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USS New Orleans (LPH 11) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS New Orleans (LPH 11). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 868 crew members registered for the USS New Orleans (LPH 11).

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Walters, StanleyE-4, CPL1975 – 1976HMM-165, 1st Marine AirwingI was a crewchief on one of the two UH-1E's. Phillipines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, S. Korea. If there were more ports I don't recall hehe.
Young, DavePC31975 – 1979AdminWhat a great bunch of guys I had the privelige of working withmy 4 years.would love to hear from any of you who remember me.
Joye, Jerry (Bos'n)CWO41975 – 1978V4Enjoyed doing the pre-port-visit TV shows, driving the ship, and serving with the best "Grapes" the Navy ever had.
Hutton, WaltE3Jan 1975 – 1977#rdMarDiv
Silva, JamesSK3Mar 1975 – 1977Supply S-1Looking for other sks from same time period.
Chase, Davidrm1/rmcApr 16, 1975 – Sep 1977crmade chief 1976 aboard for appollo recovery 1975
Caccese, Chris (Aka Harry)OS2May 1975 – Oct 4, 1978OIGreat memories, ASTP, unreps, operations, liberty, three westpacs. Port/Starboard watches, mid-rats, Good people: Mup, Frag, Willie, Doug, Rocha, Reynolds, Goff , at-sea collision, broke screw towed into Pearl.
Love, JerryCPL,E-4May 1975 –I /3-12 MarinesMed cruise,W/Arty
Kitchens, JohnE-2May 1975 – Jun 1977E-DIV
Hudson, Jim Henrysh-3May 30, 1975 – Apr 1, 1977s-3remember shsn frank tarbi sh-3 crazy terry sh-3 tom hines
Kelly, MikeGMG2Jun 1975 – Aug 1979WSO2Picked up ApolloSoyuz. On board when blade flew off prop. Had to get in motor whale boat, go to the tug boat and shoot line back to NO to start the towing process. Work center supervisor for WSO2. Hung out with John Unger, Mark Thompson.
Crawford, DougGMGSNJun 1975 – Oct 1976Fox
Loterbauer, MonteFTG 2Jun 1975 – Oct 1978fox I would not trade my time on the boat for anything, apollo-soyuz, 2 plus west-pacs, subic, hong kong, and all the great guys I met along the way. tommy tucker, spitszok, mike kelly, dale kelly, doug crawford, spaeth, unger , thompson.
Taylor, MikeCPLJun 1975 – Jan 1976AIMDHad a great crew and fantastic time!!!! AT John Johnson one of the best Navy E-6's to ever wortk with.
Nin, Gonzalo (Gonzo)MM3Jun 1, 1975 – Aug 1, 1975engeneeringI'm not sure of the dates but I volnteered to the New Orleans to recovery of astronauts Thomas Stafford, Deke Slayton, and Vance Brand during the joint American-Soviet Apollo-Soyuz mission of July 5, 1975
Rodriguez, LovellbtfnJun 21, 1975 – Apr 12, 1979b divroll call;tapia,parks gore huffman beverage jazmin
Tim, SharkeyHT3Jul 1975 – Jun 1978RA lot of years and a lot of water has gone under the bridge. I find myself reminiscing about my experiences on the New Orleans. I’d love to hear back from my old shipmates to share memories and life experiences.
Ruisard, RichardABF3Jul 1, 1975 – Feb 8, 1976V-4 FuelsHad a lot of wild times on that westpac. Met a lot of great guys.
Ruisard, RichardABF-3Jul 1, 1975 – Feb 1976Aviation Fuels
Collins, DaveHT2Jul 15, 1975 – Dec 1, 1978r
Griffin, Mervyn EricAMSCSep 1975 – Sep 1978AIMDAircraft Division Chief
Jarvis, DavidRM3Sep 1975 – Dec 16, 1976Cr DIVGreat duty, lot's of PI time. Got Dear John on the way state side. made life in Navy better. Great crew, good times in the '70's in San Diego.
Taylor, TonyL/CPLSep 1, 1975 – Mar 1, 1976
Taylor, TonyLPH-11Sep 1, 1975 – Apr 1, 1976I was with Mike Company 3/4
Fleming, RogerBM3Sep 15, 1975 – Sep 20, 19792nd/combat corgoI was in the 2dn div. I also did some time with the combat corgo
Audette, DonsaNov 1975 – Jun 1977Deck Div./ Sail LockerGood times to bad times, still remember it all. Party in every port, when there was no port there was the focsale. Towed to Pearl, messin with the grunts, the cookouts, S*** River Queens, Capt. Z. Hey Flemming! wut up!
Madsen, Jeff (Mad Dog)AR - ABH5Nov 25, 1975 – Feb 19, 1979V-1Loved the tour because of the shipmates.
