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USS Iwo Jima (LPH 2) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Iwo Jima (LPH 2). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 829 crew members registered for the USS Iwo Jima (LPH 2).

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Blachly, FredSH21977 – 1979S-3
Wick, ThomasABF-3 &, ABF-21977 – 1979V-4
Hoyle, WildmanSN1977 – 19802ndJust looking for old ship mates.
Rutherford, SteveSHSN - SH21977 – 1981S3
Cox, Earle41977 – 1981s-3just looking for old shipmates. i do remember you steve rutherford
Edwards, Anthony Aka Tony profile iconAA, AN, AE3Jan 31, 1977 – Jan 9, 1980AIMD and Air OpsAnyone that remembers me within either AIMD, Air Dept. during Martial Arts (Okinawa Kenpo), during anyone of the cruises, or when we were in the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard during overhaul... Please drop me a line...
Simon, AndyIC1 (SS)Feb 1, 1977 – Sep 20, 1978E DviAgreed with others about the Gitmo trip and all got sea sick off North Carolina. Also the 'island' is now part of a military museum in Bryan/College Staion. Their parking lot mimicks the flight deck.
Donnelly, GregBT3Mar 1977 – May 1980Just checking things out. Many goood times and bad times. Alot of partying and loved the med cruises.
Boquist, DanielSN/ANMar 1, 1977 – Feb 10, 1980Deck/AIMDGreat memories. She was a good one.
Wick, TomABFCApr 1977 – May 1979V-4
Abell, AlanBM3Apr 1977 – Apr 19802nd/boat divmy e-mail is if anyone would like to drop a line I will answer back and talk about the good and bad times we had
King, R. PaulSM2Jun 1977 – May 1981Communications/ CSWould love to hear from shipmates that I served with back in the day.
Lewis, DonaldLCDRJul 1977 – Aug 1978Medical (Ship's Surgeon)Looking for photos of the deck from PriFly or any catwalk.
Orlowsky, PhilipABH-1Aug 16, 1977 – Sep 2, 1979Admin-X3-M Coordinator
Cornell, TjE3Oct 1, 1977 – Jun 14, 1979Supply DPShout out to Duncan and Vinnie from Texas! I saw the fire was listed on the "events" calendar....I still remember fighting that fire!!! Medical was a mess...Yea they cut her into razor blades down my way in Brownville!
Wilburn, DonAN -AIRMANNov 1977 – Nov 1978V-1What a crazy ship... Remember everyone (including the Captain) getting sick at sea... Gitmo in Feb '78 -Man it was HOT!!! I had some good friends who were Marines. Jay North was my bud. Med cruise '78 - Barcelona, Marsailles...
Nicholson, NickE4Nov 3, 1977 – Jan 1, 1980S7 SupplyI was a computer operator,,hung out Mac, AK3 fred marloweABF fuels,dirty lou SKSN james morson DP2,I had a ball on there!!!...I was in S7 ......
Himes, GaryRm3Nov 10, 1977 – Sep 13, 1979CommunicationsFun times in the Med......the ship was a bucket but I had a great time with some crazy people. Will never forget it.
Beaudry, RobertABF2Dec 2, 1977 – Jul 16, 1981V-4 FuelsHad great Med. Cruises in 78,79,&80😎. Enlisted in MI NAT Guard in 1986 made it to SFC E-7 Combat Engineer. One deployment to Iraq OIF III 11/2004-02/2006. Retired in 2007 with 26 yrs. Hope all shipmates had great lives
Hedeen, JerryCPL1978 – 1978FOX Co. 2/8,2nd plt. 2nd sqd. ldr.To this day I think of the Iwo, many a fond memories while we were on the Med. Great liberty ports, there was one time the NCO'S minus the plt. Sgt. went out and over indulged in the drinking, none of us made it to formation the next day.
Jones, LeonLt (J. G.)1978 – Jun 5, 1982AdminGreat ship and crew. I was honored to have served on her.
Cooke, DannyAD21978 – 1979Gator CrewShips helo crew along with Chief Nelson and PO2 Fritz. Young kid that did a lot of growing up. Oh to be young again...would do it all over again.
Grissett, James  NEWPC first class1978 –AdminServed aboard one year before retirement in 1979 made one med trip. Bob Hope put on a show once
Maas, ChuckRM2Feb 1, 1978 – Jul 25, 1981Comm/CRThis is a hoot. There's something about turning 50 that makes you sentimental about 12 hour watches, bug juice and hot dogs for mid-rats
Docherty, John Doce-2Feb 7, 1978 – Nov 11, 1981Deck and FoxI miss my shipmates and the med. but not doing midshitters
Sullivan, FredMS2Feb 18, 1978 – Aug 2, 1981Supply S5They left out one accident on the ships accident list. Remember when the elevator was crushed in the Locks of Liverpool, England. How about the time we almost took out the Chesapeake Bay Bridge,had to drop anchor to stop
Kover, George/okiePO3Feb 21, 1978 – Nov 26, 1984GATORHELLO TO ALL SHIPMATES KOVER GATOR CREW
Williams, Staunchis (Stan)RM2Apr 1978 – Apr 1980Communications2 Years aboard and 2 Med cruises It was an experience I will never forget. Met some characters onboard. Hope they are all doing well. Had some of the best times on those 12 hour watches. email
Florence, ChuckAMS3Apr 1, 1978 – Nov 1980AIMD2 med cruises a north Atlantic and Bob Hopes birthday party in New York city. Med cruises were a riot with friends Dan Llewellyn, Dennis Westfall. after Iwo went to Army flight school flew Kiowa warrior retired in 2000
Richard, McGowan "Mac"ABH-3May 1978 – Jan 1981V-1Had many good times. 2 med cruises & 1 North Atlantic. Got out for 11yrs now in reserves as HM2. Married for 20 yrs, have 1 daughter (18). Still stay in touch with ole Lucky Lockhart. My e-mail Take care, Mac
Villamor, GlennanMay 1978 – Dec 1979deckHad a great time and still think about the experiences and looong hours
Griffin, JimmieYN3May 1, 1978 – Oct 20, 1981X DivisionJust remembering the "Good Times"! If anyone remembers me please contact me via e-mail: would like to reconnect with my old crew. I will be at the Iwo Jima reunion in September, 2010 in Nashville,TN.
