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USS Iwo Jima (LPH 2) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Iwo Jima (LPH 2). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 829 crew members registered for the USS Iwo Jima (LPH 2).

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Farmer, WilliamIC31960 –E
McCostlin, Don (Coss)E3Sep 10, 1960 – May 2, 1964V1 & V6I had a great time on the Iwo and was a plank owner. Had many memorable times up on the flight deck. Went through the Johnston Island Nuclear tests in 1962 and was part of the Cuban Missile crisis.
Marshall, Clifford (Bob) (chief)E-3Nov 18, 1960 – Dec 13, 1964S-3Was off the Coast of Vietnam, Johnston Island in 62, and the Cuban Missile Crisis. Was the Ships' Barber.
Overall, Gerald W.ABF21961 – 1964V-4
Fitzgerald, WilliamEM21961 – 1963
Langley, Wayne profile iconQM2 / 11961 – 1963NavRaised the first Ensign, during Commissioning, in Bremerton Washington. Made the Cuba trip, and the Johnston Isl. nuclear test.
Ellis, ThomasE3Jan 15, 1961 – Jan 24, 1965S-2I Was very fond of the Iwo and what it stud for and I had a lot of good times on borad Amd some bad time to. I am Happy to have been their
Bissonette, StanSM2Feb 10, 1961 – Dec 12, 1965OCIt seemed like I spent half my 20 years on the Iwo. That was A very long 6 years. The roughest riding ship of all I was on. It was always rolling or pitching or both. Had a very close crew, Still stay in touch with many of the friends .
Schafer, RichardBT1Mar 1961 – Sep 1962Eng BProud to be a Plankowner!!!! Iwo had a new steam plant. Was a real challenge learning it. Note: We have a moment of silence for the fireroom crew that died Oct 1990 at our Assoc reunions. email the USS IWO JIMA Association at
Fagan, LemuelSMSA-SM1Mar 5, 1961 – Mar 30, 1970OC, MAAPreComm thru cuba, canal trip twice, Bomb test(Nuc) hawaii was wondeful for a fresh farm boy from Mississipi. Learned a lot from a group of very special Sailors and the experience shapes my life till today. Thanks IWO!!!
Cox, Genesp3Apr 4, 1961 – Sep 27, 1964r-divisionI had a lot of fun on the Iwo jima and met a lot people. I live in Peoria Il at 716 west ridge rd. Phone # is 309-453-2646
Schafer, RichardBT1Apr 15, 1961 – Oct 29, 1962B DivPlank Owner
Robishaw, TedEM-3Apr 21, 1961 – Oct 10, 1964EMet a lot of great people. Saw things and places I would not have otherwise seen had I not been on the IWO. I was the 4th enlisted Pre-com in Bremerton on April 21 of 1961, would like to hear from you. 440/224-1779,
Hale, RoyceABF3May 20, 1961 – Oct 20, 1964V4had good sailing on the vessel
Kribel, RobertLTJGJun 1961 – 1962F DivisionPlank owner. An interesting assignment with a memorable crew.
Schaefer, William DaleE-3Jul 1, 1961 – Nov 10, 1964V-1 & V-4 & V-6Was a plank owner of the Iwo Jima. Was in all 3 avaition departments. Lots of great memories and special friends.
Warner, Donald GeneYN2Jul 1, 1961 – Jul 13, 1962I am looking for sailors that were aboard the IWO JIMA in 61 and 62 when we were involved in the Atomic Test off the Johnson Islands. I am having some medical issues that I feel were directly related to the Atomic fall out. contact me if same.
Watson, ErnestETSNJul 7, 1961 – May 1, 1963OElearned a lot during my tour.. departed as a ETN2
Bannister, JohnSM2, RM1Jul 10, 1961 – Dec 10, 1965OS/OR/MAAMany good memories of the Iwo and her crew remain with me to this day. We had some crazy wild times. It was a learning period for many of us, which helped shape our lives later in lifes journey. My best wishes to all.
