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USS Iwo Jima (LPH 2) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Iwo Jima (LPH 2). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 829 crew members registered for the USS Iwo Jima (LPH 2).

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Sabar, Ms3 SabarE-41990 – 1992Supply / S-5Lots of fond memories on the ship, and all the ports call. Special "Thanks" to Chief Manzo. "BEST REGARDS CHIEF"
Larry, GillSGT1990 – 1991MWSS-274Attached to Master-at-Arms. Helped investigate fire room incident w/NCIS. Left usmc 1992 became police officer in Mobile, AL. Cont military w/Army and received 2nd Purple Heart in Iraq, 2003. Now medically retired.
Noble, RichardRM11990 – 1993CommHey guys I was a radioman on board along with LT Jordan if anyone remembers
Tracy, LongE3/ Lcpl1990 – 1991Marine CorpI was on board during the Boiler room explosion. Our berthing area was next to it. I think about the sailor I helped carry up to the helos everyday of my. I am reaching out to see if I can find out his name.
Sullivan, Michael (Sully)DC21990 – 1993R Division DECOMI miss my buddies in R-div. Who knew back then that those times would be some of the best ever. Wish my shipmates all the best!
Bailey, JeffETCS1990 – 1993Ship's 3M CoordinatorHello shipmates!
Haller, ScottSgt1990 – 1991HMH-461 (Hydraulics Shop)Woke up to the collision alarm; the berthing area was completely dark. 1MC, “brace of impact”. Sadly we lost 10 sailors; steam line gave out due to hardware recently installed Freddie Krueger painted on that door...
Call, RobertDC21990 – 1993R-DivI was team leader of the firecracker team. Mr. Coles was my divo Begano, Sheffield, and Sullivan. All of you are still in my thoughts. Thanks to Kenny England for not turning over a watch pen it saved me and FN potter.
Murphy, Morgan (Murph)Sk31990 – 1993SkHello everyone. I was on iwo during the war. It's been a long time. I was also on the SSDF team on board. I was the guy who's familys company sent pallets of chips and sodas to all of us while at sea. Sail on shipmates.
Foster, ToddE41990 – 1992Auxiliary
Petty, Keith. Airman1990 – 1992V1I miss all the fellas that I worked and played with. Have only found 2 of them in 25 years. Please contact me. It would be a blessing.
Niemeyer, CharlesEM31990 – 1992E-DIVGood to see some old names
Wedmer, MikeAEANJan 1990 – Jan 16, 1993AIMDThis command really made me hate the NAVY However i met alot of really great people, and had some cool adventures. I hope you are all doing well. Contact me if you want to say hi at Hope everyone is doing well
Sitkaukaus, LarryGMG3Feb 1, 1990 – Jul 1, 1994Glive long gunners
Aylesworth, JoelRM3Mar 1990 – Apr 1993CRI was a radioman 3rd class during desert shield/storm
Burken, PatrickBT2(sw)Mar 1990 – Dec 31, 1991EB01
Wilson, DaveMM2Mar 16, 1990 – Sep 10, 1992
Elliott III, Clarence (Aka-new York)MSN3Mar 20, 1990 – Mar 22, 1992Mess Specialist
McGrew, TimE-4Apr 1990 – Jul 1, 1993V-3this was one the best times of my life. I have never had these kind of friends since. Miss them all the time. Looking for ABH 3 John Oliver, Brian Smith, John Jones. look me up on FB timothy mcgrew in Gateway CO
Lake, Laryon Skinny PimpMS 3Apr 15, 1990 – Feb 15, 1993S2-S5R.I.P (10) I cant believe it a IWO web site you all remember how we hated this ship but I see it wasn't that bad. Peace to the MS
Lamond, KevinPHANMay 1990 – Jan 1993opStill am good friends with Mike Dimirsky HM3. Lots of good times and some bad!
Hebert, BrianCPLMay 1990 – Mar 19911/2 H&S CompanyThe Iwo Jima, and her crew will forever be in my heart, Signalman Sean Kelly from Appleton, Maine if you see this please contact me. Dead in the water in Bahrain, Blessing to all the sailors who passed that day Semper Fi
Snedeker, BenJO2May 1, 1990 – Apr 7, 1991Admin
Christie, GarfieldMS3Jul 10, 1990 – Jul 14, 1993S2The IWO was my first command as a young 17 year old Mess Management Specialist. I will always remember my 10 shipmates that passed away. God bless all my old IWO shipmates. I am still a cook on active duty -SCPO.
Kwasnicki, Donald D.L/CPLAug 1990 – Apr 1991Marines Regt.Wpns. Plt. Bravo Co. 1/2nd Marines Regt. Desert Shield and Desert Storm
Platt, RoyCPLAug 1990 – Apr 1991Marine RegtAlpha Co. 1/2nd Marine Regt Desert Shield and Storm. What a ride. My thoughts are still with the ones who lost their lives in the explosion.
Bergen, RobertLCPLAug 1990 – Apr 1991PMO, MWSS-172, 1st MAWI worked with the Master at Arms
Watterson, ChuckSGT (E-5)Aug 1990 – Apr 19914th MEB MWSS-172 (Engineers)Aboard for Desert Storm. I will never forget the "10" I worked with a guy name Ski who was one of the 10. He was an electrician, I can't remember his whole name but enjoyed many conversations I had with him on the fantail. God bless the I
Hughes, DonaldHM2Aug 1990 – Mar 1991MedicalDesert Shield/Desert Storm
Pickard, BobLCPLAug 1990 – Apr 1991bssg 4 comm plt8 months receiving message traffic with some terrific sailors. alot of good memories from that old hulk and although I couldn't wait to get off of her, I'd go back in a second, for awhile anyway, but i guess I'd have to go to texas!
