the LPH-7. My brother Bruce reported aboard in 1968 and we did some good liberty before my discharge in November. Looking forward to hearing from anyone one I served with
Speelmon, MarcHM3May 1967 – Dec 1967Sick BayI made a lot of good friends on the Guadalcanal - a great crew. We had a fantastic cruise to the Caribbean - lot's of really cool liberty ports. Like Bob Clark, I enjoyed "Rosie Roads" in Puerto Rico and one particularly fun bar....
Gurwell, JohnABH-3May 1967 – Oct 1970V-3 Hangar Deckelevator operator, Picked up Apollo, Can't believe they sunk our ship
Inks, Roy / Boo Boo (One Of The Bear Cubs)E5May 1967 – Jun 1970FOX DIVISIONReported in the yards, ORI for one of my first cruises APOLLO 9 and 3 Carib cruises and 2 Mardi Gras trips later and home again. Loved every minute of it, now. Good crew, Good Officers, pretty good chow.
Beal, AnthonyABH3May 6, 1967 – Nov 2, 1970V3Ron,Do you remember me?We messed cooked together along with Dale Evans.That was along time ago.
Lloyd, CharlesSH-3Jun 1967 – Nov 1968S-3
Roberts, John S.QMJun 1, 1967 – Jan 12, 1970NavigationGreat ride!
Folger, GuyAC2Jul 21, 1967 – Nov 27, 1968OI (Helicopter Direction Center)Made some great friends, enjoyed seeing the Caribbean (CARIB 2-67 and CARIB 2-68). Would like to know whereabouts of MAJ R.W.Carr,Ron Kruse, MAJ B.P.Woods,III,etc,etc.
Garcia, PabloEN1Aug 10, 1967 – Jun 8, 1970A
Schmoldt, RonaldOct 6, 1967 – 1970MachinistIf any of you guys are out there e-mail me.
Clark, BobHM2Nov 1, 1967 – May 31, 1968H (Sickbay)Caribbean Cruises were the best! I loved the San Juan Naval Station!
Tyler, ThomasFN-MM2Dec 1967 – Sep 1971M-DivisionFirst ship assigned to after completing bootcamp

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