Bjerkhoel, WarrenRM3Aug 1961 – 1962OR
Conley, PaulHM2Aug 1961 – Apr 1963"H" HospitalPlankowner Great Ship Great Crew Outstanding Cruise with Joint Tsk Force 56 at Johnson & Christmas Islands quite a show..Anybody remember our Sea Trials In the Straits of Juan De Puca lol especially the high speed turns lmao
Nigh, BillE-3Aug 1961 – Mar 1963V-4Nothing like the 'Gator Navy'
Wyllie, Stan W.SEAMANAug 1, 1961 – Aug 1, 19632nd Div. / FoxPlankowner 1st. crew to board the Iwo Jima LPH-2
Robb, AlanBT3Aug 10, 1961 – Apr 28, 1964B Div.I am a plankowner of the IWO JIMA, and made some great friends along the way. had alot of good memories.
Tyner, Carl W.EM-3Aug 21, 1961 – Jun 23, 1963EI went to PreComm in San Diego and am a Plank Owner. The Iwo was my first ship. I met and sailed with a lot of great guys.
Jackson, Deanem2Aug 21, 1961 – Oct 6, 1964e divi am a plankowner, i met a lot of good people on the iwo the three years i was on it. had a lot of fun, westpac cruise and more. i wish that more plankowners would come to the reunions
Brooks, LloydS3Aug 25, 1961 –Deck 2ndPlank Owner! Loved the new foam beds , Made a few good friends would love to find any of you!
Plantier, DarylRM3Sep 1, 1961 – Sep 1, 1964Communications
Dickinson, JerryENSDec 23, 1961 – Apr 12, 1963OIAssistant Division Officer for OI Division; assistant photo officer. Served during atomic tests at Johnston Island and Cuban crisis. Transferred to Commander Amphibious Squadron 12 from the Iwo.
Spangler, ErrolAK31962 – 1965S6
Pittman, John (Jt)Petty Officer1962 –CookI am looking for anyone who knew my dad. That may have pictures?
Mason, Henry Boyd Aka HankLTJGMar 1962 – Jun 1964V1, Asst. Nav., EMany good memories and a few bad ones. Miss the old crew. Best of luck to all of you. Ltjg Paul Kolman, B div officer '62- '64 Passed away 2004. I am looking for Ltjg Ed Mullen, Commucnications Off. same period.
Newlon, Jerry profile iconBT3Mar 1962 – Nov 25, 1964B DivisionI came onboard just prior to Johnston Island. I was also onboard for the Cuban Crisis and the first WESTPAC cruise. I have a lot of good memories and fellowship with crew members.
Baumer, CliffFTG2Apr 1962 – Oct 1964FOXReported on board in Pearl. Went through the Johnston Is. tests., Cuban Missle Crisis & a WestPac trip. Currently watching two sisters, Okinawa in Suisun reserce fleet & Tripoli in Vallejo (out of commission). Iwo was a good ship to serve on.
Rollin, VernDC 2Apr 20, 1962 – Jul 10, 1967R Division
McCarty, William. MacLtjgJun 1962 – Mar 1964Deck
Hendry, LeeJun 11, 1962 – Apr 14, 1965Quartermaster & FirstI was flown over to pearl on a kc135 and came abroad the next day at pearl I was on broad for the Johnson Island tests I stayed on broad from 62 to 65 going to Vietman and to Cuba for the missile crsis
Ortiz, NathanielATCJul 1962 – Nov 1964V-6Precom crew, plankowner, Div Chief, Air Dept admin Chief. Pre com sea trials, Johnson Island tests, Panama Canal Crossings, Cuban missle crisis. Olangapo, PH Many good memories.
Johansen, JoeABF3Aug 1962 – Aug 1964V-4
Ostenberg, Terry L.FTG2Sep 1962 – Jan 1966Fox / WepsI was kind of sorry to hear that the original Iwo Jima, the LPH2, was decomissioned and scrapped. I went aboard it about a year after it was comissioned & just before it departed for the Cuban missle crisis of 1962. Lots of good memories.
Savage, DavidPFC USMCOct 27, 1962 – Dec 9, 1962Marine Landing ForceI was an Air Traffic Controller from MCAS El Toro. Attached to Helo Squadron for Invasion of Cuba. Enroute to San Diego I was summond to the Captains Stateroom and informed that I had been accepted to Pensacola for Flight Training.
Bodenner, GeorgeLTJGNov 1962 – Jul 1963OperationsReported aboard shortly after commissioning. Was at Johnston Island and Cuban trip.
Smith, Theodore (Ted)PVT., USMCRNov 11, 1962 – Nov 28, 19622ndBn, 6th Marine RegimentTAD GITMO LBT

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