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USS New Orleans (LPH 11) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS New Orleans (LPH 11). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 868 crew members registered for the USS New Orleans (LPH 11).

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Stewart, Dave "Smoken Stew"E11977 – 1978MIt was Fun - but only because of the shipmates. Anybody still alive?
Fletcher, James(jimbo)OSSN1977 – 1979OIWHAT A RIDE.still walkinNtalkin 30yrs later.A few others n myself kept things exciting.Thought i knew everything then,still dont now.Someone contact me.We can have some laughs n maybe some tears.RIP JoeP n hope GeorgeD made it through.FIX?
Michels, RichABH-31977 – 1981V-1After all these years, I still find myself telling stories about my days on the New Orleans.
Kimber, BernieRM31977 – 1979crhad some great times on there, Miss all the navy Buddies
"Ambrosio, "Pq" PatCWO3Jan 1977 – Apr 1980Ships Electr Off/ Ships Repair Off I still remember our port visit in Cebu, RP and all the preps involve before,during and after the R&R not to forget the three day visit/party ashore. 'Hope everyone enjoyed .. It's the first carrier visit for awhile
Sherlin, Herb/turboE-2Feb 1977 – Sep 1977disbursing officeserved with cwo humiston? and sgt. gonazalez. holler at me if you read this. I did the shellback initiation in 1977 aboard this ship. Lost the certificate. Anyone know the particulars? latitude/longitude and date? Where to get another certif ?
Drost, JohnHT2Feb 1977 – May 1980R - Shipfitter ShopI see alot of names I remember well. 2 WestPacs and alot of good memories! Has anyone heard from D.Ray Blakeman?
McCarthy, JoeHT2May 7, 1977 – Sep 28, 1980R Division33 years ago I reported onboard, gotta track some of you guys down !!!!!! email me at:
Reading, BillyBMSNMay 20, 1977 – Feb 10, 1981DECK 1st
Marik, JpSNJun 1977 – Oct 1978decki have pictures , from Okinawa, Redman, Gatliff, Martindale, Reading and onboard Mildazis, Luna, Perez, Cleary, Brewer, Thompson, Young, Scalf, McKay, Dickinson, Coley, DeLaCruz, Brett, Frontiera, McMinton(Mac), Rogers(Dog)
Alfelor, Roland Aka AlfAG3Sep 1977 – Feb 1980OA
Montgomery, JohnMM2Sep 1977 – Apr 23, 1981MEngineroom people are the best
Vara, EnriqueABF-3Sep 1977 – 1981v-4
Retter, CoreyEM3Sep 1977 – Dec 1980E Divisionboarded off the coast of Okinawa
Collett, RonIC2Sep 1977 – Sep 1979ELots of good memories on this boat.
Hackler, Gerald BM3Sep 1977 – Jul 1981DeckArrived on board in Japan at 17 years old, got off in Bremerton at 21. Met some great people and received one heck of an awesome education along the way. I hope all of you men have had a great life, you guys are great!
Cennamo, Paulms3Oct 1977 – Dec 1980supply /deckI was the first non petty officer to make sailor of the quarter on that ship . sad to here they put her down. time on her was from 1977/1980
Black, CurtEW3Nov 1977 – Jul 1980OWI remember "The Glory Days" well and my shipmates like it was yesterday. Most memorable events are the hurricane in 78 out of Hong Kong, the boiler blowing up and delaying West Pac 'til May of 1980. Hello to all of my old shipmates. Peac
Mendoza, DavidSH3Dec 31, 1977 – May 15, 1982SupplyHi everyone. If you were on 77-82 then I probably cut your hair, sold you something in the ship's store, did your laundry
Fries, Robert - RobABH1978 – 1981V4
Miller, George (Geo)RM2Jan 1978 – Jul 7, 1981CRTwo westpacs short one in '78 and the Iranian hostage one in '80 Great Friends Great memories. Visit
Barlow, DavidAGCJan 9, 1978 – Jan 16, 1981OA
Williams, AdOS2Jan 16, 1978 – Jul 1, 1982OIDivision LPO
Vanderhoof, RobertMM2Mar 1978 – Jul 1982
Hobbs, KeithE-1Mar 1978 – Dec 1980V-1 I'd like to give it another shot.