Mark, RhodesSGTAug 1990 – May 1991MWSS 172 CFRLooking for others in the same unit.
Price, JohnLCPLAug 1990 – Apr 1991Bco 1/2 2d Wpns Plt 2D Mar 4th MEB
Galvan, HenryE-3Aug 1990 – Apr 1991USMC A co 1/2 Looking for pictures of the deployment during the gulf war. And any old buddies I can find along the way.
Myers, David ELCPLAug 1990 – Apr 1991MWSS 274 Heavy Equipment Maintance
Jacobson, PaulLCPLAug 1990 – Dec 19908th Eng supp Bn. I served on her for a few months is all, but made good frends. A refreance was made by another , Terrance Binford about "Smitty" Was this the dental tech on the IWO? If so I considered him a good frend. pauljeep69@yahoo I would like to k
White, Keith (Ko)LCPLAug 1990 – Apr 1991Bravo Company 1st Battalion 2nd MarinesIt was an experience that I will never forget.
Freeland, BarryE4 USMCAug 1990 – Apr 1991mwss274god bless the 10 sailors lost you guys are in my prays what a long 9 months meet great friends take care to all
Hedrick, BrianCPL, E-4Aug 1990 – Apr 1991WPNS Co Attachment, Machine GunnerA time I will never forget. So proud to have served with the Navy as a Marine. I salute you and the 10. I do have pictures on board where my wife and I share a facebook page under Sandy Brian Hedrick. Hey to Chief Manzo.
Farnham, Matthew profile iconHNAug 1990 – Apr 1991B Co 1/2 2nd MarinesOur berthing area was beside boiler room. I helped evacuate casualties to medical unit. I was the first to render care to Lt John Snyder. This experience has haunted me ever since. Hope to have contact w/fellow shipmates
Kelly, CharlesLTJGAug 1990 – May 1992Communications Department
King, TomasL/CPL FOR LIFEAug 11, 1990 – Apr 15, 1991B co. 1/2 Marinescan't stop the images of those guys i helped pull outta the engine room after the steam release.
Wheeler, BrianSGTAug 11, 1990 – Apr 15, 1991MWSS274I worked with the Master At Arms, had a great time on and off ship. Miss all of you guys! Rat, Pig, Kong and the other MP's - God Bless the 10!
Hansen, WayneLT NC USNAug 15, 1990 – Mar 10, 19914 Th MEB. MED DETPart of the medical team that cared for the explosion survivors
Morris, Johnny profile iconSNAug 16, 1990 – Jul 10, 1992DeckBeen a while. Proud to have been apart of the Iwo.
Fortier, PedroLCPLAug 18, 1990 – Apr 16, 1991Alpha Co. 1/2
Binford, TerranceCORPORALAug 18, 1990 – Apr 16, 1991Bravo Company 1/2RIP Smitty, One of the ten who perished in the explosion, RIP to all who were killed. 9 months that I will never forget. Does anybody have pictures of the memorial.
Madden, John "Maddog"L/CPLSep 1990 – Apr 1991BSSG 4 Eng. DetDesert Shield/ Storm Nothing like living on the USS Deathstar for 8 months
Miller, Dennis/rp2E-5/RP2Sep 1990 – May 26, 1992Chaplain DepartmentMy job as Religious Program Specialist was admini- strative assistant to the Command Chaplain, and the crew Library Manager.
Durham, JamesLCDR CHAPLAIN CORPSSep 10, 1990 – Nov 10, 1990Embarked with MairinesI was on board during Desert Shield when the accident happened. My GQ sataion was Main Medical.
Nash, QuentinE-3Oct 1990 – Jun 19931stWhat's up to all who served on the mighty Iwo it's been a long time.
Robinson, Mario (Rob)YN3Oct 1990 – Jul 1993AdminI was onboard and was supposed to be in th boiler room the day of the explosion...I'm in contact with some from the IWO (John Moulton, Big "O" Opharrow, Walter House, Joe Rivers and a couple more) I miss my IWO days
Jones, LonnieGMCOct 1990 – Jul 1993COGood people and memories
Ricketts, Kevenak3Oct 29, 1990 – Jul 4, 1993supplyi was on iwo jima in charge of flifgt clothing part of decommissioning crew i hated almost every minute on that boat but had alot of fun times also nwow i am a tattoo artist but out of work had a near tragic motorcycle wreck
Cummings, TimBT3Oct 30, 1990 –BShipmates, I was a DDG BT but not on IWO JIMA. I have written about the Oct '90 accident ( and would appreciate hearing from anyone with memories of the tradegy: BZ to a great crew
McAndrews, DanEM 2Nov 1990 – Jan 1993EIt was a floater
Bordelon, DavidE-3Nov 1990 – May 1993Worked in the engine room.
Bordelon, DavidMM3Nov 1990 – Jul 1993MFunny how you remember the good times more than the bad. Miss the travel, don't miss the heat or the rack.
Peterson, David (Petey)E3Nov 1990 – Jul 1992Deck/1st

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