Tretheway, DaleHT3Dec 1975 – Jun 1978collins, mays, martin, roe, baily, larose, hopwood, rupert mccarthy, robison, glover, dennis, russell, mejia.. help me remember!
Cole, Clinton/buffordMMFNDec 3, 1975 – Oct 7, 1976M4 BLADED SCREW MY ASS!
Cole, Clinton/buffordMMFNDec 4, 1975 – Oct 7, 1976M4 BLADED SCREW MY ASS!
Kelley, ScottSN, SA, SR1976 – 19771stOh those parties on the focsle'!!! Such crazy times!!
Dailey, JamesMMFN1976 –
Lazarine, MikeE11976 – 1977RWonder whatever happened to Greg Mays or Larose I wasnt there long or Frank Armand
Stephenson, DouglasABF21976 – 1977V4This ship and my division changed my life- I stayed in and retired in 93. Some good times and bad times, I'll treasure the shipmates I had.
Simmons, JayE41976 – 1979BLooking for Michael Buckner, Bill Odorno, Billy Jack Taylor
Hunter, RodgerE-51976 – 1979v-4Just wanted to say hello to some old shipmates
Feuvre, Larry LeMM2Jan 1976 – Aug 13, 1979MI still look back with pride, learned alot of stuff I still use. Hoping the ship will become a museum in Los Angeles, but it looks doubtful now. I remember many "colorful" characters and 3 westpacs.
Williams, LarryET3/ET2Jan 1976 – Apr 1979OEWould like to hear from shipmates from the New Orleans. I retired as and NCC in 1995.
Runyan, James (Jim)SM2Jan 4, 1976 – May 16, 1980Signal BridgeRemembering great days on the "Fire Pig". I wish to reconnect to: SM2 Bob Hunter, MC Bill Howell, SM2 Mark Dearing, SM1 Richard Spare, OS2 Mike Kober, EW1 Randy Crook. Thanks....
Perry, RonSK3Jan 20, 1976 – Oct 2, 1977S-1 Supply
Martin, BillyHT 3Feb 1976 – Sep 1979R Shipfitter ShopI would enjoy hearing from anyone I served with.
Szwaja, JosephHT 3Feb 1976 – Sep 1978RepairSome of you have called me Geppetto, others, Hawkeye. To me you are all shipmates and friends. I'd like to hear from you all, especially the denizens of Snipe's Castle.
Hopwood, PaulHT- 3Mar 1976 – Sep 1977R-would like to hear from anyone who was onboard at same time. i was in shipfitter shop. had some good times.
Van Waldick, DaveOS2May 5, 1976 – Aug 1, 1979CICWTF! After 30 years I still have nightmares about that piece of sh..t boat! Westpac '77 & '78. Great guys. I see some here, "Harry Reems", Kober (still up all night reading I'm sure!). Where are the rest of the boys?
Hunter, BobSM3Jun 1976 – Mar 1980CSLittle did I know 30 years later that I'd still be in contact with some of that bunch much less still breathing *grin*. Had some great times. Billy Howell, Sabbi Pagano, Gerry Kern ,Gary Clark, Danny Holmstead, Al Peck, Chuck, Buddy, Miss ya all.
Hunter, BobSM3Jun 1976 – Mar 1980CSRaissed serious hell as a Skivey Waver on this old tub of an amphib & still keep in touch with several crew members to this day.
Kalavik, MichaelGUNNER\'S MATEJul 1976 – Nov 1980FoxWS02 - BPDSMS, "the Fox Hole", magazine security watch, roving patrol, Olongapo, Iranian Hostage Crisis
Richardson, DavidSM2Jul 1976 – Aug 1980CSInteresting to see some of my old shipmates on this website. Try to keep in touch with as many as possible. Looking for SM3 Mark Deering and SMCM Buckaloo, does anyone know where they are at.
Clark, MarkMM-E2Sep 1976 – Jan 1980cargo
Young, MathewBut e-3Oct 15, 1976 – Apr 15, 1980Bt
Holmstedt, DannyQMSNNov 10, 1976 – May 22, 1980Navigationcan still taste the "MO-JO" from west-pac 77 and 79. 24 years later, looking back, i had a pretty damn good time.
Logan, Jime-4Nov 22, 1976 – Aug 25, 1980b-1Boatswain mate for four years 3 westpacs.. great way to grow up. Anybody remember Jim Gatliff, Preston Hackler? Dennis Mildazis.? Allen Ward?.
Kober, Mike profile iconOS2Dec 1976 – Sep 1980OI-Combat Information CenterBest F"in guys in the world-Johnny Danger,Dutch,Harry Reems,Bob Butts,LT,The Clark Boys,Rock,Big Mike,Wild Bill,Johnny Cursorelli,Chris W,Adrian,Fletch,Don B,Paul E, and all the OS-AC-EW-and the rest of the guys in Ops

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