Ribblett, JaceHT2Apr 1978 – Aug 1981My 1 and only ship duty. I tell people I went half way around the world at 18 MPH. good duty, great bunch of friends. E-mail me.
Scheurich, Cliffem3May 1978 – Dec 1981e-div.hello to all my old ship mates! still alive and well in new york.great memories and friends .miss the old days.get back to me, would like to hear from you.
Grundhofer, ScottEN2May 1978 – Nov 1979ANever juimped so high (OK the deck dropped 10 ft playing basket ball in bad WX) Unfrozen duck floting in the fathometer chamber.. Scabs after diving on hanger deck saving last basketball. Hong Kong
Reigner, RogerRM2May 1, 1978 – Aug 15, 1980COMMReported aboard just before WestPac 78. The shack was full of great guys. Robinson, Peete, Dean, McGinnis, Miller, Lamp, DeFoe, Haxton and lots of others. Flew home in 80 from the PI when the boat headed to Iran.
Simmons, Kenneth(Ken)QMSNMay 10, 1978 – May 12, 1980NavigationMy first of 5 ships that I was on. Captain Moore and LCDR Smuda the navigator great people. The crew was great and the ships basketball team the best and the guys in Nav. department were the greatest guys to work with.
Vickery, SteveIC 3Aug 1978 – Jun 1, 1981Ehello I made two westpacs and several minis and rode the boat to bremerton, and managed to escape with my sanity. Hello to all my shipmates.
Clark, KevinOS2Aug 1, 1978 – Jan 30, 1982OIReally enjoyed my time on the New Orleans. I worked with a great group of guys. Westpac 80 was a lot of fun. Great ports!
Matienzo, JoseAIRMAN/E-2Aug 28, 1978 – Aug 28, 1981hangerdeckwere are you nelson santiago,jesus santiago,scott cantwell, we had a great time
Laucks, Mark (The Face)IC3Sep 1978 – Oct 1981 EThe things we did, places we went. The smells and sounds, I recall them well. I'm grateful for almost all of my shipmates and superior's who tolerated my questionable ethics and attitude. The experience of two WestPac's. Truly memorable!
Mondragon, MarioABF3Sep 11, 1978 – Jul 2, 1982V-4 divisionI always remember all my team mate and the great time we spent
Galipo, PhillipAC2Sep 15, 1978 – Feb 5, 1980Air Traffic ControlI remember all you guys Big Mike from MA. John from NY who was learning to speak Russian a guy from TN Mike Horan from Garden Grove Major Murray that LCDR dude I didn't get along with. I worked for the FAA after the Navy & went on strike.
Bagdonis, Tony "Bag"AE2Oct 3, 1978 – Feb 13, 1980Aviation - Ship's Company Helicopter CrewServed as Search and Rescue Aircrewman and Crew Chief for CH-46 and UH-1N Helicopter.
Haley, TommieMM-31979 – 1983A-Gang /Hole engine roomback when life was so simple party in port work at sea....
Smallwood, KennethGMG2(SW)1979 – 1982Combat SystemsBPDSMS Tech
Purcell, RickyMm31979 –AWay back when
Coale, RonaldIC31979 – 1981E DivMade 1 Westpac during the Iranian American hostage fiasco. Worked in the forward IC Shop with a great bunch of guys. Got out in Bremerton the day we arrived. Hooked up the shore phones then I was out.
Solimine, Robert ("Sol")MM2Jan 1979 – Aug 1983AMy first ship, I remember that ship and everyone on it like it was yesterday.I remember lots of hard work and good friends. I wish you all the best and hope life has been good.
Landi, JohnAC3Jan 20, 1979 – Nov 17, 1981OClearned about the value of friendship and served proudly with the best crew in the Navy.westpac80,Yardpac81,Vancouver BC,chased out of Hong Kong by Typhoon,the PI,the samari Inn,Learned my Career,enjoyed australia,stay well guys,contact me.
