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USS New Orleans (LPH 11) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS New Orleans (LPH 11). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 868 crew members registered for the USS New Orleans (LPH 11).

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Dykes, MichaelYN31990 – 1993OpsWhat up shipmates,?!
Winters, KirkFN1990 – 1993b
Straw, LukeEN-11990 – 1994A
La Duke, AaronRM3Jan 1, 1990 – Jan 1, 1994RBest time of my life was on this ship. I miss her.
Glaser, JamesBM3Feb 1990 – Aug 1993Deck 2nd then 1st
Glaser, JamesBM3Feb 1990 – Sep 1993DeckI started on the NO Boat as an E-2 in first deck division. Before I left I made BM3 and was in first deck division.
Alexander, Jerry AKA AlexE4Feb 2, 1990 – Sep 5, 19933rd
Burrous, RussGMG3Mar 1990 – Mar 4, 19923rdShips Armorer, LSO Forward and rear 3" 50 Gun mounts. Nuclear weapon security guard.
Balba, RobertAKMar 25, 1990 – Aug 30, 1994S-1/S-81st and greatest ship for me during my time in the Navy. We had a great crew and endured a grueling Desert Storm cruise.
Lantz, KrissABHANApr 1, 1990 – Aug 27, 1992v1i wish i would have enjoyed my time there more it was a great time now i miss the new orleans and its gone.i would like to here from old ship mates
Hancock, Matthew profile iconOS3May 5, 1990 – Sep 23, 1993OperationsI miss all of my shipmates from the NO boat. I had some good friends from all rates and ranks aboard the ship. Thank you all for the memorable times. I will never forget any of you.
Weaver, DavidE-3 / AIRMANMay 15, 1990 – Aug 15, 1992V-1
Vacha, BrianHT 2Jun 1990 – Jan 1994RServed Desert Shield/Desert Storm and Somalia. Flew off in Mogadishu after Christmas. While in the Gulf, The USS Mars dropped a pallet of mail in the drink, and my package was one of them! Was considered the command anti-career officer,
Uribe, RobertET2Jun 1990 – Feb 1994OE
Aguilar, Robert (Bobby) RoloMM3Jun 12, 1990 – Jul 20, 1992MLooking for any of the old boys Kenan Sabin, Jesus Segura,
Churchward, ChuckCDR (ret.)Jul 1990 – May 1993Sales/Food ServiceShipmates! Great to see so many of you again! The "NO" boat was my favorite tour! We worked hard and played harder! I am very proud to have served with you all!
Farrell, PatrickMMCSJul 11, 1990 – Mar 15, 1995M-Division
Williams, EricABF 3Aug 9, 1990 – Aug 8, 1994V-4Nothing like a cup of hot Bug juice in the gulf.
Davis, JohnE6/DC1Sep 1990 – Apr 1993ER01
Lacy, BrianE-1Sep 1, 1990 – Jan 20, 1992V-3Best growing up period of my life. It seems like yesterday sometimes. "Stand by for port side impact!"...glad that scud went a mile the other way...
Gossage, DaveAS1Sep 7, 1990 – Jul 3, 1994aimddesert shield/storm. wondering when we would head for home. drydock at 32nd street. the shipyard under the bridge. 7 months of mainspace fire drills. cruise to somalia and goundhog station. seychelles. transfer to nas miramar on 4th of july weekend
Burnett, Vic "Stick"E-4/AS3Oct 1, 1990 – Jul 10, 1994V-3 Then Struck Out To AIMDGreatest and hardest working boat in the Pac Fleet! Awesome experience and fantastic crew in both the divisions I worked in. I recogize some of the names on the list, if you know me drop a line.
Krueger, DavidSGTNov 1990 – Sep 1991HMM-268(c)I was crewchief of YQ-23/YK-66 buno 162488 - she was given to me as a pile of parts in May 1990 - second time for her on the NO Boat - first time she was the "Hornet Hauler" for me she was the "Phantom Phlyer" lifting a QF-4 summer
Valdes, AlexET2Dec 1990 – Mar 1995OE
Cash, CashOSCDec 1990 – Jun 1995OIOf al the ships I have served aboard I have my most enduring memories of this crew. Shipmates give me a yell.