Taylor, Steven Taylor/teeAC2Jul 20, 1978 – May 14, 1981OCI made 3 Med cruises and 1 North Atlantic
Mathews, VinceAA AR AA AR AA AROct 1978 – Mar 1983v1what to say had alotta good times and spent alotta time on restriction ran in to chris ledford recently looking for the ol airdales get in touch
Craig, Petty Officer Craig profile iconEM2/EM1Oct 1978 – 1982E Div/ Power Shop/ Lighting ShopI wonder what happened to all the guys who served with me on the Iwo. Anyone remember setting up the lights for the boxing match in the Hanger Bay? A lot of creative engineering for the matches.
Frazier, KevinE4Nov 25, 1978 – Nov 10, 1982v1GOOD SHIP GGOD CREW
Peischl, JohnSK1979 – 1980S1
Bender, RayEW21979 – 1981OWOPNot my favorite tour, but some good friends. Best CO at one point, Capt. Ramsey Lewis. Transferred to USS Belknap and ended up running the gunline for Iwo Marines in Beirut '83. The new Iwo is a StarShip.
Cucchiara, John/cucch1979 – 1982Its nice to find a place to get in touch w/old shipmates. They were some great times, from what I can remember(haha). Look forward to hearing from yous guys.
Johnson, RickDP21979 – 1982S7Currently living in Wylie, TX with my wife Debra.
Peeler, RayE-31979 – 1981Deck DivisionHad a great time on the Iwo, made some good friends, Gollowach, Pellum(Pineapple), Quinteros, Hagameyer,Frenchy, Ensign Dollard,I remember that old salt BM1 Strack(Scratch),Figueroa,MAA Amick( we had some great battles.
Anderson, Steve "Andy"MM-31979 – 1979MServed on Iwo Jima between A school and nuke school.
McCormick, marksm21979 – 1980ocGreat time&great shipmates
Williams, Harry (Willie)ABFAN/31979 – Mar 1981V4 FuelsHad some good times in the Med. and North Atlantic. If you remember me, give me a shout.
Figueroa, John  NEWBM31979 – 19801ST1ST Div. Worked for BM1 Ashbrook.
Graham, BobQM 2Jan 7, 1979 – Sep 24, 1982navigationI just found out that the super structure is part of a museum in Texas. Those were some crazy days back then. I remember 53 days at sea without seeing land. Brutal!
Heubel, SalvatoreBT2Feb 1979 – May 1980I worked in the oil lab (Oil King). Ended up staying for 20 and retired in 1996
Steiger, KeithLTFeb 1979 – Aug 1982Engineering/OPS
Nasdeo, Steve/nastyE3Feb 1979 – May 1981Aviation Fuels
Krosky, KennethETR-3Feb 1979 – Sep 1980OE
Perlstein, JoeE3Apr 1, 1979 – Nov 17, 1982Radioman
Nydahl, Martye3May 1979 – Jan 3, 1982engine roomgreat times no one had a first name always last names great group of guys in the engine room ... to many to list
Golowach, Bill Or Williampetty officer 3rd classJul 1979 – Jul 1981administrationTo all my buddies who served with me on the lwo.ray best bud..benny antanacio.and richard demarsh. I miss all you still living in queens new york i hope all is well.
Harden, StanleyABF3Jul 1979 – Apr 1983Air, V-4, FuelsGood old days
Horrigan, TimRM2Jul 2, 1979 – Sep 5, 1982CR CommunicationsLike to hear from the guys com dept. It was a great time.
Scocchio, BrianAC1Aug 1979 – Aug 1982OCThis was my first ship. We were underway for 20 of the first 24 months I was aboard and in Portsmouth Shipyard for the last 12 months.
Naylon, Jeremiah(jojo)AIRMAN ABHAug 20, 1979 – Dec 20, 1980I just wanna say hi to Bob (Hudnut) Huddleston
Simon, KarlHM3Sep 1979 – Nov 1979MedicalAssigned TDY as part of Surgical Team for Displayed Determination '79. Boarded in Norfolk and left from Naples to return to fly back to NAS JAX.
Loya, SonnyDT3Sep 5, 1979 – Sep 13, 1981DentalMissed the old gang, used to work with bob Henry and more in the lab. Doc murchison.
Zakrzewski, MikeHMCNov 30, 1979 – Jun 30, 1982MedicalWorked in the laboratory.
Taylor, EdwardMM2Dec 1979 – 1984EngineeringCan someone please help me remember the morning of the attack on the Marine barracks in Lebanon. My Psych is trying to help me bring my memories back of that morning.

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