Cotter, TomAG3Feb 1979 – Aug 1982OA
Goins, StanleyAMS-3Feb 1979 – Jul 1982ABF
Seymour, DavidGMG2Feb 7, 1979 – Jul 8, 1983FOX
Wagemann, BruceABF3Feb 15, 1979 – Oct 2, 1982V4Best time of my life
Phillips, Mark D.RMSN, RM3Mar 20, 1979 – Sep 18, 1981CR CommunitionsI reported to the New Orleans fm Midway Island. I went to TTY school in 1980 just before westpac. reelisted on USS Missori while in yards in Bremerton, Went to Greece for 2 yrs. was on USS Independence CV-62, USS John F Kennedy CV-67,
Cooney, ThomasABHANApr 1979 – Jul 1983V-3 and V-1, C&SServed aboard for a RIMPAC and two WESTPAC's.
Clow, DennisE-1Apr 5, 1979 – Jul 8, 19811stpot smoking deck ape....
Josar, CharlieHTFNApr 10, 1979 – Oct 14, 1981Looking back now some of the best times and experiences in my life. Wish I would of had a better head on my shoulders back then. Would love to here from old shipmates.
Leto, AndrewSHSNMay 1979 – Nov 1980SupplyGreat Times. Wish I could contact old friends. Murph,Ray,Cliff,Sniff,Kevin,Merns, Doc Letourneau,
Wilson, PhilipSM1May 13, 1979 – May 21, 1982operationsenjoyed my tour on board was a busy ship miss all fine ship mates god bless and keep
McCoy, MichaelRM3Jun 1979 – May 1980
Samuels, Patrick/ SamMM3Jun 1979 – May 1981EngineeringMy first command and one of the Best!!!!!
Jensen, DavidPR2Jul 1, 1979 – Sep 30, 1980AIMD - Aircrew SurvivalWas onboard when the boiler was blown and delayed our Westpac. Deployed with ship on rescheduled Westpac in May 1980. What a ride! Hated the way this ship rode the water but it cured me from ever being seasick again.
Hall, Robert (Bob)ftmAug 1979 – Oct 21, 1981fox
Lemon, GaryFC2Sep 1979 – Feb 1982FOXMy first ship. Reported aboard as a FTMSA and left as a FTM2. Had a lot of fun on WESPAC. Did ships overhaul at Bremerton.Went to AEGIS later retired as a FCC.
Coale, RonIC3Sep 1979 – Mar 1981ElectricalWorked all over the ship. From the top of the mast to the bottom where the pit sword was. Spent most of my time in engine room and fwd IC.
Wood, WoodyHT2Sep 1979 – Mar 1983"R" DivisionI enjoyed the time I spent on the USS new Orleans and often think about my shipmates. I serverd with some great people on a great ship.
Wood, GregHT2Sep 1979 – Mar 1983RHello to all my shipmates. I often think about the good old days. It would be good to her from you guys. Send me an email so we can catch up.
Sellers, SteveBTFASep 5, 1979 – Jun 2, 1983"B"It's hard to imagine that the ship I lived on for 4 years is sitting at the bottom of the ocean! I had alot of good times while floating the NO boat! Made alot of good friends.
Patrick, StevenFTMSNOct 1979 – Oct 1982FOXMy first and only command after 'A' School and BE&E. Made some good friends. Mike Bicchinella, get ahold of me dude! Bummed she's on the bottom, but a reef.. awesome!
Becerril, Rudy/raulBT2Nov 1979 – Aug 1984B
Ward, KurtE1 boatswains mateNov 1, 1979 – Oct 1, 19821 sti had the time of my life onboard the neworleans met a lot of good people hey steve sauers johnny walker and everyone else i partied with ps tijuanas jail really sucked
Becerril, Rudy/raulBT2Nov 28, 1979 – Aug 4, 1983BThe New Orleans (Show Boat), gave me memories and experiences I will value and never forget. WESTPAC , Bremerton, RIMPAC, Exercise Kernel Usher,WESTPAC. The other sea time was the place I entered adulthood. I will forever treasure LPH 11.
Bicchinella, MikeBMSNDec 1979 – Feb 28, 1982Deck 1st
Blancard, SteveFTMSN, FTM3Dec 1979 – Dec 1981FoxMy first ship - Great memories. WESTPAC, Olongapo, Perth, shellback initiation, the foxhole, overhaul in Bremerton. Later went Aegis and retired in '98 as an FCC. Now a navy safety engineer in Dahlgren, VA.
Becerril, RudyE-5Dec 10, 1979 – Aug 4, 1984B

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