Cash, KevinOSCDec 1990 – May 1995OILooking to connect iwht old shipmates from the NO boat
Van Order, KenCPLDec 1, 1990 – Aug 28, 2001AIMDFond memories of the "NO" boat - No mail,no liberty,no nothin' for 65 days straight at sea. Great crew - hard working bunch. I will never forget my Persian Excursian!
Iglesias, Ruben "iggie"RM3Dec 1, 1990 – Apr 24, 1994CR - RADIOWas my second tour onboard, sail 3 deployments with this ship and enjoyed every single one. Served during the Gulf-War and the first foreign port I visit in this ship was Acapulco MX back in 1984. I am out of the service, but work at BAMC
Hawkins, LarryDec 5, 1990 – Aug 28, 1991Mike Company 3rd Battalion 1st MarinesI have fond memories of this ship, Marines and Sailors that I proudly served with. Thanks for the memories guys.
Presley, Jon "Elvis"DC1991 – 1995
Pelsinski, KeithGMG3Jan 1991 – Apr 9, 19943rd / GunneryLooking for shipmates that I served with from 1991 through 1994. Anyone fit the bill email me at ROGUE_GUNNER@COMCAST.NET
Morgan, MichaelABF3Jan 1991 – Jun 1992V-4One of the best times I had during my Navy career.
Litsey, William/billABH3Jan 1991 – Jun 1993Air V-1This was a great time in my life. Did a lot of growing up and learning to cut loose during my three years. If you remember me, or even if you don't, contact me.
Thompso, VinceOS3Jan 10, 1991 – Jul 4, 1994OII miss the friends and the ports it was a great learning experience as well as a floating family. Goodbye LPH-11
Post, ToddGMG2/QM2Feb 4, 1991 – Feb 1, 19963rd/NAVSpent 5 long years onboard. Desert Storm and Somolia. Had some good times and some bad.
Callaghan, MichaelLIEUTENANTMar 1991 – Aug 1993Great ship...awesome crew. Good times chasing down Saddam in the gulf...too bad we didn't finish the job the first time!
Martucci, Frank profile iconNCC(AW)Apr 2, 1991 – Jul 1, 1995AdminServed onboard the USS New Orleans from 91-95
Morgan, Tim ( Wingnut)FNApr 12, 1991 – Jan 13, 1993BI was on the NO from 91 to 93. I remember purple haze. also remember von k eating a piece of choclate out of deck grates. Best times
Huff, GregoryBTJul 7, 1991 – Jul 7, 1995BThi i served on the no boat for about 4 yrs.saw a few names .did not know it was decommisioned till some time ago.i stiil have some pics i took. BT1 herrin BT1 soto Pullen Johnson chief hoover some names i can recall .
Ray, LinnieRP1Aug 1, 1991 – Sep 1, 1994ChaplainThe NO Boat was no problem. Enjoyed it the best way I knew how. Had fun in the Ship's Library with the fellaz! Retired now, but remember then.........!
Banks, KennethAG2Aug 28, 1991 – Nov 25, 1994AOSpent the 1 st 2 yrs on mess dk or 50 man working parties. 1 cruise to Somilia in 93. I was a bearing taker most of time. Got in trouble one time. Jioned AF Guard afterwards. 1 wife/kid hope well. Ken
Banks, KennethAG2Aug 28, 1991 – Nov 25, 1994AOI was assigned to the AO Div as a weather observer. One cruise to Somolia in 93-94. I was a bearing taker and mess crank a lot of the time. I have one boy and wife of 8 years. Jioned Air National guard and still in it.
Rector, KennethMS3Sep 9, 1991 – Sep 9, 1994SUPPLYIt was fun been on the ship with alot of cool guys seem like a laughed about something everyday we had alot of great times
Ibach, ChrisET3Oct 1991 – Apr 1997OE
Kirchmayer, William "Von K"BT1 (SW)Oct 1991 – Feb 1993BWas aboard for the yard period. Hope to hear from some of the hole snipes, especially "Jane, the ignorant slut". Gotta admit, my tour on the NO boat was the best I had in my 20 years in the USN. Would say hey to "Purple" Hayes, but he
Jones, Samara (Baby J)MM3Oct 1991 – Jul 1993M Division
Ibach, ChrisET3Oct 11, 1991 – Apr 30, 1997OE
Kirchmayer, WilliamBT1(sw)Nov 1, 1991 – Feb 6, 1993B-Div

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